Kanda walked into the apartment he shared with two of his friends. It had been a long day and nothing beat him wanting to just relax on the couch watching a movie or something. Looking at the clock on the microwave, he realized he had just about 2 ½ hours till any of his roommates came home, great. Stepping into his room, Kanda pulled out a black pair of ripped jeans and a black T-shirt, quickly changing Kanda then exited his room and headed to the kitchen, grabbed a can of coke. Settling on the couch the raven did not see the T.V remote so he spent the next 20 minutes looking for the thing, only to find it under a couch cushion. Sitting back down, just a little irritated and flicked through the channels he clicked on 'Silent Hill' The movie was just getting to the end when Kanda heard the door unlock and swing open.

"Anyone home?" Called the unmistakable voice of Allen Walker, the white-haired boy stepped out of the hallway and into the ravens view.

"Any louder Beansprout and you'll wake the dead." Kanda growled.

"As if that would happen, your glare alone would keep them down. Oh and is your brain so small that you can't remember the name Allen, BaKanda?"

The one on the couch just uttered a 'che' and went back to watching his movie. Next thing he knew the Beansprout was plopping down beside him and stealing the remote. An anger mark appeared on Kandas face as he snatched the thing back. "Do that again Beansprout and I'll shave your head and sell the hair." He threatened.

"Black would sell better." The whitette retorted once again stealing the remote , but it didn't get far as Kandas hand shot out and grabbed the other end, pulling it back towards him but Allen pulled it the other direction, thus starting a tug-a-war over the T.V. remote. Allen's silver eyes narrowed into a glare, smirking evilly he pulled the object, making it so Kanda's arm was stretched out in front of him and bit down, hard.

Out of pure shock the abused appendage shot back into the ravens other hand. With a growl he launched himself at the whitette, making them fall off the couch and onto the floor. Sitting on Allen, Kanda smacked the desired item out of the gloved hand, got off Allen and crawled over to the remote. He didn't make it though as Allen grasped both his ankles, yanked him backwards and straddled his back. Thinking he got the upper hand.

Suddenly the long-haired boy pushed himself onto his hands and knees (take me now) making Allen loose balance. Desperate to stay on his human horse, the scarred youth hooked his legs around Kanda's waist and threw his weight to the side, toppling them over. The remote was just at the tip of Kanda's fingers when Allen grabbed his arm, the two of them glared at each other. They were broken out of their glaring match by a bright flash. Looking towards the source, they found Lenalee with her phone in hand. She looked at the two, walked up, grabbed the remote and sat down, flicking through the channels. The two on the floor still frozen in shock, with thoughts of 'Oh fuck'


A/N: Hiya my readers, I really hope you enjoyed this little piece of awesomness. I realized that if I changed a few things in the story I could make it a smut! bbbuuutt that aint gonna happen unless somebody else want to write it. I can't take full credit for this considering I got this idea from a picture I seen on google. I have to admit it was fun to write. Please review, it's intreasting to read what other people think of my stuff, Ja ne!