Three years, six months and eleven days.

That how long Richard Castle has been gone.

All traces of him have been searched and abandon


Rick started to Kiss Kate she turned her head slightly so the kiss fell on her cheek. After a quick kiss the pulled apart and looked eye to eye for a few moments . They spoke to each other with their eyes . It was quick but understood what the other wanted. In Kate's eyes she saw sadness, and love, and fear. Also he saw the look to run. In Rick's eyes Kate saw love, then fear, then loss. Rick was the first to speak..


"Kate I missed you so much. You and I need to talk alone please."

"That ok with me but we need official answered to the questions about you disappearance."

"The first question is where have you been?"

"I have lived in cabin in the woods, within eyesight of water.

Two or three days a go in the night I smelled smoke. The cabin filled with smoke. I found the only window I had access to in the bathroom. I used the toilet cover and smashed the window out. As soon as I was out I ran until I was so tired my legs gave out. I laid on the side of the road. Many cars drove by but I so cold I COULD NOT LIFT MY ARE."

"Stop Rick your to getting upset. Lets take a few and someone needs to get drinkable coffee. Javi I hate to ask but can you find coffee. Lanie could you get with the medical people and see where he stands, I'll stay here and give him time to cool down."

After agreeing to speak to the medical staff, Lanie starting of the events that just happened in the room. Two things came to the top to the list The kiss, Kate turning just before contact, ton make it less personal. The second was to last words of her statement.'I'll stay here and give HIM time to cool down."Since when did Kate Beckett call Richard Castle, her fiancé, the love of her life for ever, HIM. On the way back to Kate's room she could hear the sounds of two people speaking very load. What she heard she wish she did not.

In the room Both people were standing facing each other. Both were bright red in the face, both had fists clenched ready for battle.

"Kate, Rick your speaking so they can hear you at the nurse's station."

"Get her the hell out of my room before I do, or say something no one can fix."

"Alright I'll leave. It's you who needs to answer the questions about the last three years, not me."

"I was a captive I could not do what I wanted. You were free to do as you wanted, that fucking ring tell it all. Get out I'll talk to Esposito, Detective."

"It's Lieutenant Beckett Mr. Castle."

"Good for you, who you sleep with to get that?"

Lanie and Javi both grabbed Kate and forced her back into the hall. Kate with sorrowful look on her face broke in tears, the second time in 12 hours. Crying was nothing Kate Beckett did, to break down twice in a matter of hours was world shaking. Calming slightly she allowed Lanie to walk to a room families are talked to by MD after a loss.

Javi closed the door. Lanie nodded that he should wait outside. He moved quietly out to the hall at the door he stopped.

"I'll find some coffee, and tea for us it's going to take more time than we thought."

Wiping her hand down her hair Lanie ask the first question.

"What wrong with you baby?

"I'm alright just tired."

"Like hell I have only seen you cry twice. You cried when your mother was killed. You shed a tear when we were first brought Captain Monterey to the centenary. The last time you truly cried was when you saw Castles car on fire, in the ditch. So what up, tell me now."

"I don't know. First I going to marry my one and done. Then, then the dress get destroyed. The place we are to get married in has a fire. Then the fake husband shows up and we run around the country to clear it up.

Then Rick car crash and he disappears. Three years and six months. I was sure he was dead, I changed my life.

Two months after I become engaged, he shows up alive in MAINE, for god sake."

"Easy Kate we'll straight it out."

"Straight it out, straight it out, how in hell am I going to straight it out? I spent 20 or more hours a day chasing down every lead we or the FBI ever had. I did this because I loved him. It was only after those two years I gave in to the consent harping that he was dead, that I stopped.

I went to DC for the task-force to get away from everything that reminded me of him. I even change the way I dress and the style of my hair.

When I went into that room it all went to hell."

"Kate you are going to quiet yourself down. You should not be here. Rick almost was you husband, it almost tore you apart, when he disappeared. You have done your professional duty you have identify him as the real Richard Castle. Call the FBI and let them they take the cast, it what you need to do."

Just then Javi knocked on the door

"The the feds are here. It an old friend neither of you are going to be happy,"

"WHO Javi?"

"William Sorenson, out of Major crimes DC.

Pushing thru the door was the devil himself.

"Will what are you doing here?"

"Well the local Sheriff notified the local FBI unit, they checked in with Boston, they called DC. "

"And up pops Special agent William Sorenson

"Yup, lucky me."

Kate and Lanie sat and drank their drinks while Javi fill in Will. Neither of the woman spoke during the entire debrief.

The story roll out like a 'B' class movie. A black SUV forced Castles car to stop on the road.

The SUV had emergency lights in the grill. Two men in black suits pull him out of the car, handcuff him and put him into the backseat. They turned his car and some how, he not sure how, pushed it off the road. He said they put a hood over his head as they pushed the cat over the edge.

He said they took him some ware to an old farm. The question him about his early days with the CIA, and when he had dealings with Soirée. They used only chemicals and constant questing. He thinks one of the other was smoking in bed and set the house on fire. He did not look back to see if anyone else escape.

"What were you doing in the time between the time your taken, and the time you escaped."

"Some times, I was allowed to walk around the farm, with one of the men watching me. Other times I was kept in a back room for days."

"What did they want from you. It can't be time sensitive, not to wait over three years. What could you as a summer employee see that this many years later be important?"

Sorenson stood and walked up to Kate.

"Kate my people have seacherd up and down the coast for a burnt cabin. So far we have come up empty. Kate some thing is wrong with this whole story, the FBI is going to take over the case. NYPD has requested involvement, via you. Can you do it?"

Kate slowly sat down in a chair and put both hands to her face.