Chapter One

This wasn't supposed to happen. They agreed no attachment, and now look what happen. It started out as just sex, just something to pissed Tony off if he ever found out. Now they both found themselves falling hard for each other. Loki and Victor Von Doom, lay together side by side staring at each other knowing what was happening. Neither wanted this but it happened anyway. When did it start, and how will it end?


It all started for Loki at an annual Stark charity event; Loki had planned everything down to what him and his husband of 3 years would wear to the event. At the moment Loki was tying Tony's tie while Tony struggled with his cufflinks . . .

"Loki, why can't we just skip this event," Tony whined.

"Because," Loki said with a half glare "I've been planning this event with Pepper for six months, and I don't all my hard work to go to waste."

Tony smiled at him and said "Lokes, you've done a wonderful job, don't worry."

Loki sighed before saying "Sorry, it's just that this is the first event I've ever planned an event like this, I just really hope it's a success."

"It will be," Tony said planting a kiss on Loki's forehead before saying "Now let's go see your hard work." Loki smiled before following Tony to their car and driving to the hotel. When they got there Loki was greeting people and charming them into giving donations, at one point Tony said "See, now everybody knows you're more than a trophy husband."

Loki gave Tony a devilish smirk and said "I'm your trophy husband."

Tony laughed a pecked Loki's lips before he said "That is true."

Loki waltzed away from him only to bump into Pepper, who smiled. "See I told you that you did a great job." Loki laughed as Pepper looked behind him. "And I'm pretty sure Tony is impressed with what you did."

Loki looked over to Tony and immediately his smile dropped. Tony was talking to a beautiful busty supermodel, and the supermodel was shamelessly flirting back. Loki feel his stomach sink as memories started to resurface, so he shook his head put on back a fake smile and said "Oh, I know he is; now if you'll excuse me I got some place I need to be." Loki then carefully snuck out and walked to where Happy Hogan was and said "Happy, take me home."

"Where's Tony?" Happy asked.

"He's taking a taxi," Loki said as he got into the back seat.


Loki was on his fifth glass of vodka when Tony came home, frantically calling his name. "Loki? Loki!" Loki watch as he darted around finally noticing him sitting on the couch. Tony let out a huge sigh of relief before saying "Lokes, don't scare me like that again, I thought someone had taken you."

Tony made his way over the hug Loki but Loki moved away giving him and glare before he said harshly "Don't touch me."

Tony's burrows furrowed out of confusion and he said "Loki, what's wrong?"

Loki scoffed "Like you don't know."

"I really don't know, Loki," Tony said "Hey, come on talk to me."

"Perhaps you should ask that whore that was on your arm all night!" Loki hissed.

Tony gave a confused look. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about that model on your arm where i was supposed to be," Loki said glaring at him before knocking back his drink and relishing the burn in the back of his throat.

"Who are you - You mean Destiny? Babe, she's a lesbian!"

Loki scoffed and said "You're lying, I can tell you wanted to screw her; and I bet you will behind my back."

Tony frowned. "Why the fuck would I lie to you about a lesbian? Sigyn would kill me! I was trying to hook her up with your ex wife!" He hissed. "What is your problem?!"

Loki looked at him and said "You're my problem, Tony! You parade me around like I'm some prize with no intellect or education whatsoever; I'm never consider for projects like charites or balls, and I'm stuck looking like a bloody socialite!"

Tony looked at him with a shocked wide gaze. "What the hell are you talking about?! No I don't!"

Loki glared at him and said "Oh really, does the meaning 'Loki is my most prized possession' mean anything to you? Or have you forgotten already?"

"When the fuck did I say that?!"

"Six months ago."


"At the Stark gala," Loki hissed trying to keep his tears back. "You were talking to Rhodey when you said that, but you probably too drunk to remember."

"I was drunk! Of course I wouldn't!" Tony reached for him. "Why didn't you tell me about this sooner? I could have apologized earlier -"

"Don't pretend you care," Loki said, slapping away Tony's arm, voice cracking a bit "You never care; I'm going to bed, you're sleeping on the couch." With that Loki stormed away before slamming their bedroom door shut, collapsing on the bed in a sobbing fit.

"Loki, come on! Don't do this!" Tony's voice was muffled by the door. "Babe, please!"

Loki then said to the ceiling "Jarvis, soundproof the room please, and tell Mr. Stark I'm not talking to him."

Jarvis could be heard giving an audible sigh. "Sir, are you sure that is wise? He will only become more determined."

"Just do it . . ." Loki hissed before letting out a tired sigh and saying, "Please."

"Yes, sir." And with that, it was done.


The next morning Loki woken up with a stiff neck and dried tear stained cheeks. He sighed before saying "Jarvis, what time is it?"

"Just after ten o'clock, sir."

"Excellent." Loki gave a weary sigh and sat up, rubbing his head. It ached but one would expect that after falling asleep crying. He gritted his teeth. How dare he become weak? He was named after the Bringer of Ragnarok! Not some foolish trophy tramp for his husband to parade around. He stood and went to get ready, dressing in his tightest and most form fitting clothes that made him look quite sexy if he was to be honest with himself. As soon as he was done, he slowly exited the bedroom, making sure Tony was no where in sight. A fresh vase of his favorite flowers and a cup of tea caught his eye. He melted a bit before hardening. He would not cave into Tony's actions. Not this time. He waltzed right out, bypassing the tea and flowers completely and going out the front door, slamming it behind him as he went into the garage to use one of Tony's favorite cars. Payback was a bitch, after all.


Loki arrived at his favorite little downtown shop - a little cafe where he could write his books peacefully with no one to bother him. He sat down in his favorite chair in the corner after ordering his usual and got out his notebook. He wished he had grabbed his laptop but he was sure Tony would have been tracking that. Oh well. He took a sip of his drink once he had received it and set down to work on his latest manuscript that he hadn't had much time for, considering all the party planning he had been doing. So much for that. Loki was scribbling down words in his book, when an accent laced voice said "I'm sorry you don't mind if i sit here do you?"

"A tad." Loki replied. "Depends on who you are." He glanced up only to have his eyes widen.

The man was extremely handsome. He was tall and had light olive brown skin. His hair was as brown as his eyes, but his physique is very well tone. He was wearing a white T-shirt and black jeans, and had a backpack slung over one shoulder. "Oh, I'm sorry where are my manners," His accent drew Loki's attention back to him. "My name is Victor, Victor Von Doom, and you are?"

"Loki, Loki . . . Laufeyson." Loki gave a slight smirk. "My apologies, that bag must be very heavy. Of course I don't mind if you sit here."

"Not really," Victor said sitting down "I just got back for the gym, and this is just my laptop bag; not really that heavy."

"Oh?" Loki tilted his head. "You must be very strong then."

"Eh . . ." Victor said tilting his head from side to side "I do quite well for myself."

"May I?" Loki reached over to his arm.

"Sure," Victor said as Loki squeezed his bicep, Victor then asked "So what are you working on?"

"My newest manuscript." Loki sighed, leaning back. "It's a work in progress though I haven't had much time to work on it as of late."

Victor smirked at him and said "You're a writer?"

Loki smiled. "Yes, I suppose so."

Victor then gestured down to the notebook and asked "May I?"

"Of course." Loki beamed, handing it over.

Victor looked through the pages carefully and said "This is good, have you ever thought about publishing?"

Loki smiled "I've published a few things. Nothing big."

"You should do more stuff like this." Victor said pointing to a page with a short love story on it.

Loki blushed. "It was based on a true story." He mumbled, leaving out the fact it was about him and Tony.

Victor raised an eyebrow and asked "Who is this special somebody? Are they your muse?"

Loki smirked. "You could say they were. I'm currently looking for a new one I suppose."

Victor then got a cheeky grin and asked "So you're available?"

"Depends on who's asking." Loki teased.

Victor looked like he was thinking for a bit before asking him "You know there's a party I'm going to in the Bronx later tonight would you like to join me?"

"What kind of party?"

"Like a get together," Victor said "I suggest dressing casual."

"Will this do?" Loki gestured to his outfit.

"It would, but I would add a blazer," Victor said standing up before writing something on a napkin "Here's the address, I suggest coming around eight, that's when the fun starts."

"Alright. Shall I give you my number as well?"

"How about later?" Victor said "After the party."

"Very well. I shall see you then." Loki purred.

Victor then said in a foreign language "√Čn hamarosan tal√°lkozunk, Loki." before leaving Loki still sitting at the table. Loki gave a small smirk before gathering his things, eager to get ready for the party.