The Cycle broke.

The illusion shattered.

It was good to know that he can still shock Lotus, Phantom noted. Smiling, he held out a hand and said;

"Touch what is mine, and there won't be a next time. Now, shall we go rescue your Master?"

The wide eyes and launch of Lotus's body was all the confirmation he needed. Letting out a laugh, Phantom pulled his sibling towards the chamber where the Black Mage stood.

It was all a lie.

Aran was dead and Mercedes was blinded. Luminous had been bound and captured by the Black Mage. EunWol was missing, by falling into one of Arkarium's portal, during combat. And Phantom...

Phantom had betrayed them all.


Poor Freud. Tears were gathering at the corners of his eyes. How sad. How delectable. Phantom could not help but smile as he parroted back- "Why?"

"You know what I mean!"

"Poor little dragonmaster," Phantom could not help but coo. With every step he took towards the despairing dragon master, blood receded from his clothes into his scarf, turning the azure blue into a bloody red. White silk darkened into black, patches by patches, as though as huge drops of ink landed on them.

As he knelt down in front of Freud, Phantom scooped the motionless body into a hug, and continued. "At first, it was for my siblings, you know; Lotus and Orchid? Then slowly, it evolved."

While holding Freud close to his body, Phantom carried on, with his dark, poisonous words. "I did not plan on getting attached to the Heroes- or perhaps, just you. The rest are meaningless. You are the perfect person to replace Aria, after all. "

Freud's eyes widened in shock and tears started dripping. Phantom could tell that mentally, he was breaking Freud- and he cared not a single bit. For as long as Freud lives, who cares if he's sane?

Unperturbed, Phantom continued. "It took some planning, but it worked. My siblings would confront Mercedes and Luminous. Aran, weakened by the enemy. EunWol, denied entrance by Arkarium. All these plans, just to have you in my arms. "

With every word spoken, he could feel Freud's mind breaking down and being manipulated into what Phantom wanted, through the usage of his own, unique, magic. In despair, the brunette let out a broken gasp.


Phantom smiled.

"You're mine. "