Author's note: Hello everybody I'm zack25king, and you can already tell I'm new lol. Well I got inspired by two stories. The Five World series by ND2014, and The Shonen Alliance series by Vineman, and I have to say both are amazing stories. If you haven't read either of ND2014 and Vineman stories go check them out, really good stories in my opinion. So let's not drag this any longer hope you guys enjoy!

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Silence. There was complete silence in a dark room with only one source of light is a crystal shard. Surrounding the crystal was six figures in black hoods, and each had a different numbers on their backs.

"So is it really happening?" question one of the hooded figure with the number three on his coat with a flame design.

"Apparently so, it was unavoidable but to happen so soon after 12 years." sighed another black hood figure with the number five with a lightning design.

"Personally I blame "HIM" for this." responded three.

"Well to be fair, it's suppose to be in that state to begin with." said a new a voice which belong to a black figure with the number six with a grass design.

"True." responded five. "But our world. and the rest of the worlds separated for a good reason!"

"Look theirs no point whining about it, it's happening, and there's no point stopping it." responded a calm voice which belong to a black hood figure with the number two with a dark aura design.

"More like we can't stop it, and once it happens there's no way to separate the worlds once again." sighed number three as he rubbed his head.

"Meaning..." number five started to say.

"This time we have to stop "HIM" completely this time." finished number 2 in a serious tone.

"But can we really beat "HIM" by ourselves, knowing "HIM" he's probably raising an army ready to strike, and destroy us completely." growled number five.

"Then we raise an army as well." said a new voice. This voice belong to a black hooded figure with the 4 with a wind design.

"Raise our own army?" question number three in confusion.

"Like our predecessors...we will seek allies from other worlds. said number 2 in realization.

"That's not a bad idea, it would even our odds against "HIM"." said number 5.

"Sounds like a good idea." agreed number 3. "What do you say Hikari?" The last figure to stay quiet with the number one with a light aura design.

"I agree with this plan, I only hope they agree to aid us." said number 1 revealed to be name Hikari.

"I'm pretty sure they will, even without us confronting them first the crisis will eventually reach them." number two said.

"So anybody has any ideas to search for allies?" question number 3.

"I can think of a couple of places, one of them is your favorite place Ryo." responded number 4.

"Really, which one?" asked number 3 who's real name is Ryo.

"I believe you remember Magnolia." smirked number 4. Ryo eyes lite up in excitement hearing the word Magnolia.

"Magnolia, I love that town!" smiled Ryo. "But if your thinking about Magnolia, are thinking about asking help from "that" guild?"

"The very same guild, I'm pretty sure Makarov will lend a hand considering he did help out in the battle 12 years ago." said number 4. "Another place I'm thinking of is the Soul Society.

"The Soul Society?" question number 6. "But we've never actually been in the Soul Society."

"She's right, we only know about its existence, so that place is unknown to us." agreed number 2. "Hell we don't even know how to get to the Soul Society."

"That's true Yuri." nodded number 4. "But we do know someone who can guide us there."

"Kisuke Urahara I'm guessing." answered number two who's real name is Yuri.

"The very same." nodded number 4.

"So I'm guessing we have to make a trip to Karakura Town. said number 5.

"So we got Magnolia, and the Soul Society." Ryo counted off. "Any other places Arashi?"

"As a matter of fact yes, The Hidden Leaf Village." answered number 4 who's name is Arashi.

"Let me guess, asking Sarutobi to lend us a few shinobi to aid us?" asked Yuri.

"That's the idea," nodded Arashi.

"But isn't Sarutobi...old?" question Hikari.

"Good point, there's a chance he step down as Hokage, and picked a successor." assumed number 5.

"Well hopefully he's still Hokage, otherwise getting help from the village will be difficult." sighed Yuri.

"Oh come on, the old man is tough one of the strongest old man I know alongside Makarov!" smiled Ryo.

"Ryo right, Old man Sarutobi is strong despite his age." agreed Yuri with a smile.

"I remember he scolded Yuri for for ripping his Make Out Paradise book!" laughed Ryo alongside Arashi.

"Tch, don't know why, that book was complete garbage." scolded Yuri.

"Agreed." frowned Hikari with a little blush.

"Alright, alright guys let's get back on track." said number 5 getting everybody attention. "Arashi, any other places?"

"I do, remember Red-Hair Shanks?" smirked Arashi.

"Oh yea, the dude with the cool straw hat, he was awesome!" smiled Ryo.

"Yeah, Shanks was a powerful pirate from what I remembered." agreed Yuri.

"Shanks's crew was so lively, I remember one of them tried to give me sake!" smiled number 6.

"What do you mean "tried", They DID give you sake Reina." Yuri said giving number 6 whose name is Reina a deadpanned look.

"Oh Yuri, your just mad you didn't get any sake!" smiled Reina happily as she patted Yuri's head.

"I'm glad I didn't." Yuri said under his breath. "AND WOULD YOU STOP PATTING MY HEAD!" Reina chuckled nervously, and stopped patting Yuri.

"So Arashi is this good?" asked Hikari.

"For now, I have other places in mind, but for now this will do." answered Arashi. Hikari nodded.

"Alright, it's time to move out!" exclaim Hikari. "Ryo I want you to head to Magnolia."

"You got it!" smiled Ryo. "This is going to be fun!" Hikari giggled.

"Yuri, I'll let you handle The Hidden Leaf Village." Yuri nodded.

"Can't believe I'm going back to the Village after all this time." thought Yuri.

"Reina, I want you to head for the Grand Line, and look for Shanks, you know what he looks like right? asked Hikari.

"Yep, unless he dye his hair, I'm looking for a guy with Red hair, and a straw hat!" Reina smiled brightly. Hikari nodded.

"Are you sure you won't get lost?" question number 5. "You want me to go instead?"

"No, no Rajin I got this!" smiled Reina giving number 5. now name Rajin. a thumbs up.

"I believe in Reina to get the job done." reassured Hikari. "Rajin, instead I want you to go to Kisuke, and get to the Soul Society." Hikari handed a envelop to Rajin.

"What's this?" asked Rajin.

"Yes, it was written by our predecessors for this occasion. explained Hikari. "I want you to give this to Kisuke and to whoever is the head captain of the Soul Reapers." Rajin nodded understanding what his job is.

"Got it, I'll make sure the job is done." said Rajin. "What about you, and Arashi?"

"Tech and I will stay here, and wait for the others to get back." replied Hikari.

"Sounds good." said Ryo as he cracked his knuckles. "Hikari, when my sisters comes back, tell them I'll be back shortly." Hikari nodded reassuring Ryo.

"Alright guys, let's go!" Yuri said. "We need as many allies, failure is NOT AN OPTION, SUCCEED AT ANY COST!" Ryo, Reina, and Rajin nodded seriously. Because if they fail...who would take over after them? They need to succeed in order to beat HIM. A being that nearly drove the world into chaos. A being with power that;s godlike or maybe he's a god himself. A being who's nothing but pure chaos and has a black heart. They need to stop him! They need to stop...Xeno!

Worlds Collided

First objective: Gather Allies!

Author's note: There's the prologue! Not much, and may be confuse but aren't all beginning stories like that? Everything will be explain so in the coming chapters. Well hope you guys enjoy this, and once again a big shout out to ND2014 and Vineman! If they haven't made The Five World series, and The Shonen Alliance series, I'd probably wouldn't have made this lol! Also I am putting this in Anime X-overs section but I see Fairy Tail is not in this section so should I put this in the Fairy Tail crossover section? For now it will remain here. And if you guys have any question then just review or you can pm me. Well see you guys next time!