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Chapter 3: Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw

"Terry Boot." Megan said, sitting down next to Hermione.

"What?" Hermione asked. It was three days later, and they were in the library.

"Well I noticed that this Ravenclaw dude always seems to be staring at you when you pass in the halls." She explained, "So I did a little digging and found out who he is. His name's Terry Boot and he's in our year."


"Well, /he/ might be your secret admirer. Geez, for a smart person you sure are slow!" Megan answered playfully.

Hermione opened her mouth to deal out a witty come-back, but she was cut off by another voice.

"Hi Hermione, hi Megan! Do you two want to work on Herbology homework with us?" It was Justin Flinch-Fletchley, Ernie Macmillan, and Hannah Abbott. The three Hufflepuffs had been taking double Herbology with Hermione since they were in their second year.

"Okay." Megan and Hermione replied. The three sat down, and all five of them began working, stopping occasionally to ask for help with a particularly difficult one. They were finished about twenty minutes later.

"Well see you on Wednesday!" said Megan.

"Yeah, see you!" Hermione said, as she and Megan started to leave the library.

"Bye!" the Hufflepuffs called, as the two girls headed towards the exit.

They were walking down the hallway, about half-way back to the Gryffindor common room, when Megan stopped, a look of sudden realization on her face.

"Justin." She said.

"What?" Hermione asked, confused.

"Justin! /He/ might be your secret admirer! While we were doing our homework, he kept looking at you. And he must have told you that he wished he were as smart as you at /least/!"


"Oh my god, Hermione." Megan said. She then began pretending to bang her head against the wall repeatedly, saying "Doi, doi, doi. . . ." as she did so. ((A/N: if I could show U over the internet I would!))

"Okay, so /maybe/ he /might/ like me a little," Hermione said, "but how do you know he's my secret admirer?"

"I don't." Megan replied, stopping what she was doing, "but I'm trying to figger out who it could be. I'm /pretty/ sure it's either Neville, Justin, or Terry."

"Terry who?"

"Boot. You know, the Ravenclaw?"

"Oh yeah!" Megan then smacked herself in the forehead with the heal of her hand, and looked up at the ceiling muttering, "Why me? Why me-e-e?"

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The next day, on their way to the library form Transfiguration, the two girls ran into Terry Boot. Literally.

They were walking down an empty corridor when Megan decided to start walking backwards.

"It's fun!" Megan exclaimed when Hermione questioned her about it, "You try it!" Hermione then joined Megan in walking backwards, both of them trying not to run into the walls. Just then, Terry and one of his friends came around the corner, talking to each other and not looking where they were going.

The two pairs of friends ran right into each other, all four of them spilling their books all over the floor and looking rather embarrassed.

"Sorry," Terry said as he handed Hermione her Transfiguration textbook, "We should have been paying more attention."

"What the heck are you talking about?" Megan replied, "You guys aren't the freaks who were walking down the hall backwards! That wasn't /exactly/ the most intelligent thing we could've been doing. Although," she said with a smile, "it was rather fun!" The other three gave her odd looks, which she either didn't notice or chose to ignore.

"Well," Hermione said, "I guess we'll see you some other time then." She began to pull Megan away.

"See you!" Terry called as they left.