Authors note: Okay, I realized I'm making Tris Seem More like Four than herself which I wanted her to be herself so bear with me. I'm horrible on my punctuation also so bear with me.

After I finish my meal I'm walking to the initiates at their lunch tables to tell them to get up to explain ranks but the devil himself walks up to me. Peter.

"You can go Six I'll take care of the Initiates tonight." Peter says. I'm about to protest until Christina comes up to me, tells Peter bye and drags me to her apartment. I see things packed as soon as I enter. Whats happening?

Christina seems to read my face because she starts speaking "I'm leaving."

"Leaving where?" I say with a gasp.

"I'm leaving to work at the fences, I want to be closer with Will." Christina starts crying. I take off my 'Six mask' as Christina likes to call it and I start crying. Christina is like a sister to me and is the first friend I've ever made. She's one of the few people who really know me and now she's leaving and she'll forget about me because she's one of the people that can easily make friends. "Oh" Is all I say, still looking at the floor. I hear a few footsteps come in and my eyes stay glued to the floor I don't want whoever came in to see me crying.

"Don't tell me your crying Tris your going to make me cry." Uriah's voice says.

We all said our goodbyes and wished her and Will happiness. I told myself to be happy for her but I really couldn't. I am a horrible friend.

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