"Ladies and gentlemen… and Danny, welcome to the Ministry of Magic!" Harry said grandly as he led the group into a large room centred around a large fountain with magical creatures.

It wasn't really the Ministry of Magic. It was a mock up that had been created by the American Department of Magic for training purposes by the teams leading the upcoming attacks in London.

Danny, Tony and Tim had been over the moon when they discovered that they were going to Area 51. Sure, it turned out they weren't going to see aliens, but this was even better. Proof that Area 51 was a huge secret.

All three teams, Five-0 and both NCIS teams from LA and DC were present as were the relevant soldiers from the SAS and SEAL Team 9.

"It is very… flashy?" Ziva offered."

"It is a testament to the arrogance of British Wizards." Harry scoffed. "None of this is real here but in London we are talking real brass, real gold, real marble and real idiots."

"There's no technology." Tim commented. "No phones, no cameras-"

"It is a testament to the arrogance of British Wizards." Harry repeated. "They don't believe in electricity."

"As in… they don't believe in god?" Gibbs asked.

"No, they just think that non-magicals aren't capable of anything more advanced than cave drawings so they don't think electricity is worth their time." Captain Price of the SAS team snorted. "My niece is a witch, first generation, she is quite happy with her computer and mobile. God forbid she uses magic around unshielded stuff not made specially by magical companies… makes a lovely fireworks display." He smirked.

Five-0 couldn't help but look at Harry and smirk. He was banned from going anywhere near Kono's office as she had all the high-tech gear in there. The computers and displays in the main office had been retrofitted by Jumba.

Harry had decided not to tell the others about the large green 'Harry' button he had found under the main table.

"Alright people, this place is a fully functional representation of the British Ministry of Magic including the streets up top, both magical and non-magical." Harry announced. "The data packs you were given contain all the codes and entrance details we know about. Split up and begin exploring this place. Safeties are currently active so you can't kill yourself but you can get a stinging hex if you trigger a trap.

"Do this as individuals but feel free to mingle and introduce yourselves. Tomorrow we will work as teams to determine a proper tactical assessment of the place." Harry instructed.

About ten minutes later Dudley's voice could be heard sounding throughout the complex.

"Lads, I've been asked to inform you all that the four stunning ladies amongst us are spoken for so there is no point hitting on them. Besides, one is a trained assassin, another is a federal black ops agent, another is my girlfriend and the last was actually insane enough to marry my cousin- OW! Seriously Kono, anyone willing to marry Har- what? Oh, erm… that's all blokes, carry on. Shut it down Deeks."

Later on Dudley could be seen limping around the complex as Harry looked on smugly.

The four women were huddled in a corner interrogating Lori and the sudden announcement about her new status change from 'single' to 'in a relationship'.

Over the following two weeks the joint taskforce engaged in war games and practice simulations. Then Harry pointed out that they needed to practice against totally inept wizards like the British.

So they brought in some local members of the American wizarding police force, tied one hand behind their back and sent them in as the opposition.

It took the taskforce six hours to secure the building.

It was determined that there was simply no way to bring a properly trained American Wizard down to the level of a British Wizard.

After two weeks the taskforce was transported to the SAS training grounds in the Brecon Beacons in Wales by military cargo plane. They didn't leave the base and Harry and the Americans were not allowed outside in case they were spotted.

They were only spending a day there to prepare their equipment.

The following night they began their incursion.

Her Majesty had insisted on as little bloodshed as possible. She had instructed Harry to contact anyone he needed and acquire any equipment he deemed necessary… as long as it wasn't a mini-gun.

They were shuttled in a series of Chinook helicopters to Buckingham Palace itself where they boarded a convoy of plain white workman's vans under the approving eye of Her Majesty who gave them her blessing and thanks.

They would be entering the Ministry via the toilet stall system, the phone boxes and the floo. Using a series of spy networks within the Ministry they managed to get several nearby shops hooked up to the floo network.

The first team in would be Deeks, Harry, Stitch and a very specific piece of equipment.

"'Ere, what are you doing here? The Ministry is closed to the public at night!" The security guard called out from his desk.

Stitch was already invisible thanks to Harry and off doing reconnaissance from the ceiling. Harry was wearing the same blond haired glamour from Romania.

Harry and Deeks shared a look and a shrug before Harry picked up the box and took it over to the guard at his desk.

"We found this really weird little creature and we thought we should bring it to the Department of Magical Creatures." Harry explained.

"No one up there now." The guard scoffed. "They've all gone home for the day."

"What about an Auror?" Deeks asked.

"You're a Yank!"

"And you're a Limey." Deeks retorted.

""Ere now, no need to be rude."

Harry just snorted at the guard's offended look.

"Look you little-" "Ahem!" Deeks sighed at Harry's rebuke. "Look, can you call someone to take this or not?"

"You'll have to come back in the morning." The guard said as he sat down smugly and picked up his paper.

Harry frowned in annoyance as he lifted the flap of the cardboard box.



The guard fell on his desk asleep.

"Nice work Drowsy." Harry winked at the little lamb shaped experiment in the box.

When Harry had been ordered to avoid bloodshed he realised that the only way to keep the Queen happy was to avoid direct confrontation.

Of course they had two teams of elite soldiers backing them up but they were only there in case things went FUBAR.

Harry had sat down with Stitch, Lilo and Jumba and gone through the records of the experiments and picked out the most useful ones. Drowsy's ability to put anyone into a near permanent sleep was perfect… aside from the fact that Jumba had to develop earplug filters into the radios for the infiltration team.

"The lobby is clear, begin your entrance." Deeks instructed over the radio.

A myriad of unusual sounds filled the lobby as the floos chugged out SEALS and SAS soldiers and the telephone box began delivering Five-0 and NCIS.

The teams assembled as Harry stood on the guard's desk. "Ladies and gentlemen, stage one is complete. We control the lobby and all the entrance and exit points to the Ministry… what the hell are you lot wearing?" He asked the agents with a sigh.

"That phone box wouldn't let us in until we told it why we were there." Ziva smirked. "Kono told it we were here to… what was it? 'Kick the arses of the Ministry of Magic'. These name tags came out."

They had all been warned that it didn't matter what you said, the box would shorten it and it wouldn't stop you.

So Ziva, Kono, Kensie and Lori now sported badges with their name and the title of 'Magical Arse Kicker'.

"Ok… what exactly went wrong with you three?"

Tim and Danny were glaring at Tony.

"We came down after the girls." Tim explained his eyes boring into his partner. "Tony tried to out do them. He said we were 'Here to kick the arses of those magical butt kissers.'"

Which explained why their badges said 'Magical Butt Kisser'.

"I got a bit… tongue-tied!" Tony said defensively.

He turned to Steve, Sam, Callen and Gibbs. Their badges simply said 'janitor'.

"This is supposed to be a covert op." Sam shrugged.

"Gibbs is just disappointed as he wanted to say Marine." Callen smirked.

"I'm guessing you lot would have had either 'Squiddie' or 'Sport and Social'." Harry commented to the soldiers glibly.

He received a number of bloodthirsty grins in return.

"Alright, you have your assignments. Team five stays here with Drowsy and makes sure that anyone entering the building is out cold and subsequently hogtied.

"Teams one to four move out and begin clearing the building. Remember, non-lethal is preferable, silence is mandatory… but dying on your part is forbidden.

"Oh… and drinks are on the Duke once this is over." Harry grinned.

It wasn't long before Harry received word that the entire Ministry was secure. There were only a few hours until the start of the working day. It was a Monday and people were expected to be busily trying to get to their offices.

The SAS men were dressed in wizarding robes and milling around the lobby with concealed weapons talking about anything that they felt like. As the Ministry workers arrived they would begin to fall into a deep sleep only to be caught by a pair of SAS soldiers and Portkeyed to the holding cells to be stripped and searched by the SEALS.

The SAS soldiers would then return to the lobby to continue the process with the rest of their comrades.

Whilst this was going on throughout the morning, the Federal agents along with Five-0 were going through the records in the Minister's office and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

"Harry, what about the goblins?" Tony asked suddenly as he leafed through a financial report from Gringotts.

"Once this is over and the Ministry is secure the British Army will lay siege to Gringotts until they surrender or leave the country." Harry shrugged as he sat on the edge of the Minister's desk. Kono was lounging in the Minister's plush chair.

"Yeah, but those goblins can stay down there for years." Tony had done a fair amount of research on the magical world in order to help Harry when they had first met. As a result of Harry's bank heist, Tony knew a lot about the greedy little bastards.

"Her Majesty has no intention of invading the goblin's territory but she will not allow them to walk on Britain's soil without surrendering. Plans have already been made to demolish Gringotts and seal up all the entrances. Like you said, goblins can survive underground for years. They don't need to come up to the surface so they are being 'encouraged' to stay down there." He grinned.

"Won't that cripple the economy?" Dudley asked.

"The wizards will be forced to adopt the Pound. Jobs will be offered to everyone based on their skill set. Which means most Purebloods will be gainfully employed as road sweeps."

"If they don't get themselves arrested first." Dudley muttered as he returned to the records.

There was one entrance and exit to the Ministry that wasn't covered by the soldiers in the lobby.

The Minister's private floo.

When the current incumbent stepped regally through, only Kono was visible, sitting smugly in his chair.

"Based on your disturbing attire, you are obviously a mudblood." Lucius Malfoy sneered.

"Non-magical." Kono shrugged as she sat with her booted feet on his desk.

"A pitiful, powerless muggle, and a foreigner to boot?" Lucius laughed. "And you people truly are stupid if you are just going to walk in front of my wand." He said as he pulled said item from his sleeve.

Kono raised a finger with a smile. "Aren't you overlooking a very important point?"

"Yes, you are sitting in my chair. I will need to have it destroyed and replaced." He pointed the wand at her.

"I was referring to the fact that I, a non-magical human, managed to get past all those super-powered wizards. Tell me Death Eater… do I look afraid of you?" She asked with a small sneer.

Lucius froze.

Kono began to walk calmly around the desk. "That's right. Ask yourself 'how did she do that?' Also ask, 'did she come alone?'"

Lucius blinked only to discover that his wand was now not in his hand. The woman was holding it and examining it curiously.

"A little piece of wood is all that separates a magical from a non-magical." She muttered. She then looked up at Lucius condescendingly. "Well, a British one at least."

"Return my wand to me immediately and I will make your death painless." There was a hint of fear.

"And if I don't?"

"You will suffer in ways your feeble mudblood mind can never comprehend."



"Come on then." Kono smirked as she tossed the now foldable wand to Lucius. "Let's see what you've got."

Lucius roared in rage and lunged for her neck with both hands.


"OW! You bitch! You broke by dose!"

Kono laughed as blood streamed down the pale, shocked face.

"Come on, is that it? Where's this Pureblood superiority?" She taunted.

Lucius tried to throw a right-handed punch.

It was so wide and so slow that Kono had more than enough time to lean back slightly and sigh before she grabbed the arm and snapped it at the elbow.

Lucius screamed in pain.

"Lucius… I'm disappointed." Kono shook her head sadly. "You haven't even managed to touch me, let alone cast a spell. Is this really how you intend it to end for you? Beaten and bloody at the hands of a foreign, female mudblood?"

"For months now the moderates in the Wizengamot have stayed my hand from using our specialised potion against the muggles." Lucius hissed from the floor. "Now they will have no choice. We will sterilise the country and then the world. There will be no more muggles, mud-bloods or half-bloods. Only the purest of wizarding kind will be able to reproduce and in a hundred years time… your kind will be gone!"

Kono's eyes widened in horror. Her emotions shot to rage and she grabbed the knife at the small of her back and charged for Lucius.

"Whoa there Sweetheart." Harry and the rest of the team suddenly became visible as Harry grabbed Kono in mid-charge.

"Let me kill the bastard Harry!" Kono snarled, her eyes never leaving Lucius.

Harry pushed his wife into the arms of her cousin as Ziva and Kensie tried to calm her.

Harry knelt down in front of Lucius and smirked. "Hello Lucy."

"Potter!" Lucius spat. "Your death will be long and arduous. It will go down in history and the whole world will watch and know the true power of British Wizards."

"Lucy, Lucy, Lucy." Harry sighed. "You don't seem to realise that there are a group of muggles in this room. You no longer have your wand.

"Don't you realise? You've already lost. You had lost long before you woke up this morning. The entire Ministry is in the hands of Her Majesty. There are muggle and wizard soldiers loyal to the crown standing guard over the entire Ministry and its workers."

Harry stood up and viciously manhandled Lucius into the chair opposite the desk as he screamed in pain.

Harry moved to sit in the chair behind the desk and waited for Lucius to regain his composure.

Eventually the pale man turned his hateful gaze to the Boy-Who-Lived. "There are contingencies Potter. The sterilisation potion will be released unless I give the order telling them to continue waiting each day."

Harry took out his wand and pointed it at Lucius. "Imperio! Punch your self in the face with your broken arm."

The man screamed as he did what he was told and Harry released the spell.

"I spent a lot of time using the Imperius spell, Lucy. I'm one of the few people in the world authorised to use all Unforgiveables as I see fit.

"If I want you to stop the potion from being used, you will."

Harry leaned forward and crossed his arms on the desk. "But I don't need to resort to such crass methods. Your potion doesn't work.

"Mine on the other hand has already been used."

Lucius froze.

"I've known about your plans of sterilisation since you first suggested them."

"You lie!"

Harry sat back and relaxed. "Did you know that during the Battle of Hogwarts I saved Draco's life twice? And yet still you sent him after me and still he tried to kill me.

"You do know what happens when someone tries to kill the owner of their life debt, yes?"

Lucius turned a little green.

"That's right, I control everything from Draco's breathing to his bank accounts. Her Majesty will be quite pleased with the amount of money I will be donating to muggle charities over the next few days.

"But the most important thing you need to know is that Draco not only told me all about your plans, I made him alter them!" Harry was grinning viciously now and his teammates were looking worried.

"You never noticed Draco's house elf dosing the drinks at those Pureblood functions, did you?" Harry laughed at Lucius' expression and the team began to get scared. "Your 'Muggle Sterilisation Potion' doesn't work either! Draco confounded your notes! You made a mild version of the Pepper-Up potion! There won't be a single case of the common cold or flu in Britain for years!"

The team looked at Dudley sharply as he began to snort with uncontrollable laugher.

Harry grinned at his cousin before turning back to Lucius. "Thanks to your efforts there is a good chance that the magical population of first born British children will boom over the next decade… and Purebloods… won't exist for about a century."

"You have truly become a monster." Lucius gasped.

"Coming from you, Lucius Malfoy, that is something I can be proud of." Harry nodded decisively.

In the lobby the wizards and witches had been forced into a kneeling position, their wrists bound behind their backs. The soldiers had administered the antidote to Drowsy's bleating but they had been silent and unspeaking at all times.

It was scaring the crap out of them.

It didn't help that their wands were sitting on display on the guard's desk.

After nearly half an hour of waiting, they heard the lift ping and watched as the Minister, beaten and cuffed, was pushed out and followed by several people.

Including Undesirable Number One.

The prisoners began muttering amongst themselves.

"It's Potter!"

"The murderer!"

"The monster!"


The fired gunshot shut them up quickly as Captain Price silently glared at them, daring one of them to open their mouths.

Harry jumped up on to the security desk causing gasps of dismay as he casually crushed the wands.

Then he looked down… thought for a moment and then began stomping on them till they were nothing more than splinters.

More than one of the prisoners was now crying.

"That felt really good." Harry sighed happily. "Consider that my own personal payback for all the attempts to kill me. All the times you've smeared my name. But no… I have not gotten justice yet for the time you used my face to go on a murderous rampage in Diagon Alley and outside Buckingham Palace." He glared at them.

"Commander Wade, could you bring out the Magic Killer please."

The SEAL commander turned to his men and nodded. One man walked over carrying a large silver case.

Harry jumped down and viciously vanished the remains of the wands with his own wand allowing the man to place the case on the desk before he took a step back.

Harry opened the case to reveal a twelve-inch tall large tube filled with a clear liquid and an injector gun.

He grinned as he held the injector for all to see. "This liquid contains a disease that will kill off your ability to use magic." He stepped forward and jammed the needle viciously into Lucius' neck causing the man to shout in pain.

"Give it about three minutes and little Lucy here won't even be able to see the effects of magic. He won't be able to find Diagon Alley, he will be less than a muggle." Harry sneered.

He reached into his pocket and tossed a wand at Lucius' knees.

"Come on Lucius, Her Majesty said I was to avoid bloodshed, but she allowed me leave to challenge you to one last duel." Harry sneered. "You have two and a half minutes to show this lot that a Pureblood is better than a half-blood."

Lucius snatched up the wand. "Avada Kedavra!"


Harry's conjured wall of rock exploded. "How unoriginal." Harry yawned. Harry flicked his wand and Lucius found himself hanging upside down with his robes obscuring his view. "Come on Lucy. Two minutes left."

Lucius cast the counter curse and he shouted in pain as he landed on his head.

"One minute forty-five."

A wordless curse flew from Lucius' wand but Harry stood calmly behind a shield.

More bolts of light flew at Harry, faster and faster but nothing could break his shield.

Eventually Lucius was standing there jabbing his wand at Harry… but nothing came out.

"Oh dear… having performance problems are we?" Harry mocked. "I suppose that might explain why you never had more than one child."

Harry carefully placed his wand on the desk. He turned to Lucius and began to stretch. "Now we do things my way."

Harry stomped towards a confused Lucius before he unleashed his fists on the sad excuse for a man.

With every punch and strike Harry unleashed his rage and anger over what Lucius and his kind had put him through.

Killing his parents.

Killing his godfather.

Killing Remus, the last connection to his family.

Killing him.

By the time Harry was finished he was worn out and breathing heavily as stood over the bleeding and moaning body of Lucius Malfoy.

"From this day forth, the term 'muggle' applies only to you. You are less than non-magical." He growled.

He turned and stomped back to the silver case where he lifted the foam that held the large tube and the injector to reveal a second layer that must have been hidden by magic as it clearly couldn't have fit in the case otherwise.

Harry filled the second and injector and walked over to Kono and held it up. "Do you trust me?" He asked, he was still clearly very emotional.

Kono frowned, but nodded.

"Your arm."

Kono held out her arm and winced as Harry injected her.

Harry switched the injector to his off hand and pulled out his wand. "Here, hold this and just keep swishing it." He demonstrated.

Kono was beginning to worry about what Harry had done to her. She had a fairly good idea but still…

"Captain, if I could get a hand from one of your men?"

"Soap, help his Lordship out. Roach, back 'em up." Captain Price ordered as he used his team's codenames.

The three worked together with Soap holding the prisoner still whilst Harry injected them with the first injector. Occasionally Roach would have to give the prisoner a little 'encouragement' to accept their medicine.

After the twentieth prisoner there was a gasp from the crowd and Harry turned to see Kono making sparks come from the wand.

"That'll do Sweetheart." Harry said approvingly. "You can stop now."

As Harry returned to injecting the prisoners Kono stood there uncomfortably. She was looking at the wand distrustfully as if expecting it to go off.

She turned back to the rest of the team who sub-consciously leaned back worriedly.

She spotted Deeks and walked towards him and offered him the wand. "Here, you know how to work this thing, you look after it."

Deeks held his hands up and backed away. "Kono, you do not give your wand to just anyone. Harry gave you his wand and he would have to be dying before I'd pick it up." He said with surprising sincerity. "He trusted you with it. You keep it safe."

"That is not Harry's wand." Ziva commented.

"What do you mean?" Tim asked.

"He used his wand a lot when we were in Somalia. That is a different wand."

"Mermaid hair in Ironwood."

Kono turned to see Harry standing there.

"It's the same core and wood that is suited for Lilo. Pretty good for your first wand, no?" He smirked.

"This is my wand?"

"You didn't think I was going to give you magic and not give you a way to use it did you?" As he spoke he pulled a spare wand holster out of his pocket and began strapping to Kono's forearm.

"I don't even know how to use magic, Harry."

"Yes, but I know a great teacher. Her babysitter has given her great reviews." Harry smirked.

Harry turned back to the prisoners.

"See? All your arrogance. Your bigotry. What has it gotten you? Stripped of magic whilst a non-magical has been given the gift of magic.

"As you sit in your cells in Her Majesties prison, remember… you did this to yourselves."

That night the combined taskforce sat in the mess hall back in the Brecon Beacons drinking and sharing stories.

Most of these stories came from Five-0 and NCIS and were about Harry.

None of them were getting drunk.

"Alright, alright. Enough picking on Harry." Harry grumbled as he stood up and walked over to the silver case he had brought back with him.

He picked it up and placed it on one of the long tables.

"Most of you are my closest friends… and Gibbs." The teams chuckled at that as Gibbs just sighed. "But you boys have proven yourselves in my eyes as worthy." He told the soldiers.

"All of you are entitled and encouraged to take a shot of this stuff." He said as he pulled the second glass tube from the hidden compartment and placed it on the table.

"Except Tony… he's entitled but… well… Abby had reservations about what he would do with magic." He shuddered theatrically as Ziva and the girls nodded.

"You will need training, but the next time you boys and girls go out there and save the world from threats it didn't know were coming… you'll have an extra weapon on your belt and the knowledge that you can clean up those dishes you left in the sink with a wave of your wand before you collapse into bed and get some well earned sleep."

There was a brief silence before Captain Price stepped forward.

"I can't speak for the rest of these wankers, but I'll take anything that'll keep me from losing more men. Besides, I won't turn down the chance to walk in the world my little niece does." He grinned as he rolled up his sleeve.

"He who dares…" Roach muttered as he too stood and rolled up his sleeve.

The rest of his team nodded and followed suit.

The SEALs understood the need to leave no one behind. They too stood. This was another chance to bring everyone back from a mission.

Unsurprisingly Tony was the first of the NCIS and Five-0 teams in line. He was soon pushed to the back by Ziva and the rest.

Once the SEALs and SAS boys were done, Gibbs had gotten to the first in line where he looked cautiously at Harry and the injector.

"Gibbs, you don't have to do this. Even if you do do this you never have to use magic. All it will mean is that you don't have to wear that medallion to see magic.

"I will say one thing to persuade you though: think about the reaction of a certain raven when she finds out your choice."

Gibbs actually flinched at that. If he accepted it then Abby would be over the moon. If he rejected it then Abby would probably take it personally.

"Has this been cleared by our superiors?" He finally asked.

"Sort of." Harry grinned. "This stuff was made by Jumba. He's always been fascinated by magic ever since he met me.

"Anyway, Jumba has to send details of all his experiments and discoveries to the UGF and the Grand Councilwoman. When she realised what Jumba had created she put diplomatic pressure on the US and UK to make sure that I got to decide who received the Magic Killer or the Magic Maker. She also made it clear that we should endeavour to eliminate the secrecy of the magical world if we ever want to be a part of the UGF."

"Bottom line Potter." Gibbs growled.

"The President would prefer you let me stab you." Harry said as he brandished his injector.

The following morning the SEALs began to prep for their flight home and the SAS returned to their duties. Five-0 and NCIS had another option.

"I can put you all up for a week or so at a nice hotel and you can enjoy London. I'm told it has its good points."

"Big Ben, London Eye, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, London Zoo, Tower Bridge…and so on." Dudley listed.

"That's a lot of culture." Tim smiled.

"You aren't staying, are you?" Callen asked shrewdly.

"In the place that brought me nothing but pain and suffering? I'll pass." Harry scowled. "If Kono wants to stay that's fine. But I want out of here as soon as possible."

"What about Her Majesty, Harry?" Dudley said gently.

"She's done a lot for me. Whenever she is in America I try to be available… but in this country I can't relax. I'm always scared someone is coming after me.

"I hate this place." He said vehemently.

The teams were taken aback by the emotion in Harry.

Only Tony, Seeley and Sweets had really seen him like this.

"Yeah, I'm not really interested in seeing sights so if Kono wants to stay I'll take Harry home." Tony said firmly.

"I'm going to stay." Kono said slowly. "If Harry can't handle being here then he's going to need someone to at least look over his lands and assets in the country."

"I'll stay with you as well then." Dudley nodded.

"Stitch, you stay and guard Kono, understand?" Harry asked his furry blue friend.

"Kono is Ohana, Ohana means family." Stitch recited as he stood to attention and saluted.

"Tony, get him out of here. We'll all stay with Kono." Sam said quietly.

Tony nodded and led the young Lord out of the barracks they were in.

"Harry trusted us all enough that he personally requested us for this mission." Callen told Gibbs, Tim, Steve, Danny and Chin. They were looking a little confused. "Harry doesn't trust easy. He'll be fine back in Hawaii but I think the least we can do for the man who has saved at least one person on each of our teams is help his wife deal with anything that might crop up."

Gibbs grunted. "Potter knows how to push my buttons. But he has never asked me or my team for anything for himself. I'll stay, we've got an extra two weeks of downtime assigned in case of injury from this mission."