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Ages: (The Zonecops are three years older than the Prime Mobians- just to make it more badass x'D)

Zonic: 18 years - Sonic: 15 years
Zhadow: looks 18 years - Shadow: looks 15 but is ageless and older than 50 O_O
Zilver: 17 years - Silver: 14 years
Zamy: 15 years - Amy: 12 years
Zlaze: 17 years - Blaze: 14 years
Zaria: 15 years - Maria: 12 years (deceased)
Znuckles: 19 years - Knuckles: 16 years
Zouge:21 years - Rouge: 18 years
Zails: 11 years - Tails: 8 years
Zream: 9 years - Cream: 6 years
Zector: 23 years - Vector: 20 years
Zespio: 19 years - Espio: 16 years
Zharmy: 9 years - Charmy: 6 years


The only sound that was heard in the room was Zails' laboured breathing and Kaito's demonic chuckle. No matter how hard the young kitsune tried or how much herculean strength he used, his hands couldn't budge out of the sticky web courtesy on Arnav. Zails took the opportunity to scan his aqua eyes on the spider. His fur was the colour of the midnight sky, a cold navy shade but his fur looked like the softest substances you could ever witness. His eyes were also blue but they were as cold as ice and had no life swimming in those orbs. The kid's hair were shaped like the front two of Zamy's quills on each side except his were more curved towards his face.

Instantly, with the stance that Arnav was in, it reminded Zails of 'Spiderman' with the weird sticky web and the abnormal strength. Most importantly, the spider boy had a look of a blood lusting assassin.
"I wonder how Zonic would react," Kaito began flicking a sleek knife out his sleeves like a suave magician "When he sees your blood decorated on my entire walls and your eyes missing from your sockets…"

A heartbeat passed.

Kaito lashed out his knife at Zails aiming for the chest. Luckily, Zails snapped the webs off of his wrists and the fox boy used his twin tails to propel himself in the air to dodge the oncoming attack as well as avoiding a jaw breaking punch from Arnav. "Stay still you brat!" Another attempt on slashing Zails' throat clean failed.

Arnav's eyes widened at Kaito's expression and cautiously took a step away from the battle between him and Zails. He had the look of an enraged lion. It was the same look he usually has for his prey. Zails noticed Arnav's sudden discomfort and snapped out of his daze when Kaito slashed his knife at him again with incredible speed. A speed that could maybe rival Zonic's.

'Why has he lost his cool all of a sudden? Something doesn't seem right.' Zails eyed at Kaito once again but immediately regretted it as he did. His breath got hitched in his throat as a inhumane change took place in Kaito's eyes. The man's eyes changed from the soulless grey to a metallic red that matched his hair.
"What the?" Zails exclaimed and used his twin tails to jump up in the air once again escaping Kaito's 'claws' unscathed. The man now had the look of an animal on the loose that has been starving in a cage. A supernatural atmosphere instantly replaced the cold air clogging up Zails' mind. 'I think I worked it out now,'

"You're not fully human anymore, are you?" The only response he got was a violent shiver from Kaito with is head bowed down. He took deep breaths painfully and clutched his chest causing Arnav to rush to him with concern etched on his face. Kaito's eyes visibly reverted back to its original colour as he directed a scowl towards Zails.
"You're too smart for your own good brat." He staggered up "Arnav, finish him off." His tone darkened.

'Of course, send your little minion to do the dirty work for you,' Zails rolled his eyes and got into a fighting stance. His eyes didn't leave Kaito's retreating form though who seemed to be in no hurry. A whistle brought him back to his current situation and he fixed his eyes back at his current enemy. The spider's face was wiped off of any previous expression he had and his eyes displayed no emotions. His wrists were poised in a oriental fashion waiting for the right moment to shoot his webs.

A full on trained Zonecop with all the knowledge of the world versus a highly sneaky yet deadly assassin.
"Come at me then bitch." Not a nano second has passed since those words flowed from Zails' lips and immediately strands of webs were shot towards him at eye blinding speed. Zails, who was used to such speed, grabbed the web as it wrapped itself around his hands and tugged it forward with jaw dropping strength making his opponent come flying forward. Since Arnav was very lightweight, he was able to do a flip as he was dragged forward and deliver a kick to Zails' stomach with webs snapping off of both their hands consequently. In professional standard like sync, they jumped back up on their feet and a furry of fists were exchanged with one another.

"You're as stubborn as hell!" Zails growled out and used his twin tails to whip Arnav making the boy lose his footing and drop his guard at the same time. This allowed Zails to pick up the cut web (He thanked Chaos that there was no sticky substances on this piece) and like a energy beam, he whipped it around Arnav's legs immobilizing him. The fight wasn't over yet. Arnav's hands were free so he used the opportunity to his advantage and used them to propel himself up and back on his feet again Chinese style. This gave off the impression that he's got a few martial art tricks up his sleeves. How much longer is this gonna go on? You might as well say that they're as good as each other. Their flaws balances with the opponent's pros. Their speed opposes their strength.

"ARNAV! I can't find it! Knock him out and get him o-" Kaito's desperate plea was interrupted with a guttural sound emitted from his throat which was followed with a violent retch. Arnav felt his heart squeeze in pain at the sound of Kaito's agony. He turned to glare at Zails. It was all the fox's fault. If only he sat still and let Kaito kill him then Kaito wouldn't be in so much pain right now.

Within a blink of an eye, Arnav leapt up and landed behind Zails delivering a ferocious punch to the back of his head. All Zails saw were stars before he lost consciousness but not without the last thought.
'Shit...I should never have underestimated him...'


"I see something over there!"

"We were over there just an hour ago!"

"Dude! I've got better eye sights than you."

"It's an golden orange colour..."

"Well done! You wanna medal?"

"Shut up man. At least I'm not colourblind!"

"What? I swear down that wasn't there before!"

"Let's check it out."

"Wait, get your weapons ready! It could be a trap."

"I never knew something fluffy could be dangerous..."

"Fluffy? The fuck? Wait a sec!"

"Zails? ZAILS!"

"Holy Shit! It's Zails!"

"Zonic! Zhadow! We found Zails! I repeat! We found Zails!"

"He's breathing and his pulse seems fine! Just a little bit bruised and all that."

"We're on our way back to the headquarters."

"Zector! Zilver! Zhadow commands the two of yous to patrol this area and see if there's anyone working for the Rize company lurking around. Zharmy and I will take Zails back to be treated."

"Yes Zespio sir!"


"Hmmmmm..." A groan was emitted from the twin tailed fox as he finally regained conscious. His body felt like it's been tumbling down rocky mountains. His head felt like there was a shoot off going inside. After what seemed like forever, Zails opened his eyes only to be blinded with the brightness of the white walls.
"Zails? Can you hear me?" Zails gave a slight nod to the familiar voice. He rubbed his eyes with a lot of effort in lifting his arms. His aqua eyes sparkled as he let out a little grin.
"Hey Zream..." He was enveloped in a gentle yet warm embrace by the bunny herself. With a shy flutter in his heart, Zails returned the hug and sighed with content. He could get used to this.

"We were so worried for you, especially Zonic." Her words came out muffled since she had her face buried in his chest. It made her sound really cute and innocent at the same time. However, worry flooded his tiny frame at the thoughts of possible drastic actions Zonic could've caused.
"He didn't do anything stupid? Zream?" Zream shook her head and looked at him with a smile. "Thank chaos." At least he didn't cause any trouble.
"If it weren't for Zhadow, I think he would've gone berserk though." Kudos to Zhadow for keeping the blue speed devil at bay. He felt Zream untangle herself from him much to his dismay.

"I think Zonic wants to come in now, eheh." Zails blinked in confusion but as soon as he looked at the door, he saw Zonic an anxious looking Zonic leaning against the wall on the other side. Zream excused herself and walked out of the infirmary. Within a millisecond, Zonic was in the room and by Zails' bed.
"How you feeling?"

"To be honest, I feel like I've just survived a bomb explosion." Zails answered with a smirk. Zonic rolled his eyes and let his eyes scan Zails' body to see if there were any real damage done on him. "Zonic, I'm fine. They didn't do anything drastic to me...well, I made sure they didn't..." His last sentence didn't go unheard as Zonic's ears twitched. He bared his fangs and looked at Zails straight in the eye.
"What did they try to do?"

"Kaito wanted to tear my eyes out! However, I found out something rather interesting," Zonic tried not to yell in frustration and swallowed down the millions of swears he wanted to say against Kaito and the Rize company. "He's not a full human. As soon as we entered the heat in the fight, his eyes started to change colour and his face looked really weird." Zonic took this to consideration and then thought of the horrific information he and Zamy found earlier.

"While you were there, we found out that Kaito is the son of that Len Rize I had to shoot fatally. He's kidnapped you to get into my skin." All the colour drained from Zails' face. He learnt about Len Rize a few months ago and the whole situation as well. Len wanted to fuse Mobian body parts with Human to create a perfect being. So, if Kaito is going through weird changes right now then that must mean: "Kaito has already fused himself with Mobian DNA, hasn't he?"

A glum atmosphere now rested on their shoulders along with hatred and irritation. Suddenly, the automatic doors opened again and this time Zamy came in running. She pushes Zonic out of the way and instantly wraps her arms around Zails with tearful eyes. Zonic got up with a warning hum but Zamy didn't care.
"Zails!" She wailed "I'm so glad you're alright! Oh!" Just like her counterpart Amy Rose, Zamy has that abnormal strength in her hugs which could cause one to suffocate. Zonic pulled her off of Zails so he could reveal a panting fox.

"Oops...I've probably made your bruises a lot worse..." Zamy's ears bent down in shame while Zails shook his head with a nervous chuckle.
"Not at all Zamy! With your hugs, I feel better."
"Zails you terrible liar..." Zamy hissed out causing Zails to flinch "But you lie anyway to make ME feel better! This is why I can't ask for a better brother!"

"Oh Zamy..."


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