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Pairing: Dylan/Brenda

"All right, something's wrong," Brandon exclaimed, glancing away from the road to throw her a frustrated look. "Instead of sitting there sulking about it though, Brenda, would you mind not exuding your moody emotions so strongly? It's not exactly a pleasant atmosphere."

Turning to face her brother, for the countless time, horrified, by the words coming out of his mouth, Brenda could only stare.

"Don't look at me like," He sighed tiredly, raking a hand through his hair. "I'm not being mean, for mean's sake, Bren! This has to stop! I understood that after Dylan and Kelly got together, you were having a hard time. But it's been weeks! Don't you think it's time to stop punishing them by constantly walking around with a miserable look on your face? For God's sake, Bren – Dylan's father just died!"

Shaking her head, lost for words despite the horrible hurt clogging up her chest, Brenda forced her eyes to the windshield, knowing how useless it was to try to talk to Brandon.

He didn't want to know.

Deep down, under all the sympathy, concern and general effort, her brother simply wanted this 'teen drama' to be over. And he didn't understand why it wasn't.

She was a nuisance.

It had been a bitter realisation to swallow in the aftermath of Dylan and Kelly, but she couldn't ignore it anymore.

Her brother, her twin, cared that she'd been hurt, yes, but not enough that it had influenced his interactions with Dylan and Kelly for long.

How was she meant to deal with that?

Steve, Donna, David, they were all over it. Dylan and Kelly had been an item for long enough now, they no longer looked her way when they kissed in front of her. Worried about her reaction. And Andrea's head was always far too full of her brother to care about much else.

But Brandon? He was supposed to be hers.

Family wasn't supposed to weigh the transgressions of the parties and come to an amicable arrangement. They weren't supposed to remain cordial to the people who had directly hurt someone of their blood. They weren't supposed to be rational. Empathetic. Reasonable.

He was her twin. Her brother. Her family.

Brandon wasn't supposed to feel stuck in the middle. He was supposed to be on her side. Always. Even when she was wrong.

But he wasn't.

A month after Dylan and Kelly had revealed their summer together, and Brandon happily talked to them in the halls. Lent Kelly his English notes if she was late to class. Invited Dylan on guy nights.

And Brenda didn't know how to feel about that betrayal.

And he didn't see it!

Brandon saw nothing wrong in what he was doing. Nothing!

How was that possible?!

…How could he not care?

And so Brenda said nothing, clutching her school bag closely to her chest, concentrating on the feel of the car beneath her feet, despising the fact that she couldn't even talk to her brother in confidence. Stunned at the realisation that she had to worry, as she did with all her friends, about what she said to him, worried that it might get back to Dylan and Kelly.

"Fine," Brandon scoffed, hands tight around the steering wheel. "Fine, Brenda. Have your moment of drama. I don't care."

I know you don't, her mind whispered.

She was out of the car and across the grass as soon as the car pulled into West Beverly high car park, head down as she powerwalked her way past lingering students.