A/N: Yay! So I have followers! Much appreciated, but reviews make me happier and thus more inclined to write when I am inevitably awake at stupid o'clock in the morning. Slight clarification, Nessa's deformity is in her legs as happens in the musical, but most of these early scenes are inspired by the book or my own imagination.

Teeth: Pretty Girl

"See Elphaba, this is a pretty girl." Melena, well and truly drunk, slurred at her 4 year old daughter who simply gazed up at her with those complicated brown eyes. The drunk woman thought about striking the green child. Frex refused to let her drown the wretch, but he'd never know if she hit the thing. But that would require getting her hands dirty. Not even wanting to look at her daughter anymore she stumbled from the room with a sneer.

"Pretty girl." Elphaba repeated quietly looking at Nessa. The younger girl reached for her sister and Elphaba complied, leaning over the cradle so her hair and a hand dangled in. Nessa grabbed each of these and a toothy smile graced her face.

This, Elphaba thought, was what made her sister so pretty. She ran a tongue over her own sharp teeth with a grimace. People could get past the green skin, like Nessa was doing now, but her teeth always seemed to be a problem. As a test, she returned the smile her sister had graced her with. Sure enough, the infant recoiled with a whimper upon seeing the unusual incisors. Elphaba, feeling immediately guilty walked from the room and into the kitchen.

Melena had passed out on the table and Nanny was tying the thick brown hair out of the woman's face. The young child had seen this many times before. Her mother had been the reason she'd known what alcohol was at 18 months old. Elphaba ignored this and went and sat by the fire where the looking glass she'd had for as long as she could remember was hung up. She didn't often like to look in it, she saw things she couldn't explain because it wasn't always herself she saw. But now, thankfully or not, all she could see was green. On her knees, her mouth was closer to the reflective surface.

Sure enough, there were the hated things. Her father had called her savage because of them, at least that's what she'd assumed. Wild animals were called savage and the only thing she had in common with beasts such as those was her teeth. It made sense, she reasoned, to be compared to an animal. She was savage and not pretty and at least the neighbourhood dogs had more than one blanket.

Nanny had finished tending Melena and was now watching the curious girl. The child kept baring her teeth at the looking glass one of her mother's dalliances had made when she was Nessa's age. The girl saw her watching and approached. The two females stood looking at each other with a hint of dislike neither of them cared to hide. The older woman was beginning to feel more uncomfortable as the seconds wore on. Finally Elphaba moved.

At that point, several things happened in very quick succession.

Elphaba bared her teeth.

Nanny screamed.

Melena woke up and struck her daughter.

Elphaba, once she'd gotten off the floor, left the room.

Elphaba sat across from Nessa's cradle. The younger girl was sleeping, but Elphaba just wanted to watch her. Finally the four year old broke the silence with her particular disconcerting quality.

"Pretty girl." She said with a tone that belied her years. It was unclear to anyone who may have been listening if the regret in her voice was for a beauty she didn't have or for a beauty she loved too dearly to envy.