So here is the last chapter my lovely followers. There are a lot more places that I could have taken it, but I felt that it was time to give Oliver and Harmony some peace. I hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I loved writing it. Please as always let me know what you think. And for future reference, I do accept prompts for stories so if there is anything that you would like to see me write, just send it my way! Thanks again! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 32

Oliver sat next to Harmony's bed, watching as she slept. She had woken up briefly, asking about the baby. Oliver had managed to calm her fears and tell her that Tommy was alright before she fell back into unconsciousness.

The doctor had returned a while ago to update Oliver on Harmony's condition. She was healing fine and could be released in a few days if all went well. The news was good and very welcome, but Oliver still felt a heaviness on him. He desperately needed to be by his wife's side, but he also he wanted to be at home with his son.

Soon enough I will have you both home, he thought. Both home and both safe.

Harmony was glad to finally be out of the hospital and headed home to her family. She hadn't seen Tommy yet and she was anxious to finally hold her son. After everything that she had been through, thinking she no one could ever love her, that she could never have a child, she wanted desperately to hold Tommy in her arms.

Oliver looked over at his wife. He could see her knee bouncing up and down. Her nerves were surfacing and he wanted to calm her.

"Hey," he placed a hand on her bouncing knee. "We're almost there."

"I know. I'm just excited and nervous." Harmony placed her hand on top of Oliver's where it sat.

"I know baby. But soon enough you'll have him in your arms." Oliver leaned over and placed a kiss on her temple.

Twenty minutes later they pulled up in front of the mansion. Harmony was quick to try and exit the car but was stopped by a hand on her arm.

"Take it slow. No need to run inside. He'll be there in five minutes."

"Oliver, I want to see my son." She yanked her arm from his hand and began to climb out of the car. Oliver jumped from his seat in the car and ran after her. She managed to jog a whole fifteen feet before she collapsed onto the steps leading up to the front door of the mansion. Her knees cracked on the edge of the step, her hands skid across the concrete, her teeth bit into her lip drawing blood.

Oliver circled around the car to see as Harmony fell. He ran to her side and helped her up. A few drops of blood trickled from her lip. "See, this is why I said wait," he reprimanded her in a soft voice. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her up the rest of the stairs. "You are still weak and you rushing off like that wasn't going to help you."

Oliver set her down on the top at the top of the stairs. Harmony looked down at her scraped hands and a tear fell down her cheek.

"Harm, baby. I'm sorry. Please don't cry." Oliver pleaded. He felt bad for reprimanding her but he had tried to tell her before she got hurt. But seeing her scraped and weak now made his heart ache.

"It isn't you Oliver. I just…" she sputtered. "I have just been waiting over nine months to meet Tommy and to love him and take care of him, and now I'm too weak to do anything. I can't even walk across a room without being winded or needing help myself. How am I supposed to take care of my baby?" A sob ripped from her throat, her legs began to give out and she leaned heavily on Oliver. Oliver wrapped his arms tightly around her shaking shoulders and tried to sooth her.

"Baby, it won't be this way forever. I promise you will be able to take care of him and hold him and love him the way you want to soon. But until then the best you can do is take care of yourself so you can reach that point. And let the other people that love you and love him help you both." He kissed her hair and rocked her back and forth.

"I know Oliver. I just already feel like a failure as a mother."

"You are not that. You have done everything in your power to do what is right for him while you were pregnant. I heard you praying for him every night. You are and will be a great mother." Oliver said firmly. Releasing his hold on her, he turned her to face him. He gently wiped the tears from her face and smiled down at her. "Let's go. It is about time that you meet our son."

Harmony sat in the rocking chair in the nursery holding a sleeping Tommy in her arms. She couldn't believe how perfect he was. After all that she had been through in her life, both mentally and physically, it truly was a miracle to have him in her arms.

She ran a gently finger across his chubby cheek and began humming under her breath. Tommy snuggled into her embrace more at the sound of her voice. The sight made Harmony's breath catch in her throat. It amazed her that he son was embracing her voice, and her, so quickly and easily. She knew that she never wanted to let go of this moment.

It was about an hour later that Oliver found his wife and son sitting in the nursery. Tommy was asleep in his crib and Harmony was standing over him, watching him just breathe. Oliver's heart pulled hard in his chest at the sight of them both. After the Queen's Gambit went down all those years ago, he never thought that he would have a moment like this, that he would live this long to have a family. And then after he got back from the island, he was so wrapped up in his father's vendetta that he didn't even think about a family.

But now here he stood with the two most precious people in the world to him and they were safe. He didn't know why God had blessed him in such a way after all of the things that he had done, but he wasn't about to start questioning it.

As he stepped into the room, Harmony looked up. A smile graced her face. He had never seen her this happy since he met her two years ago.

"How is he?" he asked.

Grabbing Oliver by the hand, Harmony pulled him over to stand next to her by the crib. "He is strong, just like his daddy."

Oliver smiled. "And his momma," he added. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips as she smiled up at him.

These two broken souls had always wanted someone to love them with all of their scars and baggage. Neither of them expected for their contractual agreement of marriage to work out this way, that they would find love and peace and hope, that they would find a future together. But somehow through all of the pain and fighting and fear they finally found their happy ending.