Blake awoke with a jolt of pain, and a ringing in her ears. She bolted upright, adrenaline keeping most of the pain from affecting her panicked brain. She surveyed the scene around her. Weiss was crouched down next to a slump of red, Ruby. The attacker was gone, that much was for sure. The murky aura he possessed wasn't visible anymore. It took a few second for Blake to be able to stand up, her muscles screaming, and joints aching. Once she did she hobbled over to Weiss and Ruby, the former looking up at her with a dirt covered face. Ruby lay on the ground, beaten and battered.

"Is she okay?" Blake coughed out, her ribs aching.

"She's just knocked out, with a few minor bruises. She'll be fine, thanks to you and Yang." Weiss stated quietly, not taking her eyes off the young leader. Blake scoffed, sure they arrived late to aid Ruby and Weiss, but they merely took the beating until JNPR and CFVY showed up. They must have chased their assailant away.

Yang! Blake couldn't believe she had forgotten about her partner, who with no doubt would be by Ruby's side, if she were okay. She scanned the area, not seeing a hint of yellow. She thought back on the battle's events, remembering Yang being grabbed by the attacker and thrown right into Blake. The brawler was lighter than she thought she was going to be, but she was still a very tall, heavy person. It launched the two of them back, but only Yang got up. The worry for her sister kept her from helping Blake. She remembered Yang's crimson red eyes not even glancing down to the person she had hit. She got up and launched herself at the assailant, only to land one or two hits, be grabbed and thrown again. That's when Blake blacked out.

"Weiss. Where's Yang!?" Blake yelled to her team mate. Weiss only stared at the still form of Ruby. Blake ran over and bent down in front of her. "Weiss, please." She said again, slightly shaking the heiress. This finally got her attention, she pointed to their right, at a pile of rubble that once was a building. "She got thrown into that building.

Knowing that this was all she was going to get out of her shocked team mate, Blake hobbled over to the rubble pile as quickly as she could. She began tearing through the bricks and other building materials that were piled in a massive heap. She really began to worry immensely after ten minutes of searching, and calling her partners name. She was breathless from pulling up rocks, and her head began to spin. She was exhausted and near her limit.

"Yang!" She yelled, panic seeping deep into her heart. The blonde could take a beating, she knew that, but she had her limits. They had all been pushed hard before, especially during the battle with Torchwick under the highway. That was where Blake got a good look at Yang's semblance, and honestly it was stunning. The more she got hit, the stronger she was. But where was the limit? It's not like eventually her body wouldn't wear out. Throwing her punches and kicks as hard as she could would tear muscle if she threw too many, wouldn't it?

"Yang where are you?" She yelled again, feeling near faint. Just as she was about to move to the other side of the rubble pile she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Turning she saw a torn, fingerless gloved hand push its way out of the rubble. Blake practically leapt to the spot where the hand protruded. She began pushing aside rubble and brick until the hand grabbed hers and Yang pulled herself the rest of the way out of the debris. The blonde's hair was matted with blood, and currently covering the brawler's face. Yang pulled herself out and immediately dropped to her knees, the only thing keeping her up was Blake's arms around her torso. Yang just looked up at Blake and grinned, Blood staining her… well her everything. She had definitely taken it worse than everyone else.

"Yang, are you okay?" Blake asked, immediately feeling stupid. Of course she wasn't okay, a building landed on her.

"I'm fine." Yang coughed out. "I didn't know you cared so much." She said weakly wiping blood from her eye.

"What? Why would you say that?" Blake asked, astounded.

"Well we've never exactly been close. I mean we are partners but the caring usually is pretty one sided." Yang said pushing away from Blake. "Where's Ruby?" Yang said with a bit of urgency, remembering why she had bull rushed into the fight in the first place.

Blake didn't have time to answer before Yang got up on her own and limped towards Weiss and Ruby. Blake stayed kneeled where she was, she couldn't believe Yang had said that. Of course Blake cared for Yang, they were partners, and Blake was partially responsible for her wellbeing. She got up as quickly as she could, catching up to a slow moving Yang, and standing in front of her.

"Why would you say that? Of course I care about you Yang, we're partners. I'm partially responsible for your wellbeing. You sleep above me, we eat lunch together, we have class together, and we fight together. I know I'm not exactly the most open person, but that doesn't mean I don't care about you." Blake said to her partner whose face was downcast.

"I don't want to be you're responsibility." Yang snapped back, before she took a breath and started again. "Well sure, we're partners, and you're with me all that time because you have to be. We're stuck together for the next four years. How much do you really know about me? You didn't even come to me about being a Faunus, and ran from us when we found out. I know you're biggest secret, but do you know my smallest ones?" Yang said, when she looked up at Blake her eyes were crimson, but Blake could see not anger in them.

"Yang." Blake said pleadingly "Where is all this coming from?"

"Weiss and Ruby spend all their free time together. They bicker, and argue, but they are close. Whenever Ruby has a problem, she comes to Weiss and vice versa. They even make sure the other is passing all their classes. You spend the time you have to with me, but other than that we are apart. You've run to Sun about every problem, because they are usually white fang related. What have I done to make you not come to me? And what makes you think I don't need someone to talk to who won't judge me? That's supposed to be you Blake." Yang said, sadness in her voice. "Now isn't the time to talk about this. We need to get Ruby back to beacon."

With that Yang limped around Blake, and started off towards her younger sister. Blake turned and watched her partner walk away. Had she failed at being Yang's partner? What did she really do wrong? And if this was bothering her, why didn't she say something sooner?

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