Lunch with Harmony had been a nice surprise starting out, but had quickly taken a bad turn. Harmony was at the end of her rope with no hope except to either marry Allen or die.

Felicity couldn't believe what her friend had told her. Although Felicity had always knows that Allen was a bad guy, she had never imagined him to be the type of person that he now was showing himself to be. He was a sadistic bastard, but she never imagined him to be a psychopath

She knew she had to do something to help her friend out, but she was at a lost of how she could help. Harmony was right when she said that Allen had too many connections for the legal system to help her in any way.

Felicity walked into the foundry to see Diggle and Oliver sparring as they usually do when crime was slow. Diggle took a quick glance up as she walked in and Oliver took advantage of the distraction and brought his bamboo stick up and wacked Diggle across the leg, arm and then his face in a quick succession. Diggle hit the floor with a thud.

"Dig you are so easily distracted," Oliver laughed. He strode dropped his bamboo and walked over to the table to pick up his towel.

Felicity would have normally laughed at the little incident, but she was too distracted to even muster a smile. Both Oliver and Diggle noticed the change in her.

Before she went to lunch she was all smiles and rambling, but now she looked sad and was entirely too quiet.

"Hey Felicity," Oliver walked towards her as she sat down to face her computer screens.

Tension was rolling off of Felicity and Oliver could tell that whatever happened at lunch with her friend had her wound up.

Oliver touched Felicity's shoulder and she jumped hard. She was on edge.

"What's going on?" Oliver asked as she turned to face him.

She paused, considering what to say. She had promised Harmony that she wouldn't tell anyone unnecessarily for fear of word getting around to Allen that she was looking to fight him, but Felicity knew that she could trust Oliver and Digg. She took a deep breath trying to focus her thoughts.

"Lunch not go as planned?" Digg asked. He smirked thinking that maybe some silly fight had occurred and left Felicity flustered.

"No… it really didn't." Felicity stood and began to pace back and forth trying to find the words to tell them how badly things were.

"What is going on Felicity? You seem panicked." Oliver said in a soft voice.

She finally stopped pacing and began to tell Oliver and Digg what had happened with Harmony.

"I met with my long time friend Harmony Holmes for lunch today. She called me last week saying that she needed to talk to me. I should have realized something was up. She sounded off. But anyway, as we sat down she got real quiet which is really unlike her and after a minute or so of silence she began to tell me about this trust fund that her grandfather left her. It should have been something exciting, but… it has put her life in danger. Evidently the trust will only be given to her upon her after 2 years of marriage or, if she dies the trust goes to her closest relative. Well… turns out her stepbrother knows about the trust and wants to get his hands on it. He left a threatening note for her last week stating that she either marry him or die, but either way, he would be getting her money. But because he has such powerful connections, going to the police would do no good. He has too many people under his thumb."

"Wow… this is heavy for lunch." Digg said.

"Yeah, you are telling me." Felicity cut Digg a look before she finally sat back in her chair.

"Is this Allen Crisp, from Crisp Enterprises?" Oliver asked.

"Yup," Felicity said popping the "p."

They all stood in silence for a few moments, before Oliver spoke again.

"I think I have a plan, but… well it won't end well for Mr. Crisp."

"No Oliver, you cannot outright kill him. Harmony may not know exactly what Felicity does or the connections she has but she will definitely know if you kill him!" Digg reminded Oliver strongly.

"That isn't why you can't kill him. Both you and Harmony have a vow on you about killing. She would never forgive herself if he ended up dead because of her. The only way she would accept his death outside of a natural death is in self-defense." Felicity stated startling both Oliver and Digg.

"What do you mean Felicity?" Oliver asked.

"It isn't my place to say… but Harmony has vowed no death because of her."

At that statement she turned towards her computers. She typed furiously trying to distract herself. Digg had turned away to put away the bamboo that he and Oliver had been sparring with earlier. Oliver stood there deep in thought. He had known that Felicity had a deep respect for Harmony, but now… he was beginning to respect her as well.

Oliver walked across the room to put his shirt back on. This was definitely a big problem for Harmony. Her life was at stake and she was stuck. How could they help her?

Then an idea hit Oliver like a lightening bolt. Sure it was dumb and it had consequences that he would have to live with for the rest of his life, but he couldn't let someone else suffer or die when he could do something.

Turning Oliver strode over to Felicity and said, "Tell your friend to come see me tomorrow morning. I can help her, but I need to speak with her first."

"What are you going to do Oliver?" Felicity asked with hope in her eyes.

"Something crazy," Oliver said as he walked away.