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Turning, she noticed the other dwarves starting to trickle into the room. And before long, Thorin started to sing. Gandlaf stood to the side, taking in the song, wondering how the two newest members would fare on this journey. Bilbo heard the song from his room, and sat awake, listening, trying to decipher whether the pull he felt from the song was that of wanting to join them in their adventure or spurn them and their adventure and get them out of his house. And as for Svelta. She gazed around her, sitting between the twins, wishing she could have joined them in the song of her people. Or at least what she felt like was the song of her people.

Svelta felt herself shaken awake not soon after. Grimacing, she opened her eyes to find two curious brown ones gazing back at her. Jumping back, she realizing it was morning. Oh Joy. Another day. Pinching her lips together, she jumped to her feet, before proceeding to gather her things together into a pack. Turning once more to the young prince, she motioned towards the door, to which he smiled at her, calling "Breakfast is ready" as he left. Turning back towards the window, she gazed blearily out as the sun began to rise. Something in the back of her head muttered "leave at first light" so she figured she should hurry up with breakfast so she didn't make the group late.

Upon entering Bilbo's little dining area, she was promptly directed and seated back to where she had been the night before, between the two princes. Served a plate of food, she tried to remember the last time she had been treated so kindly by so many others. It brought a smile to her face, and while she wolfed down the food, she stayed to listen in while the others chatted around her just to continue the feeling of being part of this group.

"Is Uncle mad?"

"About Bilbo? Probably?"

"I was thinking frustrated. Here Gandalf drags us all the way out here for a burglar and then we don't get one!"

"Ah, aye. I see what you mean."

"Laddies, what are you talking about, of course we gained a burglar!" motioned Bofur from where he sat a couple chairs down from Fili. Smiling at Svelta, he motioned with his hand, further explaining himself to the twins. "Aye she may not be a hobbit, but if a dwarf is crafty enough to become unseen, that's a necessary trait of a burglar. And didn't you say she followed you all the way out here yet for not one moment did either of you realize you were being tracked? Obviously she is a smacking good one for a burglar! And there is the issue that she is silent as the night! I haven't heard a peep out of her since she arrived!"

At this, Svelta blushed furiously, causing Bofur to smile wider. But at the glance at the matching glowers on the princes' faces, he realized he had overstepped a line. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean harm by my statement. I was merely stating a fact!"

"We accept your explanation on why she is a burglar."

"But do not mock her silence again."

"Unless you wish to join her in eternal silence that is."

"Yes, we would be glad to grant you that one way ticket opportunity."

"Unfortunately it isn't something recoverable"

"So it would be wise to keep your own voice while you still can 'laddie'" Fili finished with a sneer and a nod in Bofur's direction.

Balin came in to see the bout going on and asked what was all this to do. Glancing from face to face, he saw an embarrassed and abashed Bofur, a riled Fili, a glowering Kili, and a shamed and cowering Svelta. Confused, Balin looked from one dwarf to the next before landing on Kili. "Explain this!" he barked out. "Or do I need to get Dwalin in here to make you?"

"No need."

"Bofur merely criticized Svelta's speech."

"I did not!"

"Silence!" replied Balin, taking in each of the male dwarf's voiced thoughts. Turning his gaze to Svelta he asked. "And what speech would this be?"

"Her lack of speech" all three of them said at once.

At this, Svelta raised her head. She could not have been more embarrassed. People hadn't complimented her on her lack of noise before and it was a weird feeling to know someone appreciated the fact that she didn't and hadn't yet made a sound. Gazing at the stern yet curious gaze of Balin, she felt tears prick her eyes. Great, just what she needed. To get emotional. That was a living creature's greatest weakness, be they dwarf or man or elf, according to Svelta. To show emotion is to be weak. To be stoic and brave no matter what one faced is to be strong. Lowering her head, abashed at the tears, she felt both brothers sling a protective arm around her. Faintly she heard Bofur offer up "Lass I'm sorry I didn't know. I didn't realize that it would be an offensive thing. I swear I meant it as a compliment!"

All she could do was nod in return.

Hearing a gruff voice in the hall, she straightened again, blinking away the tears, and with them, emotion that could be taken for weakness. Turning slightly, she gazed into clear brown eyes, and mustered a smile, before gazing back towards the room's threshold, waiting for Thorin to enter. And that he did.

This sorry lot won't get anywhere if they do not learn how it is to be done in a timely matter with whatever is assigned to be done. Gazing around the kitchen and dining area, he realized that without him basically holding their hands, there was no way they would be leaving anytime soon. Grimacing as he saw his two nephews sitting doing nothing in the corner with the she-dwarf, Thorin wondered if this had indeed been a good decision. But with a sigh he realized that there was no backing out now no matter what he really thought. She had signed a contract, but the paper one for Balin and a verbal one for him. Gazing at her now, he wondered who she really was. Gandalf and her were protecting her identity, but eventually he would hear the end of this and know who she was. Until then though.

"Get up you lazies and go and pack and prepare the ponies!"

Kili, Fili, and unfortunately the she-dwarf all quickly nodded and got up to head outside to the ponies. Why out of all the dwarves did she feel the need to cling to his nephews? Why out of all of them? Snarling, Thorin turned to Balin to ask if everything was accounted for and what the company was going to do in terms of the hobbit and in terms of a burglar.

"Don't worry Thorin. The hobbit does not seem inclined to come. And Svelta, the she-dwarf" he added at Thorin's confused look, "will act as our burglar."

Pondering this for a moment, Thorin realized he didn't have much of a choice and he had to accept this. Gritting his teeth, he nodded to Balin. "Fine, as long as she stays in line she will do just fine."

At this Balin smiled, glad that Thorin was being reasonable with the girl. She seemed like a nice enough dwarf, and he quite enjoyed her and her presence she brought to any room, lighting it up like a candle in the dark. She would be a welcome join to the group.

Thorin's gaze darkened though, as he wondered what additional troubles she would bring to the group. He didn't know her or who she was. The journey would already be complicated and perilous without additional influence in the bad luck factor. Hopefully he could save his company, especially his nephews, from her grasp if it got to that point before it was too late.

Svelta tied her pack onto a pony smiling happily as she patted it. Nice horse, nice horse she kept thinking, trying to hide her actual fear of the creature, and hoping it wouldn't notice her fear of it. Turning, she gazed at the twins talking, heads bowed together, a few yards off. Smiling greater, she gazed at the nice dark hair, the movement of his lips when he talked the merriment in those eyes that one could drown in. What? Her mind screamed as she pulled herself back together. Staring blindly at the horse hide before her, her cheeks redder than dwarfly possible, she swallowed hard, trying to collect herself. How had she gotten distracted with how he looked? She never had given either brother a second thought in that matter before. Why now?

A hand on her shoulder nearly startled her to the point her heart might stop, but turning around, it was Gandalf, not Kili or Fili. Smiling nervously up at the great wizard, she listened as he bent into her ear, whispering something not meant for prying eyes. Or ears.

"Do you know who you are?"

Pulling back a couple inches, he gazed deep into her eyes. Shaking her head, she watched him frown concerned. Thinking, nodding to himself, Gandalf's eyes took on a distant look to them. Finally, leaning forward again, he muttered, "I will tell you soon. But for now, protect yourself."

Pulling back again, he placed a hand on her shoulder before turning in a swoosh of cloak and walking off to his own horse. Turning, she watched Thorin exit Bilbo's house. And anxiety hit her right then and there as his head turned and their eyes locked. Knowing that Gandalf's meaning had to have meant involving Thorin, she turned and busied herself again in her pony.

Finally Thorin gave the order. Everyone mounted their ponies. Ori closed the door to the hobbit's home after he and his two brothers had done a final check through and make sure everything was in order.

And so, they rode out.

Soon bets began to be placed on whether the hobbit would show up or not. As she had no money to bet, Svelta kept out of it, but enjoyed watching who bet who and who thought what. Personally she didn't think the hobbit would survive if he did come. And if he did indeed come. He would need a lot of help, a lot of training, and probably someone would still need to start looking out for him.

When his voice did come, all Svelta did was shake her head and smile. If she had a voice she would have laughed. Merely for the fact that the hobbit was stupid enough to still come and show up and join them. But oh well. Here he was. And off they would go, now with a hobbit in tow as well.

Except for one problem. Thorin ordered he be given a pony to ride, to which of course Bilbo promptly refused. But Svelta had taken the empty pony. Knowing this was part of her verbal contract with Thorin, Svelta quickly dismounted, before watching the twins hoist a struggling Bilbo onto her just vacated seat. Smiling at Bilbo, she gave him a reassuring pat on the knee, before turning to begin walking beside the company. Just as she had on the way out to the hobbit's home. Except when hands grabbed her as well, and suddenly she found herself sitting behind Kili on his horse. Her cheeks began greatly enflamed as she sat there.

Turning slightly, an equally blushing Kili murmured to her under his breath as so Fili wouldn't hear, "you might want to hand on there lass"

Nodding sheepishly, she loosely wrapped her arms around his waist, ever conscious of what of her was in contact with him. If this was the new arrangement, it was going to be a long ride to the Lonely Mountain, fancy handkerchiefs or not!

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