So this will be my first fanfiction on here and I'm very excited to share it with you all. There's a bit of back story to how I made this. First and foremost, when I was younger The Fairly Oddparents was my favorite show. My current favorite show is Grojband so one day I decided to look at the similarities between it and FOP and then I started writing this. The first chapter is basically the very first episode of FOP (the original from Oh Yeah! Cartoons) written in fanfiction form with Grojband characters. The chapters later on will only be based on the cartoons from Oh Yeah! Cartoons. However, if this fanfic is well-liked, I will start writing episodes for Season 1 and upload those into a fanfiction. So I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Grojband, The Fairly OddParents or any characters used to make this parody.

Chapter 1

The Fairy Grojparents

It was an average night in Peaceville and everything was quiet. Every house was calm and people all around the neighborhood were spending time together as a family. Parents were tucking in their children while reading them bedtime stories and reassuring them that there were no monsters under the bed. That was how it was in Peaceville. Families stuck together and loved each other. However, one family was not always like this because that night, the Riffins' residence was about to go on a wild ride.

Mr. and Mrs. Riffin were just about ready to go out to see an adult movie that night and had to leave their two children at home. Their son, Corey Riffin was uncertain of his parents leaving at night because every time they did, they would always leave him in the care of his older sister, Trina. His parents always knew Trina to be an angel but Corey knew the truth. Whenever Trina was left alone with him, she showed her true evil nature. But for some reason, his parents have yet to find about it. Trina and Corey were currently standing by the door with their parents.

"Thanks for babysitting your brother tonight Trina." Mr. Riffin said. "Corey just loves you to bits. Don't you Corey?"

Corey opened his mouth to say something but Trina interrupted him.

"No problem Daddy! I just love my little brother Corey! We're, like so going to have fun!"

Trina picked up Corey and squeezed him into a hug.

"Right Corey?"

Corey gained a complexion that was as blue as his own hair. He gasped.


Mr. and Mrs. Riffin stepped out of the house heading for their car. Trina waved goodbye still holding onto Corey.

"Have fun at the movies! Bye!" Trina called out. As soon as her parents were out of sight, Trina frowned grumpily shutting the door. She dropped Corey on the ground.

"All right squirt! Three things!" she counted on her fingers. "One, stay out of my way. Two, go to bed early. Three, do the dishes."

Corey stood up from his fall.

"Mom told you to do em!"

"Oh yeah. Well, we wouldn't want her to find this…magazine would ya?!"

At her last three words, Trina had pulled out a Chix magazine.

"That's not mine!" Corey cried. "Mom will never believe you!"

Trina giggled. "Oh, I totes wouldn't say that. It works great with the other kids I baby-sit!"

She walked over to the phone and dialed a number.

"Just ask one of my clients!" Trina held up the phone so Corey could listen and a scream could be heard on the other end. Corey had given in.

"Okay, okay! I'll do it…" Corey slumped.

Trina laid on the couch and grabbed the remote.

"Like totes excellent!" she said switching on the TV. "And as your reward, how about I like, order pizza for us?"

Corey headed into the kitchen.

"Okay, but no anchovies!"

A few hours later, Trina was still sitting on the couch watching TV eating pizza. Corey came back into the living room finally finished with the dishes. He was exhausted and hungry. At least now he could finally eat. But when the teenaged boy walked up to where Trina was sitting, he saw the empty pizza box.

"Hey! You ate all the pizza!"

Trina swallowed finishing her last slice.

"Like, relax runt. I totally saved you a piece."

Trina showed Corey the final slice that was covered in anchovies. Corey let out a terrified shriek and fainted.

Later, Corey was lying in bed still shocked into unconsciousness. The next thing he knew, he was covered with cold water. He sputtered and coughed as he sat up. A shadow appeared over him.

"Good. You're awake and junk."

Corey looked up and saw his sister holding an empty bucket.

"We wouldn't want you to miss your bedtime!" Trina smiled brightly.

"But I'm not tired!" Corey complained.

"Oh well! We could watch your favorite television show." Trina suggested as stars appeared in her eyes. "The World of Lip Gloss! It's on the Makeup channel."

Corey was not amused.

"That's your favorite show."

"Oh…so it is." Trina smiled and let out an evil laugh as she left the room. Corey got up from his bed and walked toward the door.

"Very funny!" he shouted slamming the door shut.

Corey looked up at his top shelf, quickly reaching for the magic nine ball. He took it to his bed and sat down.

"Oh Magic 9 Ball." he said. "When will my parents get back from the movies?"

Corey gave the ball a good shake then looked inside of it for his answer.

"Titanic?! Director's cut?! They'll be there all night!"

Corey was filled with rage knowing that he'd have to put up with his sister for a whole night. He stood up on his bed.

"Man, that's dumb!"

And with that, Corey threw the fortune-telling toy against the wall.

But instead of smashing into a thousand pieces, the ball landed on the ground safely. Afterwards, it broke in half releasing a strange magical tornado. Suddenly, there was a flash and Corey was surprised to see two figures appearing in front of him. One was a short skinny kid with black hair and glasses while the other was taller and fat also with black hair and a red sweatband on his head. The two of them both had wings and carried strange objects with stars on top.

"Hey Corey!" they shouted simultaneously.

The two floated up to Corey who was terribly confused.

"I'm Kin!" the short one said.

"I'm Kon!" the fat one said.

"And we're…" the two of them floated backwards and suddenly a giant logo appeared behind them along with two spotlights.

"…Your Fairy Grojparents!"

"What do you think Corey?" the fairy known as Kin asked.

Corey stood blank for a few seconds.

"I think I'm calling the cops." he said.

Corey ran toward his bedroom door.

"Hold it dude!"

As if by magic, a railroad crossing gate appeared in front of the door, stopping Corey in his tracks.

"You can't tell anyone about us." Kin explained.

"If you do, we'll just go away forever!" Kon added in a sing-song voice.


"Well, that's what the rule book says!" Kin waved the object in his hand and suddenly, poof! A book with the words "Da Rules" appeared over Corey's head and landed on top of him.

"Oops!" Kin gasped. "Sorry!"

"There's lots of rules Corey!" Kon said floating next to Kin.

Corey lifted the heavy book off of his body. He was still confused and very dazed from the book's blow to his head.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

"We wanna help you!" Kon exclaimed getting in the blue-haired boy's face. "We're magic…ooh! Magic…ooh!"

Kon demonstrated by opening his hands and releasing sparkles. Kin dove in front of him.

"We grant wishes!" he let out a nerdy laugh.

The two fairies were about to ask Corey for his first wish, when Trina stormed into the bedroom.

"Like, what's going on in here?!"

Corey was sitting on his bed when Trina entered and Kin and Kon had disappeared before she could see them.

"Nothing!" Corey said quickly.

Trina glanced at Corey's nightstand. There was now a bowl with two goldfish inside of it. She didn't seem to notice that one was wearing a sweatband and the other a pair of glasses.

"What's with the fish?" she asked.

"Uh…those are my grojfish. Goldfish!" Corey quickly corrected himself.

Trina looked at the bowl closer.

"Fish are littered with germs and junk. I wouldn't want you getting sick! Maybe I should flush em!"

"No!" Corey yelled out.

Kon looked toward his twin brother and whispered to him.

"Should we do something?"

"Well, he's got to wish for it first!" Kin replied.

"Ooh, I hate that rule!" Kon complained.

Kin nodded. "I'm calling a union meeting."

"I want these disgusting creatures out of here!" Trina ordered. "Or it's totally toilet time for the two of them!"

With that, the pink-haired teenager stormed out of the room slamming the door. Once Trina was out of sight, Kin and Kon popped out of the fish bowl and turned back to normal.

"Sweet girl." Kin remarked sarcastically.

"I love her fangs." Kon commented.

Corey smiled. At first, he was weirded out by these so-called "fairies" but now he saw that having them around was a golden opportunity.

"You grant wishes huh?" he asked them.

"Sure do!" Kon said.

"And we love clients with creative imaginations!" Kin threw up his arms accidentally hitting Kon.

"Then I wish for one thing." Corey smiled evilly. "Gelatin."

Trina meanwhile, was settling down for a nice hot bath. As she stepped into the warm water, she let out a sigh of relief closing her eyes. She was enjoying herself until she heard a pop sound. The pink-haired teenager stood up and saw that the entire bath had turned into orange gelatin. She screamed in horror.

Kon floated towards Kin.

"You always were great with dessert!"

The two of them laughed at Kon's joke.

"Whipped cream!" Corey shouted.

A blast of whipped cream shot out of the shower faucet and onto Trina's face.


Trina stepped out of the bathtub with the gelatin still on her body trying to leave but then a giant cherry fell on top of her. Corey, Kin, and Kon were watching from the bathroom door the whole time.

"That's great!" Corey complimented his fairies. "Can you make her into a giant chocolate shake?"

"Ooh!" Kon cried excitedly. He looked toward Kin.

"Can I dude?"

Kin rolled his eyes playfully.

"Of course best bro."

Kon waved his wand toward Trina transforming her but something was wrong. Instead of a delicious ice cream beverage, Trina was a hideous brown reptile. She hissed and looked over at Corey who was screaming and running for his life. Kin glared at his brother.

"He said chocolate shake! Not chocolate snake!"

Kon looked at his wand.

"I gotta get this thing fixed!"

Trina jumped through the wall of the bathroom and started chasing Corey through the halls. Kin and Kon followed behind.

"Corey!" Kin called. "Wish for something!"

"I wish she was a fly!" Corey screamed.

The twins waved their wands and Corey's wish was granted. Trina gasped at her new form.

"Thank you!" Corey said as a flyswatter appeared in his hand.

Trina flew away at the sight of the swatter and it was Corey's turn to chase her. Trina managed to escape Corey after flying into the kitchen and landing on the fridge. The teenage fly gasped and panted in fear.

Corey stuck his head through the door to the kitchen.


The freezer door opened and Kin and Kon popped out as angry polar bears. Trina screamed when she saw them and flew away.

"Anything else Corey?" Kon asked.

Corey gave them both a piece of paper.

"Here's a wish list."

"Ooh…" the fairy twins gazed at the sight of so many genius wishes.

Meanwhile Trina (who was now back to normal) was running for her life down the halls of the Riffin household.

"Like, you can't do this to me! I'm the babysitter!"

As if on cue, Trina was crushed by something soft but heavy. She looked up to see a giant baby with glasses and a rattle was sitting on her.

"Goo, goo!" Kin wailed shaking his rattle.

Kon flew up to Trina wearing a pair of disguise glasses.

"That's the first time the baby ever sat on the sitter!" he joked.

"HELP!" Trina shrieked.

"Sorry! The secret word was pie!" Kon threw a pie in the girl's face.

Trina screamed, running away from the two. When she thought she was far away enough, she screeched to a halt, only to find that the floor she was standing on was incredibly stretchy. She looked up at the ceiling and shrieked when she saw bones. The next thing Trina knew, she was spat out of the mouth of a whale wearing a sweatband.

"Sorry! Is it my breath?"

Trina started swimming away from Kon's whale form but stopped when she turned into an astronaut and found herself in space. Suddenly, lasers came out of nowhere and headed toward Trina.

"Yipes!" Trina dodged the lasers and looked up where two spaceships were flying toward her.

"The force is strong with this one!" Kin said from his spaceship.

"I am your father!" Kon said excitedly. "I always wanted to say that!"

The two of them continued to fire lasers at the pink-haired teenager. Trina yelped in pain and fear and quickly dove into a crater. Kin and Kon flew their spaceships right past her.

Trina looked up and decided to check to see if it was safe. As soon as she stuck her head out, she knew she had made a mistake. Next to her was Kin dressed as a ringmaster who was lighting the cannon that she was inside.

Trina was shot out of the cannon and the next thing she knew, she landed on a set of train tracks tied up. Corey was next to her in a sinister outfit wearing a fake moustache.

"Well Trina," he started. "Any last words?"

Trina looked ahead of her and saw Kon disguised as a train heading right for her. Kin, who was disguised as a conductor, blew the whistle on Kon.

"Woo-woo baby! Woo-woo!"

"Well?" Corey looked toward his sister who was absolutely terrified.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Trina yelped. "Stop! I'll like totes do anything! Anything!"

Trina shut her eyes waiting for the inevitable but instead she heard a voice that sounded a lot like her father's.

"Trina? Trina honey?"

Trina opened her eyes and found that she was back in her living room on the couch. Her father had woken her up.

"Looks like you were having a bad dream sweetie. Maybe too much pizza?"

"Why don't you go up to bed now?" her mother suggested.

Trina looked down very confused.


"Oh Trina!" Corey called entering the room carrying a basket full of dirty clothes.

"Remember you promised to hand-wash all my laundry? After all Mom, she did such a great job on the dishes!"

Mrs. Riffin patted her son's head.

"Of course dear."

Trina was astounded.

"Laundry?! Why you little-uh…" The girl looked over at the side table and saw two familiar looking goldfish smiling at her. She quickly changed her tone.

"Laundry! Like, sure! I'll totes do your laundry!" Corey handed his sister his clothes. Trina looked down at him still smiling.

"I don't know what's going on around here…" she glared at her brother. "But I'm so gonna find out!"

Trina left the room and Corey waved to her.

"Thanks sis!" he ran up to his mom and hugged her.

"Hey Mom, Trina's the best sister ever! Can she baby-sit all the time?"

"Of course dear." Mrs. Riffin said.

Kin and Kon watched the whole scene from their fishbowl.

"Looks like we'll be here a while!" Kon said to his brother.

Kin smiled. "Well, at least we'll be clean!"

The two of them laughed as they chased each other into the castle inside their fish bowl. Corey's magical adventures were only beginning.

Next Chapter: Corey-Nation (aka Too Many Coreys!)

So I can probably guess what you're thinking: WHERE THE HECK IS LANEY IN THIS?! Don't worry, don't think I wouldn't forget about my favorite red-head. It just took me a while to figure out a good role for her since she's such a complex character. Needless to say, Laney will be appearing in a future chapter. Just be patient.