Chapter 3: The Quiet Force

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Taylor was running along the roof tops, it was night-time, and the moon was illuminating the bay on a beautiful night in March. Three months had passed since Taylor had triggered. Three months with mornings spent online in class; she never steeped foot into Winslow High again after she was suspended. Danny and Taylor thought it might be dangerous for Taylor, in case her tormentors provoked a reaction, and she exposed her powers.

That was fine with Taylor the Force was helping her study, the information of eons from another galaxy were hers for the asking. Her new teacher was Armsmaster and Dragon, they would email every morning, they would have a list of assignments, and would have the previous day's work graded for her. They would test her knowledge on Fridays in each subject they assigned. All Armsmaster and Dragon wanted in return was another mind to bounce their Tinker tech ideas off of; and in their months of partnership new technologies were being developed for the common market, such as the power-cell that Taylor had designed for her lightsaber.

Taylor's afternoons and evening were spent training her body, following the Forces guide lines, Taylor had started to grow, putting on muscle, and adding quite a bit to her figure. Her Father had helped convert their basement into a training room, and Armsmaster had made several remotes based off a design she had given him. She had given her dad her lightsaber, telling him, "I am not worthy of that yet, I have a lot of work to do before I can call myself a Jedi."

Danny had nodded, and then he called Armsmaster for a couple of durable training blades. He told his daughter he took fencing in college, and he could be a practice dummy until something else came along. Before sparing with her dad she started to do Katas for the Lightsaber Forms. Eventually after following the Forces guidance, Taylor began the starting katas for all seven of the traditional Jedi saber forms, she chose Niman; Form Six, or the jack of all trades form. This form brought hints from the other five styles before it, Except form Two, and Form Six to her seemed the most versatile Form for a Jedi that doesn't have to worry about fighting other force users.

Now he she was three months later, and she was in her robes wearing a back pack full of weights running and flipping off of roof tops. Armsmaster was on patrol tonight, and had given her an ear piece to contact him if she ran into any trouble. Taylor had to sigh, she runs across one villain, Cricket of the E88's, and both her dad and Armsmaster get all protective. It wasn't like she was defenseless. She had gotten to the point where she could defeat ten remotes in her combat practice, and she could lift one of the derelict tankers in the ships graveyard for minutes before she started to feel the mental strain. It wasn't even like Cricket was trying to bother me, we ran into each other while I was on one of my runs, and she was patrolling her gang's turf.

A large gather of minds up ahead brought Taylor's mind to the present, Taylor was trying to balance some of the tenets of the Unifying Force, namely reflecting on the wisdom of the past, and the tenets of the Living Force, live in the moment. She still needed work, she was so wrapped up in past events, and she almost missed this group until she was almost on top of them. Taylor sighed, at least she had her lightsaber back now, she trusted herself not too cut off anything to important at least. Taylor jumped to the ground; smoothly transitioning into a graceful glide she made her way forward, after making sure her hood was secure. As Taylor approached an alley a rough figure in dirty clothes walked out it, He seemed in a daze as he asked,

"Hey wanna buy some crack?"

Taylor hid a smile as she waved a hand, "You don't want to sell me crack."

The man's eyes glazed, "I don't want to sell you any crack."

Taylor had to fight to keep a straight face, "You want to go home and rethink your life."

The man smiled vacantly, "I want to go home and rethink my life."

Taylor left the man to find his way home, then she approached the warehouse where she felt the gathering of minds. Taylor looked around the building, not seeing anyone is sight she jumped to the roof, landing cat quiet. Moving forward in stealth she found a sky light she could see what was going on. Taylor mouth dried as she saw in a huge figure with a metal mask. She knew who it was, everyone in Brockton Bay knew who Lung was. He was the only one to face the Endbringer Leviathan in single combat and walk away. Of course Japan was almost completely sunk in that fight, Taylor sighed quietly to herself. The man could have been one of the greatest Heros on earth, yet he ran the ABB's, to Taylors mind, this was a tragedy. Taylor was brought out of her musing when Lung started to speak.

"The children, just shoot. Doesn't matter what you aim at, just shoot. You see one lying on the ground? Shoot the little bitch twice more to be sure. We give them no chances to be clever or lucky, understand?"

Taylor went cold, she could sense his intent through the Force, and he was deadly serious. Taylor stopped thinking after that, she had to stop this, and the Force was with her. Jumping down to ground in front of the entrance to the warehouse she opened the doors with an application of Telekinesis and grabbed her weapon. She didn't activate it yet, for a Jedi that activate a lightsaber is a Jedi that is willing to kill. Taylor let her voluminous sleeves cover her hand, then she walked forward.

The gang members took one look at her, and reactions were varied, some stared to laugh, others just stared with "What the hell expressions", on their faces. Lung just looked at her impassively, but Taylor could feel him harnessing his anger, getting ready for a fight. Lung was wise enough to know not to judge a Cape until the battle began.

Lung voice ground out, "Are you here to face me?"

Taylor's voice was serene, she as deep in the force, preparing herself for combat, "I heard you plan to kill children, I can't allow that."

Lung snarled, but didn't say anything else, the challenge was made and accepted, to his mind that was all there was to it, and words had no place on the battlefield. His subordinates knew to get out of the way, and Lung charged, fire appearing around him and scales forming on his skin. Taylor meet the charge with a blast of explosive Telekinetic force. Halting the Dragons forward charge; then she rushed forward with Force enhanced speed, moving around the growing figure she sent another blast that launched him out of the warehouse and into the air. Taylor moved with another burst of Force Speed Taylor jumped above the flailing Lung, then she blasted him back to the ground; Hard. Not finished yet Taylor focused the Force into her hands compressing the Force until a ball of swirling power was in her palm. Taylor let gravity do its work; as she fell she gave a third, greater blast to Lung struggling to get to his feet after his unexpected flight. This blast knocked Lung down again, and to the dragon man it felt like the angry palm of God.

Taylor landed by the fallen Lung, whose mind was now clouded with pain, but clearing fast. With a touch of the Force she sent the Brute to sleep, and then stood, she looked at the dumbstruck gang members that were still present; and with a whisper laced with Force persuasion she commanded, "Go."

The gang went, and Taylor called Armsmastster, "Armsmaster, I have Lung locked in Force sleep at my location." Taylor rattled off the address, and then waited for a reply.

Armstmaster voice came a moment later, "Understood a containment team and I are on route, Good work Jedi."

Taylor hung up then looked around feeling four newcomers arrive. Taylor turned to them as four voices spoke as once, two guys said the same thing, but there was with different emotions for each person; Incredulity and shock from the Big guy with the black helmet, and the guy dressed like a jester. The big girl with three big monsters felt like she was confused, and the blonde girl in spandex had a fox-like grin and felt delighted. Four versions of "What the Hell?" came from the four different voices at the same time.