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Svelta was confident in herself. A hard look set in her face, her feet knew where to go from so many years trekking the same path. She could get herself to the throne room blindfolded if need be. Walking into the room, her brother of one race and her family of the other close behind, she stepped forward and bowed low. Rising, she snarled at the man on the throne before her.

"Hello Father."

Thranduil sat back in his throne as he heard approaching footsteps. Assuming it was the guards coming back to report once again that he should really deal with the spiders as they were becoming quite the problem, he made himself comfortable. It was only just as the footsteps were reaching him that he realized some of them were louder than normal elven footsteps.

Watching as a girl walked into his throne room, the Elven King felt his heart stop. His thoughts raced as he tried to figure out if the girl before him was the one he lost so long ago. She swept low into a bow as Legolas, Tauriel, and a mass of others filed into the back of the room. Standing, he saw the piercing green eyes he had once loved, but one now was white and a scar ran down the side of the girl's face. Thandruil assumed this wasn't the girl he had raised and loved. That is, he assumed as much until she spoke.

"Hello Father."

Thorin watched the Elven King drop his smug attitude and sit up straighter in shock. It almost brought a smug smile to his lips, until he heard what the supposed she-dwarf address the other king.

"Hello Father."

Rage coursed through Thorin. He might have said he accepted her and that she was a respected member of the family, but that was before he knew that she was a lying traitor just as bad as the stinking elf she called father. He had suspected as much from the beginning and now everything had been confirmed. Something nagged at the back of his mind, something that Gandalf had said. "It just very well be the death of the dear girl if you stray from the path." This began to nag at Thorin, but his rage consumed him and the nagging vanished from his thoughts.

Svelta glared up at the man she had once called Father and he sat forward, gazing hard at her.

"Is it, is it really you?"

Svelta stayed silent, glaring at the elf sitting high and mighty on his throne. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the company standing, some of them looking shocked and the others defeated. Thorin stood out of them, glaring hard and looking rather murderous. Making a mental note of that, Svelta knew she had lost yet another home. The dwarves, especially Thorin, would not take her in after this. There was nothing to say though. What happened happened and what has come to past is done.

Abruptly Thranduil rose and began to descend his throne. His face betrayed emotion, the first Legolas had seen since he had hardened himself upon accepting the loss of his beloved daughter. The joy on his face was contagious and Legolas couldn't help but smile. But, upon seeing his beloved sister's face, he saw no hint of that joy he had expected to see in her.

Svelta glared at the man she had called father. The man that had left her. Abandoned her to the mercy of the beasts. She was a plaything for him. He didn't really love her except when she was physically there to remind him of her presence.

Thranduil descended from his throne and rushed forward to embrace his long lost daughter, who he was now sure was the girl before him. But when he reached her she took a step back, snarling and raising her hands before her. Thranduil froze. Unsure what was wrong he took a tentative step forward, only to have a dagger appear in one of her hands and his daughter to start lunging towards him.

The guards surged forward, restraining her the best that they could, preventing her from moving forward, but still fighting to fully apprehend her. Thranduil took a step back, hand flying to his throat as he gazed astonished at the being that stood before him. Breathing hard, he gasped out, "What are you?"

A cackle echoed through the hall, startling all standing within it. Svelta smiled, her eyes crazed, as she spat at the feet of the man before her.

"What am I? What am I?" A second cackle echoed round, this time the dwarves and Legolas were at least prepared for it. "What am I? I am your daughter. Or at least, I was your daughter while you remembered me. But then I got kidnapped and was taken off your hands wasn't I? You no longer had to care for the Halfling that the guards brought in from the forest and dropped at your feet. You cared for me as was demanded of you as a king, but as soon as the orcs took me and I was out of the picture that was it. I was out of the picture and I no longer mattered to you! You never actually loved me! I was a plaything for you, a toy to entertain you until you got bored with me and found something else."

Svelta was breathing hard, her thoughts finally spoken a loud. The silence around the room filled her ears and she suddenly couldn't bear to look at anyone.

"You abandoned me. You didn't come save me. I was tortured for who I was. You didn't care. You never came. I, I" Svelta began to choke up. The tears began to fall and finally she looked up to her elven father's eyes. "You left me. You gave up on me. I was still there, I waited for you. Even when the orcs got bored of me and so traded me to the goblins, I believed you would come. But you never came. You never showed up. I was never really a part of this family. It was your kingly duty to take me in when the guards brought me in, and so you did. And now, now I had found myself a new family. But now they know I am part elf and they won't take me either. So thanks to you, I have no family once again. I am once again lost. I am ship alone in an endless sea with no place to land. You have destroyed my future, my happiness, my chance at life. You should have just left me in the woods, should have just told the guards to return me to where they picked me up, returned me to where I had been abandoned." Svelta glanced once at the company, each member in turn, then to Legolas, before finally to her elven father. "Let me go. I don't belong here, I never did and I never will. Return me to the woods like you should have done so long ago."

Svelta stopped struggling and instead glared at the floor. Everyone remained frozen for a moment, as though the entire world had stilled. Finally Thranduil swept forward and enveloped her in a hug. But just as fast she removed herself, cutting his arm as she retreated.

Thranduil pulled himself up to his full height then, his emotions once again in check behind a stoic mask. Motioning to the guards, he glanced over the company of dwarves as he stated, "If she wishes to be a part of this company rather than my daughter, then let her. Take her and the rest of the dwarves down to the dungeons. A separate cell for each." Turning away, back towards his throne, he waved a hand. "Leave King Thorin here. I wish to hear from this so called king under the mountain."

Svelta wilted, no longer powered by her rage. Legolas came forward, grabbing her arm as he led her and the other dwarves down into the depths of Thranduil's kingdom.

Svelta stepped into her cell, and stood facing the back even after she heard it close and lock into place. Legolas oversaw the rest of the dwarves being locked away in the cells spiraling along down the staircase. After the other guards returned to the throne room or their previous assigned spots, Legolas sat down on the stair outside of his sister's cell, head in his hands.

Silence ensued as he sat, waiting for her to turn and acknowledge him. He knew that she knew that he was there, and yet she had no turned to face him. At one point, a shuffle at the top of the stairs drew his attention and he turned to see Thorin being led down the stairs. He watched the dwarf speak to one of the other ones in the first couple cells before the guard leading him pushed him further down. Thorin ended up being put in a cell two down from his sister's. Legolas waited for the guard to leave before finally addressing his sister.

"Svelta, why are you pushing Father and me away?"

Svelta's back straightened, but she didn't turn to face him as she responded, instead still facing the wall at the back of her cell. "Did you not hear anything I said? Or does my blood status bring me to a lower status than you that you could not understand my lowly speech?"


Legolas's voice was one of barely masked pain. Finally, with a sigh she turned to face him, sitting just the other side of the bars from him.

"Why didn't you come for me?"

"We didn't know where they took you. We looked as much and as far as we could. Finally Father gave up and ordered me to stay here. He closed off the borders and withdrew into himself. He mourned you for a while. And then his sorrow turned to the man he is now. He has no emotion except the cold rage he has now. He has allowed the darkness that took you to come close to our borders, instead keeping all of us within the kingdom. We tried, believe me, and when we finally figured we had lost you we mourned you. It has changed all of us. Please, I know you are mad we gave up on you but we didn't know where to look for you."

Svelta was quiet for some time. Her rage was slowly turning into sorrow as she felt the pain that she had so long ago when she had accepted that she would never see her family again and that they were gone.

"I thought, I had figured that you had only loved me because you had to."

"Oh, my little one, my dearest sister." Legolas and Svelta both began to cry, lacing fingers through the bars. "I loved you more than anything. I felt lost in this place when you were gone. Losing you, those final moments when they took you haunted me for years."

Silence enveloped the two, both reliving that moment from so long ago.

"Why didn't you tell me? That I was part dwarf I mean."

The question surprised Legolas, but he swallowed and answered truthfully. "You were my sister. I didn't see why a different blood status should have mattered so I never mentioned it. Once the others started teasing you, Father told me not to tell you but rather to just teach you to be strong in the face of the insults. I did everything for you, and I never saw you different than my sister."

Svelta smiled through the new tears, "You always did care for me. Thanks for being my big brother."

"Can you forgive me for not saving you?"

Svelta nodded slowly, "I can. Father is another story, but you I can."

"Tell me what happened, from the afternoon the orcs took you."

The company in the nearest cells listened in as the girl retold everything. Several hours past as Svelta's story wove itself through the air, describing in detail the adventures she went through, even getting up through the Company's journey so far until being overtaken by the spiders. Legolas endured most of it without interruption, smiling as she mentioned her potential feelings for Kili and frowning as she described when the doubts of the love from her elven family set in. He was stoic throughout the entire beginning as she described both Azog's treatment of her and the Goblin King's.

After she was done, Legolas and Svelta talked quietly until a guard came to retrieve him. Turning to Svelta, Legolas asked, "Do you want another chance with Father?"

She merely shook her head silently. Legolas nodded, bid her goodbye, and turned to follow the guard out of the dungeons.

Balin sat in his cell. He had heard the dear lass's story and was having a hard time digesting it. That she had survived so much and yet had stayed on with the Company. Grant it, they had kind of forced her to, but all the same. She was brave, and Balin couldn't find fault in her being. He had been sad at first to discover that she was the daughter of Thranduil, but after hearing her talk with the blonde elf, he realized they couldn't fault her for being raised by the first people to take her in. It could have turned out just the same had dwarves discover her rather than the elves. They couldn't fault her for things outside her control, just as they couldn't fault her for the orc blood within her.

Thorin sat in his cell, pondering what he had heard the girl say. As much as he had felt rage towards her, he couldn't block off her voice and was forced to listen to her story, only to realize that Gandalf had been right. They shouldn't have brought her here. This was a horror house for her, bringing back memories and people that she didn't want. Listening to her disavow her father figure and claim no love for him when he abandoned her calmed Thorin's raging emotions. He wasn't the only person the pointy chicken had abandoned. Thorin felt bad once again for how he treated the girl. She was a part of this company and a part of this family if she wanted. She would be accepted if she chose them. Thorin figured he would discover some way to get over her elvish blood.

Dwalin sat in his cell, wishing he had become a better father figure for her. She felt he despised her, and yet he still loved her and cared for her. If only he could tell her as much, but he doubted that would be as easy as that. She would have to somehow be brought to see that he still wanted her as his own, and would take her as his own if she desired a new father. Or even a second father. While sharing with the Elf King was a despicable thought, getting a share at least of the beautiful girl was worth it. Dwalin resolved to find a way to save the girl he cared for from the hole she had plunged head first into and dug herself even deeper. She thought they would hate her for her elven blood, but Dwalin would always care for her.

Kili was in despair as he sat in his cell. She loved him. Svelta had flat out said that to the blonde elf that she called brother. At least he was not her lover. She loved Kili. But she also thought Kili hated her. Because she had blood of the elves in her. Just as she had thought they would hate her for having the blood of the orcs in her. His heart hurt, mourning for the loss of his love as Kili figured Svelta would never return his love again but would spurn him on the assumption that he would spurn her. A depressed state soon sank in.

Fili had listened to her tale all the way through and couldn't get his mind around the fact that she felt they would deem her unworthy of their presence because of something she couldn't change about herself. Fili's head sank back against the wall. She was worthy, in more ways than possible. She would always be his little sister. But seeing her confess all to her elvish brother, Fili realized there was a chance she might leave them all. He couldn't lose her, but if she wanted to leave, he couldn't stop her. It was her choice, but he at least would be there with open arms. Fili closed his eyes as he tried to figure out how to convince the rest of the company to accept her even with her elvish blood.

Svelta sat in her cell. Having revealed all to one of her brothers, she felt some relief. Something that had been building inside her for so long had finally been released and it felt good. She forgave him because their father had ordered him to stop looking for her. He couldn't help not finding her. Her father on the other hand, forgiving him was a different option. He gave up on her. He was the reason she endured what she was forced to. And then there was the issue of the other dwarves, of the company. She had seen Thorin's face. She had seen the rage and the fury in his face, unconcealed and very obvious. She was most likely kicked out. Most likely wasn't welcome. Dwalin, a father to her. Fili, a brother. Kili, a potential lover. All of them most likely hate her and wouldn't take her back into their made up family.

Turning, she curled into a ball in the back corner of her cell, her sobs muffled, but not completely obscured as the rest of the company listened in. The girl that had touched all their lives was once again broken. It was then that Bilbo made his appearance.

"Hello again all!"

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