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Chapter 1: Bon Voyage

High above the preserve of Fablehaven, a thick layer of silver clouds had spanned across the entire sky from one end of the horizon to the other. A torrent of rain was falling from the clouds in a heavy downpour, soaking everything situated upon the ground below.

Fortunately, nearly all of the creatures that lived on the preserve had a place to take refuge, with the exception of a few that didn't mind staying out in the rain. As for the human residents of Fablehaven, they were all cozy and dry while currently inside the main house.

Alone in her bedroom, Kendra pulled open the top drawer of her dresser and proceeded to paw through her belongings. As the roof of the house also served as the ceiling of her attic bedroom, Kendra was able to hear the sound of raindrops excessively beating against the ceiling above her.

Kendra felt around in her drawer, which contained a small number of socks and underwear, but not much else. Once she placed her hand on what she had been searching for, Kendra picked up and pulled a glasses case out of the drawer. She opened up the case and pulled out a pair of pink heart-shaped sunglasses, then stuck them back inside.

Using her free hand to shut the drawer, Kendra proceeded to bend down in front of an open suitcase that was laying down on the floor next to the dresser. She then plunked the case down into the suitcase, where it landed upon a stack of folded clothes.

Next, Kendra closed the suitcase and zipped it up, which proved to be a rather snug fit, due to the high amount of luggage she had packed into it. Nevertheless, Kendra succeeded in closing the suitcase, although it was considerably bulgy.

Kendra then turned the closed suitcase upright, so that its wheels were now on the bottom. She proceeded to roll the suitcase across the floor of her room and over to the door, which she opened. As she walked down the stairs towards the second floor, she cautiously towed the suitcase behind her, feeling as it plonked down upon each and every step.

Kendra soon made her way down to the first floor, where most of the other family members had already gathered around in the living room. Several other bags of luggage had already been lined up in one spot, prompting Kendra to place hers among the rest.

"Took you long enough," said Seth, who was sitting down on one of the couches next to Ingrid. "The rest of us have been waiting patiently for you to finish."

"I just didn't want to forget anything," said Kendra. "Besides, we have plenty of time until our flight."

"This is so stupid. Why do we even have to take an airplane, anyway? We have the Translocator! It can get us to where we want to go in an instant. Any time we want!"

"Seth," said Grandpa, "I completely understand your reasoning."

"This is supposed to be a vacation," said Ingrid. "If we used the Translocator, we'd be cutting out the trouble of traveling to the airport and going on a long plane ride."

"I couldn't agree more," said Grandpa. "But this vacation you're going on needs to be as authentic as possible so as to not arouse any unwanted suspicion. I mean, why would a group from Connecticut be staying at a hotel in Hawaii, yet not require transportation to travel there?"

"The things we have to put up with," said Warren. "Just so that we can finally relax."

"You all certainly deserve it," said Grandma. "Over the past few years, you've dealt with demons, the Sphinx, dragons, evil fairies, negafae, sorcerers and more. You're more than overdue for a vacation."

"And a proper one at that," said Seth. "The last time we took a trip to Hawaii, things didn't go so well..."

"Yeah," said Ingrid. "You'd been possessed by Navarog. And he made you steal that Drakesoul that the other Knights of the Dawn had recovered."

"Don't remind me," said Seth, squinting his eyes. "I still have bad memories of that awful experience."

"Seth, I didn't mean it like that," said Ingrid. "Besides, that was almost a year ago, was it not?"

"Yeah. But it was still on a vacation to Hawaii."

Well, this vacation's gonna be a whole lot nicer," said Warren. "We're going strictly for pleasure. And this time, we know that you're not possessed."

"It's about time," said Kendra. "Even though we haven't had anything major to deal with since we defeated Murdred and Nemenemi, I still feel like I need a break."

"Even without any adventures," said Grandpa, "you kids have still been busy with your schoolwork and helping out on the preserve. Plus you've just gotten your learner's permit, Kendra, so that's been another task you've been working with."

"Driving is nice," said Kendra, but I think I've been spoiled by flying around on dragons and unicorns."

"What am I?" asked Bracken with a chuckle. "Your chauffeur?"

"Oh, Bracken! You're coming too. You know that."

Warren looked at his watch. "We've still got a bit of time before we have to be at the airport. We can say goodbye to some of our friends before we have to go."

"We might as well do that now," said Ingrid.

"I already said farewell to Newel and Doren this morning," said Seth. "They seemed pretty peeved that they aren't coming."

"Well, it'd be hard for satyrs to come along on a vacation," said Clover. "Especially since most humans see them as goats."

Mr. Sorenson laughed. "Those two practically live their lives as a vacation. What with all that TV watching and junk food eating that they're so famously known for."

"Well, I told them that I'd bring them back some cool things as souvenirs," said Seth. "That seemed to soften the blow a bit."

"Could you imagine if those two actually found a way to sneak along?" said Ingrid. "They'd get into trouble faster than they could start it."

Warren laughed. "Come on, let's go already."

Warren led Kendra, Seth, Ingrid, Bright, Bracken and Clover into the kitchen and passed through the back door. As the group made their way outside, they immediately found themselves being drenched by the rain that was pouring down upon them.

"Man!" cried Seth, holding up his arms in an attempt to shield his head from the rain. "This rain is brutal!"

"Have some umbrellas," said Clover, as she waved her hands. Green sparkles went flying into the air, causing green umbrellas to magically appear above everybody's head. The umbrellas were levitating in midair, in spite of nobody holding onto their handles.

"Much better," said Warren, as he turned to face Clover and proceeded to bestow a kiss upon her lips. "You are such a delight. Don't know what I'd do without you."

"Oh, you're just saying that," said Clover with a smirk.

"No, I really mean it," said Warren, as the group began walking through the backyard. "You make me so happy. If something were to happen to you, I don't know what I'd do."

"Don't worry about that. If anything, I should worry more about losing you. With all due respect, humans don't live very long."

"Maybe I'll decide to become an eternal," said Warren with a smile. "That's always an option."

The group soon made their way towards the far end of the yard, where the dragons' cave was located. Once they entered the cave, everybody grabbed their umbrella and proceeded to pull them down from being suspended in the air, holding onto the handle in their hand.

Nesting against the far wall of the cave was the entire dragon family of Fablehaven; Raxtus, Geminus, Vanessa, Skyfrost and Firesquall. Floating in the air around them was a court of colorful fairies.

"Hey everybody!" said Bracken, as he walked through the cave towards the dragons.

"What's with all the fairies?" asked Ingrid.

"They're seeking shelter from the rain," replied Geminus. "And... we are fairy dragons. It's a perfect match."

"Some of you are..." said Skyfrost, as he let out a sigh. "Why do we have to stay cooped up in this cave anyway? A little rain never hurt anybody."

"Says you," said Firesquall. "I've never been a big fan of the rain. It's all wet and watery."

"So, I take it you guys are about to leave to go on your trip, yes?" asked Raxtus.

"Sure are," said Kendra. "We're just here to say our final goodbyes and then we'll be off. To Hawaii!"

"Are you sure we can't come?" asked Firesquall. "A sunny beach sounds like paradise to me."

"No way," said Bright, shaking her head. "A resort like the one we'll be going to is no place for dragons."

"Aw, come on!" griped Skyfrost. "That's not fair! Why... it's discrimination!"

"Sorry, but you dragons are far too big to come along," said Clover.

"What about Vanessa?" asked Firesquall, scooping up his foster sister between his wings and hoisting her up a few feet into the air. Vanessa looked around for a moment, then let out a high-pitched laugh.

"Absolutely not," said Bracken. "No dragons. Stanley Sorenson's orders."

The green wyvern placed Vanessa back down on the cave floor and let out a moan, to which his brother chimed in.

"What about us?" asked a tiny, yet familiar voice, as three familiar fairies flew up in front of the group. The trio was none other than Passion, Larissa and Goldenrod.

"What about you?" asked Bracken.

"Can't we come?" asked Goldenrod, clasping her hands together. "Oh, please?"

"Sorry," said Warren. "No fairies."

"Really?" asked Larissa, sounding disappointed.

Seth rolled his eyes. "You can't say no fairies without saying no fair."

"That wasn't funny!" exclaimed Passion, shaking her fist at Seth. She then flew up in front of Bracken's face. "Besides, you three are fairies!"

"Yeah!" snapped Larissa, as she flew up to Bright.

"Uh huh!" added Goldenrod, fluttering before Clover.

"We're fairy angels," said Bright. "There's a difference."

"Oh, it's down to that old excuse again," said Larissa.

"Look, it's for your own good," said Clover. "Us fairy angels are powerful enough to blend in, and we can look after ourselves if something goes wrong. Standard fairies such as yourselves pose a much higher risk. We're going to be out in public!"

"But we really want to go!" added Goldenrod. "Besides, we're so small, nobody will notice us!"

"The answer is no," said Bracken. "Now let's drop the subject."

"Well, we really only came here to bid all of you farewell," said Bright. "So, goodbye everybody! See you when we get back!"

The group all exchanged goodbyes with the dragons and fairies, then proceeded to head out of the cave, back into the rain. This time, everybody made sure to hold up their umbrella that Clover had provided them with.

"One more stop," said Bright. "We've still got to say goodbye to our other friends, who should all most likely be in the barn now that it's raining."

The group made their way through the rain as they walked across the backyard of Fablehaven and into a nearby clearing. At the far end of the clearing stood the large barn in which Viola resided. Due to the rain, the ground of the clearing had become all muddy. While it wasn't deep, the group still had no choice but to trudge through it in their shoes.

Warren opened up one of the worker doors to the barn and led the rest of the group inside. Out of the rain once again, everybody proceeded to lower their umbrellas.

Standing in the center of the room was Viola. The enormous milch cow towered over everybody else in the room, and let out a loud moo that reverberated throughout the entire barn.

"Hey, Viola!" said Seth, looking up at the giant-sized bovine. "Moo to you, too!"

Kendra looked around and saw that in a corner of the barn was a crowd made up of many other ungulates, these ones all normal-sized. All of Santa Claus' reindeer were gathered around, as well as Stargleam and Windshear.

"Hey," said Windshear. "Aren't you guys about to leave for your trip around now?"

"Sure are," said Ingrid. "We just dropped in to say goodbye! We figured all of you would be inside because of the rain."

"I've never been too fond of the rain," said Stargleam. "The mud it makes always dirties up my hooves."

"Not these reindeer, though," said Windshear, looking around at his fellow comrades. "They'll fly across the world, through the nastiest of snowstorms, if it means that presents will get delivered."

"They really should be commended," said Ingrid.

"But, they're inside for now to keep us company," said Stargleam. "You humans go ahead and enjoy yourselves on this trip."

"Yeah, we'll be fine for now," said Windshear."

"Really?" asked Seth. "Thank you."

You're... welcome?" asked Windshear. "Uh, pardon my curiosity, but you sound awfully grateful."

"Nothing's wrong," said Bright. "It's just that you folks are taking this whole vacation thing rather well."

"Yeah," said Kendra. "The wyverns and some of the fairies were really peeved that they aren't coming along."

"They're just jealous," said Warren. "And besides, they're all fairly young. I can understand how they feel. Growing up, I was always jealous of how Dale got to do things I couldn't, just because he was older."

"But... you still grew up, Warren," said Clover. "However, it doesn't matter how old those fairies or dragons get, they'll never grow up to be humans."

"I know. I have to admit I wasn't too thrilled when Stan said they weren't allowed to come. But... rules is rules."

"Well, you don't have to worry about us wanting to come along," said Windshear. "As long as Stargleam is staying at Fablehaven, I'm staying at Fablehaven as well."

"Oh yeah," said Kendra. "Stargleam... you're pregnant now."

"That's correct," said the red unicorn, nodding her head. "It's hard to tell now, but I can feel it already. Won't be for another year or so until the foal is born."

"We didn't decide to have a baby together until we came to Fablehaven," said Windshear. "Murdred's dungeon was too depressing for us, and we would never want to bring up a foal in a horrible place like that. But, once we settled in here, we knew what we wanted."

"I wonder," said Ingrid. "Will the baby be a unicorn, or a pegasus?"

"It can be hard to tell," said Stargleam. "Especially since both species don't develop their horn or wings until they become yearlings."

"Either way, Stargleam wants to take it easy now that she's pregnant," said Windshear. "And that means taking it easy as best as she can, even in the earliest stages of pregnancy."

"Good for you," said Kendra, speaking with confidence. "It's nice to see that you two have decided upon having a child. Which would be really special, given the small number of unicorns and pegasi that are still around."

Seth looked over at Bracken, and noticed that he was moving his eyes around the room nonchalantly, as though he seemed nervous.

"Indeed," said Stargleam. "But don't feel like we're holding you all back. Go on and enjoy your trip!"

"At least you guys are taking this rather well," said Seth. "Even the reindeer."

"No kidding," said Warren. "Besides, if we did let them come along, we'd probably end up on Santa's naughty list."

"He does not have a naughty list," said Kendra.

Warren snorted, "Of course there's no naughty list. It's just a fib to scare bratty delinquents into behaving. Only truly needy kids actually get gifts from Santa anyway."

Ingrid nodded. "At least there's somebody out there who cares about them."

The group then said their goodbyes to the animals, and made their way back outside into the rain. Using their umbrellas as shelter, they scurried back towards the yard and made their way into the house via the back door.

"Man, I have had it with this stupid rain!" said Seth, as he lowered his umbrella and shook his head around, causing water droplets to splash all around where he was standing.

"Seth!" snapped Kendra. "All of us are wet! But you're tracking water onto the kitchen floor! You know how much Grandma hates that!"

"When we're in Hawaii, the only time I want to be sopping wet is when I come out of the ocean and/or swimming pool."

"I'll dry you guys off," said Bracken, as he snapped his fingers on both hands. Suddenly, Kendra and Seth were no longer damp. They had completely dried off in an instant.

"Nice trick," said Ingrid.

"Look, while we're away, I don't want to have to use magic frivolously."

"That goes for us, too," said Bright. "At least not for stuff you could easily take care of yourself."

"I got it," said Seth. "But this rain doesn't count. Normally when I go swimming, I bring a towel."

The group then made their way back into the living room, where the rest of the family was still waiting for them.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye," said Ingrid.

"Oh, have fun!" said Mrs. Sorenson, as she got up to give Kendra a hug, then moved over to Ingrid. "All of you!"

"Compared to some of the wild adventures you've been on before," said Mr. Sorenson, hugging Seth, "we're not worried in the least."

"Does everybody have what they need?" asked Warren. "Even though we're bringing the Translocator with us and can zip back here any old time we want?"

"We're good," said Seth. "Although it would still be better if we didn't have to take a plane there."

"My sentiments exactly. But the less suspicion we attract, the better." Warren then proceeded to remove the Translocator from his bag. "Well, if all of you are ready, let's get this show on the road!"