Now it's My Turn

Sequel to "Switching Places" & "Gibbs's New Girl"

By MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

Author's Notes: This is a continuing sequel to "Gibbs's New Girl" & "Switching Places" if you haven't read them you might want to look at them first. This story contains Adult Infantilism and Age Play. If either of these subject offend you please don't read because any and all flames or rude comments will be reported and deleted. This story takes place about five or more years after "Switching Places".

Allison finally receives the new she's been dreading, her mother has died and now she must go to the funeral and face her family and their reactions when they find out about her relationship with Gibbs and her new family.

Chapter 1

The day had started out as any other day, Gibbs had woken Ali up, changed her then she had gotten dressed and together they made breakfast. Ali had left for work promising to meet Gibbs in the park by her office for lunch, so when she didn't show Gibbs became worried. He tried calling both her office and private phone getting no answer on either one. So by the time four thirty rolled around Gibbs resorted to calling someone else in her office.

Her staff knew that Allison occasionally worked with NCIS, Gibbs's team exclusively so it wasn't that much of a shock with Gibbs called Jameson asking him to check on Ali for him. As he got up to check on Allison, he once again wondered about the dynamics of Allison's relationship with Agent Gibbs and his team. She had been serious when she said that bullying and teasing would not be except and a few had even found out the hard way getting transferred to another team when she discovered what they were doing. For the most part the office had become very efficient and they had the highest rate of deciphering documents in the whole Special Cypher and Decryption office.

As Jameson neared Allison's office he noticed that the door was closed and he couldn't hear her music playing. Ever since she had come back she had started leaving her office door cracked and you could always hear music playing in her office. But now the door was closed and her office was silent so with caution Jameson knocked.

"Allison…Dr. Grayson. Are you in there ma'am?" Called Jameson as he knocked once again then tried the knob. It was locked, and the blinds on her window were drawn so something had to be wrong. With one more look at the door Jameson quickly returned to his desk and called Agent Gibbs back.

"Gibbs" answered Gibbs on the second ring. He had expected Ali to call so when it was Jameson his stomach knotted.

"Agent Gibbs, its Jameson Reynolds. Dr. Grayson's office is locked and she's not answering my knock."

"Damn it, can you get someone from maintenance to open her door. I'll be right there," answered Gibbs firmly then hung up the phone, quickly grabbing his gun and badge.

"Is everything alright boss?" asked Tony. He had heard Gibbs clip answer and knew something was wrong he just didn't know what or with who.

"Its Ali, she's not answering my calls or Jameson's knock?" said Gibbs he headed towards the elevator.

"Do you want us to come with you?"

"No, just have Ducky meet us at the house," said Gibbs as the elevator doors closed.

It took Gibbs only ten minutes driving "Ziva" style to get to Ali's office, and when he entered he flashed his badge at the security guard then ran to the elevators. In Ali's office Jameson plus a man from maintenance were waiting for him and soon had Allison's door unlocked and opened.

As Gibbs entered he noticed that the room was dark and her desk was a mess. Several papers and books were thrown around the room along with half of the books from her bookshelf knocked out. He looked back just in time to see Jameson starting to enter the office but stop as he waved him back and drew his gun.

"Allison, its Agent Gibbs," called Gibbs softly as he moved even with the desk then saw her huddled in the corner of the room behind an overturned bookcase. "Ali?"

At his voice Allison looked up then with an earsplitting scream launched herself into his arms yelling. "Gibbs!"

He just had a second or two to catch her before she landed heavily against his chest wrapping her arms and legs around him and shaking violently. As he walked awkwardly to her desk he saw Jameson still standing in the doorway.

"Jameson, could you get Allison a bottle of water please," asked Gibbs then watched as the young man disappeared.

Gibbs pulled back her desk chair and sat down with Ali still in his lap just as Jameson reentered the office.

"Thanks, did anything unusual happen this morning?" asked Gibbs as he gently started rubbing Ali's back.

"Actually yes, Dr. Grayson had a visitor from a lawyer earlier this morning. It was a private lawyer not one from the Jag office like we usually have." Replied the young man.

"Thanks Jameson, I'm going to take Allison home so could you let the rest of her team know that she will be leaving."

"Sure thing Agent Gibbs, I hope she feels better soon" said Jameson as he closed the door.

When Gibbs was sure they were alone he reached awkwardly down to grab Ali's bag underneath her desk. With a little difficulty he opened the water bottle then poured in a drink mix from her bag then transfer it to a bottle. After shifting her so Ali was sitting sideways in his lap he put the bottle to her lips. After only a seconds hesitation Ali greedily took the bottle and started sucking. Gibbs sat holding her gently rubbing her back until she finished, when she was done Gibbs dropped the bottle into her back then gently raised her chin.

"Ali baby can you tell me what happened?" asked Gibbs soothingly.

Ali looked into the eyes of the only true "daddy" she'd ever known the reburied her head in his chest. After a second or two Allison said softly. "A lawyer came by to inform me that my mother had died. He said my father and brothers had made all the funeral arrangements and that all that was required of me was to show up for the funeral and then make myself available for the reading of the will. He's going to make me go back, and take the house away from us. I can't go back daddy…..I just can't!" cried Allison once again dissolving into tears.

"Damn him!" cursed Gibbs as he once again started rubbing Allison's back.

After another five minutes Allison started calming down once again and Gibbs once again gently lifted her chin so she could look at him.

"Baby girl I promise you here and now that no one, included your father is going to make you go if you don't want to. Do you want to go?" asked Gibbs softly.

After a few minutes Ali raised tear stained eyes to look into the eyes of her true daddy. "I think I ought to, she was after all my mother," answered Ali quietly.

"Then we'll go together, and together we'll face your family," said Gibbs firmly then pulled her against his chest.

They sat like that for few more minutes then Gibbs asked. "Are you feeling a little better baby girl?"

At her slight nod Gibbs smiled and shifted her until she was facing him. "Now why don't you go get changed and cleaned up then I'll take you home and we'll have the whole weekend to ourselves."

"Can it just be the two of us? I know the guys usually come over on the weekends but this time I…." started Ali then blushed and hid her face in his shirt.

"You what sweetheart," asked Gibbs gently.

"I want you all to myself, as my daddy," whispered Allison against his chest blushing deeply.

"You can have me as you're daddy anytime you want sweetheart," replied Gibbs with a kiss to her head. "Now go get cleaned up and changed, Ducky's waiting for us at home" said Gibbs as he once again kissed her head then gently moved her off his lap.

"Ducky, why?" asked Allison

"Because you were very upset when I first got here and I want to make sure you're ok, now go while I clean up a little of this mess" answered Gibbs with a gentle swat to her behind.

Allison smiled then almost ran to the bathroom grabbing her bag from under the desk. Five minutes later she returned to find Gibbs putting the last of her books back on the shelves.

"Ali, where are the papers that you're father's lawyer served you?" asked Gibbs as he came over to her.

At his question Allison's face paled and she started to shake slightly. Gibbs quickly put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her towards him.

"It's alright baby girl, I just want to look at them and see what he's asking."

"There on my desk," said Allison softly pointing with a slightly shaking finger towards her desk.

Gibbs hadn't straighten up her desk because he wasn't sure if anything on her desk was classified or not.

"Where Ali?" asked Gibbs as he looked at her desk.

It was scattered with papers and file folders along with her turned over pencil holder and desk lamp.

"In the white envelope" said Ali

At this Gibbs quickly found the envelope and put it in his inside jacket pocket, then grabbed Ali's bag and escorted her out. After closing the door Gibbs lead Ali towards the doors then out to the elevators. When she headed towards her car Gibbs steered her towards his saying.

"I'll get Tony or Tim to pick it up this weekend," then unlocked the door and helped her in.

As Gibbs got into the car Ali slumped against the side of the door and he could see just how emotionally worn out she was. With a quick pat on the leg Gibbs started the car then head home, stopping on the way to pick up some sandwiches for dinner. When they reached home Ducky was waiting for them on the porch and helped Gibbs get Ali into the house. Gibbs quickly explained briefly what had happened and at Ducky's suggestion led her upstairs to get her into full "baby mode". It was twenty minutes later when they both came down stairs Ali wearing only an oversized t-shirt, her diaper and socks. Gibbs had changed into a pair of old sweatpants and his marine corp. t-shirt. They settled her on the couch and Ducky examined her while Gibbs got their dinner ready. When he was finished Ducky returned to the kitchen to find Gibbs staring out the window into the backyard.

"How is she Duck?" asked Gibbs he turned around to face the older man. He'd been standing there trying to figure out a way to explain things to Ducky without letting Allison how upset he was. The nerve of the man to serve his eldest daughter with papers telling her that her mother had passed away and that she was only wanted to just come to the funeral.

"She's fine Jethro, but I'd bet she's not the only one who had gotten upset. What happened?" asked Ducky as he came to the counter to stand in front of Gibbs.

Gibbs took a deep breath then pulled the envelope from his pocket and handed it to Ducky. After a few minutes of quickly scanning the document Ducky was as furious as Gibbs was.

"How dare the man tell Allison in this way?" exclaimed Ducky loudly. "Doesn't he know that Allison is his oldest child?"

"Not according to Ali, he disowned her at age ten when he found out about her Infantilism. It seems he came home early from a tour and caught Allison wearing one of her baby sister's diapers and drinking from one of her bottles. He told her that if she wanted to be a baby she might as well just take care of her and the rest of her siblings and that's when he left them. He and his wife moved out of the house that weekend and Ali's taken care of them ever since."

"The man's an imbecile, you're not seriously considering letting Allison go alone are you Jethro?" asked Ducky emphatically.

"Of course not Ducky! When she goes I'll go with her." Answered Gibbs.

"Well count me in too. As for how she is doing, she's emotionally exhausted."

"I figured as much, I was thinking a weekend of spoiling would be good."

"That's exactly what she needs, doctor orders!" Said Ducky with a smile.

"Good, then would you mind calling the other's and letting them know what's happened and telling them that we need the weekend to ourselves?" asked Gibbs.

"My pleasure Jethro, now let's get our girl feed so you can start spoiling her" said Ducky with a smile as he took Allison's plate then headed towards the living room.

Allison was laying on the couch snugged under her blanket, cuddling her white duck Puffalump. As she saw Gibbs and Ducky approach she smiled and moved over so Gibbs could sit next to her. Ducky sat next to her, handing her the plate then smoothed the hair off her forehead.

"Eat as much as you can my sweetheart. Did you eat any lunch today?" asked Ducky.

At Ali's nod no, Gibbs gave her a fierce look and Ali ducked her head.

"Sorry Daddy,"

"It's alright baby girl, but remember what I told you. You need to make sure you eat, so eat as much as you can now. Then when you're done we'll spend the night watching TV."

At this Ali smiled and enthusiastically dug into her dinner. She hadn't realized how hungry she was until Ducky had handed her the plate then the fact that she had skipped lunch hit her and she realized she was starving. After her father's lawyer had left she'd been so upset that she'd almost literally torn up her office. Then the gravity of what he had told her and the way they had done it came crashing down and the next thing she knew Gibbs was in her office. He had been so kind and loving that she'd thrown herself at him. Now they were home and he was promising her a weekend of spoiling. Admiral/Ambassador Grayson may not want to be her father but she was sure glad Leroy Jethro Gibbs did. And to be honest she would take Gibbs over Admiral Grayson any day.

After she ate all she could she handed the half empty plate back to Ducky then snuggled into Gibbs side eliciting a small laugh from both men. When Gibbs was through Ducky took his plate to the kitchen then returned to lean over and kissed Ali on the forehead.

"Goodnight by sweet Allison. Call me if you need anything Jethro," said Ducky then stood up and left leaving Gibbs to the spoiling of their little girl.

As Gibbs watched Ducky leave he put his arm around Ali's shoulders and pulled her closer to his side. Her natural father might not have wanted her but he damn sure did.