Author Note: This is going to be long. I never realized how much I had deleted. The songs are Cinderella by Stevis Curtis Chapman and Traitor by Daughtry.


Christmas Break Deleted Scenes (Originally was going to be a Christmas party chapter- these are just scenes, not a full chapter)

The snow was shining bright despite the fact that no sunlight was showing through the clouds. Erin found herself in the park hand in hand with Lysander. Both of them were dressed in Victorian-like winter wear and smiles. Well, Lysander was smiling until Alexy and Armin had ran by, picking up his girlfriend as they passed by. Lysander gave an exasperated look as he watched them, knowing that he wouldn't be able to stop the slightly insane twins. He chose to stay out of their way to avoid being dragged into their antics.

Alexy and Armin carried her a good distance away, laughing as they did so. She was locked in the middle of them, their arms locked between her own on either side of her.

"Hey," Erin protested with a laugh as she found herself being 'kidnapped' by the twins.

They set her back down, laughing manically. She crinkled her nose and adjusted her clothes before she looked at them amused. She turned to Armin,

"I thought you didn't like the outdoors."

"I don't, but this is snow," Armin explained as he gestured all around them, "Which is why we need your help."

"With what," Erin asked a bit cautiously.

What are they planning, Erin thought wearily. She was used to Rosayla's kidnappings, but for the twins to kidnap her was a rare event (well for them both to do it instead of just Alexy or Alexy joining with Rosayla). The twins gave her a big grin.

"We need your help building a snowman!"

When Castiel had received a call from Lysander asking for help, he wasn't sure what he was expecting. Did Erin get hurt? Was it a flat tire? Did he get stuck in a ditch? Nothing prepared him for what he saw.

Erin seemed to be trapped in a six foot around snowman- none of her body was visible aside from her head and the look was completed with a few buttons and sticks for arms. Alexy and Armin were laughing up a storm. Lysander was standing by Erin in a worrisome fashion.

"Lysander," Erin said firmly, "I'm fine. Really. Just get me out of here!"

"That's what I'm here for," Castiel said as he walked up, "Just how did this happen anyway?"

"Ask the idiots," Erin gritted through her teeth as she nodded in the direction of the twins.

Alexy and Armin continued to laugh.

Erin looked around her house proudly- everything was perfect. The outside of the house was decorated with Christmas lights. 'Snow' was sprayed on the windows with a small snowman as well. In the living room there was a small Christmas tree was lit up in the corner with a few presents under the tree, the lights caused the tinsel on the tree to shine. Stockings were hung by the chimney with care and there was a small nativity scene on the mantel. The table was set with various food and drinks, including a few alcoholic ones. Mistletoe was hanging over the doors (and with Alexy's insane 'sticking to tradition' obsession, he all but would force people to kiss if they were under it). Though her house was small, everyone was able to fit into it well enough.

Erin herself was decorated. A some-what ugly Christmas sweater adored her figure along with reindeer leggings and boots. She even wore the fuzzy antlers.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Rosayla was laughing with Iris and Violette. Leigh was talking with Lysander in a corner. Castiel was playing his guitar softly, an acoustic version of Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire. Alexy and Armin were talking to themselves, though Alexy had a keen eye out, ready to call someone out for being under the mistletoe for too long. Erin held two glasses of wine as she walked over to Nathaniel, who was leaning against the doorway with a tired expression. She offered one of the glasses to him, which he accepted. They both silently cheered and took a few sips of it.

"You doing okay, Nathaniel?"

"I'm fine," Nathaniel sighed, "Just tired. The holiday season is pretty stressful."

"The beauties of wine," Erin pointed out, "Is that it does a wonderful job of making the holidays relaxing."

"And getting you drunk," Nathaniel said amused, "I'd rather not drink too much of it."

"MISTLETOE," Alexy shouted, bringing everyone's attention to him.

He raised his hand and pointed toward Nathaniel and Erin. The two shared a minor look of confusion before they looked up. Sure enough, they were under a mistletoe. They both glanced briefly at Lysander, but he didn't seem to mind- if Erin didn't know better, she would have said that Lysander seemed amused that they were under the mistletoe. Erin gave a small grin.

"Merry Christmas Nathaniel," she said softly as she gave him a friendly peck on the lips.

The peck was enough to turn him pink, but he smiled at her.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Erin."

Erin sat on the couch, drinking a bit more of the wine, as she talked with Lysander. Castiel's music had stopped as he took a small break and lingered by the wall with a beer (which Erin had supplied by popular demand).

"We have to watch A Miracle On 34th Street and It's A Wonderful Life. They're Christmas classics," Erin argued.

"I disagree. A Charlie Brown Christmas, I Want A Dog Charlie Brown and How The Grinch Stole Christmas are Christmas classics."

The two continued to argue about which movies were truly Christmas classics before finally Erin stood up and headed over to Castiel. Castiel raised an eyebrow as he saw a slightly stumbling Erin headed toward him.

"Captain," she greeted, "I need your help settling an argument. What movie do you think is truly a Christmas classic?"

"Four Christmases," Castiel replied instantly, causing Erin to groan as it wasn't one of the ones she and Lysander had discussed.

Before she could say another word, Alexy's voice rang out.


The two turned and saw Alexy was pointing at them. Again, Erin groaned as she looked up and spotted a mistletoe above her and Castiel. The two cursed.

"Hell no," Castiel denied, "I'm not kissing Shitface."

"I don't kiss assholes- it's too dirty. You don't know where they've been," Erin retorted, causing Castiel to smirk.

"Touché, but there is no way in hell I am kissing you. No offense."

"No offense taken."


The two grumbled and Erin briefly looked over to see her boyfriend chuckling to himself. With a great effort, she was able to briefly peck Castiel on the lips, causing them both to spit and sputter curses.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Castiel complained.

"There is not enough mouthwash in the world," Erin added with a groan, "I think I need more wine."

"Me too."

Erin giggled as she leaned on Lysander's shoulder. Lysander looked at her amused, but soon eyed the empty wine in her hand. He was getting mildly concerned about the amount of wine she was drinking. It may have been the holidays, but he did not want to see his girlfriend drunk.

"MISTLETOE," Erin shouted, her voice joined with Alexy.

A drunk Erin, he learned, impersonated things and people. In this particular case, she kept copying Alexy. She raised her hand and lazily pointed to across the room. Everyone's eyes were wide at who got caught under the mistletoe. Nathaniel and Castiel both looked up and saw the mistletoe, a sinking nauseous feeling swept over them. Castiel spat out his drink.


Lysander stayed after the party to help clean up. He figured it was the least he could do to help Erin as she stumbled around the room. He ended up cleaning everything up himself with Erin singing drunken versions of Christmas carols. She kept giggling and stumbling that by the time Lysander was done, he found her on the floor laughing. The clock told him it was already pretty late and Erin would need to get to bed.

I hope she does not hate me for this, Lysander thought as he helped Erin off the ground.

"Erin, it's time for bed… Let's go get you into some comfortable pajamas…"

He spoke softly and slowly.

"But I'm not tired…."

Yet, she still let Lysander lead her up to her bedroom, giggling the whole way. Lysander slowly started to help her take off her sweater.

"Can you undress yourself," Lysander asked slowly.

Erin started to lazily take off her sweater. However, as soon as it was half-way up and covered her eyes, she started to giggle. The sleeves of the sweater draped past her hands and she hunched over.

"Rawr, I'm a scary monster," she giggled as she stumbled toward Lysander.

Lysander rolled his eyes, but he smiled in amusement. I suppose not.

Deleted Scenes from chapters with Deborah

Her words fueled Erin's anger even more. Not only did Deborah just admit that she didn't really care about Castiel, the guy who obviously cared about her, but she just admitted that she never did in the first place. Castiel, along with everyone else at the school for that matter, were just pawns in her game.

"I'm only telling you this because I already have everyone here wrapped around my finger," Deborah smirked, "They'll never believe you."

Erin finally snapped.

"You bitch," Erin snarled as she raised her fist.

Deborah barely even registered that she had gotten punched until her face started to sting. Erin's fist hurt a bit from the force she used but it was worth it. Erin took deep breaths as she rubbed her fist.

"People are not pawns. Their emotions are not toys you can play with."

Erin wasn't sure what she expected when Lysander would get home- a black eye? Tears? If she dared to hope maybe he would come back happy because it worked out? However, Lysander arrived home in a storm. He stomped through the front door and had a small glare on his face. He started to angrily pace the living room. Concerned, Erin put Lucille down and headed over.

"Lysander," Erin asked cautiously, "Are you alright?"

"Alright," Lysander repeated, "I am anything but alright!"

Erin took a small step backwards as Lysander's last nerve snapped. All the anger he had held in finally blew up. His dark tone of voice scared her to her core and she shrank away as he shouted.

"Castiel is being irrational and stupid! He cannot see what is there because he insists on deluding himself on the illusion of love!"

Erin took Lysander's words to heart, causing tears to swell up.

"Illusion of love," she questioned, barely able to find her voice.

Lysander continued to pace the floor, waving his hands dramatically. I don't like this, Erin thought as she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach.

"It's not love," Lysander continued, oblivious to how Erin was taking it, "It's obsession! It's lust! It's infatuation! Any of those words would fit it but it is not love!"

His voice seethed with anger as he continued. Erin's heart seemed to break as he continued to rant about how it was anything but love. Is that how he feels, Erin thought. Her lip quivered. Lysander continued to speak, not noticing how Erin didn't realize he was not speaking about their own relationship but rather Deborah's and Castiel's. With each word he said, Erin's heart seemed to crack and break. Her world seemed to crumble.

Lysander's anger never wavered until finally he resorted to violence. His anger sent a message to his fist as he hit the wall, causing a hole. His fist burned, but he didn't care. He was finally feeling a bit more release. He was calm now. There was a reason he hated too much emotion and this was that reason- if he wasn't able to write it down, it showed in other ways, ways he didn't like. He was thrown out of his daze as he heard Lucille cry from the room next over. Over his daughter's cries, he heard a small whimper.

Turning, he saw Erin. Her hands were up to her mouth and she was shaking slightly. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Lysander took a step toward her, but she dodged him causing his heart to break.

"Erin," he whispered, "Love?"

Various Deleted Fluffs

Lysander held Lucille up and eyed her cautiously. New to being a father, he was unsure how to handle the one month old baby. Was he supposed to rock her to sleep? Bounce her on his knee? Pat her back to get her to burp? How as he supposed to feed her with a bottle? Erin had taken care of most of the baby care for the first month. She deserved a break, but Lysander realized he should have paid more attention to how Erin handled their daughter. Then maybe he would have an idea of what to do.

Erin sat calmly beside him on the other end of the couch, enjoying the break from child care. She had a laptop out as she looked up various tutorials. A ball of yarn and some knitting needles sat on her lap. She never really got into sewing or knitting or anything of the sort. Yet it seemed like something that would be fun to pass the time with. She hummed to herself as she got into the knitting, not sure what she was doing, but having fun as she did it.

She got distracted, however, when she heard a small gag. Turning she saw Lysander holding Lucille up, throw up on his shoulder and a bit on his mouth.

"What… What do I do," Lysander asked, a bit stiff as he turned to Erin.

Erin gagged and turned away. She covered her hand with her mouth.

"Just get it away from me. I love you, but if you stay here I'm going to throw up too."

Lucille was finally eleven months old. With that age came the first steps and the first words- her first word being papa. Erin was grinning as the video recorder sat on the table. Lysander was watching from a distance, amused as he fixed breakfast for his girl.

"Can you say car," Erin cooed.

"Car," Lucille babbled, the word barely coming out.

"Can you say papa?"

"Papa," Lucille babbled with a giggle.

"Good girl! Can you say hi?"

Erin gave a little wave which Lucille repeated.


"Can you say yes?"


"Can you say no?"


Lysander rolled his eyes, slightly amused at the 'conversation.' His heart swelled with pride that his daughter could say so many words.

"Can you say mama?"

Here we go, Lysander thought as he turned his attention to them. Erin was smiling, but he knew it wouldn't last for long.


Erin's smile fell as Lysander left.

"Can you say papa?"


"Can you say mama?"


Erin looked at Lysander, pleading for him to do something. He just shrugged as if to say, what is there for me to do?

Deleted Scene from a deleted chapter 'Senior Prom'

Erin couldn't help but spin around in glee. The dress fit her perfectly. The light blue corset seemed to push her breasts up and together (making them seem even bigger- as if they weren't big enough with all the breast feeding she had done). The darker blue fabric of the skirt wasn't ruffled, but instead flowed down her legs all the way to the floor. She couldn't help but feel like a pretty princess, especially with the lightly jeweled tiara pinned up in her hair which was curled into a fabulous up-do.

All the negativity of the events of the earlier month had passed. Lysander's father's funeral had passed as well- the event was saddened, but peaceful and afterwards, Lysander was back to being himself. Castiel had apologized to Lysander, which Lysander accepted. Everything was back to being peaceful. Now they had one more obstacle to get through. Senior Prom.

"M'lady," Lysander said as he appeared in the doorway with a bow, "I believe we have a prom to go to."

Erin turned to her kind sir. Lysander was dressed in the casual, yet nice, suit that she bought him a few weeks ago. The suit fit him as nice as she had hoped and the blue scarf he wore matched her dress. He kept it unbuttoned, revealing the Victorian-like white puffy shirt he wore underneath. Erin bit her lip as he eyed him up and down. Hot damn. He walked over and interlinked their elbows. They shared a small kiss and were just about to leave when they were stopped.

"Oh no you don't," Rosayla called out, "You are not leaving until I get about a dozen pictures!"

She walked into the room with Leigh right behind her. Lysander's older brother had graciously agreed to look after Lucille while Lysander and Erin went to the prom. Since Rosayla refused to go to something as stereotypical and fake as senior prom, it worked out rather well. Rosayla squealed when she saw Erin in her dress and Lysander in the suit. She quickly posed the couple by the front door,

"Erin, I swear, you're going to make every girl there jealous! You look beautiful! And might I say, the breast feeding really worked for you!"

She gave a sly wink, causing Erin to blush slightly. Lysander couldn't help but glance down briefly and give a nod of agreement, causing Erin to nudge him. Rosayla quickly snapped a photo…and another…and another… By the time she had about thirty pictures, Erin finally spoke up.

"Rosayla, I think that's plenty of pictures, but we're going to be late."

"Oh fine, off you two, shoo! Remember, no sex in the bathroom, that's a prom cliché. If you're going to have sex, at least do it in the limo. But don't you dare be bringing me a second niece or a nephew! No more kids! We already have our hands full! Now, shoo!"

Rosayla pushed the couple out the door, being sure to shove a few condoms into Lysander's suit pocket. The couple stood on the front porch, red and embarrassed. The limo waited outside patiently. As they neared it, the window rolled down revealing Nathaniel, who looked less than pleased.

"Erin, Lysander, you both look nice! But please get in here before I rip Castiel's head off."

"Like you could," Castiel replied, his voice muffled due to being inside the limo.

Deleted Scene from a deleted chapter 'Four Years of College Collage'

Castiel often questioned himself as to why he was even going to college. Why would he put himself through the amount of hell and stress that was college? Was it because of his parents? The girls he would meet? Because Lysander was there so at least he had someone he could count on? No matter the reason, he was almost sure it wasn't good enough as he found himself in the communal kitchen at an early, insane hour with a craving for waffles.

He stood there in his boxes and a loose t-shirt, not caring about his lack of clothing. It was too early (or rather late) for anyone to be down there.

"And here I thought I was the only one who used the waffle maker. Move over, Cherry Top."

Before Castiel could protest, he was shoved aside slightly. A woman, about his age, stood there in a long t-shirt and short shorts. Her hair was cut in undercut and dyed blue and red. Castiel could spot the piercings on her eyebrow and the tattoos on her arms even in the dim lights.

"There are nicer ways to tell someone to move," Castiel pointed out.

"You're right. Please move, asshole… I'm sorry that was rude. I'm just tired. Name's Raiden. You?"

Castiel took his waffle out of the maker and put it on a plate.

"Castiel. I guess I'll see you later, Ray."

Castiel started to head out of the kitchen.

"It's Raiden," her voice called out to her.

"You got it, Ray-ray!"

Deleted Scenes from a deleted chapter 'Years Later'

Twenty-one year old Erin couldn't help but smile as her four-year-old daughter bounced around happily, babbling about the flowers in the field. Her black hair fell down her back in soft waves and there were small wrinkles in the corners of her eyes- some from stress, some from all the laughing she's done. Even with the wrinkles at her eyes, she still had her very youthful, beautiful appearance and a womanly body that was covered in a blue sundress for the spring weather.

The park was Lucille's favorite place. The flowers, the butterflies, and the birds were all fascinating to her. Erin laid out on the blanket and looked up at the sky, the clouds dancing around. Lysander sat beside her with a smile.

"Love," he said, getting her attention, "These have been the best years of my life. Being with you has changed me for the better and I love you dearly. I love our daughter as well and I hope one day she will grow up to be as wonderful as her mother… And I realized that I don't want to spend another day without you by my side…"

Erin sat up as Lysander spoke. She looked at him curiously, but her heart pounded in her chest. Lysander got to his knees and took out a small black box.

"M'lady, will you marry me?"

Erin tackled him to the ground with a laugh and a kiss.

"Of course, kind sir."

There were many details that Erin had decided on about the wedding. She had asked Ryan to be the one to give her away at the alter- which he accepted. Lucille would obviously be the flower girl. It would be a spring wedding as he proposed in the spring. She wasn't sure about the location, but there was still plenty of time to decide. The girls were thrilled to hear about the wedding- Alexy and Luke were too, going into wedding planner mode as they suggested everything from color schemes to locations to doves.

Rosayla seemed to be the most excited- she had her own wedding band on her finger from her wedding with Leigh the previous year. She knew all about weddings and most importantly, she knew all about wedding dresses. She grabbed Erin by the shoulders and started to shake her.

"We have to get you a wedding dress, pronto! Do you want it in a virgin white? A light tan or pink? Do you want a mermaid gown? Lace? Ruffles? Victorian? Goth? A scoop neckline? Or a square neckline? No sleeves? Long sleeves? Something strapless?"

Rosayla continued about all the different types of possible dresses. Erin gave a small laugh.

"Rosayla, I don't care if it's a sack as long as it's pastel blue…"

Deleted Scenes from a deleted chapter 'Life Is Looking Up'

Erin had only been gone for one hour. She figured there wasn't too much trouble that her daughter and boyfriend could get into in that amount of time. Though mentally she was preparing herself to walk into a war zone- anything from sharpie disasters to another shaving cream accident. Yet as she entered the house with the groceries, there wasn't any disaster that she could see. She set the groceries on the table, but she was still cautious. Suspicious, she headed up to Lucille's room.

The sound of a cute four-year-old giggling reached her ears. Smiling slightly, Erin peaked through the crack of the door. Lysander sat on the ground with Lucille. The little girl was in her princess dress and she was pouring imaginary tea from a fake tea pot into little tiny play tea cups. Lucille had many tiny bows in her hair and as Erin looked at Lysander, she saw many tiny bows in his hair as well as the neon green tutu he wore over his trousers.

"I see you had fun while I was gone," Erin said as she entered the room.

Lysander looked up at his fiancé with a smile. Lucille ran to her mother and gave her a big hug.

"Momma," she cried, "Papa's a princess!"

"Really now," Erin questioned, "Is he a pretty princess?"

Lucille crinkled her nose.

"No. But we love him!"

Erin took a few deep breaths. I can do this, Erin thought, I already did this once. She looked at her shaky hands. Taking a few more deep breaths, she gained the courage she needed. Lysander sat across from her on the couch, looking at her in concern. I hid it from him for four months, Erin thought, it's time he knows… Lucille was gone for the day, spending time with her (now married) uncles, Alexy and Luke. It was the first time in four months that Erin and Lysander had a full day to themselves. It was the perfect chance to tell him.

Erin sat down on the couch and took her husband's hands in her own.

"Erin," he asked cautiously, "Love? Is something wrong?"

"Lysander," Erin said slowly, "I'm pregnant… Four months along… We're going to have a son."

Erin looked up at him with happy tears in her eyes. Lysander got over the shock as he hugged her tightly, overjoyed that they were bringing another life into the world.

"A son," Lysander cheered softly as he kissed her, "We're going to have a son! Have you thought of any names yet, love?"

"I think Zander would be a good name," Erin said with a laugh.

"Zander it is," Lysander agreed, "Zander Shay Hughes…. Erin, we're going to have a son… A beautiful baby boy… Lucille's going to have a younger brother… Love, this is wonderful…"

The day of Lucille's fifth birthday party was hectic. Erin and Lysander just wanted a simple birthday party, however Rosayla wanted to go big. As a result, they now had a bouncy house set up in the front yard, a confused clown, a large cake, and too many balloons and other decorations to even count. Though Erin was secretly glad that they didn't have a pool (yet) in the backyard otherwise she would have spent her time worrying about possibly drowning if someone fell in.

There were many kids running around- some were Lucille's friends from kindergarten, some were neighborhood kids, and some were kids of close family friends. Neighborhood parents were at the party as well, talking to one another as was Rosayla, Leigh, Alexy, Luke, Ryan, Jennifer, Ophelia, and other friends. Ryan and Jennifer, who had yet to marry as they decided that marriage was too much of a struggle, laughed as their son and daughter played. Rosayla and Leigh's own set of daughters (twins) were playing with Lucille.

Lysander spotted his nine-months-pregnant wife struggling to get through the crowd and quickly went over to help her.

"Love, you have to be careful," he chimed softly.

"I am careful," Erin crinkled her nose, "Considering all of things that happened when I was pregnant with Lucille, this is pretty good."

Lysander gave a slightly amused smile, but he didn't have a chance to say anything as Lucille tugged on his sleeve.

"Daddy," she looked up innocently, "Daddy sing!"

Lysander smiled and picked up Lucille, spinning her around as she giggled. A few of the parents nearby smiled. Erin smiled as well.

"You heard her, Lys," Erin said amused, "Daddy sing."

Lysander put Lucille down and did as requested. She put her feet on his and very carefully the two started to dance together as Lysander's smooth voice sang.

"She spins and she sways to whatever song plays without a care in the world. And I'm sitting here wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders. It's been a long day and there's still work to do. She's pulling at me saying 'Dad I need you! There's a ball at the castle and I've been invited and I need to practice my dancin' Oh please, Daddy, please!'"

Lysander started to dance around with a big grin on his face. Lucille started giggling. Both Erin and Rosayla were quick to grab cameras and video tape the scene.

"So I will dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms. 'Cause I know something the prince never knew. Oh I will dance with Cinderella. I don't want to miss even one song. 'Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight and she'll be gone…"

Raiden stared down at the positive pregnancy test in her hands. She had been dating Castiel for a few years. Were they ready for a child? Would it be a girl? A boy? Would Castiel help her with the kid or dump her? Was she going to be a good mother? Her breathing hitched slightly as she walked out of the bathroom with a forlorn expression, the pregnancy test dangling in her hands.

She wandered into the living room and sat down wordlessly beside Castiel. He looked at her a bit confused- they've been living together for the past month. He learned about her bad habits- leaving the waffle iron on, leaving towels on the floor and squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the tube instead of the bottom. He learned to work around her other quirks- singing in the shower, sleeping in random places at random times, and not to mention how she just had to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas every single Christmas. Not that he minded. After all, she learned about his smoking, his insomnia, his fear of spiders…

They still loved each other, no matter. Yet Castiel never saw her looking as lost and sad as she did now. Seeing that flame in her eyes dim made his heart break. He wrapped an arm around her comfortingly,

"Hey Ray, what's wrong?"


"Bullshit," Castiel said bluntly.

He looked at her closely- looking for any hints at what made her so upset. Then he saw the pregnancy test in her hands.

"Raiden," Castiel said softly.

Raiden looked up at him with tears in her eyes,

"…Cas, I'm pregnant…"

"…We were just like brothers and we had each other," Lysander sang, "We were down for the good times. We were there for the troubles Like a thief in the night, broad daylight. You stole my sanity. Now you are the enemy."

Erin cheered loudly, even going as far as jumping up and down. She stood in the front row of the concert, right by the stage. The VIP Backstage pass hung from her neck and she wore possibly the most revealing outfit she's worn since she had Zander. Though she had to admit that she didn't look like the mother of two kids- the weight she gained during the second pregnancy was already gone but the breasts stayed. A revealing outfit like the one she wore was appropriate for the concert. Rosayla and Raiden wore similar outfits- Raiden even managed to look good as well though she had yet to lose those pounds from her pregnancy.

"Are you sure you wanna play this game? Are you sure you wanna play it?"

All the children were being watched by Leigh which left the adults free to party. This particular party was the first big concert of Lysander and his band, Victori (which consisted of Lysander, Castiel, Alexy, and even Nathaniel). They had finally got a deal from a manager which gave them all hope of becoming the next big thing.

Lysander stood on the stage as he sung, dressed differently for the concert- the whole band was dressed for the concert. Erin let out a shrill whistle as Lysander sang, causing him to smirk.

"The only thing worse than a hater…The only thing worse than a hater is a traitor… A traitor… A traitor… You put the knife right in my back, killed any history we had and now it's war…War…"

Erin looked up at Lysander with a big grin on her face. The song was written back when Castiel and Lysander had a fight. Though it was all water under the bridge, it was a good song and very catchy. Though she thought about how far she had came with Lysander. They were married. They had two kids. She owned Hoppers, which was still very popular and slightly famous. Lysander's band was about to go big.

Yeah, she thought, life sure is looking up.

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