Hello all! Sorry for the break but with Christmas and New Years I have been crazy busy. I don't have a whole lot planned left for this story, but I threw in a little drama in the chapter for you. I hope you enjoy it! As always please let me know what you think! Not going to lie, might have cried when I wrote this chapter. haha. Anyways, enjoy!

Chapter 31

Oliver heard a gasp behind him. He immediately spun around to find his wife, bent over holding her swollen belly with a look of pain on your face.

"Harm, are you okay?" He took the few steps to cross to her. Concern laced his voice.

Harmony began to laugh shaking her head. "Yeah baby I'm okay but I think I'm gonna need a change of clothes and my duffle bag."

"Huh?" Oliver looked into Harmony's face with complete confusion. Harmony simply smiled looked down at the floor then back up to Oliver. He immediately cut his eyes to the floor. He realized that there was a pool of liquid that both he and Harmony were standing in. He looked back up in complete shock.

"Baby," Harmony reached out to cup his cheek, "It's time to go have our baby."

"Just breathe baby. You got this. Just breathe through the pain." Oliver kept repeating this for the past twenty minutes.

"Okay Oliver, I know you are trying to help me but please, shut the hell up. You are not pushing a child out of you so please don't say another word." Harmony hissed through her teeth.

Oliver was wise enough to shut up after that. He could see from the look on his wife's face that if he continued that she would come off of the hospital bed that she was sitting on and kick his ass. So he just sat and rubbed soothing circles on her back as the next contraction hit.

Harmony grunted in pain. She was ready for this baby to come out, but it seemed to have other ideas. She tried focussing on breathing like Oliver had been saying but it wasn't working. All she wanted to do was scream and punch something.

There was a small knock at the door. Looking up Harmony watched as Felicity and Diggle walked into the room.

"Hope we aren't interrupting but Oliver called and told us you were here." Felicity said softly.

"No, it's okay." Harmony waved them into the room. Felicity and Diggle came over and congratulated the soon-to-be parents. Felicity hugged her friend and Diggle smacked Oliver on the back.

"So do you guys know how long it will be?" Felicity asked looked at her friend's strained face as she struggled through her contraction.

"Well her water broke about 2 hours ago, so it could be a while." Oliver said. He looked over at his wife with a concerned look on his face. He wished he could take this task from her, but he knew that wasn't possible so he just prayed that he could support her through the labor.

After about fifteen minutes Diggle and Felicity excused themselves to allow Harmony and Oliver some time alone. Also they admitted that they were hungry so they wanted to grab some big belly burger. As the door shut behind them, Harmony began to ease herself back onto the pillows behind her.

"How are you feeling baby?" Oliver asked.

"Well I'm thinking that it is time for them to give me my epidural." Harmony tried to laugh, but pain rocked her. She tried to grit her teeth and just breathe, but it hurt too much, much more than it had before, more than it had before.

"Oliver," she gasped. "Ol…" she couldn't make any more words come out. The pain was overwhelming her and her vision was starting to go dark.

"Baby?" Oliver grasped her hand in concern. "Harmony, are you okay?" Panic began to rise in him. Harmony wasn't struggling against the pain like she had before. Her body was relaxing and that wasn't good. He looked into her face to watch her eyes roll back into her head and her head fell back onto the pillows.

"Harmony? Harmony!" Oliver yelled.

Within half a second Oliver was up and yelling out the door for a doctor. Something was wrong and he couldn't do anything. Fear began to overwhelm him as he watched as a team of doctors and nurses rushed in and began yelling things he didn't understand. He watched as they began to check Harmony's vitals. They all seemed to have gained an urgency as they checked her.

The next thing Oliver knew he was watching as they rushed Harmony out of the room she was in and down the hall to surgery. He had no clue what had happened. No one had told him what was going on and for all he knew he was watching his wife being rolled away from him forever.

"Mr. Queen?" Oliver looked up to find a young woman standing over him. She had scrubbs on that were covered in blood. He knew immediately that it was Harmony's.

When Oliver did nothing but look at her the woman spoke again.

"Mr. Queen? I'm Dr. Edwards. I know you must be upset and freaking out right now, but I need to talk to you." Oliver nodded to the woman. She sat down next to him before she spoke again. "Mr. Queen, your wife had a blood clot. Due to that it caused some complications. We had to take her into emergency surgery to help save her and the baby."

Oliver nodded. He was just waiting, waiting to hear the words he had been fearing for months; that his wife and child were gone from him. Tears began to fall from his eyes. Up until this point he had been in complete shock, but now his emotions floated to the surface and started to overwhelm him.

"Mr. Queen, your wife is fine. She is unconscious right now but she is alright." Oliver's head whipped up to stare into the Dr. Edward's eyes. He was in complete disbelief.

"She pulled through the surgery fine. She is out of danger and should heal fine. But I do need to inform you that we had to do an emergency C-section." Oliver froze again. "The baby is just fine. I just figured you might want to meet your son." She smiled at the shock on his face.

Oliver looked off in space trying to fully grasp the words he had just heard. Not only was his wife going to be okay but he was a dad. He had a son. Tommy. He couldn't believe it.

"Do you want to meet your son?"

"Yes." Oliver immediately replied, standing to his feet. He looked like he was ready to take off running down the hall in pursuit of his child.

"Okay Mr. Queen, right this way."

Oliver stood looking through the glass window as the nurse walked over and picked up a small bundle blankets. It didn't look like there was a child even inside all of those blankets, but there was. The nurse motioned Oliver to come around to the side door.

As he approached another nurse smiled at him and opened the door to allow him in. Once inside the nurse approached him and extended the bundle in her arms to him. Oliver immediately took the small child into his arms.

"Meet your son Mr. Queen. He is healthy and has been waiting to meet his father." The nurse smiled at Oliver and stepped away.

Oliver looked down at his son in his arms and was overwhelmed. He couldn't believe he could love someone so much after just a few seconds, but he would gladly give his life to protect this small bundle in his arms. A grin spread across his face even as tears flowed down his cheeks.

"Hello little Tommy. I love you so much." Oliver whispered down to the baby in his arms. The baby's face twitched into a small smile for a half a second before falling back into it's normal frown. "I love you so much son. And mommy loves you too. I know she will love you just as much as me."

Oliver stood and bounced his son in his arms and just smiled for a few minutes when he heard a tapping on the glass in the other side of the room. He looked up to see his sister, mother, Diggle and Felicity all waving him over. He walked up to the window to give them all a glimpse of his son.

"Mr. Queen," the nurse called from behind Oliver. "If you would like you can take him out into the hall. I know your family would like it and since he was full term there is no reason he has to stay in here."

Oliver thanked the nurse and headed for the door. Once out in the hall he was suddenly swarmed by his family. His mother was the first to get Tommy out of Oliver's arms. Thea was bouncing up and down with excitement and going on about how she was going to spoil her nephew. Felicity gave Oliver a big hug before turning to look at baby Tommy and Diggle gave Oliver a big hug, pounding him on the back.

"I can't believe it Dig." Oliver said. Diggle laughed and nodded.

"I know man. Kids change everything in your life, but always for the better."

"I'm a daddy Dig. A daddy." Yet another tear slipped down his face at the joy of this moment. The only way it could be better is if Harmony was awake. But soon enough she would be and everything would be perfect.