Harry and Kono were off for their honeymoon… take 2. The team were well equipped and staffed with Dudley, Lori, Joe and Stitch being available.

Harry had sent word to Jumba and the ship was now named 'Ohana'. They were headed straight for Washington to meet with Her Majesty.

The team, meanwhile, where dealing with their own cases.

"Was he dead before he took his swim?" Dudley asked Max.

They were standing in the garden of a fairly wealthy man who was found shot, tied to a chair with duct tape and tossed in his swimming pool. Max was processing the body before removal.

"Yes, there is a distinct lack of water in the victim's lungs." Max confirmed.

"A staged murder… weird." Lori muttered.

"What do you mean staged?" Steve asked.

"Why toss a man in the pool if you've already shot and killed him? There are reports of similar break-ins in the area but this is the first death."

"He wasn't shot out here was he?" Dudley asked.

"No, inside." Steve confirmed. "The drag marks are just from the chair, not a body."

"So he was probably duct taped to the chair and dragged out here once he was dead." Lori mused.

"Are there any other differences between this incident and the other home invasions?" Dudley asked.

"All the fathers in the home invasions were beaten in front of their families until they gave up the location of the valuables. This guy just has the gunshot wound and his son is at school. The others occurred at night."

"What do we know about the victim?" Lori asked.

"Mr. Griffin here is the owner of a large chain of high-end restaurants." Chin informed them as he came up. "He has a son but he is divorced and his wife is on the mainland."

"What's the plan boss?" Dudley asked Steve.

"Dudley and Chin investigate Griffin, see if you can't figure out a reason for this man to be shot. Lori, you're with Danny and me. We're going to follow the home invasion leads."

"Your Majesty." Harry smiled as he bowed before his Queen.

Next to him Kono performed a well practised curtsey. She was currently wearing a dress, she was used to wearing slinky sexy club dresses and party dresses, she even wore a wedding dress, occasionally she even donned a summer dress, but she felt very uncomfortable in the fairly conservative dress she was wearing now.

It wasn't unflattering, but it was a dress.

"Lord Harry, it is good to be able to meet with you again. I hear you had some excitement after we last parted ways?" The Queen smirked.

"Just some ruffians who decided to over estimate their importance. They gave some new friends of mine a chance to have some fun." Harry shrugged.

"Yes, your new friends are part of the reason why we wished to meet with you." The Queen frowned as she indicated they should sit at the nearby table. "The time has come for the crown to take back the Ministry of Magic." She announced. "We have assembled a force consisting of our own SAS personnel and the American SEAL Team 9."

"The first generation magicals can finally get some justice." Harry nodded approvingly.

"Lord Potter, they have been receiving some manner of justice since we knew you were safe in the United States." The Duke corrected. "When the current Ministry falls we have trained a cabinet of first generation magicals to assume the reins."

"Dame Hermione?" Harry asked.

"Of course." The Duke smirked.

"Lady Kono, feel free to speak up and freely." The Queen told the clearly nervous Kono.

"Thank you Your Majesty." She managed not to croak.

"Lord Potter, we would like to offer you the option to assemble your own team to lead the infiltration of the Ministry building. Any who agree to follow you will be granted the necessary authority. We felt it was right that you finish what you started in 1981 and bring peace to Magical Britain."

"And of course, stick it to the pure bloods." The Duke smirked.

"Steve, didn't we say not to engage the suspect in hand-to-hand?" Dudley asked with a smirk as Steve limped in. Danny and Lori were escorting the man they had been chasing in connection to the Griffin's charity based gyms to the holding cell. It seemed pretty open and shut considering the gun was in plain sight in the man's open top jeep.

"I must have forgotten." Steve winced as he lowered himself into a chair.

"I don't doubt that." Chin nodded. "But was that before or after that guy hit your head?" He smirked.

"You really need to spar with Harry some more." Dudley shook his head in disappointment.

"Hey! I won didn't I?" Steve objected.

"Yes, but Harry would have won without getting hit or bruising his knuckles." Dudley said point at Steve's scraped hands.

"That's not possible." Steve said dismissively.

"It is for Harry. He has excellent reflexes and a very strong code when it comes to fighting in hand-to-hand."

"What code?" Chin asked.

"Never attack."

"If he doesn't attack then how does he win?" Steve asked.

"He takes every punch, kick, lunge or jump and turns it against his opponent."

"That's what he did to Kono when we first met!" Chin said as he remembered that day.

"Right, because he never attacks he never has to worry about where an opponent's hands and feet are because he is always getting ready to intercept or redirect them."

"But he still has to get hit at some point." Steve insisted.

"Sure, but rarely and usually only a glancing blow."

"I could definitely have used his skill today." Joe groaned as he stumbled in.

"Joe! What happened?" Steve asked as Dudley and Chin rushed to assist the older SEAL.

"Had a little visit from your old pal Wo Fat. He got the jump on me but I did manage to run him off." Joe said as Chin retrieved a first aid kit.

"Why haven't you been to a hospital?" Dudley demanded.

"For this?" Joe asked incredulously. "This is nothing. Besides I needed to warn you about Wo Fat."

"Hey, Alani, it's Danny William from Five-0. Could you make a house call to HQ?"

The team turned in surprise to Danny and Lori standing there with Danny on the phone.

"Thanks, I'll call down and tell them to let you straight in." Danny said as he hung up.

"You called the village healer?" Dudley asked with a grimace. "I thought she was a menace?"

"She is, but only if you intentionally get hurt like Harry and Steve. Joe would probably be fine but she might get pissy as he didn't go to a hospital." Danny smirked at the now cowering and injured SEALS.

"Alert: Unidentified vessel on approach vector."

Kono lifted her sunglasses and looked up and out at the sea from where she was bathing on the deck of the Ohana. Sun bathing was what Harry liked her doing second best… because she did it naked. What he liked her doing best took two people and she only did it with him.

"Harry?" She called out calmly as she saw the vessel some way out.

"I'm here." Harry said as he jogged out with a pair of binoculars. "Hmm, if you're feeling modest you might want to get dressed as they are looking at us with binoculars."

There was a squeak and a thud as Kono quickly rolled over and off her sun bathing bed.

"Who are they?" She demanded angrily.

"Based on the lack of flag, markings and the amount of firearms on display… I would say pirates." Harry answered, still staring through the binoculars.

"Are you going to play with them or just kill them?" Kono asked as she came up behind him now wearing a light robe.

"Play first then kill." Harry said with a firm nod. "I want to make sure they don't have prisoners."

"I'll call Leon and ask what the nearest Navy boat is." Kono said as she headed for the bridge.

Harry watched the approaching boat as he considered his options. He could board their boat and take them out one at a time or he could threaten them with a rocket launcher or torpedo. He couldn't actually fire on them as he wanted to check for innocent captives first.

"Harry, the ships sensors say that aside from one or two people working in the engine room there don't seem to be any captives on board, total number of life signs is ten."

Harry raised a surprised eyebrows as he reached for the nearby internal comm. panel. "We have sensors?"

"Have fun sweetie." He could hear the sigh in Kono's voice.

He shrugged and headed for a nearby weapon locker. There were several throughout the ship, most just held small firearms, but some like the ones on the deck held more powerful ordinance.

But Harry always did prefer stealth. He quickly disillusioned himself and waited for the first idiot to try and board the ship.

He didn't have long as he heard the calls and shouts warning them to not resist, that they would be allowed to live.

Harry didn't believe a word of it.

He had checked all reports of the area and knew that the pirates in this area would either try and ransom them off or set them adrift in a lifeboat whilst they stole the ship.

As far as Harry was concerned he was just doing some trash clear up.

The first man over was of Indonesian descent, as all the pirates would likely be… they were off the coast of Indonesia after all. He quickly checked the deck and not finding anything or anyone suspicious he gave the signal for the others to board.

Harry stunned the man and then disillusioned him, left him where he was and then waited for the next idiot.

He grinned happily when the second pirate clambered over the side and landed on the invisible body causing a sickening crunch before he tumbled to the deck. Harry then stunned and disillusioned the pirate.

This worked for only two more pirates before those on the boat started calling out to the ones who had already boarded.

Harry picked up the weapon he had retrieved from one of the lockers. It was essentially an Anti-Tank weapon, more than enough to crack the hull of the boat trying to board them. He quickly ran to the front of the ship and leaned over so he could get a good shot at the hull.

He was about to fire when the he noticed a disturbance in the water coming towards the pirate vessel from further out at sea. It was moving very fast.

Harry ran for the nearest intercom. "Kono, Sweetie, there appears to be a torpedo heading for us." He said as he tried to hide is panic.

"I was curious about the built in weapons." He heard Kono reply completely unconcerned. "We can fire torpedoes without making our ship look like a Transformer on steroids. I programmed it with a fairly low yield explosive so it should just puncture the ship."

"Sweetheart, have you ever fired a torpedo before? Can you be sure it won't damage us?"

"Of course it won't. Jumba said that it would take a Navy Battleship to sink us." She scoffed.

"Oh shi- brace for impact!"

Harry dived for the deck and instantly regretted it as he had forgotten he was holding the rocket launcher. Fortunately the accidentally fired rocket went up into the air but the propellant from the back of rocket that helped balance the weapon burnt the deck and Harry's leg.

He never noticed the torpedo impact the other ship or the fact that Kono had made near perfect calibrations due to his distraction with his burning leg.

Harry gritted his teeth and applied numbing charms to his leg. He would definitely be having words with his missus about firing weapons without warning her husband.

Harry limped down to the lower deck and began disillusioning the pirates that managed to board. The ones still on the enemy vessel were again trying to board the Ohana to escape their sinking ship. Harry just kept stunning them… they weren't all that smart.

"Harry, the USS Pearl Harbour is thirty minutes out. They've offered to take care of any prisoners."

Harry glared at the intercom as it sat there mocking him some ten meters away, he also couldn't believe that the nearest Navy ship was the one named after his home. He pushed off the side railing and began hobbling to the intercom.

"Get your butt up here with my medical kit, then you can disarm this bunch of losers." He growled unhappily.

Less than two minutes later Kono was running towards him with a gun in one hand and a green case in the other.

"What happened?" She asked as she quickly opened the case and knelt in front of him.

"What happened?" Harry asked sarcastically. "Someone launched a torpedo at a very close vessel and didn't warn the rest of the crew!"

"But there wasn't any damage to the ship." Kono argued as she applied the burn potion to Harry's skin.

"No, but I dived for cover and the rocket launcher I was holding went off. My leg got caught in the rear backwash."

"Don't those things have safeties?"

"I had just been about to fire the damned thing so it wasn't on!"

"Not my fault you didn't put it back on when you saw an incoming torpedo." Kono grumbled. "Is this paste going to be enough? This is a bad burn and if you got caught in the back blast you might have fractured the bone."

"We'll see if the incoming ship has a healer on board, otherwise we can just Portkey to Alani." Harry shrugged.

"Fine, but this is the last pirate ambush we are dealing with." Kono said firmly. "In a few weeks you will get all the violence you could possibly want when we go to London."

Trying to hand off the pirates to the USS Pearl Harbour was tricky. Harry had to break out his credentials and explain to the captain that he couldn't interrogate the pirates about what happened to them. He still had to protect the secret of magic.

The captain was not happy but knew to follow orders, especially when backed by a high level Admiral and SecNav.

Harry had to hide his leg injury so he didn't have to try and weasel out of explaining why he had an Anti-Tank weapon on his ship. As soon as they were out of range of the ships sensors they Portkeyed the ship back to Hawaii so he could be berated by Alani.

They headed to the Five-0 headquarters to say hi and call Alani there.

"What the hell happened to you?" Harry asked as he took in the sight of a fairly battered and bruised Steve.

Steve opened his mouth to respond but was inevitably beaten to the punch by Danny. "Mr. Macho decided to take on a suspect who was built like a tank and a trained fighter in hand-to-hand combat." Danny glared at the Commander. "Turns out the suspect was innocent but Steve dislocated his shoulder so he couldn't participate in a charity fight and Steve decided to fill in."

"Yeah, fine… but why didn't you get Alani to fix you up?" Harry asked.

Harry just smirked as he saw the look of fear in Steve's eyes. "You know she is on her way here now? My leg needs some work."


"Steve! Language!" Kono chastised. She then reached into a leather pouch attached to her belt and pulled out a jar that was far too big to have been in the pouch.

"What was that?" Lori asked in awe as she quickly approached Kono to get a closer look.

"A wedding present from Hermione, one of Harry's friends. It's a bottomless pouch and she swears by it." Kono then smirked. "I don't think she was too impressed when I started putting spare ammunition in it."

Harry chuckled. Hermione would always come through in a fight and would stand proudly at the forefront, but she always believed there were better alternatives.

"We could have used those a time or two when I was deployed." Dudley said wistfully.

"How come you don't have one?" Danny asked Harry.

Harry started whistling innocently.

"He has something similar, but he forgets to use it." Kono glared back.

"How does this work?" Lori asked.

"Gah!" Danny exclaimed as he suddenly realised Lori had stuffed her arm up to the shoulder in the bag… by all rights she should have been groping Kono's kidney.

"Lori, if you keep asking that question you are quickly going to tire of the answer." Dudley warned.

Lori blushed and removed her arm. "There's nothing in there."

"It's keyed to me, I just have to think of what I want and it is there."

Lori's eyes went wide as Kono pulled out a huge machete.

"Kono Potter! Put that dangerous thing away!"

Everyone grimaced as Alani came storming in. She marched up to Steve and grabbed his face by the chin causing him to grimace in pain from the bruising.

"Where did you get this?" She demanded as she took the bruise paste from his hand.

"Kono had it."

"Excellent. Now tell me why you haven't applied it yet?" She asked with a glare.

"She just gave it to me!"

"Those bruises are a day old at least… you know of several people who can treat those bruises magically. You saw me do it not two days ago for Commander White."

"The boys are scared of you." Lori said with a cheeky shrug.

There was a chorus of protests from Danny and Steve.

"If anyone should be scared of me it should be him." She pointed her wand at Harry causing the chair he was sitting on to transfigure into a hospital bed. She deftly cut away his trouser leg causing the team to gasp at the sight.

"What the hell happened to you?" Dudley asked angrily.

"I got caught in the backwash of an accidental firing AT weapon."

"Ouch!" Steve winced. "It can't have been Kono."

"Oh no." Kono said quickly. "He panicked and forgot he was holding it when he dived for cover."

"Oh Harry." Dudley shook his head disappointedly.

"Hey! She launched a torpedo at a ship tethered to us and didn't tell me!"

"People, this is why communication is important in a marriage." Danny said sagely.

"Just how many times has Rachel launched something at you without warning?" Dudley smiled.

Danny shrank back a bit defensively. "Just a mug."

"And I would bet you deserved it." Alani muttered as she continued working on Harry's leg.

Harry spent most of his first day back in the bunker out the back of the house using the secure phone line to talk to the NCIS teams in LA and Washington and Seeley to see if they wanted in on the operation to retake the British Ministry of Magic.

Seeley opted out as he didn't want to risk being away from Bones whilst she was ready to pop. The LA team was all in as was the Washington team. Five-0 were all signed up as well. They would be heading for training grounds in LA in two weeks time, until then it was business as normal.

Well… normal for anyone insane enough to spend time with Harry.

It was Halloween and Danny had insisted on taking Lilo and Gracie trick-or-treating. Despite the fact that there had been three shooting incidents in the houses owned by Steve and Harry in the past two years, the neighbours still liked them… especially the two young girls. They came back with a haul that made Rachel and Nani cringe before they confiscated the sweets and promise to hand them back in smaller doses.

Danny had to hand off chaperone duties to David when he was called in for a new case.

"Why are we just standing here?"

He asked as he observed the enclosed area with a hand sticking out of the ground whilst the local police personnel stood around waiting.

"This is a sacred burial ground, we need to wait for the Priest to come and bless the area so it is ok for us to enter." Kono explained.

"This is a joke right?" Danny asked. "We've got evidence degrading in there and we have to wait for some priest to do hi- HOLY MARY!" Danny exclaimed as he jumped backwards and into a grinning Dudley.

"Somebody didn't wear their medallion." Dudley smirked from where he was holding his own medallion against Danny's neck.

Danny was transfixed by the sight of fifty hulking translucent men dressed in ancient Hawaiian battle garb standing on the burial ground.

"I take back everything I said." Danny said quickly.

Kono pulled a spare medallion she carried in her new pouch and handed it to Danny whilst Dudley put his own back on.

"Won't we die? We are supposed to die if we don't have relatives in the Night Marchers." Steve asked worriedly.

"The Night Marchers are Hawaiian Warriors and they recognise other warriors of the island. As long as we are respectful we won't have any problems." Harry assured him.

"Oh I am feeling very respectful." Danny insisted nervously.

Lori soon turned up looking a little nervous.

"You're late." Danny commented lightly.

"I… had to change into more suitable clothing." She explained.

Harry just grinned. "Who were you dressed as?"

"None of your business." She glared.

"Aw, come on." Harry whined. "You must have gone out in public with it on or to a party, everyone else saw so why can't we know?"

"Because not knowing will annoy you." She smirked causing Harry to grumble.

Eventually the Priest arrived and made a beeline for Harry. "Why didn't you just ask them to let you work?"

"Because I am not an official priest, how am I to explain to the natives on the force that the spirits will let them work because they respect me?"

"So you drag me out of my bed." The Priest grumbled as he climbed into the burial area.

"You could have got us in there?" Danny asked irritably.

"Sure, but then we would have insulted the believers on the force and caused ourselves a lot of problems down the line." Harry shrugged. "It's easier this way."

"Lot's of bodies."

Harry jumped in surprise when he saw Stitch at his side.

"Why are you here? How are you here?" Harry demanded.

"Lilo say Stitch work with Harry. Stitch run to Harry."

"You ran all the way from the house?" Danny asked in shock.

"Not far. Fell further." Stitch shrugged.

"Alright, we'll talk with Lilo later." Harry said. "What do you mean lots of bodies? There should be two fresh ones."

Stitch shook his head vigorously. "Three fresh, lots more older."

"Stitch, do you know how old?" Steve asked.

Stitch just shrugged.

"Can he smell ancient bodies?" Steve asked Harry.

"Not ancient. Not dinosaur. People, fresh… skin?" Stitch offered uncertainly.

"Steve, do you still have that heat scope in your car?" Dudley asked. "We might be able to pick up residual heat from any recently buried bodies."

"We could put in a requisition for ground penetrating radar." Lori added.

"Stitch, can you start barking and growling at the burial grounds?" Steve asked the little blue alien.

Stitch looked to Harry who just nodded.

All the personnel nearby started at what they saw as a large Alsatian police dog barking at the grounds.

"Ok people, Stitch here seems to smell something!" Steve announced loudly. "Kono, with me. Lori, Chin, find me some ground penetrating radar. Let's try and do this without disturbing the grounds too much."

Steve looked at the team who were regarding him as though he were crazy. "Now we can put in our reports that we did all this because our dog smelled bodies."

There was a collective set of ahhs.

Five-0's first thought was that they had stumbled onto a serial killer's dumping ground. Harry had slapped Steve and Lori round the back of the head and berated them for making assumptions. He was adamant that they wait for Max to get back with his report.

Whilst they were packing up they discovered someone had left a present for Danny.

"Why would someone do that?" Danny demanded as the team surveyed the large stone embedded in the windshield of his car. "I was very respectful."

"Stitch, take a sniff." Steve instructed.

Stitch jumped onto the bonnet and began sniffing the rock.

"Mind the paint work!"

"Would you relax, I can fix the paint work and the department will pay for the wind screen." Harry chided.

"Yeuck! Stinky!" Stitch grimaced.

"Where did Stinky go?" Kono asked with smile.

"This way." Stitch shot off like a rocket startling several forensic scientists on his way.

"I hate when he does this and I don't have my broom." Harry muttered as he took off after the little blue alien.

The team were hot on Harry's heels as he followed the tracking charm he always had on his furry little friend. They ran for nearly a mile before Stitch came to a stop.

"Blood… piggy blood." Stitch muttered quietly as he sniffed the air.

"When he says 'pig'… he's not talking about cops, right?" Danny asked.

"Pigs aren't cops!" Stitch argued.

"Just checking." Danny said with relief.

"Now we just need to find our window-smashing pig-blood-drinker." Harry mused.

"Stitch knows."

"Yes, but we don't have your night vision." Steve pointed out.

"No but considering how dark it is I brought this." Dudley brandished Steve's heat scope.

"You carried that thing all this way?" Danny exclaimed. It wasn't light by any means.

"I'm a Marine, we carry much heavier things for much longer in far worse conditions." Dudley shrugged as he handed the scope to Steve.

"How do we want to do this?" Steve asked as he located the figure on the screen. "Shock and awe, stealth?"

"Can I point out that the only thing he's done so far is throw a rock at Danny's car?" Chin spoke up as the voice of reason.

"Yeah, lets face it. For that act alone he's a hero of the island." Kono grinned.

"Watch it Potter." Danny glared at her.

"Why don't I go in unarmed and try and talk to him?" Lori offered. "You can track me and take him down if he attacks."

"Sounds a lot like bait to me." Steve scowled.

"I love playing bait." Harry grinned. "Stitch, I'm making you invisible. Go in with Lori and watch her back."

Stitch stood up straight and saluted… British style.

"Which of you two taught him that?" Danny asked Harry and Dudley. "He's American, he should salute the American way."

"Wasn't me." Harry shrugged.

Dudley shook his head as well.

"Stitch and Lilo army of Lord Potter. Lord Potter English, salute English." Came Stitch's disembodied voice.

"Look at me… I have an army." Harry chuckled. "Go on Lori, Stitch will handle things if they go… wonky."

Lori handed her badge and gun to Dudley before standing up, taking a deep breath and walking in the direction the heat scope said the individual was.

"Erm… is that a machete?" Kono asked with wide eyes as the man turned on the screen and the red figure was clearly holding a long cold object by his side.

"Don't worry, Stitch will handle it. He can see it already." Harry said confidently as they watched Lori talking to the man on the screen.


The group winced as they saw the man raise the machete and Stitch leapt at him. Steve and Danny rushed in as Dudley followed with Lori's gear.

The man turned out to be a former Vietnam Combat Vet named Samuel Lee. Aside from being fairly mentally disturbed he wasn't much of a threat. Harry was able to confirm that Samuel mainly used fear to defend the sacred burial grounds by talking to the Night Marchers. They considered the man one of them; unfortunately none of the Marcher's spoke English so much of his communicating was done with hand gestures.

Max and Charlie Fong brought the revelations that aside from the two student's bodies whose murders they were investigating, none of the other bodies were murder victims. They appeared to be disposed corpses from body part harvesting.

A simple bit of research on the identities of the bodies and the nature of their handling post-mortem lead them to a Funeral Director who handled each of the burials.

He was confronted by Harry, Steve and Danny in the middle of his graveyard on a nice bright day.

"See this?" Harry asked as he held up a piece of paper. "This is a warrant that will let me exhume quite a few bodies from this gravesite."

"Th- That's horrible!" The funeral director, Tyler Mitchell, exclaimed; though his nervousness was clear.

"No, no, no." Danny stepped up wagging his finger. "What's horrible is that we already know that the caskets are empty. We have the bodies in our morgue. What's horrible is that you never put the bodies in the caskets and lied to the families."

"I would ne-"

"Tell us who your partners are and we might consider putting in a word with the DA. At them moment you are looking at Murder One." Steve said calmly as he stood next to Harry.


"Last night whilst you or your partner were trying to dispose of fresh bodies two students were killed. That's First Degree Murder."

Mitchell soon began singing like a canary as he was marched off in cuffs. The team then assembled just after dark to storm the structure behind the funeral home where they would find the actual killer and Mitchell's partner: Jacob Garrison.

"Danny, Dudley and I will go in the front. Harry, Kono, Chin and Lori will head in the back. Stitch, can you do that thing where you walk on the ceiling?"

Stitch nodded.

"Right, you do that and follow Harry's team." Steve instructed.

They knew that one person was in there and they were ready to enter. As Steve's team entered they made a nasty discovery; the place was filled with formaldehyde, a highly flammable liquid.

Firing guns was not something they wanted to do but they still kept them out, just in case. They quickly came upon Jacob but he was not willing to be taken in peacefully. He saw both escapes blocked and pulled out a cigarette lighter.

"Put it away Jacob." Steve said tensely. "You don't need to do this."

Jacob just said nothing as he looked at Steve with no small amount of fear. He suddenly heard footsteps behind him and spun to see one of the cops running at him. He dropped the active lighter and closed his eyes, ready to die.

Harry dove for the floor as his hand reached out and grabbed the lighter before spinning on the ground and knocking Jacob's legs out. He rose up quickly and delivered a knuckle jarring punch to the man's jaw, lacing it with a stunner.

"Clear!" Harry called out loudly.

"What the hell was that?!" Danny screeched.

"That was Harry doing what he does best." Dudley grinned. "Catching tiny, shiny things that most people can't event see."

"He could have been killed!"

"Please." Harry scoffed. "If that thing had set me on fire I would have just apparated straight to the ocean."

"They've never seen you play Quidditch, have they?" Dudley asked.

"Never really came up."

"You should show them. Your catches are things of beauty." Dudley grinned.

"Steve, you know I'm a man who likes his guns." Harry said tiredly. "But there is no way I am requisitioning you a mini-gun for the London Op."

"Oh thank god!" Danny said in relief.

Five-0 was sitting on the beach at Nani and David's having their customary post case meal. Grace, Lilo and Stitch were frolicking near the water.

"Yeah… now tell him why he can't have one." Kono said with a slight sneer.

Harry flushed and looked down in embarrassment. "hermajestysaidicouldn'thaveone." He muttered.

"What?" Chin asked curiously.

"He said: Her Majesty said he couldn't have one." Kono smiled humourlessly. "Idiot already tried to get one and he received a call from The Queen… I never knew The Queen could scream like that."

"That's what you get for putting it on speakerphone Bra!" Chin laughed.

"Oh no. It wasn't on speakerphone. She was just that loud. I wasn't even in the same room."

Harry just pouted. "Her Majesty wants to avoid collateral damage. She also wants to avoid unwarranted civilian casualties."

"Her Majesty asked that we plan to make use of devices designed to stun and incapacitate like tear gas." Kono explained. "We put in requests for standard assault rifles and CS canister grenade launchers."

"Assault rifles? So we are cleared for kills?" Steve asked.

"Yes, just try and keep it to a minimum."

"Hey, Danny, what's happening with Rachel?" Dudley asked.

"She's filing for divorce from Stan. But she doesn't want to be around me in case it hurts Stan." He said grumpily. "No body thought about not hurting me when she left me."

"Danny, you have your daughter back and a chance to get back with your wife." Dudley frowned. "Don't screw it up by being a sour puss."

Two days later the team was standing on the beach looking at a dead body as Max ran his tests. Behind them, floating in the water, were the remains of a small plane that the body had been recovered from.

"Victim's name is Monica Jenson, 28. She's ICE." Chin announced as he inspected the ID Max had handed him.

"Is that a special name for something?" Dudley asked.

"I-C-E. Immigration and Customs Enforcement." Lori answered.

"She's a fed." Harry nodded. "Lori, can you find out who was her supervisor? Make contact and try and find out what she was working on?"

"I have contacts in ICE." She nodded.

"Take my big galoot of a cousin with you and try and teach him about other US Federal Agencies whilst you're at it." He waved a dismissive hand at Dudley.


"Max, what have you got for us?" Steve asked the coroner.

"A most perplexing case." He admitted with a hint of excitement. "Despite a lack of injuries other than those obviously from the crash, the victim appears to have been already dead… prior to impact."

"Possible murder then." Danny commented.

"Indeed. I am thinking cause of death was most likely murder."

"TOD?" Steve prodded.

"Well, based on liver temperature I would say at least eight hours ago."

Steve perked up at this. "What kind of plane was she in?"

"Cesna 177 cargo." Chin answered.

"177… you sure about that?"

"Positive. Why?"

"Because a 177's fuel tank has a maximum flight time of just over four hours." Steve explained.

"Congratulations people. We have a case." Harry clapped his hands sharply.

"Erm… Harry, that man over there?" Lori pointed behind him. "I've worked with him before. He's ICE."

"Guys, do your thing. Lori, Dud, you're with me."

Harry led the two over to the white man with dark hair.

"Jeff, this is Harry Potter and Dudley Evans, Five-0. Harry is our boss. "Guys, this is Special Agent Jeff Morrison."

"Agent Morrison." Harry and Dudley shook the man's hand. "Are you Agent Jenson's supervisor?"

"I am. And I'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances. None of this makes any sense; Monica wasn't scheduled to fly today." Morrison said professionally.

"What can you tell us about what your agent was working on?"

"Mostly routine stuff. Checking manifests and shipments, making sure that everything added up. If she found anything out of the ordinary she is supposed to loop me in."

"Would she go out in the field to investigate things on her own?" Dudley asked.

"Not without checking in with me. She's a field agent but without a partner so I would need to know if she needed backup.

"That said; she could be a little eager at times. She's definitely green." He admitted.

"Could we get a look at her Red Book?" Lori asked.

"Sure, I can let you do that."

"Psst, Harry, what's a Red Book?" Dudley whispered to Harry.

"I 'unno." Harry mumbled as he gave him a look that said 'How the hell would I know?!'

"You're bloody useless." Dudley glared at him. "Hey, what's a Red Book?" He asked the two agents.

"An investigator's diary. They write down their day-to-day activities." Lori explained.

"They turn it in to their supervisor at the end of the week so we know exactly what they've been working on." Morrison added.

"Cool. Like a black box." Harry grinned. "Where would this diary be?"

"Likely at her home. In a safe or locked draw."

"Alright. Dud, Lori, go talk to Steve and see what you can dig up. I want to track down this plane and see where it started from." Harry instructed.

"I'd appreciate it if you would let me help. Monica was my agent." Morrison said respectfully.

"Five-0 has a rule that we don't allow members of a downed agent's team to participate until they have been cleared." Harry said firmly.

"You can call my office and wife to check where I was for the night." He said as he pulled out a card.

"I'll just be a minute." Harry said as he took the card and pulled out his phone before moving out of earshot.

"At least he didn't pull any jurisdiction crap." Morrison shrugged amiably.

"Well… we have three cops on the team, a Marine, a SEAL, a DHS agent and a British Lord and Knight. Not to mention Harry is an accredited FBI agent." Dudley smirked.

"Don't forget the CIA." Lori smiled.

"Oh yes. And we work with NCIS a lot."

"And you don't get into pissing matches with them?" He asked sceptically.

"Sure. But then they do a search on Harry Potter and crap their pants." Dudley grinned.

"Ok, you're cleared." Harry declared as he walked up putting his phone away. "By the way, your daughter sends her love."

"Why were you speaking to my daughter? She's only three." Morrison asked his face losing all expression suddenly.

"Your wife had her hands full and put me on speaker phone. When she heard we were talking about 'Daddy'… you get the idea."

There was one thing about this investigation that bugged Harry. No one asked who the plane belonged too. Sure the agent was a registered pilot but it wasn't an ICE plane. A rookie agent couldn't really afford a cargo plane like the 177, so where did this plane come from?

He had Kono run a check on the plane and it came back registered to a Donald Lutz. He ran a simple goods delivery company between the islands.

Lutz turned out to be a very pissed off man who was eager to provide Harry with whatever he needed to catch the bastard who stole and crashed his plane. He was none too pleased to hear about the murder as well.

From there it was a simple matter of determining who had entered the small airstrip that Lutz worked out of, who was carrying a bundle big enough to be a body and who didn't have a decent explanation.

He had his suspect so he and Stitch made their way back to Five-0 to re-group and do a more in depth investigation on one Liam Miller.

Harry and Stitch reached the doors of Five-0 and Stitch instantly went into attack form. Antennae and extra hands out. Low to the ground, hackles up and growling softly.

Harry calmly drew his weapon. "What you got, Stitch?" He asked quietly.

"Intruder. Interloper." Stitch gargled.

"I'll follow your lead, on three: One. Two. Three!"

Harry shoved the door open and charged through the door hot on Stitch's tail. Stitch made a beeline for the table, which was surrounded by Five-0 along with Agent Morrison.

He then leapt into the air in attacking pose only to be caught by Kono by the scruff of the neck.

"What are you doing?" She asked the blue alien with narrowed eyes.

"Intruder! Must get intruder!" Stitch screeched as he kept wiggling in Kono's struggling grasp.

"Stitch says there is someone here who shouldn't be." Harry said seriously as he came in with his gun lowered safely.

The group shared looks as they glanced in the direction that Stitch had been aiming for.

"Stitch, would you point out the intruder?" Dudley requested with a smirk.

"There! Furry one!"

"You might want to take a look at Stitch's intruder, Brah." Chin said as he stifled a laugh.

Trusting his team, Harry holstered his weapon as he rounded the table and saw Stitch's target.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Harry said in frustration. He then rounded on Stitch. "You pull crap like that again and I'll put you in a dingy with a leak and tie you to buoy!" He threatened the still-dangling-from-Kono's-hand alien.

"Couldn't we just put the dog in another office?" Morrison asked.

"No!" Steve objected. "I still don't know how I'm going to explain the… mess in there to the cleaning crew." He shuddered.

"Just make Danny clean it up." Kono grinned. "He was the one who put it in your office and not his."

Steve turned and glared at his partner. "I knew it was you."

"Why don't we focus on the murder of my agent?" Morrison suggested. "Your other dog seems to have calmed down enough."

Lori leaned into Dudley and whispered. "Why isn't he questioning us talking to Stitch?"

"The magic prevents him from seeing our actions as anything other than ordinary for dealing with a misbehaving Alsatian." Dudley whispered back.

"There is no way Kono could hold an Alsatian up with one hand!"

"He doesn't see that. He just sees her holding it back in whatever way his mind prefers." Lori nodded a little uncertainly. Magic still went over her head at times.

Dudley, however, was enjoying the way Lori was leaning against him. She didn't seem to realize what she was doing and he definitely didn't object.

"Where did you get this picture?" Kono asked suddenly as Harry loaded the surveillance images onto the main screen.

"I tracked down the owner of the plane and he helped me eliminate his people so I could get this suspect. I was going to ask you to run it through the facial database for an ID." Harry explained.

"Sure. I'll do that now." Kono said as she made a few swipes and presses on the desk. "Oh look." She said with false brightness. "I found him." Then she glared at the others. "Why didn't we think to check the plane's owner?"

"I didn't think of it myself." Dudley admitted. "But I have to say it seems strange for two detectives, a SEAL and an DHS and ICE Agent not to take that avenue of investigation."

"It's not like Harry had any training in detective work." Kono added.

"Actually I've been solving mysteries since I was eleven." Harry shrugged.

"The Case of the Sorcerer's Stone." Agent Morrison grinned as he held up his hand showing his wand holster.

"Sorcerer's Stone?" A confused Kono asked.

Dudley just groaned. "Oh god. It is an American marketing thing." He sighed. "Hermione and Ron gave interviews about Harry and their life together. They wanted the world to know the truth about Harry and she wrote his biography.

"Ron suggested the title 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.' It was well received in places like Japan and Australia and even by the first generation magicals in Europe.

"But the American Publishers decided that they would change the name because American's wouldn't be interested in something with the word 'philosopher' in it." Dudley took a deep breath as he finished his rant.

"Alright there, Dud?" Harry grinned.

"I never knew that." Agent Morrison frowned. "And now I feel very insulted."

"You should." Dudley grumbled. "When you consider the complexity of some of the films, TV shows and books written by Americans you realise that American publishers have a low opinion of their readers."

"If we are finished with this weeks session of the Book Club… could we get back to the case?" Danny queried.

"Right… I'll just… buy British versions." Agent Morrison smirked.

"Australian. British versions are only made by underground resistance groups. They are very rare." Dudley warned.

"Case!" Danny exclaimed in annoyance.

"Fine Danny." Harry said placatingly. "This guy, Liam Miller, he is on various security cameras driving his vehicle. In one of them he can be seen taking a large bundle from his car. I don't know anything about him other than what I've seen on camera."

"He's suffering from pancreatic cancer." Chin continued to fill in the blanks. "He has a prescription for medical marijuana and we just busted his supplier for selling to an undercover cop."

"Then you two take Stitch and bring him in." Harry instructed Chin and Kono. "The rest of us will continue following other leads whilst Danny cleans up after the dog and takes it to the shelter."


Liam Miller had sung like a canary.

Which was fairly apt as he had apparently killed Agent Jenson because she was going to convict the doctor supplying controversial meds for smuggling illegal animals.

Miller had just found out his condition had worsened and he didn't have long to live. So he felt he didn't have much to lose.

He seemed to take satisfaction that the doctor would be arrested as well.