Chapter 62- Taking Her Down

Third Person

Monday morning was possibly the most stressful day of Erin's life, but she knew she would be able to get through it with the help of her friends and Lysander. She went suit shopping with Rosayla before school had started- it was rushed, but it did end up with a nice suit for Leigh to play the part of a manager and a nice casual suit for Lysander. Erin had spotted one in Lysander's size and got it on the off chance they made need it one day- at least that was her excuse. She refused to tell Rosayla that it was because the image of Lysander in a casual suit made her want to scream and tear her clothes off.

Yeah that's a nice mental image, Erin thought slyly as she pictured Lysander in the suit. She quickly focused on the task at hand, however, as she spotted Castiel coming toward her. She quickly wiped any emotion off her face.

"Erin," Castiel started, "I wanted to say-"

"-Save it," Erin said coldly with a small glare, "You made your position quite clear."

She quickly left. Though Castiel didn't see it, her expression softened as she left. I'm sorry Captain, Erin thought, but if I see you I might want to tell you the whole plan and I can't tell you. Not yet. You have to hear Deborah when she's actually honest. She continued down the hall until she finally spotted Rosayla and Armin hiding behind some lockers. She sneaked up behind them.

"What are you doing," she asked softly, but it still caused them to jump.

"Don't do that," Rosayla scolded, "You could have ruined everything. Look."

She gestured toward where they were looking at. Leigh looked nice in the suit and glasses as he spoke to Deborah. Erin couldn't hear everything that was being said, but she caught enough of it to admit that Leigh was doing a very good job.

"-I don't have all day," Leigh said coldly, "Are you in or are you out?"

"Can't you just wait a bit," Deborah said, her voice turning a bit lower as she leaned onto him, forcing him between the wall and her.

Deborah ran a finger up and down Leigh's torso, but to his credit he kept a calm face and seemed a bit displeased. Rosayla was seething. Armin and Erin were barely able to hold her back in time as Rosayla cursed, muttering about how only she was able to touch Leigh like that. Deborah finally pulled away,

"Okay. Fine. Have it your way. Just give me five minutes to call my manager."

"No more," Leigh said tightly, "You have five minutes to break it off with your small town manager so you can go big. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Deborah nodded, pleased, and then headed into a nearby empty classroom. Erin and Armin's grip on Rosayla loosened and Rosayla made a dart of Leigh. Erin gave a small chuckle as Leigh was dotted on by Rosayla. Erin herself made her way over, just in time to hear Deborah in the classroom break it out with her manager- saying that she was 'made for bigger things.' Armin whispered a quick, 'see ya' before he left- he was bored from the lack of action.

Deborah stepped out of the classroom to see Leigh being fawned over by Rosayla and Erin laughing to herself.

"What's going on," Deborah asked, a bit confused, "You know him?"

"He's my boyfriend," Rosayla said happily, "And if you touch him like you did a second ago, I will rip off your hands."

Deborah made a face as she put her hands on her hips.

"Your boyfriend is some big-time manager," she asked skeptically.

"No," Erin smirked, "Her boyfriend is Leigh, Lysander's older brother, owner of the clothing shop."

Realization dawned on Deborah. Rosayla quickly left, dragging Leigh away by his wrist, leaving Erin to face Deborah alone. The girl was glaring heavily on Erin with every amount of hatred she could muster, her face curling into a sneer.

"I just broke it off with my manager," she said slowly, "He was the only one that actually took the risk to go with me…"

She growled and her fists were clenched. And now I make my getaway, Erin thought with a gulp. She burst into a run, heading straight for the teacher's lounge. Deborah chased after her, growling like an animal and her fists clenched. When they finally reached the teacher's lounge, Erin was pleased to see that the light on the intercom was on. Deborah had closed and locked the door, still pissed.

"It will take me forever to make my way back to where I was," Deborah seethed.

"Work your way up," Erin questioned smoothly.

"Sleep my way up, work my way up, same difference," Deborah waved it off, "Even if I get that idiot Castiel to get back to be my guitarist. Honestly, I don't understand how he, along with everyone else at this school can be so stupid. They're all a bunch of idiots. I just bat my eyes and they believe every word I say. They're all wrapped around my finger."

"What if you did get Castiel back?"

"Then good for me," Deborah smirked, "Because then I have him until I find someone better of course. Just like I did before, I'll dump him like a sack and feed him lies about how it won't work or how the manager kicked him out. I wonder if I can trick him into hating Nathaniel again too? Just to add fuel to the flames."

"So you admit that you've been doing nothing but lying to everyone," Erin shook her head slightly, "How can you do that to them? They're such good people with good hearts. Castiel's like my brother and you just stomp on his heart and feelings like it's nothing. You lie to my friends and manipulate everyone you can… How can you live with yourself?"

Erin looked at Deborah heart-broken, her very soul just shattering, not understanding how someone like Deborah can be so morally okay with the lying.

"Easily," Deborah said simply, "I live comfortably and rich. Besides, they're not really your friends. You saw how fast they turned on you."

"And you saw how fast I can retaliate," Erin shot back, "You do not just mess with my friends, my family¸ like that!"

Deborah growled and grabbed Erin by the collar of her shirt.

"Hey, let me go," Erin protested as she squirmed.

"You are nothing," Deborah hissed, "You think you have it all figured out but you're just as stupid as the rest of them! You're just Lysander's bitch! I saw that child the other day- yours and Lysander's. You whore!"

"Say what you want about me," Erin growled, "Tell all the lies you want, but don't you dare bring my daughter into this."

"Why not," Deborah said calmly, "She's going to be just as much of a whore as her mother."

Erin gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. That… That bitch. Deborah adjusted her tight grip and went from Erin's collar to her wrists. She pinned Erin's hands above her head easily with one hand. Erin squirmed to get free.

"Let me go," Erin hissed.

"Not until I teach you a lesson. I'll be sure to give myself a few good hits. Tell everyone you attacked me and I just defended myself. They'll believe me."

Erin's eyes widened as Deborah raised her fist. It wasn't supposed to go this far. She didn't prepare for Deborah to actually be violent. Before Deborah's fist could hit her, it was stopped by a hand. Lysander stood there- fury burning in his eyes. He easily pushed Deborah away with a tight grip on her hand. He used his other hand to flick the intercom off. With a hand still wrapped around her wrist, Lysander looked at Erin. His gaze softened,

"Love, are you okay?"

"I- I'm fine," Erin said softly.


He turned to Deborah with a harsh glare that actually made her flinch.

"Get out," he said, his voice like ice, "Before I personally push you out of here myself."

He let her go, but still made a point to gently shove her toward the direction of the door. Deborah's hard gaze had turned into a confused, slightly frightened one as she exited the teacher's lounger. Lysander went over to Erin's side and took her hands in his own. He raised her hands to his lips and gave them a kiss. Erin brought her hands down, but she entangled both of her hands in his. She leaned up on her tip-toes just enough to give Lysander a quick kiss.

"Thank you, dear," she said sincerely.

He gave a small nod.

"Why don't you go see how things unfold? I don't think I can face Castiel quite yet… I love you, Erin."

He kissed her forehead and Erin smiled slightly.

"I love you as well. I will tell you how it went tonight. You go home and rest. You seem emotionally out-of-it."

Lysander smiled slightly, pleased that Erin knew him so well to know that emotional events such as the ones that have happened the past few days have left him so drained. He was very tired in his personal state of mind- tired from Castiel, from Deborah, everything. He gave her one last quick kiss and a thank you before he left to head home while Erin headed in the opposite direction to find Deborah.

Erin found Deborah standing in the hall with real tears in her eyes. Alexy and Armin stood guard at one end of the hall, keeping her from running off. Nathaniel, Rosayla and Leigh stood at the other end with their arms crossed. Kim, Violette, Iris and the other students who were manipulated by Deborah looked at her with heartbreak.

"Idiots," Violette whispered.

"N-No," Deborah denied, "You're not an idiot, Vi! No one is! S-She framed me! S-She-"

"-Save it," A cold voice interrupted.

Castiel came up to Deborah with his arms crossed. Deborah's gaze softened.

"Kitten," she said weakly, "You have to believe me."

"No," Castiel said firmly, "I'm done believing whatever lies you've said. Just get out of my sight."

Deborah looked around desperately, looking for anyone she could possibly turn to her side. However, everyone refused to look her in the eyes. No one wanted to see her or hear her. She finally just ran off in tears, plans of leaving Sweet Amoris for good went through her mind.

When all the excitement had died down, Erin just spent a bit of time to herself in the courtyard. All of her friends had apologized. She accepted their apologies- she wasn't one to hold a grudge, no matter how much it hurt in the past. It was all dust in the wind. There was just one person who had yet to apologize. Castiel. She gave a sigh as she rested on the bench. I hope he's okay.


She looked up and spotted Castiel. He took a seat next to her. Being so close to him, Erin was able to see the dark circles under his eyes and the faint traces of wet tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry," he said softly.

Despite how quiet it was spoken, Erin could hear the sincerity in his voice. She knew it took a lot of out of him to just apologize like that, especially with the emotional blow he had received from Deborah. She accepted the apology, mentally, but she was not going to pass the opportunity to tease him.

"What," Erin asked, playing oblivious, "I didn't catch that?"

"I'm sorry," Castiel repeated, a bit louder, "I'm sorry that I said all those things. I didn't mean them. You're like my little sister. No. You are my little sister. We're family and family is supposed to do things for each other without anything in return. It means the world to me that you actually made me, of all people, the godfather of Lucille."


Castiel let out a frustration sigh as he repeated his apology even louder,

"I'm fucking sorry, okay? I was an ass!"

"Was," Erin teased.

It was only then that Castiel realized that she was just messing with him. He gave her a soft glare and nudged him. He wrapped his arm around her and ruffled her hair with his other hand.

"You're just fucking with me."

"After everything you did, of course," Erin laughed, "But really Castiel, I accept your apology. Give me a rematch of Mario Kart and we'll be all good… But…"

"But," Castiel prodded, "That's never good."

"But," Erin continued, "I don't think Lysander won't be as easy… I mean, I might forgive you, but Lysander really took what you said to heart. He's an emotional guy, even if he doesn't show all the emotions. You hurt me and by doing that, you hurt Lys. Not to mention whatever was said during your fight with him…"

Castiel gave a sigh,

"Two separate apologizes to two separate people in one day. I don't think I can do it…"

"Then go get some rest, Captain Jackass," Erin laughed, "After all that happened, I think you deserve it."

"Sure, sure, Shitface," Castiel huffed as he stood up, "See ya later. I'll apologize to Lysander later too."

He started to head out, but before he could get too far, Erin called out to him.

"Hey, Castiel?"

He looked back briefly as she looked at him with a soft gaze,

"Take care of yourself, okay? I know you loved Deborah, but the thing is, it was an emotionally manipulative relationship. That's not love. Just… You'll find someone you love someday- someone who will treat you right, take care of you, actually love you."

Castiel gave a small smile at her words, a bit comforted. Then Erin continued,

"Whomever she may be, I sure do pity her."