Blake felt the chill in the air of their dorm room. She held back a shudder as she stood and looked to her partner in the darkness. The blonde's hair was bright even when there was barely any light. She could hear Zwei moving on Yang's bed, the pup must have sensed the tension in the room, and laid back down. The silence was broken first by Yang.

"Yeah okay, you're right. I just had this grand idea before coming into Beacon that my partner would be my best friend. That we would end up sharing every secret and hang out all the time. I couldn't ask for a better partner when it comes to combat. But we never really hang out other than that." Yang finished, looking away from Blake. This startled her, because she had never seen Yang insecure. The beautiful girl, who was an excellent fighter and all around good hearted person, who has had people lusting after her, was insecure?

"Look, I had this grand idea before coming to Beacon that I would be able to continue in the White Fang, and really make a difference for my people. I never thought I would end up here." Blake said, she felt uncomfortable telling Yang about her past, but she didn't think there was any other way to resolve things. "I wasn't raised like the rest of you. I was born into the White Fang, and I've been fighting for everything I have my entire life."

Yang looked back to Blake, sadness in her lilac eyes. "I'm sorry, I guess I never thought of that before."

"The only friend I had was my old partner. He was basically my other half." Blake admitted, heart hurting at the thought of Adam. "We had the same ideals, the same life, and eventually the same missions. When the White Fang turned for the worst and started stealing from people, we were the best in the business. But he took it too far, and started killing people. That's when I decided to leave. I left him there, and it broke my heart."

Blake felt tears welling up at the memories. "I can't trust anybody. Not human or Faunus, to be on the same page as me. You're a human Yang, and all I've ever gotten from your kind is hatred."

"Is that why you won't get close to us. Because you're afraid we will change our minds and start hurting people?" Yang asked, raising her hands in a shrug. "What are you afraid we will change our minds and start hurting you?" That hit the nail on the head, and busted the dam of feelings in Blake's heart.

"Of course I'm afraid of that." Blake yelled, the tears finally coming down. "All I've ever had in my life from your kind is hatred. From the beginning I was stripped of all rights, like I was some kind of lesser being. Struck down by cruel and worthless human rules." Yang could hear the bitterness in her voice. Blake wiped away her tears quickly, not wanting to show this kind of weakness to a human. It didn't matter how Yang had treated her in the past. The good acts of one did not make up for the terrible ones of the many. How is she supposed to trust anyone at this point?

"Blakeā€¦" Yang said, lowing her hands and shaking her head. "Have we not shown you that you can trust us? We've helped you whenever you asked for it. You trust me on the battle field with your life, but you can't trust me at home with your feelings?"

This made Blake pause. She stood in silent consideration at this. Yang took her silence as a chance to continue.

"Blake, you don't know how much it hurts to hear what was done to you by my race. Honestly, on the island there weren't really any Faunus. Maybe one or two, but they weren't treated differently." Yang said with a shrug. She took a step closer to Blake, and she could feel the warmth radiating of the blonde even from a few feet away. "You can trust us Blake. You can trust me. You're stuck with me for the next four years. And I promise I won't let anyone harm you, physically or emotionally."

It was all too much for Blake's exhausted mind and body to handle. She began to sob into her hands, and an instant later, she felt warm arms encompass her and squeeze. Her face was buried in the soft golden locks that belonged to her partner.

"You don't have to be afraid here Blake." Yang said, slowly rubbing her hand up and down Blake's back. Yang's embrace was so warm, so kind, that Blake couldn't hold back any longer. She wrapped her arms around Yang's surprisingly slender shoulders, and buried her face in her neck.

Blake didn't know how long she had cried out her frustration and anger into her partner's shoulders. Eventually she had pulled back, and Yang held her out at arm's length.

With a smile on her face, Yang said "Don't worry Kitten, I've got you. Nothing will ever harm you."

Blake couldn't believe the kindness she was being shown, by someone of the race that had oppressed her for so long. She didn't have any words to say so she just wiped the last of her tears, smiled, and nodded at her partner.

"Good." Yang said, taking a step back from Blake. It was an odd feeling, but she really missed the warmth that Yang provided.

"Now, I don't know about you, but I feel like I got hit by a truck. I'm going to take a few more of those pain killers and hit the hay." Yang continued, stretching and heading off towards her dresser.

Blake had found something she didn't know she was looking for. She had found someone who had the potential to be her greatest ally and possibly her best friend. She didn't know Yang that well, but what she had observed from the two sisters, they were incredibly kind and understanding. Weiss was an entirely different story, but she seemed to be coming around.

Yang had shed boots and jacket at the foot of her bed, leaving on her torn shorts and tank top. Blake would never understand why Yang's socks were always at different heights. Blake didn't have the energy to try and change into her pajamas. She took gambol shroud off her back and leaned it up against her bed. Yang climbed up to her bed, more slow than usual, and promptly plopped down on her bed. She heard Zwei lick at Yang's before she told him to shush and go to sleep.

Blake walked to the door with her scroll and locked it. Hearing the soft click she then walked to their window made sure it was locked too. As she looked out she thought about the time Sun had climbed up to their window. Blake peered out at the trees momentarily before closing the blinds all the way.

When she turned to her bed she heard Yang's soft snores. The pain killers probably take effect faster, since they wear off more quickly too. Yang hadn't even gotten under the blankets. She laid on her stomach, face turned towards Blake. She looked so peaceful, beautiful even, Blake thought with a blush. Yang's arm hung over the side of the bed, as it often did. Blake made sure not to touch it as she climbed in her bed. Although she did stop momentarily to relish in warmth that even the one appendage exuded.

Her head hit her pillow and all she could think was this was not the way she thought this day was going to turn out. Staring at the bed above her she imagined the sleeping form of her partner. How had she gotten so lucky? How had she found something, she didn't even know she wanted until she got it. She had found a home, and the best friends she could ever ask for. The best partner she could ever ask for.

With this thought in mind Blake gave a soft smile, and buried herself in her blankets, ready to sleep off the day's events and wake up to her partners smile.

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