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Chapter 1 - Introductions

"What exactly are you anyway?" the girl asked.

I smirked slightly. "Would you believe me if I said I was a demon?"

The girl nodded without hesitation. "I would."

I raised my eyebrows. "Really? That's surprising."

"Why? I believe in angels. Logic would dictate I have to believe in demons too."

I scoffed. "Angels…I've dealt with enough of them to last a lifetime."

The girl laughed lightly. "Well if you're a demon I can imagine you don't get along too well with angels."

"You have no idea," I muttered, shaking my head.

"So how long have you been a demon for?" the girl asked.

I shrugged. "Over 130 years I think. I've not really been keeping track though."

While the girl seemed to be musing about this silently I frowned to myself. Why did I feel able to divulge all this information to this girl? I didn't even know her name. For the past God knows how many years I had only had Sebastian to talk to so maybe it was simply because she was somebody new, but not having anyone to converse with had never really bothered me.

This girl certainly was strange. She seemed a few years older than me, or a few years older than my physical appearance should I say. She was dressed strangely too: trousers on a woman? I tried my hardest to imagine Elizabeth in trousers and it was such a strange thought that I nearly laughed. Nearly.

Sebastian and I had emerged from Hell accidentally. I had gotten bored, as often happened, and had wandered off. I knew Sebastian would be quite happy if I was to get lost and he never had to deal with me again but, as my butler and the demon I still held a contract with, he had to come after me when I called him whether he liked it or not. I did so and he did come, but somehow when we tried to find our way back to what we called home (in reality it was a very distorted version of my mansion which Sebastian said had been conjured up from my subconscious) we stumbled back into the mortal world.

Sebastian had asked me to wait where we had found ourselves, which was up on a hill above a small town, while he went down to try and find out both where and when we were. Just after he left this girl appeared and just started talking to me.

It occurred to me I didn't even know her name. "Who are you anyway?" I asked her.

The girl smiled. "My name's Victoria. Victoria Albert."

My eyes widened slightly. "Victoria Albert?"

She shrugged. "Yeah. My parents thought it would be funny. With my last name being Albert and all, when they found out I was a girl they decided to call me Victoria. First name, a queen of England, last name, her husband. My parents loved history so they had a bit of a weird sense of humour." Her smile had faded slightly but she turned back to me. "What about you? What's your name?"

"The Earl Ciel Phantomhive," I replied, automatically giving her my full title.

Now it was Victoria's turn to look surprised. "Ciel Phantomhive? Huh... I'd guessed you were from Victorian times but not that you'd be the Queen's Guard Dog." She started to laugh. "Hold on, that means you knew who I was named after! You actually knew Queen Victoria!"

I held up my hand to try and stop her flow of chatter and she complied by closing her mouth. "How do you know who I am?" I asked sharply. I was admittedly used to people knowing who I was when I said my title, but judging from how this girl spoke and dressed it seemed as though Sebastian and I had appeared quite far into the future from the world we had been used to back in 1889. How did she know who I was?

"I sort of inherited my parent's interest in history," Victoria admitted. "Especially the Victorian era, and believe it or not you are in the history books. Although, those books do claim that you died when you were 13." She said that last sentence with a twinkle in her eye at which I snorted and looked away.

"You shouldn't believe everything you read," I advised her.

We had been sitting on the grassy hill up to this point, myself with my knees up at my chest as if I was trying to guard myself from the world, Victoria leaning back on her arms with her face tilted towards the cloud covered sky, looking much more relaxed than I felt. She stretched after I'd spoke and turned to look at me properly, sitting up straight.

"Well, let's see how much of what I know is true," she suggested.

Driven by curiosity I nodded in agreement.

"Alright, basics first. You were born on the 18th of December, 1875. You were the only child of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive, and you inherited the title of the Queen's Guard Dog after your parents were killed in a fire in 1885. You disappeared for a while and when you reappeared a month later reports said you were very different, and that you had gained a butler who never left your side. You were engaged to Lady Elizabeth Midford, your cousin. You were declared dead on 26th of August, 1889 but your body was never found. After your death since the Phantomhive line was gone, the Queen decided to get rid of the role of her Guard Dog and left serious crime exclusively to Scotland Yard and then later on to the Secret Service."

I tried and failed to hide my surprise. I myself was very well read for my time but even I didn't know as much about people of my past as she seemed to know about me.

"Young master?"

Before I could question Victoria, who now looked quite proud of herself, about how she knew all of this off the top of her head I heard Sebastian familiar voice behind me. I tisked under my breath as I stood up to face him. "What did you find out?"

Sebastian had his wine-red eyes focused on me but they were flicking occasionally to Victoria who was still sitting down, staring at the tall demon clad in black with fascination in her eyes.

"We appear to be in the year 2013," Sebastian informed me. "The town down there is called Denham. It appears to be a 30 minute train journey to London."

"Actually it's closer to 35 minutes," Victoria chipped in, still not standing up.

Sebastian turned properly to face her and raised an eyebrow. "And may I ask who you are?"

Victoria stood up, brushing some grass from her trousers as she smiled at Sebastian. "My name's Victoria Albert," she said, holding her hand out towards Sebastian. "And from the way you addressed Ciel just now I'm going to guess that you're the mysterious butler."

Sebastian looked surprised at the display of equality that Victoria had shown by offering to shake hands with him. Back in the time we were used to it was unheard of for anyone to shake a servant's hand except for other servants. Somewhat hesitantly Sebastian extended his gloved hand and shook Victoria's. "Sebastian Michaelis," he replied. "Pleased to meet you, Miss Albert."

Victoria shook her head, still smiling. "Just Victoria is fine. You're Ciel's butler, not mine." Sebastian looked like he wanted to protest but Victoria interrupted him. "So I'm guessing you're a demon too?"

Sebastian glanced over at me and I nodded. It was fine that she knew. Sebastian complied by turning back to Victoria whose bright blue eyes were brimming with curiosity.

"Yes, I am a demon," Sebastian answered honestly.

Victoria's eyes lit up and I grimaced to prepare myself for the unavoidable onslaught of questions. But before they came something started making noise from her pocket. It sounded like a trumpet playing a rather upbeat tune before something which sounded like drums joined in. She groaned and pulled out a small device unlike anything I had ever seen before. She seemed to touch something on the device which made the noise stop before she held it up to her ear.

"Hi Mrs Jenkins," she said in a cheerful voice which did not match the annoyance clear on her face. "Yes I'm fine, I promise. I'm just at the park. No I haven't been kidnapped." She stopped talking for a moment and pulled a face at us at which I wasn't sure how to react. "No Mrs Jenkins, I'm not by myself. I met some friends up here. Yeah I know. Yes, I'm coming back now. Okay. Okay, bye Mrs Jenkins!" She touched the device again before grumbling at it and shoving it rather violently back into her trouser pocket. "Sorry about that," she said.

I looked over at Sebastian and he seemed as surprised as I was. "What was that?" I asked.

"Just my neighbour Mrs Jenkins," Victoria sighed. "She's lovely but she's always paranoid that something's happened to me. She doesn't have any children of her own so she looks out for me a lot. She's sweet, but she can be a bit tiring."

I shook my head. "No, I meant what was that?" I pointed to her pocket.

Victoria frowned before pulling the device out once more. "This?" she asked. "It's just my mobile." When she saw our confused faces remaining unchanged she seemed to realise something. "Oh right…Victorian era." She walked over and held the device out to me. "It's a portable telephone. I can call people from here pretty much anywhere. I can text people too. Texts are like little letters that get send electronically to someone else that has a mobile phone. There's a camera on it too for taking pictures."

Both Sebastian and I couldn't contain our amazement that such a small device could do so much. "That is truly amazing," Sebastian mused.

Victoria laughed slightly. "If you think that's good, wait till I explain the internet." She looked down the hill at the town and hummed under her breath before looking back at us. "I know! Why don't you two come down to my house? It isn't very big or anything but it's warm and there's food! Although I'm not sure if demons need to eat normal food or not…"

Sebastian chuckled slightly. "Human food has no nutritional value for us demons. However we can still appreciate the taste. And it has been over a century since my master has had a cup of Earl Grey so I'm sure he wouldn't say no."

I scowled up at Sebastian while he smiled innocently down at me. He had really been getting on my nerves of late but perhaps he would behave himself more in the presence of others. To that end I nodded at Victoria. "We would greatly appreciate your hospitality."

Victoria smiled again and started to lead the way down the hill towards the town, going into more detail about her portable telephone which I still didn't fully understand. I walked beside her, pointedly ignoring Sebastian who followed behind us. Victoria often turned to include Sebastian in the conversation and he complied, but a frosty glare from me soon sent him back into silence. Victoria glanced between him and myself but didn't say anything regarding the cold atmosphere between us. I could see something working behind her bright blue eyes though. She wasn't about to let this go, even though we barely knew her.

I glanced back once more at Sebastian and I could see his eyes were fixated on Victoria's chocolate brown hair. I knew that look in his eyes. It was the same look Victoria had in hers. He was trying to figure her out. I was trying to do the same. Why did this girl have such a fascination about us and wasn't afraid? And how did she know so much about us?

These questions played over in my mind as we followed this strange girl. Just who exactly was she?