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Chapter 10

Super Humor

"Meanwhile, the giant radioactive robot wreaked utter havoc upon the unsuspecting city…"

"Aaah! A giant radioactive robot!"

"Wreaking utter havoc upon our city!"

"We were so unsuspecting!"

"When suddenly, a heroic voice rang out…"

"Surrender, fiend!"

"It was him! Yes, the Crimson Chin! With his mighty jaw of justice, the giant robot never stood a chance! Ka-chin! Crunch! Slice! Pain! And once again, the Crimson Chin triumphed over evil!" Corey shut his comic book. "Man, superheroes rock!"

Kin and Kon came out of a huge stack of comics.

"I'll say, Corey!" Kon said. "They're so tough!"

"And buff!" Kin added enviously.

"Okay you guys, I wish I was a superhero!" Corey waited for the fairies to grant his wish, but nothing happened. "…What's the problem?"

"Well Core, it's just that there's so many different kinds of superheroes out there these days." Kon explained.

Kin nodded. "We wouldn't know where to begin!"

"I know! How bout I try out a bunch of different powers and see which ones I like the best?"

"That's a super idea!" Kin joked.

"Good one!" Kon commented before he and Kin burst into laughter.

Then Kin took out a notepad and turned serious.

"Okay, who's one of your favorite heroes?"

"Well, Creature Kid is totally cool!" Corey showed the two a comic book with a cat-like hero on the cover. "He has the power to talk to animals!"

The brothers waved their wands and transformed Corey into an animal superhero.

Corey roared. "Awesome!"

"Congratulations! You now have the power to talk to animals!" Kin announced.

Corey sprinted over to his aquarium.

"Hey fish! How's it going?"

"We're swimming in our own toilet, how do you think it's going, genius?" a fish sarcastically replied.

Just then, a baby fly started buzzing around Corey's head.

"Hi there! I got a twenty-four hour life span!" the fly began to grow older. "Wow! I'm a teenager!"

A pimple appeared on the fly's cheek.

"Augh! Acne! Don't look at me!" the fly zoomed off.

"Hm. These animal talking powers are okay. But I think I'm gonna need super strength, like Senator Sinew, if I'm gonna be taken seriously!" Corey held up another comic.

"Coming right up!" Kon flicked his wand and made Corey extremely buff.

"Whoa…think you could do that on me too?" Kin asked his brother.

"Wow!" Corey flexed his arm. "I gotta go try out these guns!"

The three of them teleported outside the house.

"Okay, what should I do?"

"Why not try moving the earth?" Kon suggested.

"That'll show how strong you are!" Kin agreed.

"Okay!" Corey walked out into the middle of the road, dug his hands into the asphalt and gave the earth a good spin.

The world span so much that it started to bump into other planets. Eventually, it slowly came to a stop. Kin and Kon held their heads dizzily.

"Whoa-ho! That was great!" Corey cried.

Kon took out a telescope and noticed a continent sitting on Saturn.

"Yeah, but I think we lost Australia."

"Oy, that's not a knife." an Australian said to an alien before the alien zapped him to dust with its ray gun.

Corey and the twins went into the Riffins' garage to decide on Corey's next power.

"Okey dokey, Mr. Hero! What's next?" Kin asked the buff bluenette.

"Well-" Corey was about to say but then the fly from earlier came back dressed as a football player.

"Hey! Now I'm a college freshman! Party! Wildcats football rules! Yeah!" the fly buzzed off.

"I've gotta be able to fly super fast like the Comet Commando!" Corey finished.

Kin and Kon swung their wands at Corey and gave him a powerful jetpack.

"I'm a lean, mean, flying machine!" Corey got ready to take off. "Up, up, and-"


Just as Corey flew up into the air, he remembered that he was still in the garage and created a hole in the ceiling. He stepped outside to try again.

"Up, up, and-"


He hit his head on the garage roof. Frustrated, he stepped away from his house until he was sure there weren't any more walls he could bump into.

"Up, up, and-"


Kin and Kon watched with discomfort.

"Tree branch."


"Street light."






"That other kid we gave superpowers."

Later, Corey was lying on his bed covered in bandages. He held an ice pack to his head.

"Man, being super really hurts!"

"Hm…" Kin thought for a bit. "What you need is some invulnerability!"


Kin wished up a can of invulnerable paint and covered Corey with it. Corey coughed as the paint went into his mouth.

"Wow!" he got out of bed, feeling as good as new. "Does that mean I can't be hurt physically?"

"Right! Just emotionally!" Kon answered.

"Hi there!"

Corey looked to his right to see the fly, now a fully grown adult, with a wife and two kids.

"Hey! You look a lot more mature since last time I saw ya!"

"Oh! Heh, my college days! Yeah, I was pretty crazy back then. I've settled down quite a bit. This is my wife, Muffy, my kids, Tad and Blane!"

Suddenly, the two kid flies grew older.

"Hey! We're teenagers!" Tad exclaimed.

Pimples appeared on both of them.

"Augh! Acne!" Blane wailed.

"Don't look at us!" both screamed before flying away.

"Now that you've got all the powers…" Kon began.

"…You need a costume of your very own!" Kin ended.

"Something that says 'I'm Corey, and doggone it! I'm super'!"

"A one, a two!" the twins waved their wands simultaneously, creating a huge, powerful blast that shook the whole house.

Corey was now in a solid gold superhero costume with a flashing C on his chest.

"I'm Courageous Corey! I…um, guys?"


"A little help with the voice?"

"Oh, right!"

Kin placed a crank on Corey's head and began turning it. Corey's voice started to deepen.

"It's working! I can feel my voice getting…more heroic! Ha, ha, ha! No time to waste! Courageous Corey, up, up, and-"

"And what?" Kin questioned.

"Uh, away." Corey finished. "You know, to fight the uh…the…the villain."

"What villain?" Kon pointed out.

"Oh. Uh, do you guys think you could uh, whip up a super baddie for me?"

"Sure thing, CC!" Kin winked.

"CC!" Corey laughed. "I like that!"

Kin and Kon flew out Corey's window and created a powerful magic ball. Using their wands, they hit the magic ball into the city, creating a giant, purple, smelly, three-headed robot monster.

"Sweet mother of macrame!" Corey exclaimed.

"This looks like a job for Courageous Corey!" Kin and Kon changed into canine sidekicks. "And the Core-Gis!" Kin giggled.

"Okay, let's rock!" Corey flew up into the air and Kin followed him.

Kon laughed a bit more at the bad pun and then he followed the other heroes.

Corey flew up to the robot and punched it with all his might.


However, this only made the robot angrier and it slapped Corey with its tentacles.


Kin and Kon tried to take on the robot next, but it roared in their faces and scared them away.


Luckily, Corey came back and flew into the robot's torso.


Unfortunately, the beast wasn't defeated yet and it caught Corey with its sharp claws.


"Oh drat." Corey gulped.

Kin and Kon poofed next to him.

"How can we help, CC?" Kin inquired.

"If I could just see inside that robot's head, I could deprogram it! I need super-vision!"

"Are you sure that's what you want?"

The robot drew Corey closer to its sharp teeth.

"Yes! Yes! Hurry!"

Kin and Kon shrugged confusedly, but granted Corey's wish anyway.

The next thing Corey knew, he was sitting on the couch in his living room watching TV with his parents next to him. His superpowers were completely gone.

"I love this show!" Mr. Riffin chuckled.

"That chicken sure can juggle!" Mrs. Riffin agreed.

"What happened?" Corey wondered, before noticing three familiar flies buzzing around him.

The first fly was now old and his two sons were grown adults.

"How ya feeling, Dad?"

"Did you sign those papers?"

Corey noticed Kin and Kon disguised as goldfish on the sidetable.

"Hey you guys! What gives?" he whispered.

"Well Corey, you asked for super-vision." Kin reminded him.

"And parental supervision is the best there is!" Kon stated.

"But…but…" Corey tried to say but his dad interrupted him.

"Popcorn son?" Mr. Riffin noticed the flies buzzing near the popcorn bowl and got out a flyswatter. "Whoa! Batter up!"



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