Summary- Ruby is tired of celebrating everyone's happy ending but hers and realizes leaving everything she's ever known may be her last chance of finding it. What Ruby doesn't know is that not everyone is as content with their happy ending as she thinks.

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Chapter Two- Crossing the Line.

After switching back from her wolf form, Ruby changes into an outfit that is all to revealing before heading off to the Rabbit Hole. Once there she realizes the diner isn't the only place people are celebrating their happy endings. Walking up to the bar she asks for some vodka soda before drinking it. She knows Peter wouldn't want her to be sad but she wishes he was there to talk to. How do you pretend like you don't miss the love of your life? It's way past three in the morning before she heads back to the Inn. Sneaking up to her room she goes to sleep with only one thought crossing her mind. 'Tomorrow night I will cross the line.'

Granny sits on the couch to Ruby's and her apartment talking to Marco when Ruby comes home. Watching as her granddaughter drunkenly walks into the bedroom before slamming the door.

"I just don't understand Marco. What is going on with her?" Granny asks looking up at her love for an explanation.

Marco looks back at her sadly, "Eugenia, think about it like this. Everyone around her is getting their happy endings but she isn't because the man she loves is dead."

Granny closes her eyes in sadness, "I can't believe I forgot about that! I'm so stupid. My grandbaby needs me and I'm so busy worrying about my own happy ending to realize she is breaking."


Regina sits at her kitchen table drinking her wine as she waits for Robin to come back in after putting Roland in Henry's bed. Having watched the waitress run off and then hearing the broken howl as they all headed home she begins to think about her past. The countless people she had killed all because of Snow Freaking White, her inability to keep a secret ruined Regina's life. Daniel poor Daniel the stable boy that showed Regina how to love. Why did her mother have to rip his heart out? Tears fill her eyes but she does not allow them to fall. Love is weakness and weakness means losing.

"You okay darling?" Robin asks upon entering the kitchen and seeing Regina staring off into space.

Looking towards Robin she fakes a smile, "Perfectly fine dear. Just wondering what happened to Ruby that upset her so much."

"Ruby is the waitress that turns into a wolf correct?" He asks walking closer to Regina.

"Yes. Yes she is. Why do you know something?" Regina says wearily of her lover.

Sitting down Robin looks at the woman he believes is his true love, the love in his eyes shining brightly. He never thought he would love anyone after Marian.

"Yes, she is the girl who didn't know she was a wolf until the night she ate her boyfriend. She then killed her mother to protect Snow White from death."

Regina gasps in shock the tears filling her eyes again. That poor girl, she didn't know what she was and killed her own boyfriend. That means she lost her true love to death and will no longer have anyone to love. Not like Regina herself who lost Daniel because of her mother and now has Robin.

"Love, she will be fine tomorrow." Robin whispers before kissing Regina quickly distracting her.

The rest of the night was filled with everyone with a true love/happy ending getting reacquainted with their lover's body. All except Ruby who was now passed out in her bed from all of the alcohol.


Waking up the next morning was difficult for Ruby; her head was pounding from all of the alcohol and crying she did last night. Suddenly she remembers the reason for her crying and tears well up in her eyes once again. Getting up she throws on her usual outfit for the day; black skinny jeans, black tank top, and a red and black checkered button up. Walking over to her desk she grabs a few pieces of paper and envelopes before sitting down and writing letters to certain people. After she's done she looks at the envelopes on her desk; Granny, Snow and Charming, Emma, Henry, Belle, and Regina. Quickly picking up the notes she grabs a red jacket before rushing out the door.

She heads towards Granny's diner first knowing they might all be there for her to give the letter to. Upon entering she stops looking at Granny, Snow, and Charming who are staring at her. Quickly she walks over and hands them their letters before running out and heading to the library. She gives Belle her letter without saying a word and then heads off to the sheriff station handing Emma her letter. Only two more letters left to give out; Henry and Regina. Heading to the school she sees Henry at his usual table and cautiously walks over handing him his letter. Finally she heads to the Mayor's place and knocks on the door; freezing when Robin opens it instead of the brunette Ruby has fallen for.

"Ruby? May I help you?" Robin asks softly so not to frighten the girl.

"I-is Regina home?" She mumbles looking down.

"Yes, hang on darling. REGINA!" Robin yells up the stairs causing the usually calm and collected mayor to run down the stairs.

"What is it? Is Henry hurt?" Regina asks nervously before seeing Ruby at the door.

Ruby smiles sadly before handing her the letter and starting to leave, Regina goes to grab her hand but Robin stops her saying to give Ruby some space. Ruby quickly runs off only to pause when she sees all the people she had given notes before Regina looking at her from where they each are on the street. Realizing they must have read the letters she quickly takes off into the forest without glancing back.


Looking up at the sound of somebody entering the diner Granny stops her conversation with Snow and Charming to see her granddaughter standing at the door. She goes to say something only for Ruby to hand her and Snow an envelope each with their names on it. Then Ruby is gone.


I know it seems like I am being stupid but I can't stay in Storybrooke much longer. It hurts far too much seeing everyone around me getting their happy endings. I love you so much but you are happy with Marco. Tonight at midnight I will be crossing the town line. Before then I have some thinking to do so I will be out running. Peter was the love of my life and without him it isn't worth living everyday with the memories of what I did. I thought I was falling for Regina, yes I know she is the Evil Queen, but she means the world to me. She has Robin now, just please make sure nothing bad happens to her.



Granny covers her mouth to stop her tears which prompts Snow and Charming to open their letters.

Snow and Charming,

Hey guys, I'm so happy you found each other again. Your love will always be the strongest love in all our lands, Congratulations on the baby Snow. I know you were going to tell me at some point or at least I hope you were. Anyways I won't be in Storybrooke much longer so I just wanted to say goodbye. Snow you have a huge heart and I thank my lucky stars every day that I had found you in the chicken coop. I also thank them because when I found out about my wolf you were there for me and didn't run. I will always love you my dear sister. I'm sorry it had to end like this. Charming, take care of Granny, Snow, and your babies. While Snow and Emma were stuck in the Enchanted Forest we became close and I am glad because now I have a brother that I always wanted. I just wanted to let you guys know that tonight at midnight I will be crossing the town line and forgetting everything. Thank you for always being there for me.



The whole time Snow was reading tears were falling down her face; her heart felt broken upon realizing she was losing her best friend. Charming wrapped his arms around Snow his own tears falling as they both looked at Granny.

"I am not going to lose my Grandbaby!" Granny says before deciding she is going to go outside and watch for Ruby.

Snow and Charming follow after her and watch as Emma, Henry, and Belle stand on different parts of the street before they see Ruby who pauses before running off into the woods.


Belle was walking around the library joyously; Rumple had told her about his plan to re-new their vows in front of the whole town. Placing books on the correct places on the shelves she continues to bounce around. She also had news to tell Rumple tonight. As she begins to think about her news excitedly the door to the library opens and she sees Ruby.

"Rubes! I have amazing news to tell Rumple tonight!" She says excitedly only to receive a small smile and then a letter.

She then watches in confusion as Ruby walks out of the library before looking down at the letter in her hand; opening it she begins to read.


Sweet sweet Belle, when the curse first broke we became the best of friends. Then your dad kidnapped you and tried to send you over the town line. Rumple, Charming, and I stopped him. Then you were shot and lost your memories becoming Lacey but we still became friends. My favorite is when you became the mayor while the others were in Neverland. The only thing is over time I realized everyone was getting their happy endings; even the woman who locked you away for twenty eight years. Anyways what I am trying to say is you will always be my friend but I cannot stay here in Storybrooke. I am leaving, tonight at midnight I will cross the line. I'm sorry and congratulations on the miniature Rumple that will be running around.



Belle breaks down into sobs before rushing outside to see Granny, Snow, Charming, Emma, and Henry all standing on different parts of the street. She looks down the road and sees Ruby who pauses staring at each person before running off into the forest.


Sitting at the desk in the Sheriff station Emma begins to work on completing the paperwork, Neal had kept her up most of the night but that was perfectly okay with her. She did notice however that Hook was flirting with Tinkerbelle of all the people he could have been flirting with. His smile was bright and it caused her heart to clench painfully but she was happy that he was moving on. She looks up when the door opens and smiles softly at Ruby.

"Hey Rubes, I'm so sorry about last night." Emma says standing up to hug the brunette who just hands her an envelope before walking out.

Emma watches her leave in confusion before looking down at the envelope in her hand, deciding to open it she begins to read.


Before the curse broke you and I were becoming friends and I couldn't be happier to know that even though Snow didn't raise you. You have grown to be an amazing woman. Last night everyone was just happy to be back with their loved ones and you had gotten your happy ending. I am proud of you Emma, but I think it is time that I leave Storybrooke for good. I will miss everyone dearly but I just can't stay here anymore. I am crossing the town line tonight at midnight. Don't worry about me though, live your life and be happy.



Dropping the letter Emma runs outside to see Granny, Snow, Charming, Belle, and Henry standing on opposite sides of the street before she notices Ruby who stops and stares at them for a minute before running off into the woods.


Henry gets ready for school before saying goodbye to Emma, he usually stays with Regina on weekends now but sometimes they alternate. Arriving to school he sits at his usual table outside, having come to school early he just sits and begins reading the Once Upon A Time book again.

"Hey Hen." Ruby says softly upon arriving.

"Hi Ruby!" He says excitedly jumping up to hug the waitress.

"I only stopped by to give you this and then a big hug." Ruby says before handing Henry the envelope and hugging him. She then takes off in the direction of Regina's house.

Henry watches her leave in confusion before looking down at the envelope and opening it.


Hey, I've known you for eleven years and it seems every time I think you are done growing you just grow more. I know how you love to have desert for lunch so if you drop by the Diner at around lunch time a special lunch will be made for you and you hot chocolate with whipped cream and extra cinnamon. Look Henry you're an awesome kid and I loved getting to watch you grow up into the fine young man you are today, but I'm leaving Storybrooke. You will be fine without me there because you have your entire family back together. I'm going to miss you Hen.



Staring at the letter in shock Henry runs in the direction Ruby had gone stopping when he sees Granny, Snow, Charming, Belle, and Emma. Suddenly he sees Ruby stop and stare at everyone before she runs off into the forest.


Waking up Regina smiles and leans over kissing Robin softly before getting out of bed and taking a quick shower. Dressing in her usual Black work pants and silk blouse she begins putting her make up on when there is a knock on the door.

"Robin dear can you get that?" She calls out to the bedroom, smiling when she hears shuffling before hearing him walk down the stairs.

Finishing up her make-up and then putting her heels on she heads into the bedroom to grab her phone.

"REGINA!" She stops when she hears Robin yelling up the stairs to her causing her to quickly run down the stairs.

"What is it? Is Henry hurt?" Regina asks nervously before seeing Ruby at the door.

Ruby smiles sadly before handing her the letter and starting to leave, Regina goes to grab her hand but Robin stops her saying to give Ruby some space.

"Robin, can you please leave? I want to read this in privacy." The mayor asks softly garnering a nod as Robin heads upstairs and gets Roland before heading home.

As soon as Robin is gone she sits down and opens the letter.


You know the funny thing is you tried to kill my best friend for years and then cast a curse on the entire enchanted forest. Yet somehow I still forgive you, I think it's because in the twenty eight years I knew you as just Regina I couldn't get past how different you were when the curse broke. Looking around the diner last night I realized that everyone had their happy endings everyone except me. I know I'm probably going to make a full out of myself, but Regina I can't stand to see you happy with him. Not because of what you did, but because of these feelings, feelings I have for you. I know I sound stupid but Regina I am in love with you. Even though I already had my true love I can't stop loving you. You mean everything to me, but I can't stay here and watch as everyone around me is getting their happy ending and as long as you are with him. So I have decided to cross the line and forget everything. Tonight at midnight will be the last time I remember everything because as soon as the clock strikes midnight I'm crossing the line. Goodbye Regina, just know that I love you.



"She loves me." Regina whispers brokenly as the tears fall down her face. Standing up she grabs her jacket and rushes outside just in time to see Ruby run into the forest. Seeing Granny, Snow, Charming, Belle, Emma, and Henry she rushes to the center of the street to meet up with them.

"We have to stop her!" She yells as she reaches them.

Everyone nods in agreement before Granny steps forward.

"We need to get the whole town involved so we can find her. She is a wolf she will do whatever it takes to get away from everyone." Granny says causing everyone to agree and quickly call a town meeting at Granny's.

When everyone arrives at the diner they see the saddened looking group.

"What is going on dearies?" Rumple asks as he walks over to his wife.

"Now that everyone is here we can say," Standing up Granny catches everyone's attention, "We have called this meeting today because my granddaughter Red or as most know her now as Ruby has decided to run off. She wrote a note claiming that she will be crossing the town line tonight. After giving the people she wanted to notes she ran off into the forest. We have to work together to find her."

The entire town cheers their agreement before they all take off into the forest to find Ruby.


Ruby continues to run through the forest taking multiple different routes hoping that nobody will find her before she can cross the line. She continues to run until it gets darker and she checks her phone to see the time; ten minutes until midnight. She runs quickly towards the town line and stands in front of it staring off into the distance.

"Ruby, please don't do this." A voice says from behind her.


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