Summary- Ruby is tired of celebrating everyone's happy ending but hers and realizes leaving everything she's ever known may be her last chance of finding it. What Ruby doesn't know is that not everyone is as content with their happy ending as she thinks.

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Chapter Eleven- Remembering.

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Robin was running as fast as he could, he couldn't believe what he had done to Ruby. The more he ran the further the diner seemed to be, in his mind he felt like a villain. Every tree he passed, every animal he saw, everything made him feel like he wasn't going to get to the others in time. How could he have hurt Ruby like that, he really didn't care that she was with Regina. He knew after a while that Regina wasn't his to begin with.

"Zelena!" He yells out, he needed a faster way to get to the others. Please, please hear me. He begged in his mind.

A bright green smoke appears before him, revealing the redhead he had truly fallen for. "I need you to help me, please I am begging you." He says stepping up to her. "Take me to the diner, I've done something awful."

The redhead takes a deep breath, everyone in this town hated her, and well she couldn't blame them. Although if she was to truly be honest the only reason she did what she did was because of Robin, and now everyone believe he was supposed to be with that blonde fairy.

"Let's go darling." Zelena says holding her hand out to him, when he takes her hand they appear in the diner.

"You!" Regina yells rushing over to the redhead and Robin. "How could you." She growls out, knowing her anger is being misplaced.

Robin steps back and looks at Regina, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He says quietly looking at the brunette he had been convinced he loved. "I wasn't in control of my body."

Zelena steps up and looks at Regina, "I know we don't get along, but sis he really wasn't in control that blue bitch was controlling him. I was working on a spell to fix everything when you all thought I was plotting on killing you."

"We've finished." Rumple says walking over to Regina and glaring darkly at Robin.

Robin gulps before looking at everyone, "I can lead you to her. I can't even begin to tell you all how sorry I am."

"Oh you're not sorry. You enjoyed it, don't lie." Blue says having finally awakened and noticing she was tied up she looked at Regina. "Why am I tied up? He is the one who should be tied up."

Regina and Zelena both tense up at the same time, turning and glaring at Blue, "Do you have a death wish?" Emma says before either sister could speak.

"Just stop, we need to get to Ruby! She is badly hurt, and it's all my fault." Robin says blaming himself completely.

Everyone agrees and they beginning moving toward the cabin, Rumple giving Regina the memory potion so they can help. The dark one deciding to stay at the diner with Granny so they can keep an eye on Blue.


Ruby lays on the table no longer chained up and in a ton of pain. She didn't know if anyone was ever going to come for her, all she really knew was that Robin had left claiming he was going to get help. Finally deciding to just try and get up she almost screams when the door flies open.

"Ruby! Baby!" Regina cries out quickly moving over to the woman she was truly in love with.

Ruby takes a deep breath and buries her face in Regina's neck as soon as she is wrapped in her arms. "I didn't think you were coming." She whispers out.

"I will always find you." Regina whispers before her and everyone start laughing at the saying Snow and David use.

Snow rolls her eyes, "Real funny Regina."

"I thought so." Regina responds before using magic to make clothes appear on the wolf.

Ruby slowly stands up with help, "I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of this, magic is real and stuff like that."

Zelena hands Regina the healing potion along with the remembering potion.

"Drink these dear, and they will help." The former Evil Queen says handing Ruby both vials.

Hesitating for a few minutes Ruby drinks the healing potion first and a dark black smoke envelops her before healing her. "Whoa, that was really weird." She says before drinking the other potion and gasping as memory after memory hits her.

Regina waits patiently with everyone else waiting to see the wolf's reaction, however she isn't prepared to be pulled into an earth shattering kiss that makes her heart beat faster.

After a few minutes Ruby pulls back, "I remember, Gina I remember." She says excitedly before spotting Robin. "I forgive you, I truly forgive you. I know it wasn't something you would do." She says walking over and hugging him.

Robin practically breaks down as he hugs the wolf back, "I am so sorry." He whispers in her ear.

Pulling away from him she smiles sadly, "Don't worry about it. I saw the changes in you after everything."

Everyone stands there for a minute more before the wolf speaks up again.

"Let's get out of here." She says causing everyone to agree before they all leave and head back to the diner.


Granny is the quick to appear in front of her granddaughter. "Oh, I am so glad you are okay."

Smiling the wolf wraps her arms around the older woman and hugs her tightly, but not using her wolf strength. "I am so glad to see you Granny." She whispers in the older woman's ear.

The grey haired woman immediately holds Ruby close, she was thankful that the girl wasn't dead. Well, she had faith that she wouldn't be dead anyways, a Lucas doesn't die without a fight.

"Alright dearie, don't hog the wolf." Rumple teases jokingly before moving over and hugging Ruby himself.

I finally have a family, I used to think I was completely invisible. Thank you for letting me remember. Ruby was thinking to herself as she hugged the Dark one back.

"Thank you for helping save me." She whispers to him, not knowing what else to say.

Smiling to himself Rumple pulls back and looks at her, "Anything for family."

Belle rushes over and pulls Ruby into a tight hug, "Oh I am so glad you are okay!" She says quickly as she holds the woman she began to see as a best friend.

Smiling the leggy brunette hugs the librarian back before pulling away and tilting her head to the side. "You're pregnant with twins?" she asks looking at the woman in shock.

The blondish-brunette gasps forgetting about the wolf's ability to sense things, "Yes, everyone knows but um you went through all of that stuff."

Maleficent stands off to the side not really knowing anything about the wolf, and not wanting to intrude.

"Red, this is Maleficent. She's been my best friend for centuries." Regina says pulling her girlfriend gently over to the blonde woman.

Ruby smiles and holds out her hand, "Hi, it's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too." Maleficent responds with a small smile before her focus lands on Blue. "What are we going to do with that bitch?"

Zelena steps forward, "If I may, we could always do to her what you did to me. That bracelet and the asylum."

"For once I actually agree with you." Regina says with fake shock before waving her hand and making Blue disappear.


It was hours later when Ruby and Regina got a few minutes alone.

"Penny for your thoughts." Regina whispers walking up to Ruby and wrapping her arms around the wolf.

Ruby smiles and holds Regina to her, "I was just thinking about how happy I am now."

The former Evil Queen smiles as well, "I'm extremely happy to have you back."

"Thank you." The wolf whispers staring into Regina's eyes with a look of pure love.

A look of confusion crosses Regina's face, "For what?" she asks softly.

"For being there, for not giving up on me." Ruby pauses as a look of contemplation crosses her face. "For helping me to remember."

"Then I should thank you." Regina says staring into Ruby's eyes love shining in her own.

This time it was Ruby's turn to look confused, "For what?"


That simple word caused Ruby to lean forward and kiss Regina with all she had in her.