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"Get down!" I yell, pushing Ty to the ground.

I look up, and see Rose staring in shock, but quickly pull her down behind the bench to provide as much shelter as possible. Quickly glancing over the bench, I see Jason standing there, what?

"Jason! What're you doing! Get down!" I yell.

"I don't need to hide from my own servants," he responded.

"What? Tell them not to hurt us!" I yelled back.

"And why would I do that?" He said, giving a small laugh, "They're only following MY orders."

"Why would you tell th-" I duck mid-sentence as a huge fireball leaps above my head, "-them to kill us?"

"Because you're all useless junk anyway!" He yelled back, what had gotten into him?

"What do you mean! We're your friends aren't we?" I yell, I see Rose pull out her sword that Frost let her keep, Frost, Sundee, we needed to go back to the house for them.

"Friends? You think you're my friends! Hah! You're no more friends than you are normal people!" He screams, what? Was that really what he thought of us?

"Well I'm sorry you think that!" I said, then I teleported to the house.

Looking around, I see that Frost and Sundee are just lounging around bored.

"Get up! I'm going to teleport Frost over to where me and the others are, then I'll come for Sundee!"

"Wha-" Sundee started, but I was already gone.

We were at the place again, I think Frost was about to ask what was going on when a flame ball launched over her head and she saw two possessed Blazes and a very sinister looking Jason. I teleported back to the base, grabbed Sundee, who had managed to equip a bunch of diamond tools for the others to fight with, and teleported back to where Jason was screaming something or the rather about us hating him and ignoring him and all that bla bla bla. Actually, me not listening very well was probably exactly what he was upset about. I teleport over to Ty.

"What should we do?" I whisper.

"I dunno, I never realized Jason was that mad at all of us," Ty responded.

"Should we fight?" I ask.

"Probably the only option we have don't you think?" He said, "Give out all the diamond swords and axe Sundee brought, probably give the axe to Jerome."

"Okay, on it," I agree.

I quickly teleport back to Sundee, grab a sword and an axe, and teleport to Mitch and Jerome, handing the swords to them. I look up when I realize the fireballs stopped coming and see that Jason is on the move. I speedily grab a ton of swords from Sundee and give them to everyone, then I make myself two budder swords and armor. Everyone is looking at me, I hold up three fingers. Two fingers, one finger (not my middle finger just so you know!), no fingers, charge! Okay, well I say that we charge, but really we more like all tried to go through the tiny little path between two cement long pot things and, if you hadn't guessed, ended up crashing into each other and looking like complete idiots. Well at least we're synchronized, maybe a little too synchronized. Right before I'm about to crash into the crowd, I jump up onto the side of the cement and right over everyone. I could have teleported, but whatever, what I chose to do was much cooler.

(And this is where you're going to get mad at me)

I looked at Jason, behind the mask I think he must be shocked. Teleporting behind him, I pull my budder sword out of thin air and stab the possessed blaze who I think might be Astrea. She gasps and leaves the blaze's body immediately, then rushes into mine. Then she tries to take control, nope! I try to stop her but I have absolutely no experience dealing with spirits other than seeing them a lot. So now I'm stuck in my own body, oh and another fun part! I still have my sunglasses on, and the entire purpose of them is to cover. My. Eyes. So now I'm stuck sitting in my body completely confused whilst an insane spirit controls me without my friends even knowing. The only good thing is I don't think Astrea knows how to use my powers. That leads me to think, are our powers linked to the spirit or the body? Hopefully the spirit, but then that'd mean Astrea would be able to chuck flaming fireballs no matter what. Or maybe it's sometimes linked to the spirit, sometimes to the body. I mean I don't think that dark gray spirit is an ex-blaze but it is chucking fireballs, at me. Astrea, or me mattering on how you view it, looks at the blaze and quickly flashes the glasses up, the blaze nods and suddenly none of the fireballs thrown actually hit us. Ty seems slightly suspicious, but not much as he is busy and one of the blazes is dead.(So so so mad at me) I charge up a fireball in my hand, oh no. I try to scream for Ty to look out at the top of my lungs but all that comes out is a breath. The fireball catapults through the air and I hear an inhuman screech, but Ty isn't entirely human. I seem him fallen on the grass, a penny-sized hole going straight through his chest and blood pouring out at an alarming rate. I scream at the top of my lungs, and this time it works and Astrea is pushed out of control. I run over to Ty.

"OhmygoshI'msosorryAstreapossesedmeandIcouldn'tcontrolmyself!" I say in a rush.

"It's, okay" he rasped, I try to block up the bleeding with budder but I think it hit something vital inside of him, "It's, not, your, fault."

He's scarcely moving now.

"Duck" He says, I duck out of the way as Jason stabs him in the chest, instantly killing him. I glare at Jason as he suddenly shakes his head.

"Bronze... spirit!" He says, right before he goes back to looking all evil. Bronze spirit, bronze spirit. Did I know a spirit with a bronze color? No, wait, yes! That fat spirit that went inside, Jason. Oh.

"Everyone! Be careful! Jason is possessed by an evil spirit! Try not to kill him! Rose, come over here,"

I tell everyone.

I quickly distinguish Rose out of the small battle going on as she heads toward me.

Rose POV

Frayed, is there any way you know that I could do to get the spirit out of Jason?

Well since Jason doesn't know its name he can't control it, but also it can leave. If we could somehow tempt it to try to possess you I could probably fight it off.


I walk to Sky.

"Do you know a way we could stop more mobs from coming here as well as get that spirit out of Jason?"

"The spirit has to leave Jason by choice, or we can try to figure out its name, as in birthname, which would give him better control of when it could possess him," I say.

How could I cancel the mobs from coming?

You have to go to the source where all the worlds started to connect and destroy the activator.

"To stop the mobs from coming I need to get to that place where you found me," I say.

"Okay! Name finding! Any idea about that?" Sky said, clearly having not payed attention when I said better control, not full control.

"This will only give him better control, not full control. Do you have any ideas or should we ask the others?" I replied.

"Okay, I'll ask the others if I can get a moment of privacy with them," Sky replied, the he teleported and yelled "butter up!" and shot a stream of gold at Jason, and shot a blast at the blaze too.

He teleports over to Mitch and Jerome who are fighting incredibly well. Saying a few words, they shake their heads, no. The gold starts to wither away off of both Jason and the other blaze.

This is most definitely not gonna go well, especially since Sky isn't looking.

"Sky! Watch out!" I shout.

Sky instantly teleports, and not a millisecond too soon, the fireball whizzing where his head was only a moment before. I breathe a sigh of relief only to remember I'm still in a battle-field when I see Jason try to stab me only for me to jump out of the way. He aims to swing again while I'm off-balance, aiming a more side-ways swing at my chest. I bring my sword up to block the blow, falling completely over in doing so.

Let me help! I can slice him to a writhing mass of undefined gray dust! He'll pay for trying to kill this host!

"No! Jason's still in there! You can't hurt him!" I say out loud.

"Oh yes, the poor little boy who underestimated the power of our race!" Jason said, laughing an evil mocking laugh.

There's something wrong with how he said that but I can't get my mind around it, I notice movement and see a jet of gold blast Jason off of me just as he was about to strike with his sword. I quickly leap up as Sky shoots more gold successfully smothering Jason. The poor little boy who underestimated the power of our race. The poor little boy refers to Jason, nothing unusual there. Underestimated the power of our race. Our race. That's it! He referred to himself and Jason as the same species!

Frayed, who were Jason's parents?

He had a wither for a mother, as his race has no females, and his father was referred to as The Master, which was not a name as much as a family title. Master's are the rightful rulers of the nether. They are said to exhibit strange powers explicit only to one master. They do share many common traits though they a-

Wow... didn't know you were that into creatures.

I'm not, it's one of the key things a spirit has to know to ever hope of becoming a guard or even a guardian.

Ohhhhhh, so you're one of those kids who wastes their whole life studying?


Sure yo-

I suddenly get the breathe knocked out of me as something punches me directly in the chest. Ouch.

I snap back into reality, I don't really know what happened, but Sky is knocked on the ground next to me, still alive, and I can almost pretend it's a normal day. Well sort of normal, shining sun, famous youtuber, and cool dew. Wait, dew? It's been dry for weeks! I finger the cool grass, I guess it's finally started to turn into fall. I sit up and look around, in the corner of my eye, I see red, I turn towards it. A little ways away from me is Ty, I quickly look away. Sky is definitely knocked out and Jason is nowhere to be seen, other than Ty, there seem to be no casualties, on our side at least. Both of the blazes lay in burning, smoking heaps. I lean back, hopefully we can relax for a bit before we go out to try to save the world, worlds I guess. I use my hands to push myself up. Ew, guess they're a bit slimy for whatever reason. I wipe them off on my pants. I look down to see if they look better. They're covered in blood. Death I can handle, but wet, slimy blood? I quickly lay back down.

In other words, you faint. Nighty night Rose.

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