The taxi had pulled up next to a slightly run-down house, and stopped. Fred, as I learned the cabbies name was, turned around and gave me a small smile.

"Well, Isabella, you're home. Welcome to Belleville, New Jersey." He said his voice slightly rough because of the few cigarettes he smoked on the way over. I gave him a smile as I handed him the money I owed him for the ride. "Do you need help with your bags?" he asked, as he opened his door, and then came over to help me out of the cab.

"That would be lovely, thank you." I replied with a soft smile, as I followed him to the trunk of the car. I grabbed my carry-on bag, a cerulean duffle bag with black lettering that spelled out 'I. Castelluccio', a gift from Piper, and walked up the concrete steps collecting myself, before bidding Fred adieu, as he set my suitcases down and turned away.

I took a deep breath and knocked thrice. It took a moment but eventually I heard footsteps growing nearer and a voice yelling at someone named 'Tom'.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Castelluccio, and Rosalie told me to come here because you're my mom?" I said, sort of questioning my purpose of coming here. She immediately embraced me in a tight hug, and began yelling.

"Miele squardo, il nastro bambino e tornado a casa! Isabella sei bella! Sei cresciuto cosi tanto!"{1} I blushed, and smiled looking at my feet.

"Oh, uhm, thank-you." I responded, as she helped me move my bags into the front hall, a small area, before she called out again, shutting the door.

"Frankie! Aiutare tua sorella con le sue borse!" she yelled, and continued muttering "Dio, lei e il tuo gemello, si potrebbe pensare che si sarebbe gia qui salutarla! {2}" She ushered me into the kitchen where she almost shoved me into a chair, while she began fussing over me.

"Are you hungry? Thirsty? What would you like? Some wine would be good, how about some wine." She said the last part more to herself rather than me, but I nodded politely anyways. "Frankie, non mi preoccupo se si mettono Tom, scendre qui cra! {3}"

"Thank you." I said, as she handed me a glass of red wine, as she sat across from me and smiled.

"So what have you been up to, wherever Rosalie took you?" she asked, sipping from her wine.

"Oh, I had an internship at 'La Belle' magazine, and I graduated high school early, so I was going to intern at 'Femme' magazine next, but they said I was overly qualified. Nothing too interesting." I replied, sipping on my wine, and smiling. She gasped at my response, setting her wine down abruptly.

"Questo incredibile! {4} Graduating early, Bella, that's an accomplishment! Where'd you get those brains from, not me!" she said as a louder set of voices could be heard coming closer.

"You could be bigger than Sinatra, my hand to god! All you gotta do is practise. Especially that 'b' flat." My mother stood up quickly and walked over to the doorway where she was glaring at the speaker.

"Frankie, ti ho invite verso il basso per incontrare tua sorella ecra tu vieni gui? {5}" she huffed and ushered the boys into the room. The shorter of the two, about my height actually, had parted black hair and the same skin tone as me. The taller had greased, parted, brown hair, and a slightly tanned skin tone.

"Questo e Isabella, Frankie's sorella gemello. Ben gemello fraterno. {6}" My mother said to the guys at the door. The black haired one stepped up quickly, offering his hand to shake.

"Nice to meet you Isabella, I'm Frankie." I smiled at him, shaking his hand and pulled him into a hug. This is how families are supposed to greet each other. As we let go, the brown haired one gave me a seductive smile.

"I'm Tommy. Tommy Devito. Frankie's friend." He said, while Frankie muttered, 'Not now, Tommy.'

"Anyways, we've got rehearsal today. A high school dance." Frankie said as he and Tommy headed for the door.

"Bye, Mrs. Castelluccio, goodbye, Isabella." Tommy said, and the door closed before mom could get out "Be back by eleven, Frankie!"

She turned to me, then, smiling, "So, Bella, should we get you settled in?"

When I was done unpacking, it was safe to say I was up later than usual. My new room looked mostly like my old room except for minor changes. For example, the windows were closer to the corners of the room now, and they are French styled. This room is purple, whereas my old room was pink. Small things like that. Faux cherry wood furniture was in the room, including my cherry wood vanity Rosalie had given me as a graduation present. The vanity had a pot of powder and blush, as well as various lipstick shades, and a half dozen lotion bottles.

My vision slowly got darker, as I was looking around my room, and at the white accents, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep, under the white comforter.