Chapter 1

My Final Goodbye

Allen's Pov:

I was the host of the fourteenth, and was soon to be executed. I was allowed out of my cell as long as there was someone with me but that someone was Leverrier guard dog, Link.

He followed me everywhere and my friends began to stop trusting me and it hurt more than anything. They would walk away or say 'Just leave me alone. I was never your friend.' or 'just go and die you Noah.'

Each insult broke me but I would not let them see.

I would hide behind a mask that was slowly breaking. I would stay in my room and just have guard outside of it. I would sit on the windowsill and pretend to be looking out of it. But I was actually looking at the fourteenth shadow.

All he did was smile at me and say "Let me take over and you won't have to deal with the pain anymore."

As much as I wanted to have all the pain go away I knew I would have to keep walking, just for Mana's sake.

I Will Keep Walking Until I Can No Longer Go On.

As I wandered down to the cafeteria I heard Lenalee and Lavi talking.

"They should just kill him already. There's no point of keeping him around."

"I know, Lenalee, I feel the same."

"He should just DIE."

"I do agree. It would have been better if he died as a child."

With that said I turned and ran back to my room. I slammed the door shut and went back over to sitting at the windowsill. I sat on the sill and looked at the shadow of the fourteenth.

My mask was broken and no longer could I wear it. Those words that I had heard hurt me more than ever, and those who spoke them were my best friends. I began to cry and I curled in to myself.

"I can't take the pain anymore. Please someone get rid of it." I sobbed.

"Just let me take over, dear nephew, and you will never have to deal with pain again."


"Yes, I will make them all pay for what they did to you. Just let go and let me in."

"Alright. Farewell, Neah." I closed my eyes.

Never will I wake from this never ending dream. I fell in to the comfortable black and disappeared forever. Leaving everything behind and with no regret.

This was my final goodbye.

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