I felt like this is too Mary-sue and too...erm, unoriginal. So I'm going to try and make something out of it for it to make sense. I'm going to change a lot of things in here cause I had an epiphany when I re-read this, trying to catch where I'm at


I felt a numbing pain when I woke up. There's 2 things I don't get. The pain was much more dull than when I got stabbed not too long ago, and somehow, I woke up because I thought I just died. I know I'm not in the hospital because I don't hear a 'beep fucking beep' sound, or the smell of clean things, or the bed. I cracked open my eyes, ignoring the pain.

Destruction with a mix of Chaos. I stared, bewildered. There must have been an Earthquake that just occurred and somehow, I've slept through it and managed to avoid everything in my sleep...I think.

Then I realized what woke me up. The sound of crying. I was confused. Why was there a baby in here? Where are the parents? I tilted my head. Never mind, the baby's mine now. I ignored the pain and dragged myself to the source of the sound, trying to ignore two bodies that were nearby.

As I dragged myself, the pain slowly and gradually...'retracted' you could say. But it was still there. I propped myself up once I reached the basket, I stared at a naggingly familiar baby. Fuck. It was a baby Naruto. Immediately, my mind connected the dots.

I could only stare because of the fact that there was a naked, blond, whiskered baby that was on the basket, us surrounded by some demon summoning or something, then the two bodies were a female red head and a blond male. Then, at the corner of my eyes, I saw red. I was in full denial. I grabbed my hair and saw that my dyed purple and blue hair was replaced with crimson red.

I wracked my memory and somehow found something that didn't match with the time scale

I saw a blond male and a red-headed female being impaled by what looks like a huge claw, trying to protect the baby and I.

Take care of your brother for us.

Their last words were said with a pained smile before doing some hand signs. There was a bright light and I was the only one that was blown away to a far, far place. But they didn't worry.

Wait...it's more like they can't worry because they're dead. HA!

...Okay, not funny.

I picked up the crying baby and cradled it. I completely ignored the fact that I'm not me anymore. When I looked up, I saw a guy in mask. I did not sense that at all. I jolted in shock and tried to shield the baby away from him. The ANBU seemed too shocked at my refusal. I scooted even more away from him, trying to get away. I wonder if I know this character? I really hated the ANBU at times.

More ANBUs started coming, making me even more panic. They were professional assassins. They could kill me and the baby. I glared at them even more. Then, the ANBU parted like how Moses parted the sea. Moses being the old man.

"Are you alright, Naaya-chan?" Naaya? Oh, that's this body's name. I just nodded, but I stared at his eyes. He seemed tired and in grief but hid it pretty well. He tried to get close but then stopped when I started scooting away.

"Shall we get going?" He said, crouching down to my level and extended a hand towards me, even though I'm a considerable distance away. I look at the hand distrustfully before I slowly crawled as best I could with the infant in my arm and took the hand


Wow, prologues are always the hardest. I tried getting the right words for it but nothing came up.

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