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2 years later

A 13 year old Harry Potter sat at his table, extremely uncomfortable.

Why were they all staring at him. Surely it should be at the boy sat atop the stool in front of the teachers, not at his older brother, though either of them would deny the relation if they had the option.

"Gryffindor!" Was there ever any doubt? Thomas sauntered over to the cheering table, as the twin Weasleys chanted that they "Got Potter". Still, the eyes in the hall remained on Harry. Not all of them, of course, but enough to make the socially awkward Slytherin uneasy.

Harry's brother screamed arrogant. Even more than the blonde Ponce that had just sat down at the snake table. The boy-who-lived was speaking animatedly with the younger Weasley, after the redhead was sorted into the House of Lions, while Harry squirmed under the gazes of too many people.

"Trace." He whispered to the brunette sat next to him. "Why is everyone looking at me?" The girl took a break from glaring at the female population to answer him, easily telling a fib.

"Probably because of your brother." Harry accepted the explanation, unhappily, and nodded, annoyed at the relation and not noticing the telltale signs of the Davis girl lying. On Harry's other side, a blonde haired girl muttered her agreement, not taking her ice cold gaze off the offending females on the Ravenclaw table.

Harry turned an impassive look back onto the sorting, clapping politely as the 11 year olds were sorted, having learned that that was the normal thing to do; unlike the majority of his house, who only clapped for their fellow Slytherins. His house really was arrogant sometimes,a nd Harry could understand the ostracization they suffered because of the typical attitude.

The sorting passed by quickly enough, as the students were evenly split into 4. Unfortunately, his house had worse luck than normal based on the first impressions he got off those joining. 2 had constant sneers; they introduced themselves as Malfoy and Nott, and Harry's opinion was lowered by the fact that both families were well-known supporters of Voldemort. 2 more looked like gorillas and struck him as less intelligent than the primates would be. The only male that struck him as worth having in the house was a tall black boy that had an indifferent mask on. Seemingly a similar type of Slytherin to Daphne, and occasionally, when he remembered to do so, Harry; hiding his true self behind an indifferent mask. They were joined by a large girl, a pug-faced girl and a familiar figure; who was sat across from him. Harry smirked at Astoria as she looked distastefully at the bragging Malfoy heir, while the one called Pansy Parkinson stared at the blonde boy as though he was the reincarnation of Merlin and deserved her eternal love and respect.

Dumbledore made his speech. Telling the gathered children to avoid the third floor corridor couldn't possibly backfire could it? Moron.

Harry watched the younger Potter's eyes light up in excitement at that thought. Apparently he had inherited their father's idiotic sense of adventure.

"My brother is going to get himself killed." Harry commented to Daphne as the school song began. Her eyes glinted slightly in amusement as she turned to him, but otherwise she refrained from any visible reaction. Ice queen indeed.

Harry joined his house in directing scathing looks at the twins of Gryffindor, as they dragged the song out far more than necessary. It really was an idiotic, and very annoying, tradition that the two insisted on prolonging each year.

Harry took to carving into the table with his fingernail as he waited for the food to be served. He soon felt the food appear in front of him and reached out to fill his plate, ready to sate his hunger.

"Eww..." Harry heard Tracy moan. When the emerald eyed boy turned to her, silently asking the origin of her noise, she continued. "Don't look at the youngest Weasley. That's repulsive." The ginger boy was shovelling food into his mouth, missing half the time and smearing the food over his face. Tracy pushed her food away. "Ugh. I've lost my appetite."

"The elves'll be happy to give you some food later, if your appetite comes back." Harry suggested, shrugging as he avoided glancing at the gold and red table. Or maybe the revulsion would not last long.

"You're right. But I'm really just looking forward to sleeping in my warm, big bed." Tracy sighed, smiling pleasantly at Harry, who returned the expression.

On the other side of the room, another Potter had taken note of his sibling. The chubby figure of Thomas Potter frowned at the least friendly looking students.

"Fred, George. Who's that?" He pointed over at the student, seeming to be in the twins' year, who had a more than passing resemblance to Thomas' father.

"That's Harry..." George trailed off, looking to his brother.


"Harry what?" That name was familiar.

"Um... Harry Potter? Y'know, your brother." Next to them, people began to direct their attention towards the boy. Several of the girls, through their looks, indicated attraction to the teen; the subtlety varying from each of the females, while others held looks of begrudging admiration for the younger student. Boys typically held some small jealousy for the boy, though one in particular, this being Wood, looked at him as though he was Satan himself.

Harry frowned at the increase in attention, as he felt eyes boring into him.

"What?!" Now, Thomas was angry. "That's him?! The one that left my Mom and Dad heartbroken?! Because he was jealous of me?!"

And, suddenly, Thomas was on the receiving end of several heated glares, that made the boy whimper, and cower in fear; unused to the unpleasantness on such a scale and unsure of what he had done to inspire such anger.


"Everyone knows the story." One twin began.

"Your parents neglected him-"

"'Cus you were the boy-who-lived-"

"And you lot didn't even realise that he'd run away-"

"Until Flitwick visited-"

"And found that he was gone."

"So you aren't going to get any-"

"Sympathy here. Especially since-"

"He's by far the most popular Slytherin there is-"

"Since he doesn't bother anyone, and-"

"Even sides with non-Slytherins sometimes-"

"And he was voted the most-eligible boy-"

"In the school by a landslide-"

"Because so many of the girls want to fu-ooph!"

The people present were used to the odd habit the twins had when talking, so nobody bothered to bring it up. Nor did they question Angelina Johnson's decision to elbow whichever twin had been talking in the ribs.

"What?! Why?!" Thomas exclaimed. In his mind, Harry didn't deserve any attention, being the prat he was. After all, he had been so cowardly and jealous he'd run away from home just because he didn't get as much attention as Tom did. And who could blame his parents? Thomas had defeated the greatest Dark Lord in history, Harry couldn't even write in English when he was 5 years old. "And who told you that Bollocks story?!"

"That would be professor Flitwick." The dark skinned girl sat near the twins, who had delivered an elbow to one of them's ribs, commented, frowning at the-boy-who-lived.

"Well then he lied!"

"Why on Earth would he do that?" The girl next to her queried. The diminutive professor was popular with every house.

"Because... I don't know?! But Harry must be Dark! He's in Slytherin! Maybe he used the Imperius curse on Flitwick or something!"

"No he's not!" The third member of that group snapped angrily at Thomas. Katie Bell was very... fond of Harry, and was known to be defensive of the older Slytherin. "He's nice." She stated. As she turned to that side of the room, her eyes met curious emerald ones, she gave a quiet shriek, and she ducked her head. The other two quiddich girls chuckled at their younger friend's reaction, as her face turned bright red, and shared a knowing grin.

"And we all know you're not at all biased, don't we Katie?" Fred commented, amused.

"Shut up!" She exclaimed, quietly, again.

"How do you expect to play against Slytherin if you can't even look at Potter?" A stern looking 5th year asked, sounding annoyed.

"Leave her alone, Wood." Angelina said, smirking. "We'll work with her. Harry'll like her more if he sees she can give him a challenge, after all." The dark skinned girl didn't miss the determined expression Katie adopted at this statement. "Focus on finding a seeker." The team really did need to find an excellent seeker. Else Slytherin would win yet again.

As the deserts appeared in front of Harry, he met the eyes of one of his friends, as he preferred to call them. They were all treated like family by the Greengrasses, but he definitely didn't think of them as sisters. Caroline was previously glaring at the girls in the hall. Of course she and the others had noticed Harry's growth over the summer, as was more common in Magucals given their earlier majority, and were certainly not going to complain, but these... these harlots had no right to eye him like he was a piece of meat. That was their job... Wait, what? No, what she meant was that it was their job to keep these bitches away from the male friend of their group.

"What's wrong?" Jasmine questioned her fellow Ravenclaw, seeing her face redden drastically at her own train of thought.

"N-Nothing." Caroline stated a little too fast.

"Really?" Jasmine asked with a smirk. "So did I just miss the massive suntan that you have?" Caroline dipped her head, focusing on the chocolate cake on her plate.

The other Ravenclaw went back to glowering at any girl who's gaze lingered on the 3rd year Slytherin.


In the dead of night, Harry Potter snuck back into the boy's corridor, having finished his job for the night. He plucked the splinter out of his nails and thanked whatever deity there may be that his core had expanded over the summer, else he couldn't have given the defences he did today without dropping like a sack of bricks in the middle of the corridor. This was the most important year for it after all; and that was the reason he had exhausted himself so thoroughly. That had been put to rest from now on.


"It usually happens on the second night, doesn't it?" Jasmine asked nervously as she and Caroline were let into the Slytherin common room, arms full of food from the kitchen. It was just after 10:30am. The girls had let Harry sleep in some. Though far from the amount he would like.

"That's right." Daphne frowned while Tracy looked rather worried.

"Daph?" She murmured to her, arguably, closest friend.

"Yeah, Trace?" She replied quietly too.

"Do you think Harry will let us sleep with him tonight?" Daphne raised an eyebrow and Tracy's cheeks coloured slightly. "Sleep in his room tonight?"

"I'm sure he would, Tracy. But I've got a better plan than that." The blonde had a devious, and sadistic, smirk on her face. One that promised pain.

"Are you going to tell us? Or keep us in suspense?" Jasmine questioned.

Daphne responded with a grin to her rainbow haired friend.

"Think about the new trick that Harry showed us last week." The other girls looked slightly uneasy until they remembered what they were discussing. The bastards deserved whatever they got.

"Which one?" Astoria pondered aloud. She hadn't doubted her sister's plan at all.

"Hmm. Good question. I say we leave that choice up to Harry."

They crossed the underground common room and up into the third year male dorms. At the end of the hallway, there was a single door that 4 of the girls had visited quite regularly over the past 2 years. Not for any funny business, just to see Harry. The door was made of dark, mahogany wood. If you really looked, you could see odd symbols painted onto it in dark red/black liquid. The front most girl, being Caroline, knocked loudly on his door.

"Hey, girls." Harry answered with a yawn, as the door swung open. His eyelids were drooping as he looked at the girls, stretching as he yawned. Unfortunately this just highlighted the absence of a shirt on his upper body. The girls, between the heating of their faces, again noted the single symbol on etched into his chest; mid point between his pectorals. An eye that was inverse; black sclera with white irises and pupils. He told them that that one hid the others. Whatever that meant. "What's up?" He asked with a sleepy, half-hearted smile, not noticing the red faces and the fact that their gazes certainly weren't on his face.

"Uh, yeah." Daphne was the first to succeed in fighting the blush and her face only remained slightly pink. "We brought you some breakfast. Why are you so tired?" Harry frowned.

"Did I not mention?" The girls all looked slightly baffled and/or annoyed, and shook their heads.

"Oh. I warded the rooms last night."

"What rooms?"

"The female ones." The girls frowned at this. They didn't like the implication; being that he would have exhausted his reserves in the process. "I put some specific runes on your room so I can catch them, but I dislike the practise as a whole."

"Oh..." Daphne was disappointed in the preventative measures. Not that she wanted that to happen to anyone, she had just been looking forward to the plan she'd had.

"Are you okay? You sound upset." Harry tilted his head to the side, confused at the reaction his friend had.

"There was just something that I was going to ask you to do." She shrugged, voice one of misery. Caroline shook her head, amused; the guys tonight were in for a shock.


Marcus Flint, Jordan Scour and Edward Coulridge were taking the Malfoy heir with them on tonight's adventure. Tracy Davis and Daphne Greengrass had many suitors, but these three were the ones who won this right. All of them wore sinister grins, anticipating their fun.

Had they been paying more attention, had it been far lighter, and had they been smarter, the 4 may have noticed the trap that they walked past, the small runes outlining the entrance to the corridor. Not that anyone would notice the effects anytime soon. The perpetrators would realise within the week, most likely; though they'd refuse to tell anyone for quite some time. Embarrassing as it would be to tell their peers, and considering the Hogwarts grape vine that seemed to find out anything humiliating and/or amusing.

Flint and the others had an invisible mark also on their forehead, one that read "DG & TD". The fools had failed to act in a Slytherin manner, and so had a Lion on their lower backs, too. That one was very visible. Those two, and one more that they'd be sure never to forget, would be the only effects to come into play for this room. Because, for what happened next, the three had to be able to flee.

Scour attempted to kick open the door, which should have worked. In this case, it was like kicking a concrete wall.

"Fuck!" He cursed as he held his toes, hopping on the other foot.

"Idiot." Coulridge commented, twisting the handle and opening the door normally. The room was dark, but even so, they quickly noticed that the beds were empty.

"What the- Where are those sluts?"

"Probably with Potter." Flint growled out.

"Well then, let's go get Potter!" Malfoy exclaimed, not knowing the reputation Harry Potter had. "I bet he's pathetic just like his brother!"

"Uh-uh. No way." Coulridge replied. "This is bad enough. I bet he's gonna know that we were the ones here anyway. I ain't him a free pass to use one of his freaky curses on us!" He was waving his hands in surrender.

"He's right." Flint said through gritted teeth. "Let's just move on to another room." He made to go to the room across the hall.

"T-Too l-late." Scour stammered. The others turned to him, intending to ask what he meant, but saw a pair of emerald orbs floating in mid air. The green eyes glowed slightly as they began to approach the 4.

"What The Fu-" A 700lb jet black cat slammed into Coulridge's chest, and the 6th year felt something snap as he was thrown back into the wall.

"Merlin!" In front of the three still conscious Slytherins, there was a large, though not fully grown, massive and shaggy big cat, with fangs associated with the prehistoric predator; suggesting this was the type, facing them, fangs bared.

The Sabre Tooth prowled forward, to the blonde first year, and let out a chilling growl, the fact that the cat's head was above the boy's to look down on him showed the massive size. The serious muscles visible even through it's coat hinted at the strength. It would be quite near the height of Flint, who was very tall for a sixth year. The smell of urine spread through the corridor.

The Sabretooth Cat roared, and Malfoy felt his bones rattle. The blonde boy's eyes rolled back into his head, and he fell to the ground. The other two present legged it away from the apex predator.

The black feline stalked after the pair, growling a low rumble all the while, with his teeth bared. As they reached the common room, Flint and Coulridge glanced back to see the monstrous animal barrelling towards them. Reaching half-way through the small hall, Harry leapt at the pair, sailing through the air, over the furniture between him and his prey, and slamming into Coulridge. Had his claws been out, the boy would have been eviscerated. As it was, he hadn't had them out at any point as he hunted tonight.

Marcus Flint was frozen. He couldn't escape this creature; even his tiny brain comprehended that. Now that he saw it up close, it appeared to have some Siberian Tiger in it, too. He already knew this thing was fearsome. The big cat was truly magnificent. Had it been Hagrid, he would have loved to meet the feline. Flint? Not so much.

The Sabretooth was built to slaughter game and beasts much larger than the quiddich captain.

Fortunately for Flint, Slytherin would be excluded from the upcoming quidditch match were their captain to be in the hospital wing. And, so, the Emerald eyed animal just let out an almighty roar, sending him into an unnatural slumber in a pile of pungent liquid. The cat looked at him with disdain and slinked to the third floor boys' corridor.


That morning was very interesting in the Slytherin. And it was only morning in the technical term.

At 2:30am the Slytherins heard a fearsome roar.

They slowly proceeded to the Common room, intending to investigate what was going on; slightly Gryffindor-ish of them, but they had curiosity nonetheless.

The sight they beheld when they left their dorm rooms was surprising to say the least. Particularly for the third-year girls. They, as soon as they left their rooms, were struck by the smell of Urine. Once the lights were turned on, they were greeted with an explanation of the smell. Or, at least, the beginnings of an explanation.

A blonde first year was lying in the centre of a wet patch in the hall, outside the only already open door.

"What did Daphne do now?" She was known to be very scary. It was feasible for the girl to make the younger student faint. Though pissing himself was a bit of an overreaction.

"I guess they wanted the favour of our new prince." The more intelligent of the three girls pointed to the slumped 5th year collapsed against one wall, and then to the piss covered 1st year..

"Pigs. But why haven't they... disturbed us yet?" Each girl had been awake all night; waiting to defend themselves. The odd noises had warned them not to come out until now, though.

They ventured to the common room.

"Again?" Was this all the rave or something? Another Slytherin was lying in urine, and one lying unconscious in a heap.

The others came into the common room, the first years looked shocked out of their skulls; except for one of them. A small blonde girl looked amused at the broken/humiliated forms lying on the floor. Two fat first years were looking around confused. What were they supposed to do? Their leader was missing.

"Um... why are there older students tied up outside our rooms?" Bulstrode questioned those in front of the group.

"Tied up?" A 4th year girl questioned, holding hands with her girlfriend as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with the unoccupied limb.

At this point the final of the third year boys and girls entered together. Daphne Greengrass gave no heed to the looks she received from many a girl, Tracy blushed slightly at the implication of their looks, and Harry just ignored those giving him odd looks. Had any of them made a comment about the girls, that'd have been a different matter entirely.

Unlike everyone else present, Harry was wide awake. He hadn't been woken by this, and was used to a nocturnal pattern.

"Yep!" Astoria proclaimed. "The dumb-asses are all bound by rope and stuck to a wall." The others were shocked at the audacity of the girl. Was she looking to be tortured. Only 3 understood why she was plenty brave enough to insult her 'betters'.


The three youngest professors were discussing their new students, a practise they engaged in more often than the students would realise. It ordinarily focussed on the third years, with some mention of any younger students that struck Aurora Sinistra as promising. Today, though, it was largely focused on a single student. And the work that he had handed in.

"It isn't possible." Bethesda Babbling commented.

"I agree. How much teaching must he have had?" Septima Vector nodded along.

"I told you he'd be good." Aurora Sinistra said smugly. Sinistra had seen his skill in her own class, and had been certain that Harry would have an affinity for Runes and Arithmancy, too.

While his Arithmancy wasn't quite as perfect; the theory being slightly oddly explained, he seemed to be as near an expert in Runes as was physically possible. Well, physically possible had one lived for several centuries devoted to the craft. Babbling had told them the story of him demonstrating his practical abilities. It was an amazing sight; more than she had thought possible. Runes ordinarily could only be used for warding and enchantments. He could, also, do that. But he'd demonstrated several abilities Babbling hadn't thought possible.

Carving an unfamiliar rune into a chair, the sitting apparatus had floated into the air. He carved '6ft' next to it, and that was how high it levitated. It hovered that far from the floor even now, as the trio could see from their positions in the classroom.

When she asked him to explain how he did it, Harry had given her a blank look and shrugged. He had apparently memorized every theory that wizards had concerning runic magic, but just said that he knew what to do when she wanted to learn more about the subject. It frustrated the Professor, and she had studied the magic around the chair for the entire afternoon. No progress was made. Nor had these two been able to help.

That demonstration would be enough to pass the OWLs in both Arithmancy and Runes, as they were so closely intertwined, with flying colours; the ability to do it showed Harry at least deserved an Outstanding OWL in the subject. Probably a NEWT too. And, if he made a high level ward; which they were sure he could based on the proficiency he had shown, he would secure an O in the 7th year exam as well. That was the ultimate goal of both lessons, after all.

"This is unnaturally good." Babbling smiled as she said so, thinking of the future of and finding herself jealous of the teachers that may have been able to butter Harry Potter up, and snap him up as an apprentice after school. They could lay claim to whatever career he went onto in the future.

"It sucks that we have nothing to teach him, doesn't it?" The boy was a prodigy, after all. But having him in their classes would simply cheat him out of the lessons in Care of Magical Creatures, Divination or Muggle studies; whichever he chose to pursue.

"Yes, a real shame for you." Sinistra grinned at her friends. "My grades'll skyrocket soon enough."

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