Summary- Ruby is tired of celebrating everyone's happy ending but hers and realizes leaving everything she's ever known may be her last chance of finding it. What Ruby doesn't know is that not everyone is as content with their happy ending as she thinks.

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Chapter One- Invisible.

Ruby 'Red' Lucas looked around her and silently observed the excited crowd who had gathered at Granny's in honor of those who had recently returned from Neverland. They were at the diner celebrating the return of everyone who went to Neverland to save Henry. After the curse had been broken she noticed that everyone around her seemed to be getting their happy endings back. Except for her, she just felt sad now, the curse had helped her forget all of those people she killed in the Enchanted Forest; especially Peter her true love.

A burst of laughter dances through the air and Ruby turns to see David, head thrown back slightly, chuckling at something Snow is whispering into his ear. His mirth melts into an all-encompassing air of contentment as he looks down at his wife, who is staring up at him dreamily. Ruby can't recall ever seeing Snow this happy. Her heart swells for a moment before it deflates, drained by the ever growing emptiness inside her. She is happy for Snow. She is. But a part of her isn't. Snow and Ruby have been through so much together. They have fought and bled and almost died together, always looking out for each other, but recently...Snow hardly even notices Ruby's existence anymore. Ruby watches from a distance as her best friend drifts even further from her, lost in the perfect bubble of her perfect happy ending. Snow found her Charming. Ruby lost her Snow.

Ruby sighs deeply and waits for Granny's usual rebuff to 'Get back to work'. She almost invites it, lingering too long at an empty table and ignoring a nearby customer's calls for another coffee. Granny doesn't notice. She's sitting with Marco in one of the corner booths, squinting at him affectionately over the rims of her spectacles. There is a softness in her eyes Ruby hasn't seen before, and Marco's bashful grin makes him seem years younger. Ruby loiters for a few more moments, trying to draw Granny's attention, but gives up when Granny leans closer to Marco and brushes her fingers over the blush warming Marco's smile-wrinkled cheeks.

"Get back to work" Ruby whispers to herself.

"Hey Rubes!" Ruby's heart flutters hopefully when Emma shoots her a cheeky smile and waves her over to their table. She's not invisible. People do care. Not everybody has been too blinded by their happy ending to notice that she didn't get hers. A soft smile blooms on her lips and she walks over. She greets Neal, but he doesn't hear. He reminds Ruby of a shar-pei puppy - face all wrinkled with happiness as he gazes at Emma. Ruby smirks and leans against the backrest of Emma's chair.

"Hey, Em." Ruby greets warmly.

"Can we get two more shots? Thanks, Rubes." Emma orders dismissively, sliding the empty glasses over the table towards Ruby. Ruby blinks at the glasses. She's too shocked to move. Emma finally notices her and absentmindedly pats Ruby's arm.

"Oh, hey. It's ok." Ruby looks up when Emma speaks, grateful that Emma has finally noticed something is wrong. "If you're out of whisky any spirits will do. Thanks Rubes." Emma turns back to Neal and chuckles at his puppy-eyed expression. They stare into each other's eyes grinning like two teenagers on their first date.

The glasses remain untouched on the table. Ruby finds her way back to the counter. Her fingers brush against the worn surface of the counter she has wiped down a thousand times, day after day, cleaning up after everyone. That's all she is to them. Sad, lost eyes drift from table to table. From Happy Ending to Happy Ending. Her eyes finally come to rest on the occupants of the last table in the corner. Roland is making a mess of the diner table, crayons marking everything but the sheet of paper he is meant to be drawing on. Robin ruffles his hair and chuckles at his son, reaching out to take Regina's hand. Regina is glowing. Ruby can't think of any other way to describe her. Staring down at Roland with unfiltered affection, hand lovingly cradled in Robin's, Regina is glowing with happiness. It is the most breathtaking thing Ruby has ever seen.

Ruby's heart constricts inside her chest and for a moment she finds it hard to breathe. It's too much. She is suffocating in all the happiness around her. The curse is broken; the savior has brought back all the happy endings. All except one. Because the Savior can't bring back Ruby's happy ending. Even the Savior can't bring people back from the dead.


A sob wrenches through Ruby. Ruby doesn't realize she's running out of the diner until she hears someone calling after her. She doesn't see the soft look in dark eyes as they follow her until she disappears into the forest. All she sees is Peter's mangled corpse, and his blood all over her.

Oh, Peter.

She continues running as the tears fall steadily and the sobs make it harder to breathe. She doesn't realize close she is to the town line until she almost crosses it only to quickly stop and fall to her knees close by the line. She continues to sit there feeling stupid for hoping at least one person would have followed her. Staring at the town line and beyond it she begins to think. Maybe if she crosses and forgets who she is she would be happier, nobody would miss her anyways they all have their own happy endings.


Regina smiles lovingly at Robin as he grabs her hand, she couldn't believe she was getting a happy ending after all. The evil queen that everyone once hated had her son back, a man to love, and friends again. She is broken from her happiness when Ruby the waitress/werewolf sobs catching everyone's attention before rushing out of the diner still crying. Standing up Regina runs after her.

"Ruby!" Yelling after the brunette Regina continues to watch sadly as Ruby runs into the forest.

Everyone at the diner just continued watching as Ruby ran off suddenly feeling saddened. Snow glances at Charming her eyes filling with tears; she didn't know what to do. Charming just gives her a reassuring smile and kisses her hand. Emma watched after her friend feeling terrible she's the Savior and she didn't even notice the sadness in the usually optimistic brunette, Neal just kissed her cheek with a mumbled 'She'll be fine'. Belle watched the girl who had been nice to her when the curse first broke; she couldn't believe she had been so caught up with Rumple she didn't notice the sadness in Ruby. Rumple had no idea what to do watching Ruby the normally composed wolf run. Granny got up to go after her granddaughter but thought better of it and just sat back down hugging Marco. Nobody even bothered to go after Ruby; they were all to filled with guilt to chase after her.

"I um I think Rumple and I will be heading home." Belle said softly before taking Rumple's hand and leaving.

Everyone else slowly followed as Granny closed up the diner; freezing as they all heard a broken howl off in the distance.

Regina didn't know why but her heart broke at the sound; sure the wolf had been there for her before and even helped her once or twice but that's all. She suddenly stopped when she realized where the sound had come from. Ruby was at the town line!

"She's at the town line." She whispered more to herself than the others although they all heard.

Nobody moved upon this revelation, not even Mulan or Aurora who had also come to Storybrooke following Neal and had become friends with the waitress.


Ruby looked up at the moon before taking off her cloak, she always thought better when in wolf form. As soon as the cloak hit the ground Ruby turned into her huge black wolf. It was suddenly then that she realized that she wanted to leave Storybrooke but she would wait until the next night. She wanted to at least tell everyone goodbye. She continued to stare at the moon and sat still before letting out a loud and broken howl and taking off in a run through the forest.