Lucy is at his grave again. The grave that doesn't even have his dead body in it. This grave that she keeps coming to, is like a memory grave.

~Lucy's Thoughts or POV~

After you died, my whole life, I had an empty space in my heart. I kept thinking back to the days you were still alive, back to when my heart was young and full. Back to when we were happy together like love birds.

~End of Lucy's Thoughts or POV~

"Why were you so intent on fighting that you gave your life away?!" Lucy cries out to his grave.

"Why, Natsu?!" She is now crying so much that passerbys glanced at her worriedly.

After she was done yelling at his grave, she gazes at it, a grave that had no body, just flowers surrounding a stone that had his name engraved on it.


"Natsu, I miss you so much that I'm willing to go to where you are soon, but you wouldn't want that, would you?" Lucy asks, looking quite sad.