Author Note: It's been a long time since I have done a My Candy Love fic and I'm trying something different with this one (the writing style is a bit different than what I usually do and most of the first few chapters are in third person). Please review!


Title: That Coffee Worker
She comforted Melody when she was crying at the café. She gives everyone their daily dose of coffee and gave Armin extra when he needed it for a last-minute cramming session for a test. She occasionally delivered to the school. She helped Violettee when she spilled her tea. She encouraged Lysander with his singing at the café's Saturday performances. She cursed out Castiel for being a bad neighbor. She was Erin Hopper, but everyone at school knew her as that coffee worker (or in Castiel's case that 'damn crazy bitch'). At least until she transferred to Sweet Amoris High School.
Genre: Romance/Humor/Friendship
T for a tiny bit of language and later for suggestive themes
I do not own nor claim My Candy Love. I do own OCs (Erin Hopper and minor OCs)
Notes: Chapters will be longer.



Dear Diary,

Today was a rough day at work. Again. There was a lot of complaining customers- again. I don't think they realize that we misspell their names on coffee cups for fun. We know your name. We choose to misspell it or name you something particularly odd. It's the one thing I look forward to each day. Today however, there were three people that complained about the misspelled names and demanded to see the manager- their faces were hilarious when I explained I was the manager, hence the tag on my apron. Then there were several people that were just rude in general, but I had to be polite and smile.

The only good thing about today was that I cheered up another person. I get a lot of sad people that come in, usually from heartbreaks or stress. I always try to cheer them up. Today there was a girl crying about being rejected by a boy named Nathaniel. She was very pretty and kind. I gave her a free slice of cake and tea of her choice to cheer her up. As the owner/manager of Hoppers, I was allowed to do so.

By now, there's probably a lot of people that know me as 'that coffee worker who…' I was nothing more than a story to tell their friends and they didn't know my name- though that was my fault. My tag only said manager on it and I never really told anyone my name. I don't mind being just 'that coffee worker' since at least I made someone smile.

Still, I can only hope that one day, people in Sweet Amoris will know me by my name- Erin Hopper.