Three years, six months and eleven days.

That how long Richard Castle has been gone.

All traces of him have been searched and abandon

The numbers, 3/6/11 are the written on a yellow post-it note attached to Kate's computer screen. The desk it's self is dusty and has not been used in months.

The owner of that desk Lieutenant Kathryn Beckett has been in DC working on a joint task force.

The task force is investigating corruption in Government.

Her former partners change the time on the post-it, in her absence.

In Washington, DC it's the end of the normal work day. For the task force it just the dinner hour, the work never stops.

"Lieutenant Beckett my office please."

"Just a minute I'm on the line with Agent Shaw."

"As soon as you finish."

Five minutes later Kate knocked on the bosses door. Looking up and see the beautiful agent, with the longest legs he had even seen

"Come in Lieutenant, please sit down."

"The Police commissioner of New York has asked to have you returned to their department ASAP. My boss, the one on the hill, has informed me that your being detached as of this minute. Kate you are a very good investigator and I will miss you advice.

I know you want to know what's going on but I have no idea what's happening. So go with my thanks for a job well done."

"It was a privilege to work with you. I'll miss all the people on this task force."

"Please give me your badge, ID, and gun. I'll give you a travel chit to New York. Stay safe Kate."

Kate gave up her ID, and badge, and gun. Then she handed a package with her New York Police Department ID, badge and gun. Then she left the Hoover building, to go home to pack .

In New York at the ME's office Laine's cell rang.

"Dr. Parish, New York Medical Examiner's Office."

"Very formal girl, This Lieutenant Kathryn Beckett formerly of the Attorney Generals task force on corruption."

"Kate what up girl, did you get fired, or something?"

"Or something. I'll be back at the 12th on Monday. I'll see you at lunch and explain what I think is going on."

"Will Mr. Tim be at lunch?"

"Sorry he's returning to the BAU in DC as we speak."

"What are you two planning to do about living arrangements?"

Smiling Kate blushed and replied.

"I'll tell you everything I know on Monday. Bye, bye girlfriend."

Arriving back at the loft she notices it is neat and clean but very quiet. Martha married again living in Yonkers.

Alexis is working on her masters at Columbia Medical Center. She also engaged to Parker Booth, an old family friends son.

Kate toes off her signature high heel booths and starts for the kitchen. Her cell phone starts playing a love song by the Beatles.

"Hello my love, home already?"

"Just came in the door and already missing you, after this weekend."

"I wish we were not so far apart."

"My feelings too. Are you going to get up to NY soon?"

"It will be Tuesday at the earliest. I'm meeting the director on Monday at two (2pm) I have no idea what that is about, so Tuesday seems the earliest I can get away."

"Alright stay safe till then, I have something to tell you. You still love me? Your not breaking up with me are you?"

"After what you did to me last weekend, I could hardly walk at work on Monday."

"I love you too, TTFN."

"Same to you, you're a nut, a love nut but still a nut."

Beckett's cell rang as soon as she hung up from Tom.

"Detective Lieutenant Beckett."

"This is the admission officer at Angle of Mercy Hospital in Gifford Maine. We have you listed as the 'Medical proxy for a Mr. Richard Rogers. Is that correct?"

"Are…, are…., are damn I was I was under the impression Mr. Rogers was dead over two years ago."

"Well officer Beckett his finger prints and ID show that we have Mr. Rogers, AKA Richard Castle, in our ICU unit at this time."

"What condition is he in?"

"He is non verbal and does not respond to any of our questions."

"How long have you had him and where was he found?"

"I can not give out that information over the phone, someone must come here to sign papers to release that information, sorry officer it the 'Hipper Law'."

After flopping down in the nearest chair. Kate hung up and called the Chief of detectives at 1PP.

"Chief of detectives Banning speaking, who are you?"

"I'm Detective Lieutenant Beckett, NYPD sir."

"Beckett what up with you calling me before I get to call you.?"

"Sir I just got a call from a hospital in Maine. They state they have Rick Castle in their ER.

They want me, as his last listed POA to come up their and make a positive ID."

"Is Castle alive, and if so why is he not telling them who he is?"

"They said he refuses to speak with anyone but members of the 12th prescient."

"Well Lieutenant you better get your assets in gear. By the way Captain Gates being promoted to Deputy Chief of patrol in three weeks. The Chief wants to promote from within the department and you Lieutenant Beckett are on the top of my list."

Kate slumped down into the nearest chair. She had a very confused look on her face, and sweat forming on her eyebrow. She was near panic.

"Are you alright Kate?"

"Chief first my boyfriend just asked me to marry him.Castle is suddenly found in Maine.

Then you tell me I maybe the next Captain of the 12th."

"Kate I have never met your present boyfriend, I've been told he is a very good Agent. He is going to stay at the BAU, and get his own team. If he has asked you to marry you must decide if you want to stay in New York or move to DC. You can not have both Kate.

I have a good friend in FBI in DC he's the Deputy Director in charge of Major crime. I'm sure he would give you a job or get you into the Metro Police as a Detective.

That said you will be giving up a lot to go to DC. Maybe Tim would like a job in the NYPD IU (Intelligence Unit) instead?"

"Thank you Chief but Tim hates New York even to visit. So a job offer from the NYPD is a jester. nice he never would move here. As for me going to DC been their done that and hated it. Tim and I need to talk and decide what changes we need to do.

Castle's being found alive brings up a mountain of feeling within me."

Kate started to pace the room getting more up tight.

I was engaged to him, was about to marry him when he disappeared.

I have only been with Tim less than a year."

"Kate I'll give you all the time I can, but it not that much. If you refuse the promotion I need to fill the place. I'll be honest you are the one the Mayor and the top echelons want. Kate you're headed to be the chief of the NYPD."

"Boy my day just got so much better, not."

"Go Kate, go home take the time, talk to your friends. Do the heavy thinking on the trip to Maine. Take Javi with you to share the driving."

"Ok Chief I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

"Take care Kate, I'm sure you will make the right decision."

Kate left the office and called Javi.

"Javi, yes it me Beckett , pack a bag we are going to Maine. You will be getting a call from COD, [Chief of Detectives] telling you to go with me to Maine to get Castle."

"WE are picking up a body?"

"Hold on to your ass, Castle is alive."

"Shut the door. Is this a welcome back joke?"

""Not a joke Javi, I know Lanie is right beside you tell her she should come to. I'll call COD and get an ok. See you at your apartment in thirty minutes (30). Move it now."