(She doesn't remember how it started but she knows how it ends.)

Robert Queen takes her completely by surprise. He swoops her off her feet and pulls her down with him to the deep.

He is perfect and rich and she thinks she is in love.

But then she finds him in a closet with a pretty brunette and she learns he is not perfect. She marries him anyways.

They have issues of course, and Moira thinks about divorce, but then Oliver is born and she realizes she has never seen anything so perfect so she stays.

(One day she looks in the mirror and she doesn't know who she sees.)

Malcom Merlin is charming and caring and everything Robert refuses to be so when he offers, she falls willingly into his arms.

He is warm and takes away the pain and she wishes it is love.

The next time she sees Robert she is all smiles and warm words while inside she shines with power. He isn't the only one with secrets.

(She doesn't look Oliver directly in the eyes for days.)

The Gambit goes down and she cries until her eyes are dry. Not because of her missing boys, not really, but because she knows. She knows.

But then Walter, kind and gentle Walter, looks at her with sympathy not pity, whispers words of encouragement, weaves his spell, and she is whole.

He is patient and true and she knows it is love.

(She should have known it wouldn't last.)

Moira Queen stares up at the man threatening her family and she hates how defeated she feels.

But then Thea is crying, Oliver is begging, Slade is gloating, and she stands. She will never be defeated.

Her kids scream but she smiles. Because this, this is love.

(She doesn't remember how it started but she knows how it ends.)