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Teeth 10: Make Good

Every morning since her 5th birthday had been the exact same for Miss Elphaba Thropp the Third Descendant of the Eminent Thropp. Despite her title, at 15 she lived little better than a slave. She would rise before dawn to check the mail and start on the chores, which included having breakfast ready for her highly respected father who always woke the moment the first rays of sunlight filtered into the Munchkinland house. He would then leave the house on whatever mission he felt called towards and the girl would be left to tend her disabled sister and wayward brother. All the while the young woman, who had grown up quite ambitious, would resent her very existence. This in turn led her to approach her chores with a certain degree of violence.

For example, when the mail came in Elphaba had been known to quite literally throw the letters on the table. Once or twice, they had even knocked over something, waking her father or Nanny and earning her a clip around the ears. She was about to do the same thing on that morning, until something caught her eyes and made her thankful for her forced early rise.

The envelope was entirely nondescript, but the calligraphy that spelled out her name was exquisite. She ran a finger gently over the beautiful handwriting. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Even more so than the pearl necklace Frex had acquired for Nessa some months prior. This was language, writing and art all rolled in to one. And it was hers. A part of her thought she didn't deserve something so beautiful, indeed Frez would question it. With that thought she shoved it into the pocket of her dress and resumed her chores. She could read it later, when it was unlikely she would be discovered doing so.

Not long after she'd set the table for breakfast, Frex appeared in the doorway. The younger Thropp stiffened instinctively, a reaction neither of them were unused to. Both noticed however, it was a little more violent than usual. Elphaba chewed the inside of her lip, well aware if Frex saw her chewing the outside he would know straight away something was up. She couldn't help it, she was absolutely paranoid the letter in her pocket would rustle.

"Morning." Frex said casually and watched as the girl nearly jumped out of her own skin.

"Good morning, Father." She knew straight away he was looking to find out why she was agitated.

"Is it? Why would that be?"

"It is the best weather we've had in a few days." That much was true, he couldn't fault her on that. Aside from the one day of rain 6 weeks ago, it had been abominably hot. It was significantly cooler that morning, but without rain. Frex seemed to hesitate at that and Elphaba used the opportunity to escape further questioning by attending her siblings.

It was not until dinner time Elphaba had some time to herself. She was not permitted to eat with the rest of the family, she could have whatever had been left over as she cleaned up. Nessa and occasionally Shell often tried to leave her something, but it was not uncommon for her to go hungry several nights in a row. While they were inside eating, she was in her shed out the back trying to find the brightest spot, though her night vision was exceptional. Not wanting to damage the elegant script in any way, shape or form, the young woman took every care possible despite having to use her teeth to open the letter.

To Miss Elphaba Thropp,
You have been invited to attend Crage Hall at Shiz University on the first day of the second month of the New Year. Additionally, a full scholarship has been granted to you on the proviso you maintain the required grade standard. The recommendation for your attendance at our esteemed university came from His Lordship, the Monkey, Kalka and from Mother Yackle. Your sister will also be eligible to attend when she is of age if you continue to attend. Attached, you will find your book list and recommended dress. You are expected to make your own way to the university. If you are not punctual, you will lose your place.

Do not disappoint, Miss Thropp.


Madame Morrible

Headmistress of Crage Hall, Shiz University

Elphaba was shocked and extremely pleased. Until she realized she would have to get permission from Frex before she could go. That might not be that difficult, she mused. Her attending university would not only get her out of his sight, but also bring acclaim to the family if she could make good. She bit the inside of her lip to prevent herself from squealing with delight. To get to the university, she would have to travel down the yellow brick road.

That night after Elphaba had attended her duties with even more care than normal, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Frex, she tentatively approached him with the letter in her hand. Nanny watched curiously from the sidelines. It was rare father and daughter had a conversation, rarer still the younger initiated it.

"Dearest Father," Elphaba began hesitantly, "this arrived in the post this morning. I have just now read it." She handed him the letter then stood back and watched as he read it twice, three times. He kept his face impassive as he handed it to Nanny. Her eyebrows met her hairline, quite a feat with her impossibly large forehead.

"Who are these people? Kalka and Yackle?" Frex asked sharply. It wasn't a straight out 'no', but she knew not to get too excited as of yet.

"Kalka is a Monkey I met about 6 weeks ago. He assisted me when it was raining very heavily. He mentioned a mother Yackle, though I don't know who she is."

"I did see her come home with a Monkey on that rainy day a while back. And Yackle's known to everyone in the village." Nanny vouched for Elphaba and the girl glanced at her, gratitude clearly evident in her eyes. The old woman wasn't quite sure why she'd spoken in the girl's favour. Perhaps she still remembered the little abomination sitting by the fire while her parents contemplated killing the poor wench. Nanny wouldn't have stood for that, she was a lot of things, but not a child killer. And, though she'd rather die than admit it, the green girl had grown on her in a way. She couldn't say she quite liked her, but the girl's personality resembled that of her mother and there wasn't anything wrong with her behaviour, despite what Frex claimed. The gratitude in the girl's eyes, and eagerness in the way she chewed her lip was even, almost endearing. But she kept this to herself.

"I'm not sure it's polite to inflict you on anyone else." Frex stated.

"University might be good for her. She'd be with people her own age and older who could refine her a bit. Besides, if she was educated, there'd be less of her to inflict. Might soften her mouth a bit; teeth and tongue. She might make something good of herself"

"You support her?" Frex responded in shock

"It assures pretty little Nessa gets a spot in two years' time." Nanny was alluding to a simple fact everyone had been forced to acknowledge quite some time ago; while Nessa was gorgeous, Elphaba was certainly the one who had the brains. It was unlikely the younger Thropp girl would qualify for Shiz on her own.

"And it gets her out of our hair for a while." Frex said. Oh could it truly be, Elphaba thought, he's going to let me go! "Fine, you have my permission to attend. You had best start praying to the Unnamed God for your books and learn to sew for your dresses."

Elphaba couldn't keep the broad grin from spreading across her face. She curtsied to her father and hugged Nanny.

"I'll help you with your dresses." The older woman whispered and Elphaba ran from the room. Out in her shed she ran immediately to the small reserve of money she'd been saving from odd jobs and errands, even a few pity coins, since she was little. She did a quick calculation. She had well and truly enough money to buy her books and a carriage ticket to Shiz.

A few months later one of Elphaba's dreams finally came true. The sun was shining directly on to her, but a light breeze maintained a reasonable temperature. Her single brown suitcase that contained her clothes, school books and other supplied was on the ground and leant against her calf. Her boot-clad feet were planted in the most amazing place, on the yellow brick road. An incredible array of people and Animals walked the road. Those who walked toward the city had a hopeful gleam in their eye, while those who returned simply looked dejected.

Elphaba stepped into the carriage and settled down, staring out the window. She was well on her way to achieving her dreams and maybe even making her father proud. No longer was she going to accept the limits of her skin. Or the atrocities she saw around her. Shiz was just one step closer to meeting the Wizard and making Oz a better place.

It was time to make good.

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