AN Herro creatures of the overworld! And I'm out with my new story Foretold! If you haven't read my other story Sent Away, I highly recommend you do as this story will have some light reference to it. At the moment I am not accepting OC's, later in the story I may decide to allow a few, but at the moment I need none.

John POV

One step infront of the other, something I'd always stood by. I look over the expanse of the desert, my daughter, Rose, loved the paterns the blowing sand made over the expanse of the desert. Looking over the next rise, I see something. Have I finally actually found something important? I've been living alone in a super cheap shack for a long time, only living off of a little money my parents give me. My wife left me, although I get to see Rose every so often, I actually get to see her in a few days. Finally reaching the top of the rise, I see it is a square of sandstone, somewhat like what the pyramids are made of, nothing exciting.

But then I notice something, there is more sandstone underneath me, could I, be standing on an unknown unseen before pyramid? I slowly take all the sand off the block. I look at it and realize it's a cube, not even slightly rectangular. In fact, it has no faults, it's perfectly smooth on the top and has smooth stones on the bottom. Strange, I dig a little more, more or less letting the sand blow away on the breeze, to make an even more amazing discovery, a doorway. I step in through it, looking around at the perfectly carved inside. It has what looks like long decayed orangish fabric of some sort. It's not at all like pyramids are, but it's still intriguing.

I walk to the left side of the room, seeing some sort of symbol under the dust. I wipe it away, it's a picture of an atom! I brush away what's underneath it and it simply says "Logic" underneath it, hmm. I run over to the opposite side of the room I brush away it's picture and see some sort of block with pixels colored somewhat like dirt and grass, underneath it, it says "Creation". I go to the last side of the room, there there is a star, "Spirit". Spirit, Logic, Creation. "Hmmm," I mutter subconsciously, biting my lip "I honestly cannot think of what they mean, although it must be important as this is ancient and they have a picture of an ATOM, the Spirit reference seems fairly easy, some sort of reference to Heaven?"

I quit talking to myself and run across the room, taking pictures. Right as I'm running across the room to get a picture of the Logic one, I fall in a hole in the floor I had been carefully avoiding. I fall quite a ways but manage to slow myself down a little with all my feeble grasping at the walls. Actually, I'm not sure how I got out of getting broken bones, I just did. I look around the room and see square chests, and a slightly elevated piece of stone. I avoid the stone, and carefully slide the top off the chest, inside it, almost seeming preserved, there's a bunch of junk piled in it. I can handle gross stuff pretty well, but upon finding out most of that junk was bones and some sort of decaying flesh, I jumped backwards, right on the stone, as I found out, pressure-plate.

"Project: Collision of the Worlds, activated" A completely monotone voice stated, in fact so mono I couldn't even tell the gender. I shivered, but after the shock, I'm somehow still curious as to what is in the chests and what kind of place this place really is. I slowly sift through the flesh and bones, repeating over and over "I can't believe I'm doing this, I can't believe I'm doing this," to myself. Eventually I get to the bottom and imagine my surprise at finding a DIAMOND with squared edges, it was also easily the size of my freaking fist. Then I find five bars of gold the size of the diamond, and weirdly enough, a horse saddle. After going through the boxish chests I look at my loot, I only feel half bad because this is my discovery but I got five of those giant diamonds, all the size of my freaking fist, in fact, I look over them, they all look exactly the same. I think I will need to double check if they're actually diamonds, but I'm certain that the 17! Bars of gold are real. I also got some sort of diamond chain-mail thing with a blue fabric. Some other stuff I found was an emerald, 10 bars of iron, gunpowder which I threw away, and a ton of gross remains which I piled back in the chests and kind of felt horrid about.

I look around the room, and see to my great surprise a stairway up and out of the deep hole. I climb up it, and looking behind me, see that the stairs are being pulled away into the wall behind me. I go faster, they go faster. So I guess it's just depleting them behind me then. I climb out, take a picture of the Atom side while awkwardly holding the saddle. As much as I'd like to leave the saddle behind, it might be important, although like everything else it is seemingly a little pixelated.

-Time skip- 3 days later-

John POV

I look over my newspaper, keeping an eye out for my daughter and ex-wife. Finally I see them, and instead of giving me the whole talk about taking care of Rose, Emily just turns and walks away. Rose runs out to me, because while her mom pays for her to live in a hotel instead of my house whenever she comes to visit, Rose always seems interested in my work.

"Hi Rose, nice to see ya again," I smile, hugging her even though I know how much she hates hugs.

"Ew EW EW! Only Mom does that! Don't you start please!" She says, backing away.

"Well... guess what?"


"I actually found something! I'll drop you at the hotel and grab my stuff to show you, I think it might be the best discovery ever made!"

"Okay, but I must remind you, when you found a plank of wood in the desert you thought it was the best discovery ever made until you realized it wasn't at all ancient."

"It is this time! Common! Let's go to the hotel!"

-Another Time skip- One hour later-

I burst into the hotel room, saddle in my arms, and the rest in my pack. I set the saddle down.

"Is that your discovery? A saddle? Really?" Rose says, looking over the top of her laptop as she undoubtedly plays some random videogame.

"No no no." I say "Look at these photos I took" I open the camera and go over the saved photos "I found this in a sort of pyramid in the middle of the desert." I flip to the first one I took, the Spirit one.

"Wait, how do you know this isn't some sort of joke?"

"In the middle of a desert underneath tons of sand? I highly doubt it."

"Good point, continue,"

I flip to the next picture, Creation.

"Woah woah woah! WHAT! Minecraft? Really?"


"Minecraft... let me show you." Rose turns her laptop, with all her hundreds of icons. She clicks one that looks exactly like the picture for creation, with the label Minecraft, "Wait a sec, I think I'm on to something, let's see if I can find you a desert temple."

"Desert temple?"

"Yeah, it's like a pyramid but it has towers and on the inside it's hollow, also, if you break a few wool blocks then you'd fall into a hole with four chests and a stone pressure plate that would activate TNT, inside the chests-"

"You'd find diamonds, gold, emerald, decayed flesh, bones, iron, saddles, and weird diamond chain mail stuff?" I asked, interupting.

"Yeah, except it's rotten flesh, it comes from zombies. Dad, I think you found a desert temple. A Minecraft one," Rose stated, looking 100% sure "Wait, did you say diamonds? You found diamonds!?"

"I'll just show you everything I got," I say, opening up my pack and dumping out all the apparently minecraftian riches.

"Oh. my. Gosh," Rose said, "You could become rich off this."

"Yeah, guess I could, look at this," I flip to the last picture, the atom one, "I think from the way these are mentioned, they're..." I paused, taking a deep breath "Different worlds."

"Dad, I would deny it, but there's too much proof, the spirit one must stand for the spirit world, atom is us, and minecraft is creation."

"So what do we do now?"

"Well... I'm going to brag a bit on minecraft youtuber channels, even if they don't believe me."

"Oh, also, a voice said ' Project: Collision of the Worlds, activated' when I stepped on the pressure plate. So does that mean we all die or something equally demoralizing?"

"Na..." Rose starts, staring intently at her screen "Minecraft's too positive for you to have just caused life itself to die, I think it might mean... We can travel between the worlds? SWEET!"

"So you're relying your hypothesis on one of the three worlds?"

"Yup! Annnndddd DONE! I also mentioned my skype incase anyone actually believed me. I said a few things about there being a spirit world an-"

"YOU GAVE AWAY YOUR SKYPE?" I screamed at her, doesn't she know how unsafe that is!

"Gosh, yes I did, I can always block them if I get spam. Anyways, this is quite a breakthrough, I don't think giving away my skype is the worst thing that is going to happen."

"Good point, but still!" I grab her computer, looking at her Youtube, dang, she has a ton of people she's subscribed to. She was on one called SkyDoesMinecraft, I can guess she already posted the comment as the last key I saw her press was enter. She takes her laptop back and I plop down next to her like my adventurous self. I hear a weird sound emit from her computer and she somehow immediately knows it's skype. She has a message from someone on Skype, a contact on Skype. And can you guess who? It said SkyDoesMinecraft. Of course, I highly doubted that as I had seen he had 10mil subscribers so the chances of that are like one in a ten million. Rose moved to press accept.

"WAIT!" I said, not having thought she would actually accept it "This is probably some dude faking as a popular youtuber, and if he fakes that, how do you know he's not faking something else!"

"Well you're here with me and I think this couldn't go too bad. This does look like it's legit, and wouldn't you take the chance to meet a popular youtuber?" She says, pointing out that out of all times this was one of the safer ones.

She clicks accept and immediately gets called from a group, SkydoesMinecraft, Deadlox, and Truemu. I'm guessing those are others faking as youtubers. Of course, Rose accepts the call.

Rose POV

"Woah woah woah, you're saying this girl knows about us?" A person who is obviously Ty says.

"No, I'm saying she knows about MINECRAFT, I'd think she was just a really good stalker if she knew about us," Sky says.

"Okay, that makes more sense. Where'd she say she found this out again?" Jason asks.

"Her father found a desert temple, oh and by the way, I added her to the call a while back," Sky finally tells them, "Hello Rosen," he said, calling me by a nickname of my minecraft username RosenFireMC

"Really Sky? What if she heard us?" Ty says, "Oh, and hi."

"Heard you what?" I interupt.

"It's a long story," Jason responds.

"Hey is your dad here?" Sky asks.

"Yes, do you need me for something?" My dad butts in, sitting right next to me.

"Ah, hello Mr. Rose what did you see in the temple?" Ty says, talking in a slightly deep serious voice.

"Uhm, it's hard to describe, but I took photos, I'll try to figure out how to transfer them through the computer," Dad says, looking for his camera.

"No no no no, not going to happen! You might hurt my computer with how grimy and unclean that camera is!" I screeched at my dad.

"Ok... so I guess we need another way to look at those photos, could we perhaps go wherever you guys are?" Sky asked.

"Sure, we a-" I start.

"No! Are you insane Rose! You may know these guys on YouTube. But giving away where you live? NO!" Dad interrupts.

"Oh. Right. Guess you have a point there."

"Okay, now Rose, it's getting late and we should really be getting to bed." Dad says. Then he proceeds to SHUT OFF my computer, and close it.

"What the heck Dad!" I say.

"You were getting way too comfortable with them."

"Okay, you have a point there, but still."

Dad turns off the light, "Goodnight."


Right as I slip into sleep I realize neither me nor father are in pjs.

I wake up to a flash of light, explosion, and an ever apparent ringing in my ears.

"DAD?" I scream, crawling underneath the bed for any safety it might bring, I drag my laptop over too. Then I glance out the blasted wall where a window used to be. Outside I see not hordes, but quite a few mobs, all still completely square. The collision of the worlds has begun.

AN So yeah, that happened, pretty fast paced for a story, but eh, I like it! I also killed John if you hadn't guessed already, he was a bit of a nuisance anyways. So yes most of this will center around Rose, but Sky, Ty, and Jason are important too! Actually, pretty much every Minecrafter is pretty darn important in a Minepocalypse. So yeah, seeing as I went pretty darn yolo with this chapter, I think it won't be very many chapters in when I start accepting OC's!