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Chapter 12: Hidden Truth! Naruto secret revealed!

With Erza defeated, Shiro, the student of Xeno, is now heading towards Fu, who is now with Naruto, and Kakashi. Meanwhile, we go back to the traitor, Mizuki, who is fighting Yuri, and Hinata, but Nami, with Millie and his family, showed up.

"Now, now, what is going on here," question Mizuki with an evil smirk on his face, "Mille, Soka, Jennie, little Tonya, and Ronya, taking a little stroll without my permission?"

"M-M-Mizuki!" stuttered Soka as his eyes widen in fear. Mizuki was the last person he wanted to see. He knew escape was too good to be true.

"Kids, stay behind me!" exclaimed Jennie as she rushed Tonya, and Ronya behind her. She knew her kids were scared, so was she, but she had to be strong for them. Doesn't matter if that person is Mizuki, or death itself.

"Mizuki." said Millie with hatred in his voice. This man, no, this monster, was the reason his family was imprisoned for so long. Always promising to release them if they do a certain amount of task. If they would do something wrong, he would punish them, even towards Tonya, and Ronya who are just kids. They don't have the stamina to do most of the task Mizuki wanted them to do.

"You guys weren't planning on leaving, now were you?" question Mizuki.

"Nami, what's going on?" asked Hinata.

"Well," Nami started to explain, "While at Sphinx Crusade base, Ichigo and I found Millie and his family imprisoned by Mizuki, and so we decided to help them escape.

"I see," Yuri nodded understanding the situation a bit more, "So are they resident of Konoha?"

"Actually, no," replied Nami, "They're from your world, Yuri."

"Wait, my world?" Yuri looked surprised.

"Wouldn't that mean they've been stuck here for 12 years?" asked Hinata in shocked.

Nami nodded, "Yeah, apparently they got caught in the storm that separated our world in the first place and immediately after that they were captured by Sphinx Crusade."

"Damn," said Yuri, "Didn't even think people from our world would get caught during the world splitting. I better tell the Queen this when we get back."

"I was heading back to Konoha to have Lady Tsunade to look after them, while we get Fu." said Nami.

"Wait, what happen with Ichigo," asked Hinata, "Shouldn't he be with you?"

"Yeah, he should, but while getting here we were attacked by two guys wearing a black cloak with red clouds on them," said Nami, "Ichigo stayed behind to fight one of them.

"Wait, black cloaks with red clouds?" questioned Yuri, with confusion.

"You mean the Akatsuki!" exclaimed Hinata in surprise.

"The who?" question Yuri.

"Hinata, you know those people?" asked Nami.

Hinata nodded. "Yes, they are an organization of rogue ninjas from different villages who are hunting jinchuriki for their bijuus."

"Wait, are you serious," said Yuri in disbelief, "Great, now we're fighting Sphinx Crusade, and this Akatsuki."

"The Akatsuki, huh," Nami, Hinata, and Yuri turned their attention back to Mizuki. "I've heard of them, not too surprising to see them out here."

"I'm guessing you know them as well?" question Yuri.

"Of course I do," said Mizuki, with a smirk, "Sphinx Crusade knows about their existence thanks to Lord Orochimaru." Mizuki took out a bottle of liquid, which was colored crimson. Everybody looked confused.

"What is that his holding?" question Nami.

"Knowing him," said Soka, while shaking in fear, "Nothing good!"

"I will succeed in my revenge, and no one is going to stop me!" exclaimed Mizuki as he opened the bottle.

"Any idea on what effect that potion will cause on him?" asked Nami, pulling out her clima-tact.

"Whatever it is, it can't be good." replied Yuri, as Mizuki started to drink the contents of the


Mizuki body started to shake as his muscles started to grow, and he started to grow marks, that resemble that of a tiger, on his body.

Mizuki smirked as he rushed towards Hinata, with fast speed. "He's fast!' thought Hinata in shock as she manages to dodge Mizuki assault, but small trail of blood was racing down from Hinata's head. Mizuki smirked as he kicked Hinata away, turned over to Nami, and went after her.

Nami's eyes widened as she brought up Clima-tact to defend herself, but Mizuki kicked her in the stomach and she hit against the tree behind her.

"Nami!" gasped Jennie in shock. Mizuki turned over to Jennie with a smirk on his face as he rushed over to the wife of two kids.

Soka fell on the ground, scared, just shaking in fear as he watched Mizuki running towards his wife. "Mizuki is coming, he is coming, I need to run, I need to hide, I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM HERE!"

The rouge Konoha ninja was ready to attack Jenny, but was kicked by Yuri sending him flying into a couple of trees breaking them down.

"What," said Yuri, in a mocking tone, "Is that it?"

"You bastard!" growled Mizuki.

"Nami, Hinata you two okay?" asked Yuri.

"Yeah, we're fine." said Nami, while Hinata just nodded.

"This is impossible, that potion should've increase my strength," growled Mizuki, "Why am I still being pushed around by him!" Mizuki eyes widen as Yuri appeared right in front of the former Konoha ninja, punched the former Konoha ninja, and sent him flying through multiple trees.

"BASTARD!" Mizuki started to do hand signs. "EARTH STYLE: FLYING STONE JUTSU!' Mizuki slammed his hands on the ground, and rock projectiles started to shoot at Yuri.

"This again," Yuri rolled his eyes as he ran straight through the rock projectile, manage to dodge them with ease, and rapidly punch Mizuki. Yuri have one last punch from his barrage sending Mizuki sliding across the ground hitting a tree, "How boring."

Mizuki growled before smirking. "Ok, you want something different, I'll show you something different," Mizuki clapped his hands together, "Earth Style: Underground Mole Jutsu!" Mizuki started to sink into the ground with a cocky smirk.

"Where did he go?" question Nami as she started to look around.

"Yes, yes, where have I gone," Mizuki's voice echoed throughout the area, "Let's see if you can find me now. I can attack from anywhere, even attack the poor innocent family you brought with me!"

Yuri chuckled as he shook his head. "You better stop treating us like amateurs, Yuri looked over to Hinata, and Nami, "Hinata, Nami, you ready?"

Hinata and Nami both smiled as they nodded. "Let's do it!" exclaim Nami.

"We're with you, Yuri!" said Hinata.

Yuri smirked, "Then let's get started then, Hinata!"

Hinata nodded, "Right, BYAKUGAN! " Hinata activated her Kekkei Genkai, and started to search the area. "Yuri, in that direction!" Yuri nodded, jumped in the air, and landed a punch in the area Hinata pointed at leaving a hole in the ground.

"He moved again." Hinata looked around to find Mizuki location.

"Remain calm, Hinata," Yuri smirked, Don't worry we'll get him."

Hinata nodded as she found Mizuki again. "Yuri!

"I'm on it!" replied Yuri as he leaped in the air, and punched the ground again leaving a hole.

"HA, you missed again," mocked Mizuki, "I can keep dodging you while I'm underground, I can just wait for you to run out of energy, and when you are vulnerable I'll kill you!" Mizuki started to move again as Hinata gave away his location. Soon enough the whole area was filled with holes in the ground. "So what now, what was the point of filling this whole area with holes, unless you want to go underground yourself, but then that would be your death wish," Mizuki laughed, Thanks to this jutsu I can freely move underground without any restrictions, can't say you will have the same benefit if you try to fight me underground!"

Yuri sighed. "I'm pretty sure I told you to stop treating us like amateurs" Yuri started to gather dark energy into his palm forming it into a sphere. "Now, you asked what was the point of filling this whole area with holes," Yuri threw his dark energy sphere in the air, "I'll show you!" Once Yuri sphere was in the air, it split into smaller dark spheres, and each entered a hole Yuri had made into the ground.

Mizuki, still underground, looked around hearing something coming from his direction. "What is that noise?" Mizuki looked behind him to see one of Yuri's dark spheres heading towards him! "Shit!" Mizuki started to move to another location, his surprise there was another dark sphere right in front of him. Mizuki looked around to see multiple dark spheres were all homing into his direction. "I have to get out of here, or else I'm dead!" Mizuki jumped out from underground, appearing right in the middle of the area, and the dark spheres collided with one another creating an explosion underground.

"Hey, nice of you to join us." mocked Yuri.

Mizuki smirked, "I'll admit you almost got me, but still not good enough."

"Who said I was trying to hit you," Mizuki looked confused, "What's the word, Nami?" asked Yuri.

Nami smirked. "Well, according to my position it looks like we are having some heavy thunderstorms."

"What are-" Mizuki, still in midair, looked down to see something was covering his shadow. Mizuki looked up to see a black cloud, with lightning surrounding it, hovering over him. "WHAT THE HELL!"

"And one more to deal the finishing blow," The tip of Nami's clima-tact created a yellow orb made of lightning, "Lightning Tempo!" The small lightning orb was thrown at the black cloud, making the cloud produce even more lightning surrounding it. "Thunderbolt Tempo!" A thunderbolt shot out of the cloud, striked Mizuki, and send him crashing toward the ground.

"You got him, Nami!" said Hinata

"Went right into our trap." smirked Yuri.

To Natsu vs Deidara and Luffy, and Ryo vs Tobi

"Geez, what the hell was that," question Deidara as he landed on a tree branch, along with Natsu, "That big explosion came out of nowhere." Deidara turned over to Natsu. "Wouldn't you agree, dragon boy?"

Natsu wasn't paying attention to Deidara as his attention was more interested in the direction of that explosion that set off. "This scent belongs to Erza and…," Natsu scowled as he caught another scent that made his blood boil, "That bastard, Shiro, is here too! That could only mean Erza is fighting him."

Deidara scowled as Natsu continue to ignore him. "Hey, don't ignore me! Our fight is not over yet!"

Natsu turned to Deidara with a bored look, "Oh, are you still here," Natsu yawned, "Thought you left by now."

"What's with that attitude," Deidara started to scowl, "Don't tell me you think you've won!"

"Oh come on, I can cleary eat your explosion," explains Natsu, "So, fighting you is a complete waste of my time. Instead, I'm going to go off, and help my friends out."

Deidara smirked as he started to make hand signs at rapid speed. Deidara jumped off from the tree, and slammed his hand on the ground. "Earth Style: Flying Stones Jutsu!

"What the!" exclaimed Natsu in shock. Natsu jumped up in the air to dodge the flying rocks coming from the ground. Natsu scowled as he started to gather fire in his mouth. "Fire Dragon Ro-!"

"I would pay attention to your surroundings if I was you!" interrupted Deidara with a smirk as he started another set of hand signs. "Earth Style: Falling Earth Spears!" Natsu stopped his attack as he looked below to see the ground started to form into multiple spikes. Natsu stopped his attack immediately, and created a hand out of fire. Natsu thrust his arm forward as his fire hand grabbed a tree branch, and pulled him up.

Deidara let out a whistle. "Very impressive fire," commented Deidara as Natsu glared down at the Akatsuki member, "Didn't even burn the tree."

Natsu growled as he charged at Deidara once more. Deidara smirked as he dodged Natsu's attack, and drop to the ground to sweep Natsu's feet off the ground. Natsu, seeing what Deidara was planning, jumped dodging the attack, and was preparing his own counterattack.

"Fire Dragon's Claw," Deidara smirked as he grabbed Natsu's flaming kick by grabbing his ankle, surprising the Dragon Slayer, "Hey, let me go!"

"As you wish," smirked Deidara as rocks started to gather around Deidara's other hand, forming into a fist, "Earth Style: Stone Fist Jutsu," Deidara punched Natsu with his rock formed fist, sending the young Fairy Tail wizard flying into the air. Natsu recovered quickly as he landed on the ground safely, but Deidara wasn't done as he was making a set of hand signs, "Earth Style: Stone Plate Coffin!

"Huh," Natsu looked confused, but the ground started to shake, surprising him. Parts of the earth shot up from the ground, formed into a wall, and started to surround him, "What the," Natsu started to run, but an earth wall shot up right in front of him, "Like hell this is going to stop me!" Natsu used his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist on the earth wall, but it didn't break!

Deidara let out a grin, "I made sure to make the rocks extra hard so that you won't break out easily," Natsu growled, "Now get ready to be crushed!"

"This is not going to stop me," Natsu started to rapidly punch the wall, ""I'm not letting you beat me here," As Natsu continues to punch the wall, the other surrounding earth walls started to gather around Natsu, ready to crush him, "Damn it!" Natsu stopped punching the wall, and tried to push the wall with his hand as it continues to crush him.

"Die!" exclaimed Deidara. The surrounding earth walls started to close in on Natsu till it completely crushed him. Deidara let a smirk grow across his face, "And my art is done! Not how I usually do it, but I can make an exception this one time., Deidara smirk fell as he saw the earth walls starting to shake, "Don't tell me-," Deidara was interrupted as loud roar erupted around the surrounding area. Flames erupted from inside the earth walls destroying them completely. Inside the raging fire is Natsu, with his fist clenched in anger, and his eyes showing rage.

Natsu started to gather fire inside his mouth, ready to unleash his attack, "FIRE DRAGON'S ROAR!" Natsu let out a torrent of flames from his mouth heading towards Deidara.

Deidara eyes widened before cursing under his breath as he was preparing for his defense, "Earth Style: Mud Wall!" A huge, wide wall made of earth rise up in front of Deidara protecting him from Natsu's roar. The rock wall started to melt as Natsu's Fire Dragon's Roar is trying to break through Deidara's defense. Natsu's attack started to die down with Deidara's Earth Style: Mud Wall still holding up despite it melting half way. "Damn, that was close," thought Deidara as his mud wall started to crumble, and break apart, "That bastard almost caug-,"

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu dashed right toward Deidara, who's eyes widen in surprise, and punched the Akatsuki's member in the face sending him flying. Natsu glanced towards his shoulder to see Deidara's clay spiders entering the back of his waistcoat surprising the Dragon Slayer. "When did he…?

Deidara smirked as did a one hand Ram hands sign. "Try and eat this!" Deidara's explosive clay spiders exploded on Natsu's back as Deidara crash into several trees.

"Damn." cursed Natsu as he got up.

"You got a mad right hook, I'll give you that." commented Deidara as he walked forward.

"Don't worry," smirked Natsu as he was getting ready for another round with Deidara, "There's plenty of more where that came from!"

"You know, while we were fighting, I can't help but think," Deidara narrowed his eyes as he stared at Natsu, "What is your objective here?"

"And why the hell should I tell you!" replied Natsu.

"I already know what your objective is," declared Deidara, "You're looking for the Hidden Waterfalls jinchūriki, am I right?"

Deidara continue ignoring Natsu's question, "Which brings the question, why are you looking for the jinchūriki of the Hidden Waterfall Village?"

"Why does it matter to you!" Natsu leaped at Deidara ready to strike him.

Deidara dodged Natsu punch before continuing talking. "It matters to me," Deidara dashed behind Natsu, and threw a punch, "It concerns me that an unknown group of people are looking for a jinchūriki." Natsu dodged Deidara punched, but as the young dragon slayer looked closely he saw more of Deidara's clay spiders inserted into the back of his vest.

"Dammit." thought Natsu as his back exploded.

"So, what's your deal?" question Deidara, "Are you from a small Hidden Village we don't know about?"

"What's it to you," roared Natsu as recovered from Deidara's attack. "Are you looking for the jinchūriki too?

"Of course we are," Natsu looked up to see Tobi in the air, "Looking for the jinchūriki is the Akatsuki number 1 objective!"

"Wait wh-," Before Natsu could finish, Luffy, and Ryo came from above, as they phase right through Tobi, and crashed into Natsu.

"Damn it, now he's just making fun of us!" cursed Ryo.

"Hey, stop phasing, and fight us already!" yelled Luffy.

"Maybe if you guys weren't so weak, I would fight seriously." yawned Tobi.

"I can't wait to wipe the floor with-," Ryo noticed Deidara, "Wait, wasn't Natsu fighting you?

"Yeah, where'd he go?" question Luffy.

"MMMPPPHHH" Luffy and Ryo blinked, and looked down to see their foot on Natsu's face.

"Oops, sorry, Natsu." said Luffy, and Ryo sheepishly.

"WHAT THE HELL GUYS!" roared Natsu as he got up from the ground, "HOW COULD YOU NOT NOTICE ME BENEATH YOUR FOOT!"

"Geez, we said we were sorry," said Ryo, "There's no need to yell."

"Besides, it's not our fault," retorted Luffy, "The mysterious mask guy is frustrating!"

"I'm not mysterious!" exclaimed Tobi proudly, "I'm an open book!"

"Quiet, Tobi," sighed Deidara in annoyance, "I'm getting information out of dragon boy here."

Tobi tilted his head in confusion, "What for?"

Deidara eye twitch in annoyance, "They're after the seven tail jinchūriki, remember?"

"Oh yeah, before I forget, these guys are after the jinchūriki too! said Natsu as the trio turned their attention back to the Akatsuki members.

"They are?" question Luffy, "So, are they with Sphinx Crusade?"

"Sphinx Crusade," Deidara snorted in amusement, "Who are they?"

"Um, Deidara, I think I remember Zetsu telling us about some armor men patrolling around one of Orochimaru old hideout." said Tobi, "Maybe they're this Sphinx Crusade these three are talking about it."

"Wait, you know about them?" question Ryo.

"Hm, well yes, but we didn't take much interest in them considering they haven't done much to stand in our way," explain Deidara, "But, starting three weeks ago they started to be more active especially in areas around the neighborhood hidden villages."

Ryo didn't respond as he was deep in thought, "So, Sphinx Crusade, have hideouts probably in the Hidden Sand Village, the Hidden Cloud Village, the Hidden Mist Village, and the Hidden Stone Village. They're more spread out than we thought."

"Interesting it seems you know more than your letting on," commented Deidara, "Maybe you can answer my question then, why are you looking for the seven tail jinchūriki?"

"What's it to you?" retorted Ryo, "Earlier Natsu said you're looking for the seven tail jinchūriki as well," Ryo glared, "How about you tell us why our objective matter to you!"

Throughout the conversation nobody has noticed that Tobi has remained silent, listening and observing Ryo. "Deidara is right, this boy knows more than he lets on," thought Tobi, "This "Sphinx Crusade", and these unknown people, who are they, and where are they from?"

Deidara started to summarize "Another group, full of unknown people with Konoha shinobi, looking for another jinchūriki for unknown purpose, did I get that right?"

"Another jinchūriki," Ryo looked confused, "What are you talking about we don't have a jinchūriki on our side."

Deidara started to laugh, "What are you talking about, of course you do!"

"We do?" Luffy tilted his head in confusion, "Did someone forget to tell us?"

"Ryo, do you know anything about this?" asked Natsu.

"No, I don't," responded Ryo, "I'm pretty sure the queen would of told us if we had a jinchūriki on our side."

"Queen?" thought Tobi, "What queen are they talking about it?"

"You mean you really don't know?" question Deidara in amusement. "You guys must be dense, or maybe Konoha don't trust you enough.

"Know what? retorted Natsu.

"Do you know something we don't?" continued Luffy.

"Obviously, I know something more about one of comrades." said Deidara.

"Are you saying one of our friends is…" Luffy started to say starting piece together what Deidara was saying.

"A jinchūriki?" finished Natsu in surprised.

"If that's true, then it has to be either Naruto, or Sakura," thought Ryo, "It's obviously not Kakashi. So between those two, who could it be?"

"Can't figure it out," Deidara said referring to Ryo, "Not surprise, I guess you can call yourselves comrades, but in the end I guess Naruto Uzumaki doesn't really trust you."

"Wait, what!" exclaimed Ryo in surprised.

"Naruto is the jinchūriki? Natsu said equal shock.

"Naruto, got one of these beasts inside him?" question Luffy in excitement, "That's so cool, wonder why he didn't tell us?"

"You guys don't know anything, do you?" Deidara shook his head before sighing, "Oh well, I guess I have time to give you guys a more detailed history about jinchūriki."

Natsu, Luffy, and Ryo gave Deidara a confused look.

Ichigo vs Kisame

With Natsu, Luffy, and Ryo struggling with their own Akatsuki fight, Ichigo is still having his battle as well.

Ichigo and Kisame let out a battle cry as Zangetsu and Samada both collided creating a shockwave.

"Not bad kid," smirked Kisame, "This actually might be interesting!" Kisame launched another Water Bullet jutsu as Ichigo dashed backwards!

"This again!" thought Ichigo in annoyance as he started to charge up Spirit energy again. With a swing from Zangetsu, Ichigo, manage to stop Kisame's jutsu.

"Too slow." mocked Kisame, as he slammed Ichigo with a kick. Luckily Ichigo manage to block most of the force with Zangetsu but was still slammed into a tree. Ichigo quickly recovered, and went in for the offensive, swinging his Zangetsu. Kisame dodged by jumping into the air.

"Come on, you can do better than this," exclaimed Kisame, "I expected better from you! Maybe I need to push more to get things started." Kisame started to do a different set of hand signs keeping Ichigo on guard.

"Oh great," thought Ichigo with a scowl, "What is he doing now?"

"Water Style: Shark Bomb jutsu!" Ichigo's eyes widened as the surrounding water started to shape into a shark, and Kisame thrust his hand forward sending the water beast towards Ichigo. Ichigo blocked with Zangetsu as the force of the jutsu started to push Ichigo back.

"I won't let this stop me," yelled Ichigo as he started to charge his spirit energy, "Getsuga Tenshou!" Ichigo swung his Zangetsu as a blue crescent moon made of spirit energy destroyed Kisame's jutsu and was sent flying towards Kisame. Kisame smirked as the attack hit him directly, but, to Ichigo's surprise, Kisame suddenly turned into water splashing on the ground.

"What the," Ichigo looked around in shock, "Great, where is he now?" Ichigo looked up to see three more shark bomb jutsu diving down towards Ichigo. Ichigo started to dodge Kisame's assault.

"Don't let your guard down!" yelled out Kisame.

Ichigo turned around to see another shark bomb jutsu but this time Kisame is inside the shark bomb! Ichigo, while managing to dodge the water shark bomb itself, did not count for Kisame to have his Samehada out and manage to strike Ichigo's sides.

Ichigo kneeled down as blood was pouring out of his wound. Kisame jumped out of his shark bomb, and smirked. "I also forgot to mention, my Samehada doesn't cut, it shaves the flesh right off! But, I'm sure you realize that by now."

"Damn you," cursed Ichigo as he stood up, "I'm not done yet, not by a long shot!"

Kisame raised an eyebrow once he noticed Ichigo pointing Zangetsu at him. "Oh, what's this now? A secret technique?"

Ichigo started to sweat as he continues to stare down Kisame. "Will my bankai be enough? I still feel like he is holding back!" Ichigo shook his head as he washed away his doubt. "I can't have any doubt now! I have to win no matter what!"

"Oh?" Kisame raised his eyebrow as he noticed Ichigo glare was more determined.

"No matter what, I WILL BEAT YOU," declared Ichigo as he started to gather spirit energy, "BANKAI!" A huge amount of spirit energy unleashed from Ichigo as his Zangetsu started to change. As the spirit energy started to die down, Kisame grin grew wider as he looked at Ichigo's new form. Ichigo's Zangetsu is now a black blade, and he is also wearing a long-sleeved ankle length black coat. "Tensa Zangetsu."

"Now, we can start round 2." declared Kisame.

"This time...I'm not holding back!" Ichigo disappeared from Kisame view, shocking the Akatsuki members, and appeared right in front of Kisame. "HHHAAAAAAA!" Tensa Zangetsu and Samehada started to clash as, to Kisame surprise, Ichigo is managing push Kisame back.

"Did his strength enhanced?" thought Kisame as Ichigo sent him flying. Kisame didn't have time to recover as Ichigo dashed right towards him with enhanced speed. "He's faster as well!" Ichigo let out another yell as he started to attack again with Kisame started to defend with Samehada. Sparks started to fly as Ichigo and Kisame were both clashing with their respective weapons. Both swordsmen backed away from one another before dashing towards one another creating a shockwave as Tensa Zangetsu and Samehada collided.

"Now that's more like it! exclaimed Kisame in excitement as he started to go on the offensive. Ichigo grunts in frustration as he was forced to defend from Kisame's assault. Ichigo vanished from sight again, and appeared from behind. Kisame quickly turned around, and manage to block Ichigo's attack. Kisame backed up, and launched three water shark bomb jutsu from the surrounding water. Ichigo, with one swipe with Tensa Zangetsu, took out the water ninjutsu, and dashed towards Kisame.

Kisame eyes widened as Ichigo successfully manage to strike him with enough force to launch him towards the ground. Kisame chuckled to himself as Ichigo landed on the ground. "Not bad, kid" smirked Kisame. "I knew you had more in you."

Ichigo couldn't help but smirk. "Like I said, I'm going to win, and when I do, I can catch up with my friends!"

"I hate to disappoint you," Kisame started to say, " But, I'm not letting you go so easily. I have my own objective as well," Kisame started to make hand signs as the surrounding water around them started to gather around Kisame, "By the way, I've been meaning to ask, what's your name?"

"Ichigo Kurosaki," answered Ichigo as he started to gather spirit energy, "and yours?"

"Kisame Hoshigaki." replied Kisame as the surrounding water started to form into big shark. "If you want to catch up to those friends of yours, let's see how you handle this, Ichigo Kurosaki!" Water Style: Great Shark Bomb Jutsu!" Kisame launched a gigantic shark made of water towards Ichigo.

"I will beat you, Kisame Hoshigaki! Getsuga Tenshou!" Instead of a blue Getsuga Tenshou, Ichigo launched a black Getsuga Tenshou. Ichigo's enhanced Getsuga Tenshou, and Kisame's Great Water Shark Bomb Jutsu clashes creating a shockwave that created a giant explosion, blinding both Ichigo and Kisame.

To Natsu, Luffy, and Ryo vs Deidara and Tobi

Natsu, Luffy, and Ryo eyes widened at the information they just learned. Their comrade, Naruto Uzumaki, has been a jinchūriki since birth. The Fourth Hokage had sealed the Kyuubi into Naruto when it attack the Hidden Leaf Village. Due to being a jinchūriki, Naruto was outcast by his own people, living alone with no family, and hardly any friends. According to Deidara mostly all the jinchūriki were outcast because of having a biju inside them, which the trio recalled Yuri saying before they left, and they were dubbed and used as The Hidden Village's ultimate weapon against their enemies. Natsu, Luffy, and Ryo couldn't help but think about the hardship Naruto went through. They too had their own trouble past that they went through, but they were never alone. The trio had friends they consider family to help them through the hard times. But, Naruto, in the beginning, he had no one.

"Being a jinchūriki is hard, wouldn't you agree." commented Deidara.

"Since you know so much about the jinchūriki, that means you're after them too, right?" question Ryo.

Deidara smirked, "That's right, so how about you stay out of our way. It will be easier for you. I mean, it seems like you are already at war with another group. You don't want to add another to your list.

Luffy grinned as he punched his fist together. "No can do."

"Jinchūriki or not, Naruto is part of our team!" smirked Ryo. "We're not going to let Sphinx Crusade or you guys lay a hand on him!".

"In other words," Natsu grinned, "You're going to have to get through us to get to him!"

Deidara shook his head, "Oh well, looks like we have to do this the hard way." Deidara turned to Tobi. "Tobi, handle those two, I'll handle dragon breath!"

"You got it, Deidara-senpai!" exclaimed Tobi, as Natsu and Deidara went off to fight. Tobi, underneath his mask, glared at Ryo. "I need to capture that boy, he has interesting information I need against these "Sphinx Crusade"."

"Alright, Luffy, you ready for this?" asked Ryo, as he readied his sword."Last time, he dodged my attack, instead of it just letting it phase through him.

Luffy nodded, "His mysterious ability has a weakness, we just need to find it."

"Luffy, I'm going to fight him solo for awhile, look for a weakness, any weakness, that can help us!" Ryo didn't let Luffy replied as he came running towards Tobi who let out a yawn.

"Just one of you," said Tobi as he let Ryo's attack phase through him, "Boring!" Tobi kicked Ryo, but Ryo quickly recovered as he dashed towards Tobi once more. When Ryo's slashes would just phase through Tobi, Tobi would just counterattack with punches, and kicks.

"What's with this guy," thought Ryo as he dodged Tobi's punch, "His attack are starting to get more aggressive! He may act goofy, but he may be hiding his true strength!" Ryo used his Burning Arc on Tobi, but the attack just simply went straight through him. "Nothing I do seems to work!" Ryo went for another strike with his sword, but to his surprise, Tobi dodged it. "He dodged it, why did he dodged it!" Tobi started to hit with Ryo with barrages of punches and kicks with Ryo on the defensive. But as the battle continued the more Ryo couldn't keep up. Each of Tobi's punches and kicks were getting more accurate, more faster. It was like he was his changing his fighting style. Tobi sweeped Ryo off his feet surprising Ryo. Before Ryo could respond, Tobi slammed his knee on the side of Ryo's body. Tobi wasn't done yet as he punched Ryo's face making him drop on the ground.

Tobi then grabbed Ryo by his hooded jacket before he could recover. "You're coming with me." said Tobi with a deep voice.

"What?" questioned Ryo with a confused face. "His voice, when did it get so deep?" What happened next surprised Ryo. In Tobi's right eye, there was this black swirl that seemed like it was trying to suck Ryo in! "What...what is this!"

"Don't worry," called out Tobi, "It will be over so-,"

"GUM GUM RIFLE!" Luffy slammed his fist, surprising Tobi, into his stomach, and launched him spiraling away from Ryo.

"Luffy!" exclaimed Ryo happily.

Tobi held his stomach in pain as he glared at Luffy behind his mask. "How?"

Luffy chuckled. "I finally figured it out. That mysterious ability of yours!"

"You did?" question Ryo in surprised, "How did you figured it out?"

"Time limit." said Luffy simply.

"Time limit?" repeated Ryo.

Luffy turned to Ryo, "Yep, I don't know the exact time limit, but I notice while observing your fight with him, after a certain amount of time he can't phase through our attacks. That's why I'm guessing he started to go on the offensive. He didn't want you to give you any openings to figure that out."

"You're coming with me."

Remembering what Tobi said, made Ryo doubt that. "He wanted me for something, but what?"

"I'm surprised you figured that out, you're more observant than you look." Luffy and Ryo tensed up as Tobi teleported right behind the duo.

"That swirl again?"

"Wait, how did he get behind us?"

"Unfortunately, you haven't even scratched the surface of my abilities! Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!" Tobi launched two fireballs, one at Luffy, and one at Ryo. Both heroes were blown back, Luffy and Ryo were engulfed in flames.

"Why can't I gather the flames in my hand, like I did with Natsu?" thought Ryo as he noticed the flames were also starting to burn his skin. "Is he that much stronger than me?"

The flames finally died down as Luffy and Ryo were catching their breath. Luffy had black scorch on his body as his red vest was burnt off, while Ryo was burnt, he wasn't as scorch as Luffy, and his upper left side of his jacket was burnt off.

"Well, Well, I'm surprised you guys are still standing," Tobi looked over to Ryo, "And you seem to have some resistance to fire. You should look more like your friend over there. Well, no matter, I'll get what I want from you!"

"What...do you want from me?" ask Ryo in confusion.

"Information." said Tobi simply.

"Hey, Tobi."

Luffy and Ryo looked surprised as they say Zetsu appeared from the ground. "We have some news you might want to hear."

"What is it, Zetsu?" replied Tobi, "Is it about the jinchūriki?"

The White Zetsu chuckled, "It's even better than that!"

"We have Fū, and Naruto Uzumaki together in one spot.

"Two jinchūriki in one spot, this may be our lucky day!"

Luffy and Ryo looked at each other. "Two jinchūriki?" question Luffy in a whisper.

"Is that right," Tobi sounded pleased with this information, "Then I should hurry up here then."

"But, there is one problem." said White Zetsu.

"The other group, Sphinx Crusade, is also on their trail. From what we can tell, it's mostly grunts, but one of their leaders is also heading towards their location." explained Black Zetsu.

"Though, he lost an arm, so he shouldn't be too troublesome." said White Zetsu with a smirk.

"Still, I can't take any chances," muttered Tobi, "Zetsu, update Deidara, Kisame, and Itachi on the situation, and have them focus on Naruto Uzumaki, and Fū." ordered Tobi.

"You got it, boss!" cheered White Zetsu.

"There is also that "personal matter" that's in the area as well." sais Black Zetsu.

"It seems things are getting quite interesting." Tobi turned to Luffy and Ryo, "It seems we have to stop our game. Other matters need my urgent attention for now.".

"Just where the hell do you think you're going!" shouted Luffy. "We're not done yet!"

"You think we're just going to let you get to Naruto," Ryo pointed his sword at Tobi, "Better think again!"

Tobi started to teleport as he chuckled. "I assure you, we will meet again so till then," Tobi switched to his goofy persona surprising Luffy and Ryo, "See ya real soon!"

"What is with that guy" question Luffy.

"Honestly, I have no idea, Luffy." sighed Ryo as he started to catch his breath. "One thing is for certain, that masked man, is more dangerous than we thought." In any case, let's get Natsu, and head over to Naruto's current location.

Luffy nodded, "Yeah, with Natsu, we should be able to find him easily, and give him back up. With a plan form, Luffy and Ryo head over to Natsu to give him assistance, and head over to Naruto's direction.

Natsu vs Deidara

Natsu and Deidara have been fighting while Luffy and Ryo had their fight with Tobi. Natsu was having trouble with Deidara this time around. With Deidara hitting him with his rock style jutsu, and if someone avoids that, Deidara will somehow plant his clay spiders on Natsu's body making it impossible for him to eat the explosion.

"Come on, dragon boy!" Deidara is mocking Natsu as he uses his Flying Stone Jutsu. "You were confident just a minute ago!"

Natsu dodged Deidara's jutsu as he saw clay spiders coming towards him. Reacting quickly Natsu ignited his fist, and swing at the clay spiders destroying them. "So, planting your spiders on your rocks is how you're playing this huh?" question Natsu.

"Maybe." smirked Deidara. "If I wanted I could of ended this fight, but you're fun dragon boy!"

"You're bluffing!" roared Natsu as he uses his Fire Dragon Roar.

"Am I?" Deidara smirked as he use his Mud Wall to block Natsu's roar. "Well, if you want I end this now." Natsu glared at Deidara as the Akatsuki member is preparing his attack. "Now I will show you the full extent of my art."

"Deidara." Zetsu appeared surprising both Natsu and Deidara. "We have located the Nanabi and Kyuubi."

"Huh?" Deidara gave Zetsu an irritated look. "So, what? You expect me to go after them? I'm about to show the full extent of my art! Deidara turned his attention back to Natsu. "Get Itachi and Kisame to do it."

"Now, now, don't be like that." replied White Zetsu.

"Don't forget the Akatsuki objective to collect the jinchūriki come first before anything." argued Black Zetsu. "Or, did you forget? You don't want to anger our leader, do you?"

White Zetsu chuckled as Deidara glared at the merged duo. "Yeah, you don't want to end up dead, do you?"

Deidara growled in frustration but in the end decided to listen. Making the leader angry is not on his bucket list. "Fine, I'll get to it." Deidara turned to Natsu. "Today is your lucky day, dragon boy. Natsu looked confused. Looks like you're going to have to wait to witness my art another time."

Deidara jumped away from Natsu surprising him. "HEY WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING!"

Deidara turned and just smirked not saying anything to the dragon slayer as he continues his path toward Naruto and Fū.

"Is he mocking me?" question Natsu in anger as he was about to go after Deidara.

"Natsu!" Narsu turned to Luffy and Ryo running towards him. "'Huh? Is your fight over? What happen to that mask guy?"

"Not important we need to head out now!" replied Ryo.

We need to find Naruto and fast!" continued Luffy.

"Wait, why?" question Natsu.

We just learn these guys and Sphinx Crusade are on their way towards Naruto and the other jinchūriki! explain Ryo. "While I don't know much about the Akatsuki, I still don't want them or Sphinx Crusade to get their way!"

Natsu eyes widened as he remembered Zetsu just saying finding about a Seven and Nine tails and also remember what he just learned about Naruto."Wait, that's what they were talking about earlier! Then we got to hurry!"

"Great! Then you can lead us to Naruto since you can smell him, right?" asked Luffy remembering Natsu sense of smell.

Natsu nodded as he closed his eyes and started to sniff his nose. Natsu grinned. "I found him! I also smell Kakashi and another person I don't recognize."

"That's gotta be the other jinchūriki, and Kakashi is with Naruto! This is good." said Ryo. "We need to get there as quickly as possible. Natsu, you think can lead us to a faster route?"

Natsu smirked. "Just follow me! I'll get us there in no time!"

Luffy cracked his knuckles. "Let's kick these guys asses for real this time!"

Ichigo vs Kisame

Ichigo, breathing real hard, eyes widen as he dodged a thrust attack from Kisame. Drops of water started to fall, like rain, more than likely from Kisame's attack colliding with Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou. Ichigo rushed towards Kisame with quick slashes which Kisame blocked with ease. Kisame slammed his Samehada against Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu. Ichigo tries to push back as he struggles with the Akatsuki member strength. As Ichigo tries to slash Kisame he is noticing the Akatsuki member is dodging his attack at a fast pace. "Is he getting faster, or am I-,"

"Is it me, or are you getting slower?" question Kisame, interrupting Ichigo thoughts.

Ichigo growled in frustration as he shot another Getsuga Tenshou at Kisame. "I am not getting slower!" Kisame not only blocked Ichigo's attack but also shoved it aside as Kisame dash straight towards the shock substitute soul reaper. "He blocked my Getsuga Tenshou like it was nothing. Am I getting weaker?" Ichigo started to recall his fight with Byakuya, Soul Reaper Captain of Squad 6, how he started strong but as time went on he was getting slower. Ichigo started to remember something else as well, not something per say, but someone.

"Ichigo, what a complete amateur you are! Couldn't you tell? You've been getting crushed by your own Bankai spiritual pressure! Every bone in your body is creaking from the strain!

Ichigo's eyes widen as he remembers that hollow of his, and his words. "Have I not fully gotten use to my Bankai yet?"

"You better hurry this up," Ichigo gasped in shock, "Or else I'm taking over, and ending what should be a simple fight."

Ichigo frowned. "No, stay out of it! This is my fight!"

"Then pay attention!"

"Pay attention!" Ichigo looked upwards to see Kisame, in the air, ready to slash with his Samehada. "Don't get distracted now!" Ichigo dodged Kisame attack by leaping backwards. Kisame smirked sadistically. "I don't want this to end yet I'm having too much fun!"

Ichigo started to catch his breath before responding. "Well, that's good because I'm not done either."

Before Ichigo and Kisame could continue Zetsu appeared from the ground surprising Ichigo. "Kisame, we have news," said White Zetsu.

"We have located the jinchūriki of Nanabi, and Kyuubi." announced Black Zetsu. "The two are in one spot together."

Ichigo looked alarmed. "Wait, they found the jinchuriki of the Hidden Waterfall Village. But, wait I thought they only had one, why is there two?"

"We already seen Deidara and Tobi to their location, so be quick about it. finished Black Zetsu.

"The other group by the name of, Sphinx Crusade, are also heading there with their leader almost to their location. said White Zetsu as the duo left.

"Wow, two in one place! Don't think we could get any luckier." said Kisame as he put away his Samehada. Kisame turned towards Ichigo. "Looks like we have to postpone our fight for now."

"Wait, we're not done yet!" scowled Ichigo. "I can't let you have that jinchūriki!"

"Oh, and why is that?" question Kisame. "What's your interest with the Nanabi, and Kyuubi?

"I thought there was just one jinchūriki I didn't hear about a second one." declared Ichigo.

"Oh, You mean you don't know?" question Kisame. "Then again it's not surprising. It is a village secret, or at least it's supposed to be one."

"What are you talking about? What village secret?" question Ichigo. "Are you talking about Konoha?"

"Yes, indeed I am." nodded Kisame. "That village has a certain secret dealing with...the second jinchūriki that you have with your group.

"Wait, a second jinchūriki is...with our group!" repeated Ichigo in shock. Who could it be? "Well if it's dealing with Konoha…then it has to be either Kakashi, Naruto, or Sakura.

Kisame smirked as he watched Ichigo thinking who could be the second jinchuriki. "Give up?" Ichigo glared at Kisame. "The second jinchūriki, in your group, is none other than Naruto Uzumaki hosting the Kyuubi in his body."

Ichigo looked shocked at Kisame words. "Surprised? Makes me wonder why you need jinchūriki when you already have one of your own."

Ichigo was only half listening as he still processing what he just learned. "Naruto is a jinchūriki? Why didn't he say anything? Is it because it's a village secret or something more?"

"Makes me wonder what those Sphinx Crusade are going to do with them or even know how." said Kisame.

"What do you mean by that? Answer me!" demanded Ichigo.

Kisame smirked as he continues. "You see you capturing a jinchūriki is no easy task. Capturing one can be easy or hard depending on if the jinchūriki knows how to use the biju's power that dwells inside them."

"You seem to know a lot." noted Ichigo. "You know, there has been something on my mind ever since you and your partner showed up. Just who are you guys? Earlier it sounded like you were targeting us because we were after a jinchūriki. So, are you guys some kind of jinchūriki collectors?" question Ichigo.

"You catch on quick." commented Kisame. "Yes, we are a...jinchūriki collector of sorts. We are called Akatsuki."

"Akatsuki." repeated Ichigo. "And I'm assuming there is more than two of you."

"That's right." replied Kisame. "Akatsuki goal is to capture the jinchūriki and extract the bijuus from their bodies."

Ichigo scowled. "And? What happens after that?" question Ichigo. "What do you do to the bijuu and its jinchūriki?"

Kisame chuckled before answering. "Well, as for the bijuu, we store it inside a special item and as for the host...we have no use for them after the extraction since they die afterwards."

"What!" Ichigo looked alarmed. "What do you mean they die!"

"Once a bijuu has been extracted from their host, the host dies." repeated Kisame.

"That means you're killing them! exclaimed Ichigo as he pointed Tensa Zangetsu at Kisame. "How can you stand there with a straight face knowing you're killing human beings!"

"Oh, this is new!" Kisame smirked. "You actually care about them. Most people don't care about jinchūriki, and just wants them to die."

"Well, I don't care what other people think." Ichigo glared at Kisame. "One of those jinchūriki is a friend of mine and I'm not letting one of you bastards or Sphinx Crusade get your hands on them!" Ichigo dashed towards Kisame with a downward slash. Kisame smirked as Ichigo bisected a log, instead of Kisame, and Kisame disappeared. "What the hell just happen!"

"Substitution Jutsu." Ichigo looked up to see Kisame landing on tree branch. "You have a lot to learn when dealing with a shinobi, Ichigo Kurosaki. I can't wait to fight you again in the near future!"

"Wait, come back here!" yelled out Ichigo as Kisame disappeared in a puff of smoke. "Damn it!"

"Come on we're almost there!"

Ichigo turned around pointing Tensa Zangetsu. "More enemies!" Natsu, Luffy, and Ryo landed from above surprising Ichigo. "Huh?"

"HA! I knew I smelled Ichigo on the way to Naruto!" grinned Natsu with a smug look.

"Wait, Natsu, Luffy, Ryo? What's going on, why are you here? asked Ichigo.

"No time to explain, Ichigo!" said Ryo. "'We got to hurry to Naruto! He's with the Hidden Waterfall Village's jinchūriki!"

Ichigo eyes widen at the mention of Naruto name while recalling what he just learned from Kisame. "Guys, we have to hurry and get to Naruto."

"Uh, we know. That's what we have been saying." responded Luffy.

"No, there's more to the situation than just getting the jinchūriki before Sphinx Crusade!" exclaimed Ichigo.

Ryo looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"I'll explain on the way!" With that, Ichigo started to dash through the forest. Natsu, Luffy, and Ryo looked at each other in confusion before following Ichigo.

Hinata, Nami, and Yuri vs Mizuki

"Damn it, Damn it, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!"

Yuri, with a bored look, kept dodging Mizuki leaving openings for Hinata's Gentle Fist, and Nami's Thunderbolt Tempo. Mizuki would try to target Nami but Hinata would come to defend her. With Mizuki distracted, Nami has a chance to blow out red orbs, and blue orbs out of her Clima-tact. Yuri would step in to support Hinata if she needed it.

"Personally I think Hinata got this, along with Nami of course, I don't think they need my help." Yuri smiled as he saw Mizuki targeting Nami again, but Hinata dealt a strong palm strike on Mizuki launching him towards a tree. Mizuki launched himself at Hinata. Hinata of course dodges all of Mizuki while counter attacking him on his body, and arms. Hinata's eyes widen in shock as Mizuki manage to land a hit on her face. Mizuki had a smirk on his face before he realized his fist was going through Hinata and then she faded.

"What the hell!" curseed Mizuki in confusion. Mizuki turned to Nami, who had smug grin on her face. "This is your doing!" Mizuki lunged towards Nami but he went through her as well! "Quit screwing with me!"

"If you say so!" Mizuki looked behind him to see Nami blow out a yellow orb made of electricity. "You just witness a Mirage Tempo, followed by a Thunder Ball, and now finished with a Thunderbolt Tempo!"

Mizuki's eyes widened as he was hit by another one of Nami's Thunderbolt Tempo. "You damn bitch. I swear I'm going to cut up that pretty little face of yours!" shouted Mizuki as started to go through a series of hand signs. "Earth Style: Flying Stone Jutsu!" Mizuki slammed his palm on the ground...but nothing happened. "Huh?" Mizuki tries his jutsu again but nothing happens.

Yuri let out a laugh as he sees Mizuki repeatedly tries to his jutsu over and over again. "If you're trying to go for a comedic act, you're nailing it!"

"Damn you! Why is this happening?" screamed Mizuki.

"Did you forget who you're fighting with?" Mizuki turns his attention to see Hinata charging straight for him with her hands covered in chakra shape like guardian lions. "Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two palms!" Hinata started a continuous of total thirty two strikes and landed the final hit into Mizuki stomach, making him cough blood, and clutched his stomach in pain as he drops to the ground on one knee. "You're fighting a Hyuga, and our specialty is damaging a ninja's chakra path network, hence why you couldn't use your jutsu."

"Nice work, Hinata!" cheered Nami. "She's actually really strong! She looks shy, but when it's time to fight she can hold her own."

"Thank you, Nami." said Hinata as she smiled at the navigator.

"They're both good, even Nami, who's not even a fighter." thought Yuri.

"Damn it, Damn it all!" cursed Mizuki. "This can't be happening! This can't be happening to me! "Damn you Konoha shinobi!" Mizuki turned to Yuri. "Damn you!" Mizuki then punched the ground. "AND DAMN THAT BLONDE HAIR BRAT!"

"Blonde hair brat?" repeated Yuri in confusion. Yuri then remember what Hinata had just told him about Mizuki downfall 2 years ago. "Oh, you mean Naruto."

"Naruto?" Nami said in confusion. "Naruto fought this guy before?"

Hinata nodded. "It was 2 year ago when Mizuki tried to steal a forbidden scroll by using Naruto."

"I heard about that Mizuki." Yuri grinned. "You, a chunin, an experienced ninja, got beat by an academy student. That's really sad."

Mizuki growled. "That demonic brat caught me by surprise is all. I'm hoping when I reach Konoha he will be there for me to crush his skull!"

Hinata frowned. "Naruto is no demon! The only demon I see here is you!"

Mizuki smirked. "If you knew the truth...you wouldn't have high standards for the brat!"

"Oh please I've seen your type before. said Nami with a scowl. "People who can't accept their lost so they blame it on to someone else.'

Yuri smirked. "In other words a disgrace, shame, and above all, a failure."

Mizuki growled. Everytime Yuri open his mouth it just makes him angry. He couldn't tell if he hated Yuri more or Naruto. "Alright, I'll indulge you in Konoha's secret! Maybe I can open your eyes before I kill you!"

"What secret? What are you talking about?" question Hinata.

"I'm curious too if I'm being honest." thought Yuri. "But then again it's Mizuki. I know I just met the guy but so far I can say it's been a disappointing experience."

Mizuki chuckled as he looked at Hinata confused expression. "I'm not surprised you don't know Hinata. Only the older generation of Konoha know of it. A law made by Third Hokage 16 years ago after the Kyuubi attack."

Yuri raised an eyebrow in confusion. This is news to him. Considering the last time he saw the old man was 12 years ago, he never remember a law being made. But then again he could of been just village affairs. His world, and this world may be allies but that doesn't that mean they share all their secrets.

"The village secret is that Naruto Uzumaki is the Kyuubi jinchūriki! announced Mizaki. "In other words he holds the Kyuubi deep within his skin, he is the Kyuubi in human form!"

Hinata, Nami, and Yuri eyes widened in shock. "If this is one of your jokes, it isn't funny." scowled Yuri. "4th Hokage defeated the Kyuubi. Hell I was there when it happened!" Now this gain a surprised look from not only Hinata, and Nami, but also Mizuki.

"You were there during the attack." said Mizuki in disbelief.

"I was young back then but I think anyone could remember a giant rampaging fox attacking the village." Said Yuri.

"Oh, you're full of surprises," said Mizuki in a mocking tone before smirking. "Did you know Naruto was born on the exact day of the attack. I wouldn't call that a coincidence."

"Naruto was born on the same day?" question Yuri.

Hinata nodded. "Yes, the Kyuubi attack happened on October 10th, Naruto's birthday." answer Hinata sadly. Hinata, as a kid, always wondered why Naruto was so lonely. Why the villagers look at Naruto with such hatred. More than likely they had similar thoughts like Mizuki thinking Naruto and Kyuubi were the same so the villagers blame Naruto for the destruction of their village. "All that hatred and not once have I ever seen Naruto give in. Instead Naruto trains every day to prove himself, to show he's not the fox. To show he's Naruto Uzumaki of the leaf." thought Hinata. "Future Hokage!"

"Naruto was born on the same day of the Kyuubi attack? Who are his parents?" thought Yuri. "Let's see Naruto Uzumaki, Uzumaki. Something about that name. Ever since he met Naruto, he felt like he probably seen him before. Like he resembles someone he knew in the past. "Uzumaki?"



Yuri, 9 years old, was in a house, in a dining room, looked up to see a young pregnant with long red hair, smiling at him. "How are you?"

Yuri blushed as he looked down at the ground. "I-I'm fine Mrs. Uzumaki."

"Ah how cute." smiled the red-haired lady as she ruffled Yuri's hair. "You don't need to be shy around me."

"Kushina, don't tease the boy." Behind the lady, known as Kushina, was a blonde hair man, who resembles Naruto, but older, wearing a white cloak.

Kushina stick her tongue out playful. "He likes it, Minato, don't you, Yuri?"

Yuri shly looked away. "W-w-well I, I mean." Yuri blushed increased as struggle to finish his sentence.

"What happened to all that bravado you had, Yuri. Walking out the kitchen was Masami. "You were excited to see Kushina, jumping all over the castle, and now your quiet as a mouse."

"C-come on don't mention that. It's embarrassing." said Yuri as he scratched his head embarrassed.

Kushina couldn't help but smile. "'Aw, Yuri, you're making me blush. Wait, I know!" Kushina went to seat down and patted the seat next to her. "Come, sit next to me, Yuri." Yuri looked confused as he went to sit down next to Kushina. Kushina gently let Yuri lay on her stomach. "Can you feel it?"

Yuri felt a kick coming for Kushina's stomach. Yuri smiled. "Yeah, I felt a kick."

Kushina rubbed her stomach passionately. "He's excited, soon he'll be born into the world."

Masami smiled. "I'm so happy for the two of you. Being a parent is a rewarding experience."

"Thank you, Lady Masami. "I'm excited and nervous at the same time. chuckled Minato.

"You two are going to be great, I just know it." reassured Masami.

"Thank you, Masami. I can't wait to show the little one the many different things in the world like the Fairy Tail guild, or perhaps the different islands of the Grand Sea. said Kushina as she fantasized taking her baby all over the world. "So many different things to choose from."

"Mrs. Kushina, did you think of a name yet?" asked Yuri.

Minato and Kushina smiled at each other. "Yes we have thanks to, Jiraiya-sensei." replied Minato.

Yuri narrowed his eyes in disbelief. "Really? That pervert came up with a name? It's not something stupid is it?"

Kushina couldn't help but laugh. "No, No, it's actually a lovely name." Kushina smiled. "Our baby name will be Naruto."

Flashback Ends

Yuri eyes widen as he remembered a memory of when he was a child. A memory he hasn't thought of in a long while. "How come I didn't see it when I first met Naruto." thought Yuri. "Hell, the name itself should of been a dead giveaway."

Mizuki laughed bringing Yuri out of his thoughts. "Are you starting to see I was right. I can see the look of it in your face. Naruto is-,"

"No demon!" interrupted Hinata.

"What!" Mizuki looked at Hinata in shock.

Hinata continued. "Naruto is nowhere near being Kyuubi. He protected the village countless of times proving, people like you, that he's Naruto Uzumaki. He never quits, and he never runs." Hinata ready to fight again, went into her fighting stance. "That's the type of person he is."

"I've only met Naruto, but I can tell he's not a bad person." said Nami as she was ready to fight once more. "To me, you're a demon, the monster. I met people like you, enslaving people for their own greed, and you know what? They're the ones that always get what's coming to them!"

Yuri chuckled. "You heard the ladies. Now I don't know what you were expecting when telling us this. But I'm glad you did." said Yuri. "It help me remember something. Something important!"

"Whatever I'll kill you all, and resume my revenge. said Mizuki as he smirks. "And since you all care about that brat so much, I'll kill him last so he can watch as I burn down the village.I'll make sure he gets a special seat as I slaughter the village residents that praise and worship that demon spawn! That old hokage bastard was a fool to let that brat live. That whole village is full of idiots, praising like he's some hero. Naruto is no hero, just a shame, a waste of space, a demonic spawn that deserves to be put down!"

Yuri looked annoyed. "You know, the more you talk, the more you piss me off!"

Mizuki snarled. "You know, I was thinking the same thing, how about we finish this once and for all!" Mizuki started charge up some of his chakra as his upper body started to grow. "You may have closed off some of my chakra but I'll just open them by entering the second stage of the curse mark!" Mizuki appearance turned tiger like, and more feral looking as he started to grinned sadistically at the trio. "I can't wait to kill you slowly. Oh what fun to rip you to shreds!"

Nami gulped actually feeling worried. "Guys, how are we looking here. Because he actually looks very strong."

"If this is a curse mark as he says. Then I think this a second stage." explained Hinata. "My cousin, Neji, also fought someone with a curse mark and explain how they was a second stage. The second stage is the most dangerous."

"Okay, so what do we do?" question Nami with a worried glance. "I didn't plan to die today, and we still have to worry about Millie and his family."

"We do what we always do." Yuri smirked. "We kick his ass. Trust me when I say we can end this now."

"I hope you said your prayers," Mizuki charged towards the trio. "BECAUSE I'M READY TO RIP YOU TO SHREDS AS YOU BEG FOR MERCY!"

Yuri, not worried at all, grinned. "Hinata, Nami, you guys ready?"

Hinata nodded not even feeling discouraged, even with Mizuki transformation. "Yes, Yuri."

Nami sighed. "Well if you guys aren't worried. I'll try my best to end this!"

"That's the spirit, Nami!" Yuri charged at Mizuki with his gauntlets ready. Mizuki punched Yuri, who blocked the attack, but overall still didn't feel threatened. "Hey, you did get stronger!"

Mizuki growled as he started to rapidly swing his claws at Yuri. Yuri dodges Mizuki attempts at attacking, and easily lands a punch into Mizuki's stomach. "I've also noticed you gotten slower as well. Trading speed for power. Not that very impressive." Mizuki growled, but noticed Nami behind him. Mizuki smirked as he changed his target to Nami.

Nami's eyes widened in fear as Mizuki lunged towards the Straw Hats navigator. Nami managed to dodged the attack, due to Mizuki being slower now. "Stay still, you orange hair bitch!" Mizuki managed to attack Nami but his attack just phase through her. "Not again!" Mizuki was then struck by Nami's Thunderbolt Tempo again. But thanks to increase physique it didn't do as much damage. Mizuki turned around and glared at Nami. "No more new tricks, huh?" Nami took a step back as Mizuki started to calmly walked towards her. "I'll kill you, but very slowly."

"No one is dying today, Mizuki!" declared Hinata as she rushed in front of Nami. Hinata started to gather chakra towards their hands as it started to form into guardian lion heads. "This technique will finish you off for good! Hinata rushed towards Mizuki ready to end this.

"I'm not going to get beaten, NOT BY THE LIKES OF YOU!" Mizuki lunged towards Hinata with punch but because Mizuki larger physique, he became slower, allowed Hinata to dodged, with speed Mizuki couldn't follow, and unleash her technique.

"Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists!" Hinata landed one blow, stunning Mizuki, and then proceeds of landing a barrage of strikes with her Twin Lion Fists, and then, for the final strike, Hinata landed a double palm strike into Mizuki's stomach, launching him backwards into several trees.

"Wow." was all Yuri could say.

"Hinata...I think you did it!" cheered Nami.

"Damn it." Mizuki spat out blood. "I can't move, I can't feel any of my chakra."

"My Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists drains my enemies chakra just by touching them." explain Hinata. "All those strikes I've landed must of drain your chakra completely."

Mizuki couldn't reply as he coughed up more blood. "Hinata sure did a number on you, huh?" Mizuki glared at Yuri. He couldn't believe this was happening. Orochimaru gave him strength, he should be stronger than this, he should be one towering over them, not the other way around! "You know, throughout this whole fight you've been pissing me off! Yuri picked up Mizuki by his throat. "But, what really made me mad," Mizuki eyes widen as Yuri glared at the former Konoha ninja. But this glare had a certain darkness to it, a certain type of hate that holds many grudges. Yuri's eyes show a desire to kill and feel no remorse about it. "Is that you insulted the 4th Hokage legacy!" Yuri threw Mizuki in the air, and started charge dark energy into both of his fists as he time Mizuki drop from the sky. "Disorder," Yuri unleashed a barrage of rapidly fast punches that just look like purple blurs, "OVERDRIVE!" Yuri, for his final strike, punch Mizuki further into the forest as the trio was losing sight of him. "Next time learn to shut your mouth."

"Yuri, I know he wasn't the best person, but don't you think you kinda overkilled it." said Nami. Both Hinata and Nami seem a bit worried about Yuri. Mizuki, was the worse, yes, but he was already defeated. There was no need to hurt him even more.

Yuri sighed. Maybe he shouldn't have done that. "Yeah, you're probably right Nami." Yuri turned to Hinata and Nami. His eyes no longer contain the hate he showed to Mizuki. "But don't worry he's not dead. I held back with that last strike."

"I can't believe it." Hinata, Nami, Yuri turn to Soka as he came out from hiding in the bushes, with his family. "You guys beat Mizuki."

"Wait, you were doubting us?" question Yuri.

"He's been doubting us this whole trip." said Nami with an annoyed look.

"I can't believe it, we're finally free." said Jenny in relief.

"Alright, I say we regroup with the others, and quickly," said Yuri, "I've been sensing the others, and it sounds like they're fighting."

"You think Sphinx Crusade, and those Akatsuki guys are fighting our friends right now?" question Nami.

"Only one way to find out." replied Yuri. "Nami, take Maki, and his family back to the village. No reason to drag them into more fights."

"Right." nodded Nami, before turning to Maki and his family. "Here that? You guys are finally going home!

Soka started to tear up. "Finally we can leave this hell," Soka started to hug his wife, "Honey, we can finally go home."

Jenny hugged her husband back. "Yes, dear. No more, we are finally free."

"Wow, now isn't that touching?"

Yuri, Hinata, and Nami eyes widened in shock. "Who said that! Show yourself!" shouted Yuri

"Up here!" Everyone looked up to see a young man resting on a tree branch. "Looks like Mizuki done for the count. Not surprised to be honest. We weren't really expecting much from him." the young man has black hair, and chocolate brown eyes. He is wearing a red leather jacket, underneath it is a black shirt, red pants, and black army boots. "Yo, Yuri, you're looking well."

Who is he?" ask Hinata.

"He...looks familiar, like I've seen him before? said Nami in confusion.

Yuri glared at the young man. "Ryou! What are you doing here!"

Yuri you know him? ask Hinata.

Yuri nodded. "Yeah, don't drop your guard down even for a second. He's a high ranking Sphinx Crusade member like Shiro!"

"Gee, don't have to glare." yawn Ryou. "I'm here to pick up that idiot Shiro, and I guess Mizuki if he's still breathing that is."

"Wait, Shiro? question Nami. "Wasn't he the one in charge of getting the jinchūriki?

"Don't tell me he succeeded? question Hinata in fear that they failed.

Ryou shrugged. "I don't know if he succeeded or not. The whole point of capturing this jinchūriki was extracting the bijuu chakra from within it to help Xeno recover."

"Guess that crystal you sealed Xeno in worked too well, huh Yuri? smirked Nami. Yuri to let out a small chuckle.

"Yeah, that little stunt gave us a little surprised. We were so worried that we decided to hunt down a bijuu to used its chakra." chuckled Ryou. "But, looks like we worried for nothing."

Yuri eyes widened. "Don't tell me!"

Ryou let a dark smirk spread across his face. "Xeno has recovered."

To be continued...

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