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Chapter 1

I clutched the baby, uneasy with the others. The naked baby didn't have anything on when I picked him up. I didn't even dare hand over the baby to anyone else.

"Why is the hime with that monster?"

"He killed her parents!"

"We should just kill the Kyuubi in it's vulnerable state"

I growled at them, shying the baby away from them and backed up into a corner. I started mimicking Gollum with his precious. I did with the voice to. It unnerved them because they don't get the reference

"That thing is controlling her!"

"That poor, sweet girl"

That old man finally snapped and banged the table.

"Silence!" He bellowed before facing me. "Naaya, dear. It's okay, come here" He said. I was still backed up in the corner, with the baby facing away from them and still wailing because of the noise.

I may kind of trust him, but I didn't trust anybody else. So I didn't bother going to him. He waved his hand and a masked man came towards him. The old man whispered to the mask man, making him nod his head and disappeared.

I didn't like it. I was incredibly vulnerable with the people around me. I could never defend the baby against those super powered people.

My heart was pounding hard, and I was getting paranoid with all the stares. I glared at them.

The guy came a few minutes later with a huge bag in hand. He slowly crouched down and looked at me, slowly going towards me, making me stiffen but observing what he is trying to do.

He slowly approached me, making sure that I know what he's trying to do.

He pushed the bag towards my way and slowly moved back all the way to where he stood before and poofed away. I slowly checked what was in the bag. Baby supplies.

I slowly moved the bag and the baby in front of me, skillfully changing his diaper. I did have experiences with my own niece and nephews anyways.

There was a blanket in there too, so I wrapped made the baby into a burrito and picked him up, making sure to position the bag so I can hide behind it. It's better than nothing.

There were more heated discussion between the adults. The guy in red furiously argued back.

There were people who wants to adopt me, possibly for privilege. Then there were other people who wants to make a marriage contract with me. Again for privilege.

This time, it is me that snapped.

"Stop making decisions for me! I have a thinking brain and I know it's better than yours!" I shouted. The baby woke up, startled, and started to cry. But I didn't bother to do anything other than rocking him side to side because this is going to effect our future.

"Hime-sama. We are not meaning to insult you, but it seems that you are too young and...seem to have made quiet a horrible decision" The random guy glared at the baby in my arms. I glared at him fiercely back but it never works.

"I have made a very good decision. Because this baby is the one holding back the power of the Kyuubi. If you kill him, the Kyuubi will manifest somewhere else and possibly take revenge!" I hissed, trying to dig into my brain of some facts that I learned when watching Naruto with my elder siblings.

"And you know whose fault it would be? Yours. Think about the devastation. We don't have any one else's body resilient enough to hold back the Kyuubi except for me as an Uzumaki. If you kill the baby, I am prepare to leave the village. Which means that you won't have any host. Which means that the Kyuubi can come running towards the village for revenge. After that's done, he would go to a different village and gather all the other Bijuu to cause devastation and destruction, making sure to kill their most hated enemy, the humans." I said, calming down. It wouldn't do for me to get hot-headed. They would take me more seriously if I am more calm.

The others started paling and frantically gossiped to each other. Jesus, it feels like Tumblr when everybody reposts what I said.

Then, they started about my guardianship. I refused once more and they protest once more.

"I am training to be a Kunoichi. I was taught by the Red Habanero and the Yellow Flash. I know what I'm doing and I don't need anyone to be in my way! I can just stay in my house and raise this baby myself" I declared. It took a long time for them to agree that I could live myself, but on the condition of a caretaker to check up on me everyday. I agreed.

I also made sure that they weren't ever to tell that the Kyuubi has been sealed into the baby. I stopped what the Hokage tried to do: Announce that the Kyuubi is inside the baby. Whoever tried to reveal the host of the Kyuubi would take up the punishment of death.

I hefted the baby securely and dragged the bag behind me, walking to where my home supposedly is. It wasn't too far from the Hokage tower, but not even close. I thank every lucky stars that none of them are glaring at the baby, but were just waving at me tiredly, giving me condolences for the death of my parents.

They probably assumed that the baby on top of me is some orphan I found. Well, I am covering the baby's face, making sure top give him breathing space. And it is technically true that this baby was an orphan I found. So I didn't bother saying anything.

Nobody knew anything, and I was relieved.

But too bad that Fate had other plans


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