Some called me.

A goddess.


I had no want for them.

Not even him.

Earth-shaker ,


The untameable sea.

Seeking refuge in the temple,

I pray to the chaste goddess to protect me.

Foolish child, hoping Athena would be merciful.

I did not understand the disrespect of the sea.

Defiled in her temple,

My saviour cursed me.

Once respected,



A girl to be envied.

Now feared,


I cannot look upon others.


Now I know solitude, I have want for them,

But the only faces I look upon are grey and hard,

Turned to the stone, frozen in terror.

Terror of me.

The monster.

Turned so by my would-be saviour's hand.

The snakes are my only company,

The only beings that can look upon my face.

But now I wait.

What for? The snakes mock me.

Salvation, I answer

A reprieve.

He comes,

Armed with bronze,

He manages to look upon my face,

Albeit indirectly,

As the monsters' head is severed,

The beautiful girl inside,

(Forgotten by all but herself)

She remembers,

And regrets.

As the serpents thud upon the floor,

She thanks her saviour.

Not the Goddess she had once thought,

(No, she became her tormentor)

But the one that people hailed as her conqueror.

Perseus, Son of Zeus.

He delivered her from her personal Tartarus of solitude.

And for that the monster-girl:

Thanks him.

A/N- so this could be a one-shot, but I'm going to continue. Please send me requests; I am doing Poems/drabbles/one-shots about under-appreciated, forgotten or often-hated characters. Hoping to change your opinion on the hated and bring attention to the under-appreciated! Also if the ones you request are not in Percy Jackson it is still okay, I will research the myth.

All requests will be done, eventually.

By the way, if you didn't guess, that was about Medusa, taking the version of the myth where Poseidon takes advantage of her.

Did this make you pity her slightly?

~ rainbowchameleon