The only Reason this story gets update is because of NacyWritesHiddles.

Ora awakes to the sensational smell of breakfast with an underlying hint of cologne. Cologne?Her eyes flew open and digested her surroundings. She was still fully clothed and wrapped up in the sheets of the huge bed. The amazing smell that clung to the duvet was the smell of Tom. She blushed thinking about it and sat up in the bed. She was stiff from her fall but after a tentative wiggle, her foot was better. She looked to the bedside table for the time, instead she saw a small stack of half read books laid spread on the page he was on; the top title read 'Macbeth- William Shakespeare.' Ora scoffed, a little heavy for bedtime reading, she thought. She didn't flick the rest if the books in case she made a mess. She stood instead and made the bed behind her, she crossed the room toes brushing the thick carpeted floor. She stared around his room. Tom. Hiddleston's. had little bits of evidence scattered all around his room, dear Tom was a little bit of a Kleptomaniac. He had a captain america shield stuffed rather haphazardly onto a shelf along with an array of other movie props he had worked on. Ora shook her head chuckling, her eyes fell on a pinboard. There was a pretty lifelike sketch of him, and some letters, and a lot of photographs if him with his arms around people. Some looked like his family, others Co - stars Ora recognized on sight. Others were dressed in Loki uniforms, clearly beloved fans. Ora stared at this for far too long really, her heart warming for him, he was so kind and stomach rumbled in hunger and the smell of breakfast floated through the house. She tiptoed out of the room conscious of disturbing him. She crept out of the door toward the kitchen, she could hear him singing away to himself now, her heart raced, she loved this song. "Lately I been, I been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby, I been, I been prayin' hard Said no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars Yeah, we'll be counting stars." He even hummed the instrumental part until the words where suppose to begin again. "I see this life Like a swinging vine Swing my heart across the line In my face is flashing signs Seek it out and ye shall find", But this time Tom wasn't singing alone. Ora joined in causing Tom jump and almost dropping the pan of bacon on the ground. Her voice has Tom entranced,he just stood there staring at her. Her voice was beautiful, she was beautiful. Ora stops singing once she saw Tom staring at her. Her cheeks flurished red before she mumbled, "I love this song.", Staring at her feet embarrassed. "Me too. Now come on love and sit down breakfast is ready.", he gestures his hand toward the table. She nods her head and takes the seat that he had pulled out for her. He places their plates on the table and pours their tea. "Thanks you for letting me stay here.", She picks at her food only taking a few bites here and there. Tom nods his head as he continues to eat. They eat the whole time in silence before Ora spoke up, "I'm sorry for running last night. I was scared, embarrassed and .." She is cut off when Tom hand takes her and squeezes it. "There is no need to be sorry, I can see why you ran and I forgive you." , giving her a reassuring smile. She glances at the clock, did she really sleep in that late? Tom knows what she thinking, they still have there hands in one another. Ora pulls her hand away from Tom's ,leaving it exposed to the cool air. "I'm sorry Tom to have to eat and run off but I have to write two chapters instead of one to make up yesterday.", Tom nods his head while standing up taking their plates to the sink. "I'm so sorry Tom, I know it seems like I'm using you. I promise I'm not." , Tom just nods his head again. Ora doesn't know why but him being silent feels like a thousand knives jabbing her in the Ora knew it she was running out the door toward her house crying. Why was she crying? She barley knows Tom, she couldn't have feelings for him already could she? Tom doesn't even hear her leave. "Would you like for me to give you a ride home?", Tom waits for a reply and never receives one. He turns around to see a empty space where Ora had filled up. He did it again he ran her off. Ora arrives back home to find Lizzie passed out on the couch with a bottle of whiskey in her just shakes her head and goes up stairs and showers. She gets out of the shower and slips into a pair of sweatpants. She walks down stairs to get a shirt when she see Tom standing in the door way talking to is she going to do ? She has no clean clothes upstairs. When she is about to turn around and head back upstairs a voice stops her. " Come on down Ora, Its just that guy from last night he probably has seen you naked already.", Lizzie words cause Ora and Tom both to turn different shades of red. Ora sighs and walks down the stairs and head to the laundry room. She can hear Lizzie and Tom talking in the living slides a yellow shirt on and walks into the well furnished living room. " Tom what do you want? I have things I need to get done and you being here isn't helping.", Tom just ignores Ora and continues talking to Lizzie. These action hurt Ora but she doesn't know why, she rolls her eyes and walks up stair to her room to begin spends all day writing then erasing until she is finally had the whole thing smiles at her good work before shutting her notebook. It's been a hour since she last heard Tom downstairs,so she decides it is save to go downstairs and finally get something to eat. She slowly makes her way downstairs to keep from drawing any attention to herself. She makes it down the stairs when she hears giggling coming from the living room. Ora peaked around the corner into the living room. And what she saw shattered her heart into a thousand pieces.