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The Young God – Chapter 1

"I love you, Hera."

His hands roamed her shapely curves as his lips delicately touched her ear, making her shiver in delight. Every one of her moans sent sparks of shock down his spine, making him yearn for more. Her warm breath on his neck, her delicate grip around his chest, her long and shapely legs around his waist, and her euphoric warmth around his length – all were his addictions.

Even after so many eons together, Hera was still the only woman who could make him feel so exhilarated. She was perfect; from her luscious blonde hair, to her powerful golden eyes; from her beckoning pink lips, to her soft and warm cheek; from her bodacious breasts, to her inviting womanhood – she was perfect.

Hera gently kissed his ear and whispered, "I love you too, Zeus."

No matter how often or frequent she told him those three words the genuine affection and love behind them would never falter or weaken. For eons, the Goddess of Familial Love, Marriage, Motherhood, and Women had loved him. There were moments when their love of each other had nearly brought about the end of the world, but regardless, their love remained. No matter how many times his own pathetic urges would take over him, no matter how many times he had betrayed her love for him, no matter how many times he had taken advantage of her faithfulness, she still loved him.

The guilt was overwhelming.

Every single time Zeus would hear Hera whisper those three words to him a nearly unsurmountable pressure of guilt would be placed on his shoulders, as if he was holding up the sky. It would rip his heart apart and fill his soul with unbelievable anger. Anger directed at himself. For the rest of his existence he would remember vividly the expression on his wife's face the moment she would find a demigod child of his in the mortal world. The hurt of betrayal and heartbreak his darling wife would give him every single time he failed to prove his love for her.

Zeus wrapped his arms around Hera as he continued to thrust into her, trying his all to give her the satisfaction she deserved more than any woman living. He wanted to make her forget about all his other children and women, forget about all the times he had betrayed her. He wanted to start anew with her, his wife, his other half.

"Zeus~" Hera's own climax met with her husband's, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

The King of the Gods wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her close, hugging her to his chest. His breathing was starting to level out, but his heart was still in turmoil. All he could do at the moment was hold Hera close to him and try to silently convey that he loved her.

"That was amazing," Hera whispered with a sweet smile before she kissed her husband gently on his lips.

It was the sacred month of June, and Hera had taken her annual scared bath in order to regain her virginity. She had once again given her husband her maidenhood. It had been so many times she had forgotten how many times he took her first. Despite all, she was proud that she and Zeus shared such a bond – no other couple in existence had such a tradition and record.

Hera smiled as she lay on top of her husband's chest, "We're going to have t-"

She was swiftly cut off as Zeus kissed her hard on the lips, leaning his body upwards until he was sitting upright on their bed. She was a little shocked at the ferocity of the kiss; it had been a very long time since her husband had kissed her so fiercely. It was so intense; Hera found herself moaning into the kiss and wrapped her arms around Zeus' neck to pull him closer.

"I love you," he mumbled against her lips.

Hera was pushed onto her back as Zeus climbed on top of her, his length growing inside of her again. She moaned blissfully as she felt her husband slide in and out of her. It was a little shocking to see Zeus acting so passionate; it was almost like all those eons ago when they were newlyweds. It made her happy; being so wanted and lusted by her husband made her feel good.

Hera nibbled on Zeus' earlobe and whispered, "I love you, too."

Zeus stared down at his wife with his piercing blue eyes, filled with much more love and affection that they usually would. Hera was even more shocked at his gaze; she had forgotten the last time he looked at her in such a way. He lightly laced his fingers with hers and lightly kissed his way from her jawline to her lips, reveling in her heavenly taste.

"I love that look on your face," he whispered huskily. "You look happy like that."

Zeus wanted Hera to only look happy – not scared, angry, or depressed – and only happy. He would always remember how angry she would look when she would find one of his demigod children; that horrified and betrayed expression. He hated that look. But the expression that would haunt his mind would be how scared and depressed Hera looked when he had chained her above the abyss, threatening to banish her to the infinity of Chaos. Whenever he would think about those days he would feel a stab of pain in his heart.

He kissed his wife again as he frowned, "I want you to be happy, Hera."

"Zeus," Hera began, growing concerned at how strange her husband was acting. "What's going on?"

He gave her a soft smile and nuzzled against her neck, "I'm so sorry, my love." After eons, Zeus finally felt ready so say the words he had wanted to say. "I'm sorry for betraying you, for betraying your love for me and our marriage, so many times." Hera's eyes widened as and wrapped her arms around his waist by reflex. "Please know that no matter what happens, no one will ever replace you; you will always be the only one I love so much. I know that it's just empty words and you have every right to feel skeptical, but it's the truth."

Hera was more shocked than touched, but she stared into his eyes with welling tears as he gazed down upon her, "R-Really?"

"I…I don't ever want to lose you." For the first time in eons, Zeus allowed a hint of fear to pass through his eyes. "I don't know what would happen to me, how it would change me, if you left me. I would probably go insane and destroy everything in sight."

"I will never leave you, Zeus," she replied, placing a warm and comforting hand on his cheek, "You know that."

He reached up and gently held her hand against his cheek with a smile, "I promise, from now on you will be the only woman I will make love to." He leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips, ignoring her surprise. "You will be the only woman I will ever kiss, ever hold, ever love like this." Hera's breath hitched as her heart threatened to beat out of her chest; she focus her whole being into listening to his words, wondering if he would finally say it. "You're my wife, my Queen, my other half." Zeus pressed his forehead against his wife's and stared into her eyes. "I, Zeus, Lord of the Sky, God of Honor, Justice and Lightning, and King of Olympus, do swear on the River Stix that I will never be unfaithful to my wife, Hera, Goddess of Marriage, Home, and Family, the Queen of Olympus. From this moment on, she will be the only woman I will ever love. Chaos and Order strike me down if I ever break this vow."

The tears were now flowing freely from Hera's eyes and she shakily cupped her husband's face. "Z-Zeus…"

"You don't have to say anything." Zeus smiled, feeling mountains lighter than before. "I should have said these words the day we married. Sorry for being millennia late."

Hera sobbed and pulled Zeus down, holding him as close to her as possible. "I-I love you."

"And I love you, only you."


Olympus shook as the Queen of the Gods flared her overwhelming power. Waves of golden light blasted from the Zeus Temple, creating panic among the lesser gods. Her cries echoed through almost every hallway and her power was growing by the second. Throughout the gods' reign, this had happened four times, but the last three times had been eons ago. For the first time in a long time, Hera was giving birth to a child.

"Hera, my love, please calm down." Zeus paled at the sight of his wife glaring at him in her true godly form, her power growing to the point where he began to feel weak. "You're almost there; just a few more minutes." Zeus started to edge away, feeling the fear at full blast. "Please, calm down."

Hera growled and grabbed her husband's hand before he could back away further, almost crushing his godly bones. "DON'T YOU DARE SNEAK AWAY!"

"Sister, Zeus is right, please calm down." Hestia held onto her sister's other hand and gently patted her shoulder, her eyes shimmering with warmth and love. "We can see the child's head; this is almost over."

Unlike other goddesses, Hera would carry all her children for nine months and suffer through a painful delivery. Because she was the Goddess of Motherhood, she had to suffer just as her people would have to. It represented the sacredness of motherly love and the embodiment of the sacrifice every mother would go through for her child.

"Don't worry, Hera, mother is here and she'll make sure the baby is fine."

Zeus' words actually managed to calm his wife a little – not so much because of his tone, but the fact that he pointed out that their mother was present. Mother Rhea, the Titaness of Childbirth, was perhaps the only other being in existence that was better skilled than Hera in delivering a child. If there was one thing Hera was sure of, it would be that Rhea would never let a grandchild of hers perish on the birthing bed.

Rhea knelt between Hera's legs and calmly handled the situation. "Push, Hera, you're almost there."

Zeus watched as his wife's face scrunch up in pain. "Mother, how much longer?"

"The head is already out!" Rhea looked up and stared at her baby girl. "You can do it, my daughter."

It seemed as if an eternity had passed before Zeus finally heard the sound of crying, a toddler crying. He let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding and smiled down at his exhausted wife. Even the great Goddess Hera felt powerless after giving birth to their youngest child, perhaps even more so than when she had Ares. Relieved, Zeus sighed and kissed Hera softly, resting his forehead against hers.

"Thank you, my love."

Rhea wrapped a golden towel around the newborn and smiled down at it. "It's a boy," she said as Hestia smiled at the sight of the baby, "A beautiful little baby boy."

"Mother," whispered Hera weakly, "Let me see him."

Rhea gently handed the crying bundle to her daughter, and she smiled when she saw Hera's eyes light up. Zeus and Hera stared at their newborn child and just smiled. He was perfect. Thin tresses of blond hair could already be seen – a trait he had clearly inherited from his mother and grandmother – and a pair of electric blue eyes stared back at his parents. He was crying loudly and held his tiny hands into fists, but with only one gentle kiss on the forehead from his mother, he stopped, and looked up at her mother with his big round eyes. Rhea knew, from that moment on, Hera would love that small little baby until the moment she fades.

"He looks like you," Hera whispered to her husband, who nodded with a smile.

"He really does." Rhea smiled and nodded along; the boy looked almost exactly as Zeus did when he was a baby. "He's going to grow up to be a fine god."

"Congratulations, sister." Hestia smiled and kissed her younger sister's head, happy for her and her little boy. "He's beautiful."

"Thank you," Hera whispered as she looked up at her sister, tears welling in her eyes.

Zeus gently ran his hand over his son's nearly bald head and felt the fatherly love he had for the small bundle, something he hadn't felt in a very long time. "We still have to give him a name." The King turned to his mother and smiled, "Can you give him a name, mother?"

Rhea smiled and gently patted her grandson's head. "This little guy represents the dawn of a new era, the rebirth of your marriage to each other, so let's give him an original name." For the past century, Rhea had been exploring the wonders of Eastern Civilization, and with her experience she thought of the perfect name. "Naruto – maelstrom. To mark the start of a new age for Western Civilization, we give our newest god a name that will stun the entire world – eastern and western – and he will watch over them all."

Hera smiled and tearfully pressed her cheek to her son's head, "Our little maelstrom."

Zeus gently tickled his son's chin with a finger and chuckled when Naruto grabbed hold of it. "Welcome to the family, Naruto. Welcome to Olympus."

The End!

This is the prologue of my newest Percy Jackson and Naruto crossover. I've been really enjoying writing about family moment in "A Father's Love", so I'd thought to make one about the entire Olympian family.

Just imagine how much of a helicopter mom Hera would be! XD