Despite Harry's attempts to avoid work whilst Kono and the others were in England, Laura had one appointment that she refused to let him skip.

This meant that he was sitting with Tony in the reception of the Governor's office waiting to meet the new interim governor.

Considering the last two incumbents… he wasn't looking forward to it.

Lilo and Grace had insisted on coming with him to make sure that the new governor had good friends. It also gave Gloria a chance to catch up with the little girl.

They had to wait for twenty minutes before the door to the Governor's office opened and a fairly harried man in his late thirties opened the door. He was Caucasian with dark hair and an average build.

"Sir Lord Potter, I sincerely apologise for keeping you waiting." The man gushed profusely as he pumped Harry's hand. "I was just having the most terrifying conversation of my life on the phone." He admitted.

"Is it something we need to look into?" Harry asked seriously.

The Governor's eyes widened in worry. "No!" He said loudly before blushing. "Sorry… what I mean is, the President called. It seems that he wanted to make sure I wouldn't go down the same path as my predecessors.

"I've discovered that it is nearly impossible to make those kind of assurances without sounding like… well, a suck up." He grimaced. "I don't believe I made a good impression with the President."

"Well, it does sound like he put you on the spot." Harry shrugged. "Just make sure you run a tight and honest ship and you'll probably get the respect you need and deserve."

"Here's hoping." He sighed. "Anyway, I apologise, I'm Mark Dinar, the new interim governor of Hawaii. Hopefully the full governor but that will be up to the voters."

"Harry Potter and Special Agent Tony DiNozzo of NCIS." Harry introduced.

"NCIS? I've read the reports on the Five-0 Taskforce and I know you have an eclectic group of people but NCIS wasn't on the list." Mark said as he shook Tony's hand.

"I'm not on the taskforce." Tony said. "I'm just a friend and temporary bodyguard whilst the team is out of the country."

"Ah… well… I hate to be indelicate, but… are you cleared for what we might be discussing or will you be waiting out here?"

"Agent DiNozzo is cleared for almost anything you might want to discuss." Harry assured him.

"Including… matters of… erm…"

"A fun little stick?" Tony smirked.

There was a snort of laughter from the desk where Gloria sat. "Who on Earth came up with that euphemism?" She asked.

"That would be the Lady Kono Potter." Tony said regally.

"Yeah… it doesn't matter if you ask a male or a female that question… you are still likely to get slapped." Harry grinned.

Despite not understanding the double entendre, Lilo and Grace still found the code for a wand to be hilarious.

"We are still talking about… you know…"

"Governor, the only person not in this room who is magical is me." Gloria assured him. "Lilo and Grace here are both first generation witches."

"Oh… well that will make things much simpler. Shall we go into my office gentlemen?" Mark offered. "I assume your children will be alright out here."

"Gloria and Lilo are old friends. They'll be fine." Harry assured him as he strolled into the large office.

"Right, I'm sure you are vary wary of me… especially considering the last two occupants of this office." Mark admitted as they all sat down. "And to be honest you are probably going to deserve to be."

"Do I need to take Harry's gun?" Tony asked dryly.

Mark blinked for a moment. "Erm… I hope not. I have no intention committing any crimes." He said slowly. "But we do need to discuss the Five-0 Taskforce and some necessary policy changes." He said firmly.

"I refuse to be saddled with another babysitter." Harry rolled his eyes. "Lori worked out well: Yes. But it was still detrimental to team efficiency."

"No, no." Mark said quickly. "Nothing like that.

"No, what we need to discuss is the scope of Five-0's cases and the level of authority they should hold. If I can explain?" He asked as Harry frowned. "I took the liberty of looking over the basics of the cases that the taskforce has handled since its inception. Five-0 is a state force, but they have been dealing with cases that should, by rights, have been turned over to the FBI, NCIS, Homeland Security and others.

"You've done an amazing job and pretty much put every government agency and the HPD to shame." Mark chuckled. "But I would like to avoid inter-agency turf wars."

"I am an accredited federal agent." Harry pointed out.

"I am aware." Mark nodded. "But Five-0 is not a federal taskforce. I very much want it to remain a state sponsored initiative because it reflects very well on the island.

"All I am asking is that, in the event that you come across a kidnapping case or a terrorist threat, you alert the relevant agency and arrange to either hand it over or work with them.

"I am more than happy for you to take command of the teams and I will back you up one hundred percent in the event that you need it… but, like I said, I would prefer you to at least include the appropriate agencies."

"I can't see any problem with that." Harry nodded. "Five-0 has a history of working with everything from the FBI to ICE."

"And you seem to do so seamlessly." Mark agreed. "You just don't have a consistent record for including them. But if you are willing to do so then that will take a weight off of me worrying about irate calls from agency directors.

"The other major point is Five-0's grant of immunity." He said grimly. "I'm afraid I just can't justify it. I don't know what Governor Jameson was trying to achieve but there has to be a firm form of accountability and at the moment there isn't any."


"Please, just Mark." He winced.

"Mark, you've read the reports. You've seen what Five-0 has done and had to do in order to ensure the safety of the island. The team has never abused their immunity, but if you take it away then you might find them hesitating at critical moments."

Mark shook his head. "I'm sorry, but this one is non-negotiable. I'm willing to work with a federal agency so that you can only be prosecuted and investigated by someone like the FBI, but there has to be a way for the island to protect themselves in the event that… god forbid… one of you goes rogue.

"At least you will be protected from fools like Fryer. I will also offer you my own magical oath to personally investigate any accusations and if they are clearly an 'act of duty' then I will offer my full and unconditional support and backing. Both publically and privately."

Harry still didn't look pleased.

Mark sighed and leaned back in his chair tiredly. "Sir Harry, please understand that I am very much in favour of Five-0 and all it does. Both from a personal moral standpoint and a publicly political platform. But, like yourself and the taskforce, I am duty bound to fight for this island and its people.

"I have to ensure there is a level of accountability."

"Harry, it's not an unreasonable request." Tony interjected softly from his chair next to Harry. "Did the President ask you to do this?" He asked the new Governor.

"God no!" Mark shuddered. "No, the President practically ordered me to give you anything you want! Whilst I can do so, within reason, from a diplomatic standing, as a member of law enforcement I have to push for some level of security."

"Does the President know that you are going against him?" Harry asked curiously.

"Yes." He admitted with a sigh. "And I believe I may have burnt up a few bridges during my… 'conversation' with him."

"You realise he is dealing with pressure from England and the UGF?"

"Which is his job. My job is to handle the smaller realm of Hawaii. It is why we have states and people governing and protecting those states."

Harry actually chuckled. "If your actions are as good as your words then Hawaii will do alright with you in the hot seat."

"Well… it wasn't actually my goal in life." Mark admitted. "I had planned to work slightly further down the hierarchy where I felt I could do more good. I just happen to be the most qualified person for the position."

Harry nodded understandingly. "I'm going to agree to your terms, Governor." He said seriously as he sat up straight. "But before I do I want you to understand where I am coming from.

"Since I was a year old I have been abused by authority figures. I spent ten years in a cupboard working like a slave whilst the people I saved lived happy lives and made money off my suffering.

"When I turned eleven, I began to suffer under new authorities. I spent seven years being ridiculed, mocked, pushed into dangerous situations and generally fighting for my life from everyone from my teachers to the rulers of the country.

"It hasn't been more than a few years since that time. I still have very little trust for political authorities… and that includes government law enforcement groups.

"So when you ask me to put my team in a position under others… there is nothing you can do to assure me we won't be abused and persecuted."

"You are going to have to ease up on the Governor a bit, Harry." Tony chided his young friend gently as they sat on the porch at Harry and Kono's house, looking out at the beach. "He has a duty to uphold, just like I do."

"Tony, you proved yourself from the second I met you." Harry sighed. "But you should remember what happened just a month ago with a certain admiral." He added with a look of distaste. "People in authority always seem to find their way round to abusing or betraying me."

"You know that isn't always true. Look at the Queen, Hetty Lange, Director Vance."

"Sure, exceptions to the rule. But look at Pat Jameson, Sam Denning, the former British Ministry of Magic… hell! Look at HPD!"

"Just remember the few, Harry. Remember that at one time we were all just strangers and possible threats to you." Tony looked at him and grinned. "Remember that the current Mrs. Potter punched you the first time you met and that Lilo and Stitch tried to kidnap you."

Harry just grumbled under his breath as he sipped his drink.

"Harry! Thank god I found you!" The pair looked up to see Jenna Kaye struggling to run up the beach to them as the sand hindered her.

Seeing she was clearly in distress, and not just because of the sand, they got up and met her.

"What's up?" Harry asked.

"I'm looking for Steve. I have a lead on my fiancé." She said as Tony and Harry led her to a chair on the porch.

"Your dead fiancé?" Harry asked carefully.

"No, he's alive." She said clearly torn between worry and elation. "He's in North Korea, being held by a rebel force."

"Why would a group of North Korean rebels want to piss off a US government agency?" Harry frowned.

"Money." Jenna explained. "They want two hundred and fifty thousand for his release."

"Ok…" Harry said slowly. "Have they given proof of life?"

Jenna reached into her purse and pulled out an envelope. She ended its contents on the porch table.

"A ring and some photos." Harry looked at Tony with a raised eyebrow. Tony shook his head slightly. "Jenna, this isn't proof of life, this is proof that they have or had him."

"It's more than I had a few months ago! I can't just leave and forget about this, he could be out there, injured, tortured… I need to find him!" She pleaded.

"Jenna, the second you said you had a lead I was committed to following it up." Harry assured her. "But I have to make sure that I'm not going to walk into a trap. Even if your fiancé is alive, the rebels might take your money and then demand more. People who take hostages are not trustworthy." He said gravely.

"Go home, Jenna." Tony instructed. "Collect all your evidence and bring to the Five-0 offices. We'll go over it and try and figure out the best plan of action."

Reluctantly, Jenna gathered up the photos and ring and headed off.

"So… trap?" Tony asked as they watched Jenna walk off the beach.

"Probably. But what do they want Jenna for?" Harry mused. "Two hundred and fifty is a lot but… not a hard amount to get. It certainly won't be enough to appease North Korean hostage takers."

"What if the trap isn't for her?" Tony reasoned.


"Or you."

"She was asking for Steve." Harry countered. "I'm still fairly well classified. Steve is the most well known face of Five-0. He's pissed off the Yakuza, Wo Fat, Lilo… and more."

Tony snorted a laugh. "Still, you have more than your fair share of enemies. You've seen the magical papers like I have. All of Europe knows you squashed the Pureblood movement at the request of the Queen. It could be one of those countries that wants to make an example of you so others don't try the same thing with them."

"You know Purebloods, Tony." Harry said dismissively. "They don't have the intelligence to pull off something like this. They'd just send a bunch of polyjuiced idiots to try and kidnap me.

"I'll go to North Korea with the ransom and make the exchange." Harry decided.

"We will go to North Korea." Tony corrected. He saw Harry about to object so he spoke quickly. "I am not going to be here to explain to Kono, Lilo, Nani and Ziva why I let you go into one of the most dangerous places on the planet without any backup."

"I never said I wouldn't have backup!" Harry protested.

After one too many complaints and charges filed by the Lady Potter against various idiots in the United Kingdom, Her Majesty had ordered them to return home and leave the estates in her hands for the time being. She would keep them updated and let them know when it was safe to return and not have to deal with said idiots.

David had brought the Ohana to England to pick the gang up. The portkey abilities of the luxury vessel meant that their trip would take less than a day. Most of that time was spent getting permission to leave the British docks and enter the Hawaiian docks. It was a bit of an issue either way as the Ohana was given berths in military ports to increase security.

The President of the United States had had to explain to the Grand Councilwoman that this was not an attempt to steal alien tech or anything belonging to Harry Potter, but that it was simply the easiest way to protect the young wizards property.

They had dropped Gibbs and his team off in Washington before doing the same with Callen and his team. Five-0 decided to enjoy the last of their downtime and set the ship to sail the regular way back to Hawaii to dock at Pearl Harbour.

Kono entered her home calling for Harry but to be answered by an irritated Tony.

"Before you ask… I tried to stop him." He said quickly.

"Did he get a visit from Death?" She got to the heart of the matter straight away.

"No… but he has been gone for more than twenty-four hours by now." Tony admitted. "Jenna Kaye had intel that her fiancé might be alive and being held by North Korean rebels. He went in to try and rescue him… but we both think it is a trap."

"He went in alone?" Kono asked dangerously as she advanced on Tony.

"Hell no!" Tony said indignantly. "The only reason I agreed to stay here was to act as backup and explain the situation."

Kono growled angrily. "Go get Danny. I'll get Steve."

Harry Potter was currently hanging from the ceiling of an old bunker by a set of chains.

He was gritting his teeth as electricity coursed through his body in an attempt to cause him great pain.

In other words… he was being tortured.

Harry and Jenna had arrived at the agreed upon location for the exchange. Harry had demanded to see the face of the hooded 'captive' before handing over the location of the rest of the money.

At that point the trap was sprung and Harry had had to take out his gun.

Which was pointless due to the weapon pointed at him by Jenna himself.

Jenna had disarmed him of everything including his wand before handing them to the mastermind of this little ambush: Wo Fat.

Nothing was said as he was marched through the jungle before being hung from the ceiling and tortured.

Eventually they stopped… probably because they needed a new battery.

Harry was given a new cell mate.

"So… how's the fiancé?" He asked with a smile marred by dried blood on his lips.

Jenna looked completely broken, handcuffed as she was to the floor.

"I told you that a ring and some photos weren't proof." Harry sighed.

"He could have lived." She argued weakly. "He was a good man. A strong man, like you and Steve."

"Well… I suppose we should get out of here at some point." Harry sighed as he looked up at his chained hands. "Just out of curiosity, was I the target or Steve?"

"Wo Fat wanted either of you. He knew you both had high clearance." Jenna sighed.

"Yes… and you have information. Information I want." Came the clear and condescending tones of Wo Fat as he appeared in the doorway.

"Well bully for you." Harry said sarcastically. "What exactly do you want to know? Should I start with how babies are made?"

Harry swung violently from the ceiling as Wo Fat angrily punched him over and over in the stomach.

"Wait! Wait!" Harry cried out.

Wo Fat pulled back… it was clear that Harry was angering him.

"Could you get the guy with electrodes back? You hit like a girl." Harry sighed wheezily. He probably had a cracked rib.

This led to another round of punches. Jenna could only look away in horror.

As Wo Fat backed off Harry just laughed. "You're an idiot." He chuckled as he looked up at the chains. There was a clicking noise before he fell to the ground.

Wo Fat immediately pulled his gun and aimed it at Harry.

Jenna was surprised and confused. She thought Wo Fat had all his weapons, including his wand.

"Honestly, didn't you research me at all?" Harry smirked as he gingerly stood up. "Did you really think that I would believe this wasn't a trap? That I would be fooled by a ring and some photos?"

"On your knees!" Wo Fat barked, his eyes wide with fear.

"You actually believed I wouldn't have back up or a contingency plan?" Harry stretched his shoulders and neck. His left arm was out of commission having been dislocated.

"Your people will be shot if they are spotted." Wo Fat countered, his gun shaking slightly.

Harry looked at him curiously. "Huh. You haven't shot me yet." He mused. "I'm clearly a threat. Why would you need me alive?"

"Get down on your… get down-" Wo Fat stuttered as he saw a short furry blue creature in front of him.

"Wo Fat, meet Stitch. Stitch, meet Wo Fat."

Stitch lightly jumped up and swallowed Wo Fat's gun… taking his fingers with it.

Wo Fat screamed.

Without a wand or his bracelets he couldn't knock the wailing man out with magic… so he did it the old fashioned way and punched him.

"So… how much trouble am I in?" Harry sighed as he looked down at his furry blue friend.

"Lilo mad. Nani mad. Kono mad. Steve mad. Danny-"

"Yes, they are all mad at me." Harry interrupted. "Didn't Tony tell them I came with help?"

"Help?" Stitch queried.

Harry clicked his fingers and suddenly the room was filled with twenty or so of Stitch's fellow experiments. Harry moved over to a creamy rabbit looking experiment. "Blink was happy to help out once I explained he could stay invisible. The guys and gals have been following me since we left the islands." He said as he patted the proud looking experiment on the head. Blink's power was the ability to turn things invisible. Harry knew he would probably lose his wand so this seemed like a good alternative.

"626, you are behaving yourself?"

Stitch quickly turned to see Captain Gantu standing in the doorway with his ray gun in hand.

"Gantu!" Stitch hissed. "Ow!" He gave Harry a look of betrayal.

"You know Gantu is good now." Harry reprimanded him lightly.

"No, no." Gantu sighed. "I questioned him first." The large alien admitted. "If Stitch is here, does that mean Lilo is also?"

"Whoa! Gantu?"

Gantu stepped back from the door to see Tony and the team standing there.

"Agent DiNozzo. It is good to see you again." He told the man dressed in olive drab.

"Erm… ditto… I guess." Tony turned to Harry. "You could have told me he was your backup." He glared at him.

"Potter! Outside, now!"

Harry lowered his head and shamefully followed his enraged wife outside.

"Quite the mess you've made for yourself, Jenna." Tony said as he looked down at the still cuffed woman. "I have no idea what the consequences will be for you. The US might just turn you over to the British Government for selling Harry to this idiot." He gestured to Wo Fat.

"He had my fiancé. I had to try." She said defeatedly.

"You could have just told us the truth." Steve frowned. "With Harry on the team we could easily have captured Wo Fat and determined if Josh was still alive without you having to betray us."

"Chin, help me get her up." Danny asked his teammate.

Outside, Harry was being berated by his wife whilst several members of SEAL Team 9 and Joe White looked on and cringed. Having heard from Joe that Harry was probably in trouble, they had jumped at the chance to help.

"You could have called us! We are magicals now, remember? It took us an hour to get here with the Ohana… and that includes the time it took for the SEALS to load their gear." She glared at her contrite husband.

"There are legal aspects I have to be aware of." Harry said weakly. "You could come, sure, but the rest of the team are in a black hole, legally speaking.

"Plus there is the fact that Wo Fat knows about all of us but not the experiments. He would have expected us."

Kono's hand whipped out to the side as he wand ejected from its holster.


Harry cringed as a tree was reduced to splinters.

"I forgot about that." He admitted.

"You are damned lucky I love you, Potter." Kono growled. "Or else you'd be sleeping on the couch."

Harry just shuffled his feet. "Yes'm."

Kono sighed and hugged him. Hermione had warned him about Harry's incessant need to jump in and save people. She'd seen it herself.

At first Harry relaxed against her… but then he stiffened.

She knew what that meant. "What's wrong. What did they do to you?" She asked as she stepped back and examined him worriedly.

Joe and the SEALS picked up on what was happening and headed over with medical bags.

"Just some tenderising and electro-therapy." Harry assured them.

"They electrocuted you?!" Kono gasped.

Harry just snorted. "Sweetheart, I've been crucioe'd so many times that bullets and electricity are like an itch."

"He's right Ma'am." Commander Wade Guthrie spoke up. "I've been on the receiving end of one of those curses and… I'd rather be shot again."

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't try and avoid it!" Kono argued.

"Oh, we try." Harry assured her. "However, I think my shoulder is dislocated, could someone help me pop it back?"

Kono closed her eyes and counted to ten.

Wo Fat felt like he was drowning.

This was fairly apt as someone had apparently thrown a bucket of salt water over him.

"Wakey, wakey, Sunshine!"

His eyes shot open at the sound of that voice.

Wo Fat looked around and saw Potter and McGarrett with his team. He had been captured.

"This changes nothing." He sneered. "I will get the information I need."

"Yes… well… so will we." Harry agreed as he stepped forward with a vial. Wo Fat was bound tight to a chair in a badly lit room. McGarrett stepped forward and forced his mouth open.

"Ok, what information are you searching for?" Harry asked as he and Steve stepped back.

"The location and identity of Shelburne." Wo Fat stated in a trance like state.

"Who is Shelburne? What connection does Shelburne have to you?"

"Shelburne killed my father."

"Shelburne? That was the name Kensie was able to pick up when she read the lips of the meeting between your dad, Wo Fat and Jameson." Danny pointed out.

"But there was no context." Harry shrugged. "It was mentioned in passing and that was it."

"What do you know about Shelburne?" Dudley asked the drugged up monster.

"Only that he killed my father."

"Wait… why do you think Harry or I knew anything about him?" Steve piped up.

"John McGarrett knew something and both Harry Potter, Steve McGarrett and Joe White had the clearance high enough to access the information."

"Hmm." Harry mulled thoughtfully. "Lock him up and knock him out." He ordered. "I have a certain Super Spy to call. Kono, set a course for LA."

"Alright, do you want the good news or the bad news?" Harry asked as they sat in the Five-0 offices in the small lounge area.

"Good news." Danny sighed.

"Wo Fat may never see the light of day again."

"I can live with that." Chin nodded.

"And the bad news?" Lori asked.

"Steve is gonna be so pissed when he learns about Shelburne, right Joe?" He grinned at the Commander.

Joe just grimaced. "I can't stop you from telling him but… just make sure it really is safe."

"Wo Fat was the only one searching for Shelburne and he didn't even know who it was… he was never going to make the connection without someone so far up the chain of command that they might as well have a weekly appointment with the Oval Office." Harry said dismissively. "Shelburne can come out of hiding now. Besides, 'Shelburne' is a code name. No one but us and Shelburne needs to know who it belongs to."

"Any chance you two could stop skirting the issue and tell us who Shelburne is?" Steve asked testily.

Harry tossed a wooden ruler to Joe. "You go introduce Steve whilst I explain it to the rest. Activation phrase is written on the ruler."

Joe sighed and stood up. "Come on Son, this is not going to be easy." He said as he held out the ruler.

Steve stood up and grabbed the ruler with a frown on his face. He looked down at it to get the activation phrase and his confusion increased.

"Doris McGarrett?"

Joe had just enough time to glare at Harry before they vanished.

The remaining members of Five-0 turned to the grinning Harry. "Steve's mum faked her death. She was a CIA agent, codename: Shelburne. She went into hiding to protect her family after the car bomb attack, which was real."

"So… Steve was investigating a fake death all this time?" Chin asked.

"How long have you known about this?" Lori asked.

"About half an hour." Harry shrugged. "When I called Hetty about turning Wo Fat over I asked her to get me all she could on Shelburne.

"She wasn't able to get clearance but she was able to put me in touch with people who could. I don't know much other than the fact the Doris was Shelburne and that her death was faked. The car bomb was a real attempt, but she survived. Joe worked to put her in hiding. The CIA, being the all knowing bastards that they are, were aware and simply went along with it.

"Doris McGarrett was retired and not a critical asset so a hands off approach was utilised."

"What about the people Wo Fat works for?" Dudley asked.

"Wo Fat is a former Chinese spy." Harry explained. "He works for whoever hires him now. His only personal goal was to find Shelburne.

"We'll have to deal with the Yakuza and the likes on a day-to-day basis as they have a foothold in Hawaii but I doubt we will have to deal with the likes of North Korea. We'll leave that to the CIA and the SEALs."

Harry, Kono and Stitch slumped tiredly through the door to their home. It had been a long time since they had been here together. Harry had Tony to keep him company whilst Kono was in England… but it just wasn't the same trying to snuggle Tony.

"Harry! Kono!"

The pair couldn't help but smile at the joyous sound of Lilo's greeting. They happily knelt down to hug her. They were quickly

"I missed you Little Sister." Kono sighed into her hair. "Did Harry and Tony behave themselves whilst I was away?" She asked sternly.

Lilo scowled. "They were fine. Nani and David are in trouble." She turned and pointed to the tortoise and the parrot perched on the couch.

Harry winced and rubbed his head with his left hand as he pulled out his wand. "What happened?"

"They were not exercising proper wand safety." She lectured as she kept a firm arm around Stitch. "They were casting spells at each other and Mary wasn't there."

Mary McGarrett had managed to improve her magical skills since she had started caring for Lilo and Grace. But she wouldn't have been able to do more than get help for what appeared to be a transfigured pair of humans.

"Did you call Alani?" Kono asked. "Harry! Put that down!" Kono barked as her husband lifted the tortoise up causing it to cry out indignantly.

"I just wanted to make sure this was David." He said innocently. She didn't believe him. Especially as the tortoise was wearing a collar with a large tag that said 'David'.

"Lilo, what did Alani say?" She asked Lilo again.

"That they could stay like that until Harry got back. She said it would teach them a lesson." Lilo shrugged.

"Who's been looking after you?" Harry asked.

"That would be me." They looked up to see Rachel walking out of the kitchen with a tea towel in one hand and Grace at her elbow. "Alani called me and asked me to take Lilo in until you came back. She was insistent that you deal with these two." She indicated the two animals. "She definitely found it amusing."

Harry cast a few more spells. It wasn't a standard transfiguration. Nani and David had heard him teach Lilo enough so that even they knew you had to take care when casting spells.

"Well I'll be…" He grinned broadly. "Alright you two." He said as he put the tortoise back on the couch next to the parrot. "You seem to have unlocked a unique aspect of being an artificially made Magical. You haven't transfigured yourselves, you achieved an Animagus transformation.

"I'll give you both two hours to try and change back on your own… then I'll do it for you. Off you go." He made a shooing motion to the parrot as he put the tortoise on the floor.

"Harry, it will take David ages to get anywhere." Rachel sighed as she picked up the poor tortoise and handed it to Grace. "Go and show Lilo and Stitch the beach you made for David."

Grace's eyes lit up as she grabbed Lilo (and subsequently Stitch) outside.

Rachel sat down, exhausted, on the sofa. "I don't know how she does it… but Nani needs a raise." At Harry's curious looks she explained. "It was Grace who pointed out that we needed to check on Nani and David's home and the experiments. It is like a mad house!"

"Ah… who was causing the most trouble? Was Nosy blurting out your secrets? Was Squeak talking outside his room again? Did Glitc-gllrrrugggh!"

Harry tried to cover his mouth as Rachel fired a jet of water at his face.

As Harry sat there, dripping wet and glaring at her, she primly placed her wand back in her holster. "I've found that is a good way to derail him when he gets off on a roll like that." She informed Kono.

"I'll definitely remember that." Kono smirked.

"Anyway." Rachel continued. "The experiments were fine. Jumba was fine. Pleakley, on the other hand, is a nightmare! He's a good soul, he just… still has no idea how to behave around humans." She said exasperatedly.

Harry just grinned. "Pleakley is one of a kind. Even amongst his own kind."

"I do have one question." Rachel said with clear embarrassment. "Is Pleakley male or female? I mean… he wears dresses but… it is so confusing!"

"He is a male alien with what humans would call 'effeminate' mannerisms." Harry chuckled. "He also has a thing for human female fashions."

"Unfortunately that does not make me feel anymore comfortable about the close attention he pays to my dirty washing." She said dryly.

Harry just smiled at her. "Pleakley is fairly innocent. He may have been something of a galactic officer, but he has always been on par with Lilo when it comes to naivety."

Rachel just sighed and eyed the young couple. "So will you be running off on anymore reckless adventures?" She asked Harry.

"Probably… but hopefully not anytime soon." Harry shrugged.

"And definitely not without me." Kono poked him in the side, hard.

"For now, it is regular old cases, teaching the lot of you how to do magic and making my lovely wife happy." Harry finished as he kissed a smiling Kono on the cheek. "Oh… and avoiding Alani's clinic."

Kono just nodded emphatically. She was fed up with her husband getting injured.

"If Mohammed won't go to the mountain…"

Harry shot up, fear on his face as he turned to see a glaring Healer Alani standing in the doorway brandishing her wand.

He looked down at the glaring Lilo who was stood next to her. Clearly she had told the healer about his recent torture.

Stitch just grinned widely. "Paaaaannnnnssssyyyyyy!"


I ended it here simply because I haven't seen much of Five-0 beyond Doris McGarrett's reveal. I haven't seen any TV since then. I just can't get up the motivation to sit down and watch it.

This will be my last posted story for a while. I am working on several, including the sequel to Death's Little Brother, which also concludes the series.