Okay, folks, here's when it starts getting really, realllllyyyy sad and upsetting. I'll try to post these next three chapters quickly, but I can't make any promises.

Chapter 18- Three Shots

A dress shop in Oklahoma.

Emma's POV

They left me in the car as they went to buy me more dresses. I was wearing the dress that matched my momma's, the red one. We looked almost alike, short, curly hair, except mine was brown and hers was red.

I waited…. And waited… Jeez, how long does it take two people to pick out dresses? Oh, right.. It's daddy and momma.. Finally, a big, brightly colored butterfly flew by, and I hopped out of the car, chasing it down. The butterfly landed on my finger, it was so pretty.. Its wings all the colors of the rainbow. It stayed on my finger for a few moments, before flying away.

"Stupid butterfly.." I muttered, pursuing the fluttering creature yet again, not even noticing the car driving by as I got closer to the car. I stopped to catch my breath, and the car's window rolled down. Three shots rang out, three stings of pain in my chest and stomach. I looked down. Blood. My blood. Someone, maybe me, screamed, and my world went dark for a brief moment.

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