One Piece and Inuyasha Crossover

Summary: It all started with a favour, and that's all it took to bring her spiraling down to hell.

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or Inuyasha, both belong to their respected owners.

It was surprising to know that the mysterious old man was willing to help them. Kagome stared at his hunched over stance, slightly weary of him. She could feel power radiating off of him, not only that, it felt dark and menacing too. From the looks of it, even the others noticed it.

"Why?" She started out slowly, making sure she was at more than arm's length from the man, "Why are you so willing to help us?"

It was no mystery of who they were. The group had a well known image that anyone could spot from a mile away. After all, where else would you find such a diverse and awkward group of people together with the same goal in mind? What was surprising to them was that the old man had no idea who they were, yet he was offering help. It bothered her, a complete stranger offering his assistance without knowing what he was going to get himself into. That and his overwhelming dark aura wasn't helping the trust situation either.

"Why, my dear?" He gave a grin and chuckled darkly, "Well, it seemed to me that your group is in need of help. I'm just merely offering my skills to help you complete your task more quickly."

Kagome didn't trust him. She would be a fool to trust him. "What's in it for you?" No fool would join this group without a reason. Sango for her brother, Miroku for his hand, Inuyasha for Kikyou… she herself was in this because part of it was her fault. Poor Shippo himself joined because he felt attachment and had no other place to go.

The old man laughed, "I must say, you are quite quick on your feet." He paused for a bit, his eyes lingering on her form, not staring at her, but at something entirely different. "If I help you, I may come back someday and ask for help in return." He smiled an eerie smile, waving his hand in nonchalant. "Nothing too big, I too have an agenda of my own, but seeing your little group, I couldn't help but feel compelled to help you."

The statement was directed at her and only her, not to Inuyasha, not to Sango, but to her. It hurt to admit, the old man had some sort of weird charisma. She could feel it herself, dragging her in, and she found herself forcing to ignore his request and help.

But we're are in an hour of need, she found the voice in her head saying.

Help was hard to find, another mused.

Everything was added up, she knew what she had to do.

"Fine.", Kagome murmured out. Walking closer, she found herself face to face with the old man, noting his odd complexion and attire. "I, Higurashi Kagome, accept your help in return that someday, I myself will return the favour in equal."

A grin spread across his face. "It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Higurashi. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Master Xehanort, a Keyblade Master."




"Now my dear, what is it you need my help on?"

A/N: I promise this will not end well. Enjoy every one!