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Kyd Wykkyd's thoughts and when he's talking to us.

You just had to leave. Shut up. Not until you go back there. No, I need to get back to my team, and they're not helping, they're just asking questions. But they could have helped you. I seriously doubt that. They don't have magic, like I do. They don't but they have a teleporting machine. Please, I'm a teleporting machine. Not really, you have your limits, the machines doesn't. Everything has its limits. You don't know my limits. Or do you? I know you can't teleport to different dimensions and that you have a lack of control over your powers when you get angry. It's not my fault, I'm half demon; I can't feel emotion, or else everything goes berserk. You have anger issues. I don't. Admit it, you didn't accidently blow up the TV when Billy beat you at video games. I didn't mean to blow it up. Then who did? Rage did. You see, my emotions are there own selves, inside my head. When I feel too much, that emotions takes control and it's not a pretty sight. Sure. Don't you have a story to tell? Wait no, that's my job now.

So, I ditched those losers and teleported outside. Well turns out that outside is a freaking island. Since, I have no idea where I am, where the nearest continent is and where to find my team, I did what every badass villain does. I returned to the losers I ditched. Don't judge, I have a better chance of surviving with them. The only problem is where to find them. I wasn't going to act like a demoiselle in distress, I'm going to use my powers and rob something.

Get to the point already! Will you just shout up? I'm trying to tell a story, but all you're doing is interrupting me and questing everything I do! So please sit still and zip it! Anyway, I found a small town there and of course, I found a bank. SO I just teleported inside the vault, took some cash, made a pose for the video camera and broke the alarm. Security guards rushed in and they said.

"Put your hands in the air!"

So I did.

"Let go of the money!"

I did, but instead of it falling, it floated. They started to panic; you should have seen their faces. They took out their guns and pointed them at me. You know the usual. So then I blasted them, (me and Raven have like the same powers, just that I'm way cooler than her) there was one security guard left, I was about to blast him, when he shot me. He shot me on my arm. Let me tell you that I started swearing like a sailor.

"What the f*** is wrong with? F*** you! Sh**!"

Well, I guess me using telepathy surprised him, and he fainted. Ha, loser. The only reason why I didn't fall or be all dramatic about being shot is that, I've been shot before, I had cars thrown at me, been blasted into buildings, run over by an animal (Stupid Beast boy), blasted by a sonic cannon, hexed (courtesy of Jinx) That was just in a good day.

Well, the goodie goodies showed up.

"Hey guys!"

"Kyd! What are you doing here?"

"Well, I wanted to go back to you guys, but I don't know where your hideout is, so I called you."

"By robbing a bank."

"You didn't leave a number."

"And that's our fault how?"

"You were to rude to give to me in the first place."

"What happened to your arm?"

"Ask him."

"Well, he's unconscious."

"He shot me."

"Oh my God! Kyd, we need to take you to a hospital!"

"Wow, calm down, it's not big deal."

"No big deal?"

"Yeah, look."

So, I just used my two fingers and took that bullet out of my arm.

"There, here's the bullet. Do any of you have some bandages, some cotton and some disinfected?"

"Just come to the base."

So, I followed them to their base, I remember where it was so that I could teleport there later. These super heroes suck, like they didn't even notice that I took some bills! Once there, they gave me what I needed, they sat me down on the couch, they left and I got to work.

I took off my shirt, but kept the helmet on. I cleaned out the wound; it was deep, but not to deep. It stung, but you get used to it and don't feel it any more. After I wrapped it with the bandages and voilĂ . Before I put my shirt back on, I looked at the hole in my sleeve.

"Um, guys can I get some black thread and a needle?"

Wally then came with the things I asked for.

"Here you go buddy."


"Mind if I watch?"

"Go ahead."

He sat next to me on the couch, and I started to sew the hole up. I finished and I put my shirt back on and then my gloves.

"Why do you wear gloves?"

"Why do you wear gloves?"

"It matches my outfit."

"So that in a crime scene, I don't leave any finger prints."

"So you were serious about being the bad guy."

"I just robbed a bank, of course I was serious."

"How many people are in your team?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat."

"Yes, I know, but can you tell me."

"We are six."

"What's the name of the team?"

"The Hive 5."

"Doesn't really suit it."

"I know, but we don't really mind."

"Can you tell me who's part of it?"


"Come on, it's not like I'm going to meet them or anything."

"Fine. Our leader is Jinx, she's a girl. Then there's Gizmo, Billy, Mammoth, my best friend See-more and me"

"Can you tell me their powers?"

"Why are you so curios?"

"I just want to know!"

"Knowing too much can get you killed."

"Or it can safe your life."

"Fine. Jinx makes hexes that cause bad luck. Gizmo is a computer genius. Billy is a human copy machine. Mammoth has super human strength. See-more has a helmet with one eyes, that can switch eyes that can go different things. One eye shoots a laser, another has x-ray vision, one can shot eye missiles and one can be like a shield."

"Cool, you have quiet a team."

"Yeah, they're like family."


"Yeah, none of us had parents, we were all cast always. We all have a different story, but See-more's cross paths with mine. We met in the streets, but the same person took us in. There we met the rest of the team. We took care of each others backs."

"It's very different from our team."

"Yeah, I guessed it is. Some were born to be the heroes; others were born to left out. Nobody is born the villain we become the villain."

"And why did you become a villain?"

"That's something I don't like to talk about. Only See-more knows and no one else. Well, I'm going to my 'room'. See you later Wally."